T-Mobile’s upcoming back-to-school promo: Buy an iPad and iPhone together, get $100 rebate

back to school tmo

July is turning out to be a pretty busy month for T-Mobile. For existing customers, it’s already started rolling out simplified bills, breaking down individual costs in an easy-to-read format. Lumia 635’s staggered launch is underway, the Lumia tablet is said to be on its way, as is the Lumia 1525, and the LG G3 is being released next week. What’s more, accessories will soon be available on EIP.

But with it being summer, T-Mo is said to be launching a new back-to-school promotion in just two days time.

In what’s claimed to be the “first of many back to school offers”, T-Mo is going to launch a $100 mail-in rebate promotion. Any customer who buys any iPhone and iPad together will receive a $100 rebate in form of a Prepaid MasterCard.

The offer is starting on July 9th and will run through September 2nd, 2014.

Offer Details

  • This offer is available to customers on Simple Choice postpaid plans who are activating new lines of service, or upgrading.
  • The Apple iPhone and iPad must be purchased on the same day to qualify.
  • Customers must complete offer redemption online at t-mobile.com/promotions.
  • Offer expires September 2, 2014.

None of this has been officially announced yet. But, with the promotion going live in just a couple of days, I can’t imagine it’ll be long before we hear something direct from T-Mobile, officially.

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  • Matthew James

    So keen on selling the #1 device that performs the worst on T-Mobile. And no its not my area. Using T-Mobile on an iPhone 5S, I watch it go from LTE to 4G to E, and back and fourth sitting outside on a sunny day. This is in the Chicago land area. A Galaxy S5 performs so much better hanging onto LTE much better.

    • Cam Bunton

      It’s not limited to T-Mobile. I get the same over here in the UK too. iPhone is terrible for signal strength.

      • bob90210

        The phone is fine. You’re just holding it wrong.

        • Cam Bunton

          Hahaha.. Yeah.

      • Andrew

        My iPhone 5 on AT&T is fine. I’m not quite sure what everyone’s issue is with iPhone signals.

        • Matthew James

          Same here. on AT&T its performs quite well.

      • Matthew James

        What kind of frequencies does the UK use?

    • bullet7

      download 4G switcher, red power button in app store. It gives the network option of wcdma/lte only so it won’t keep switching back and forth. however, if you drive out of wcdma/lte you will need to switch the option that adds gsm. had problems with my LG G2 doing same thing (my S4 didn’t have any problems). works great.

    • monkeybutts

      I wouldn’t say it’s the worst, but it’s definitely not the best.

  • trife

    $100 MIR for over $1000 worth of product? Meh. You’re essentially getting the iPhone and iPad tax free. Not that great of a deal.

    And it’s a mail in rebate, to boot. Yuck.

    • Deadeye37

      Better $100 than nothing at all.

      Personally, if I was going to school and getting this stuff, or sending my kids to school with this stuff, I would get them an Android phone & tablet and save more than the $100 that the rebate is for. Now if they had a similar deal with Samsung or LG, that would be nice.

      Thank goodness I’m done with school and my kids are way too young to get their own phone/tablet. The price of school stuff has really blown up!

  • Rebate? Really? That’s so 2004.

  • Whiskers

    Why would a hard core iphone user buy an iphone now when the newer one will be out in a few months with better specs and everything.
    What a waste of over $600.00

    • Dakota

      IPhones everywhere are going on sale. This just seems Tmobile way of matching. Third party retailer promotions no longer include Tmobile. The company also struggles to remind people they actually carry Apple products

  • S. Ali

    Basically a $50 rebate on each. Not really worth having an iPad on T-Mobile if you’re a road warrior. You can find both for less on ebay/swappa/craigslist etc..

  • BlackJu

    I would put $1k in a college savings plan and buy the kid something more powerful and less expensive. But if you have the money just collecting dust, by all means…

  • Dakota

    Now that Tmobile carries Apple products, they seem to have abandoned Android

    • Jason

      What a ridiculous claim you’ve made!

    • Cam Bunton

      Ha. Not quite. Remember the huge ramp-up to the Galaxy S5 launch, and now for the G3? Both got massive giveaways…

    • Henry

      T-Mobile is hurting in tablet sales.. so this is one way to get that up. Also ppl still don’t know that TMO has apple products

  • Christopher Olson

    The hundred off offer for father’s day was a much better deal.

  • eeray

    so over tmobile