T-Mobile customers are the most satisfied among top U.S. carriers, report says


A new report says that T-Mobile customers are the most satisfied among all of the top four U.S. carriers’ subscribers.

T-Mobile finished with a customer satisfaction score of 76 out of 100 in the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s (ACSI) Wireless Service and Cellular Telephone Report 2018-2019. U.S. Cellular and Verizon weren’t far behind, each with a score of 74, while AT&T earned a score of 73 and Sprint rounded things out with a score of 65.

The report notes that T-Mobile beat out its competition in the areas of value and ease of billing.

When it comes to network quality, T-Mobile tied for third with a score of 77. Verizon finished first in this category with a score of 80, while AT&T finished second with 78 and U.S. Cellular tied with T-Mo’s score of 77. Sprint posted a score of 72.

The network quality score factors in customer evaluations of call quality (including clarity and strength), call reliability (number of dropped calls), network coverage, and data speed.

The report also touched on MVNOs. Metro by T-Mobile came in second place with a customer satisfaction score of 76 out of 100, behind only Cricket Wireless and its score of 79. Virgin Mobile posted a customer satisfaction score of 76 and Boost Mobile had a score of 74.

Switching over to cell phones and manufacturers, customer satisfaction with Samsung and Apple is tied at 81 points following a small increase for Samsung. That’s not the only good news this report has for Samsung, though, because it says that the Galaxy Note 9 is consumers’ favorite phone, with a satisfaction score of 86. Apple’s iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone SE all posted satisfaction scores of 83, as did Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, Galaxy S8+, and Motorola’s Moto G.

You can check out the full ACSI report for yourself at the link below.

Source: ACSI

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  • JayBEE

    For the record, this T-Mobile customer is NOT satisfied with their cruddy service.

    • AA-Ron

      Where do you live?

      • JayBEE

        SF Bay Area

        • AA-Ron

          Interesting, I had perfect reception when I visited. Perhaps it’s your phone?

        • JayBEE

          Hmm… Samsung Galaxy Note 9…. perhaps…. lol. I wish I had something good to say, but when I joined Tmo 10 years ago, it was great, but over the years, service for me has diminished.

        • Bklynman

          Wooo,better hope that nutjob who worship Tmo,as a god,doesn’t read this! LoL!

        • Nearmsp

          I visit the Bay area frequently and my T-mobile cuts out at many places including Mountain View. I carry a Verizon Mi-Fi for use when traveling outside my home area.

    • Iphart

      You are supposed to use your phone outdoors not indoors.
      Then you’ll be satisfied

    • Ver

      Why not go somewhere else ?

      • JayBEE

        I’d rather use no phone than to go to the Deathstar, I mean AT&T. Also not going to Verizon or Sprint. So I’m stuck until I move to a new city and travel a different daily route between home and work.

    • Romdude

      Why haven’t you moved to another carrier that may have better service? Just curious.

      • JayBEE

        My understanding is that all of the carriers experience the same issues, at least for the route I travel between home and work. Besides, I don’t ever see myself going to AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint.

  • AA-Ron

    This report is true. Time after time I have nothing but positive experiences. In store and over the phone.

  • Jay Holm

    I have been with T-Mobile for about 6yrs, I am happy.

    • MindFog2287

      Yep. Joined when they announced uncarrier 1. Since then it’s just been more and more value for the buck, and I’ve added three more lines in that time. Win-win.

    • ugp5

      15 years now. Joined after AT&T Wireless was purchased by Cingular. Cingular wanted me to buy a new phone and double my bill, so I switched to T-Mobile.

      • Jay Holm

        Wow, double a customer’s bill, what a way to retain people…..

  • jelp2

    For the most part I’m happy but lately they seem to lock out non mobile phones for Wi-Fi calling even though the devices are compatible. The answer I get is buy one of our phones. My answer is I’m paying for the same service despite device being used.

    • Romdude

      They could be compatible but only T-Mobile phones have the additional bands for T-Mobile built in.

      • Eric A

        Bands have nothing to do with Wi-Fi calling.

      • marque2

        Moto G has all of Tmobiles bands as well. I had one without band 71 and it did VOIP for awhile but after 6 months it stopped working. Somehow I suspect Tmobile blocked it.

    • Sean sorlie

      The base calling software of the phone has to be changed to support it. If you can get T-Mobile software on the device, then you might be able to do it, but phone manufacturers don’t want you to do that. Not really a T-Mobile issue.

      • riverhorse

        Bingo. The same has before and will apply to many features… Volte, rcs, etc.
        Regular folk should not buy phone from anyone but the carrier- not even from the manufacturer itself, in spite of what it states is already supported.
        The few bucks saved is not worth it.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Bingo. The same has before and will apply to many features… Volte, rcs, etc.
          Regular folk should not buy phone from anyone but the carrier- not even from the manufacturer itself, in spite of what it states is already supported.
          The few bucks saved is not worth it.

