T-Mobile EVP David Carey leaving company, Abdul Saad promoted to CTO


T-Mobile has announced that it’s doing a bit of executive shuffling.

T-Mobile says in a filing with the SEC that David Carey, Executive Vice President of Corporate Services, will soon leave the company. According to the filing, Carey (shown below, left) will exit some time between April 30th and July 1st.

The filing goes on to say that Carey will provide consulting services to T-Mobile.


Carey joins CFO Braxton Carter and CEO John Legere as the latest executive with plans to leave T-Mobile in the coming months. We know that Legere will step down as CEO on April 30th, and Carter recently extended his contract through July 1, 2020 to help with the transition to a new CEO. Mike Sievert will then take his place as CEO of T-Mobile.

T-Mobile also confirmed this week that Abdul Saad is being promoted to Chief Technology Officer. That title was previously held by Neville Ray, but T-Mobile recently said that it was promoting Ray to the title of “President of Technology”.

Via: GeekWire
Source: SEC

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  • Android_God

    Rats leaving the ship

    • LuvMusic

      Probably not…….new CEO putting in his people.

    • Android_God

      When you get 5 down votes…. You are legend

    • vrm

      The team assembled by John Legere has stuck with the co until it turned around, making lot of cash and profits. Now they also saw through the Sprint acquisition. That was almost a decade- how many executives accomplish that ?

      Much of the top execs are still in place and John is leaving. The new, merged entity will be different- it will be much bigger and it has an entirely different mandate. For t-mobile, it was about survival and organic growth but going forward, they will be entering new territory. 5G, broadband internet, IoT, cable and competing heavily with Verizon, at&t, comcast etc. So a new management structure is inevitable. A well run co. plans everything carefully and t-mobile is one such.

      My thinking about John is that he will head the newly formed dish wireless subsidiary. It is not surprising that he is secretive about his new venture but I bet that it was revealed to the judge under NDA that one of the things that Dish will have going for it is John Legere. That convinced the judge that Dish wireless will actually amount to something. Just my guess- I have no insider info.

  • riverhorse

    Good move for whoever is leaving:
    gotta cash in sometime, in this case with fewer restrictions on the securities than while still employed.
    And from from here on out it may be tough sledding for TMO. Continuing expansion will be costly + satellite competitors are looming in the horizon.

  • Android_God

    Was there any talk about the Sprint lease program? I’m assuming T-Mobile will want to AX that!

  • The Great Brian First

    These peeps don’t want to deal with the merger. Funny.