          Do you buy your televisions from the service providers (Comcast, etc.)?

        • riverhorse

          You’ll need to go to the cable forums and ask for advice there on TV’s.
          Back to the topic– without T-Mobile’s firmware, a lot of new advancements don’t work.
          HOWEVER, experts- such as yourself- have no problemo… are able to unlock bootloader, root, edit system settings, custom install TMO firmware, etc.
          That’s why i specified “regular folk”.
          Say hi to Alexandria for me.

  • riverhorse

    Cue the rebuttals:
    Fake news– I’m at Mount Saint Helens and no signal. Plus… Tmo cheap: they won’t do another free line on us promo.
    Fake results, Legere prolly paid them off.

  • riverhorse

    Cricket finishes ahead of Metro? Their promo plans get capped at 8mb speeds.

  • Bklynman

    I send this to as news,I know this off topic,but Lg is releasing the Stylo 5,just google it you will find about it.It will release to Metro 1st. Between now and sometime in July.

    • riverhorse

      I’ve been googling every day or two for a long time. Only thing I found was a rumor the line was discontinued.
      Thank you very much for this!

      EDIT: those are sketchy sites– i’ve seen them before. They used to be low-ranked…I think i googled so often I singlehandedly drove them to the top…LOL
      But I sincerely hope I’m wrong.

      • Bklynman

        LoL! Metro is suppose to getting it 1st,but the bad part is they will have stylo 5 plus,with 4 and 64,I am sure that will not be the one Metro and Tmo will be selling,it will be the one with 3/32. Just like the Moto 7 pw. or whatever they call it,the + will not come to Tmo,if either of those + phones did I would be shocked!

        • riverhorse

          Especially on Metro. One of my plans is a grandfathered one that requires Metro model only, and for two years I’m waiting on a decent mid-tier. I’ve even been tempted to just get a flagship, but even there they only get the lesser @ LG & Samsung- the versions with the smaller screens and storage.
          Stuck between a rock and a hard place- can’t really buy elsewhere the better version for either carrier- for the Metro plan it would add so much more to the monthly price of a new plan + for the both TMO & Metro plans might lose out a lot of new network features.

        • Bklynman

          I didn’t mention this in 1st post,I was on ebay saw a case for it then more cases, also they have cases for the 5 on Amazon too,it will coming out very soon or LG will have whole bunch of cases makers very upset at them!!!

        • riverhorse

          Phone Arena just did a piece– this has some legs. It better come soon, as it’s now over a year since predecessor release.

        • riverhorse

          So now we can maybe speculate…

          eSim… LikelyHopefully none of this BS.
          Fully rootable upon release… Tossup. Not all previous Stylos have had code released to Dev community, or it has taken way too long.
          Non-removable battery… Wouldn’t mind the opposite.
          Fast Charging 10-20W… Likely the former.
          USB C-2… Hopefully Reversible Connector.
          BT 5 Wi-Fi ax?… Likely only 4.2 ac, very valuable if included.
          6.25 to 6.44″ … The more the merrier, likely the former.
          644gb… More is just a pipe dream.
          HD & 400+ ppi… Likely @ slightly better than that
          IR… Would be a miracle.
          FM… Likely. Ehhh, big deal.
          LTE… No changes. All TMO bands but none of the advanced flagship stuff.

          Price $250-350 @ Metro… (Hopefully it does go to Metro because all phones there cheaper than @ TMO) Probably the latter, figuring it’s been more than a year since predecessor, so likely significantly upgraded. Any higher pricing will make Moto & OnePlus more attractive.

          It should make a great workhorse 5G & etc. rollout holdover fairly inexpensive replacement.

  • Nearmsp

    T-mobile definitely has good service. They still lack robust coverage. If I drive from Minneapolis to Chicago on I-94, T-mobile cuts out at many places in Wisconsin along the freeway. I thus carry my Verizon Mi-Fi as backup to be able to make Wi-Fi calling. I am thinking of switching to Google Fi which uses more than one wireless networks. I don’t use more than 2 GB due to home Wi-Fi and work Wi-Fi. Google Fi would be cheaper and of real use when traveling overseas to get LTE data.

  • SirStephenH

    W”it comes to network quality, T-Mobile tied for third with a score of 77. Verizon finished first in this category with a score of 80, while AT&T finished second with 78 and U.S. Cellular tied with T-Mo’s score of 77.”

    I’m sure that one point is well within the margin of error. Essentially T-Mobile’s in a three-way tie for second which is so close to first that it might as well be a four way tie. Nobody’s going to notice a 2-3 point difference in real life.