T-Mo Nokia Lumia 635 pricing and staggered launch announced, available from July 5th


T-Mobile, today, announced its launch plans for the upcoming budget Nokia Lumia 635. It will be the first Lumia device to ship with Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box, and will be available on both T-Mobile and MetroPCS. To keep things interesting, T-Mo has decided to stage a staggered launch for the Lumia.

On July 5th, the device will be available to T-Mobile Simple Choice prepaid customers on the Home Shopping Network. On July 9th, it will be available to purchase direct from T-Mobile’s online store. T-Mo brick-and-mortar retail stores will start selling it from July 16th. Finally, on July 18th, MetroPCS will begin selling the phone online and through its stores.

“The Lumia 635 represents the next stage in the evolution of both the Windows Phone OS and the best-selling Lumia 521,” said Jason Young, Senior Vice President, Marketing for T-Mobile. “The Lumia 635’s advanced features, functionality and design – combined with its amazing price point – make this an absolutely screaming deal. And, once again, the Un-carrier is first out of the gate, offering up the Lumia 635weeks before the other guys through both T-Mobile and MetroPCS.”

On T-Mo, you can expect to get the Lumia 635 for $0 down with 24 monthly payments of $7 on EIP, taking the total retail price to $168. If you wait for the MetroPCS launch, you’ll be able to grab one for a promotional price of $99.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Guest9928

    do people still buy Windows phones???

    • anthony

      yes they do Idiot

    • Daniel Darnell

      Windows Phone 8 is actually quite a nice OS especially the updated 8.1. It’s actually a stable and fast OS and has some really great integration. My mother has a Nokia Windows phone as well as my one of my friends and they both really like the phone. I have a Nokia 521 as well that I don’t have a SIM in and I use it around the house on Wi-Fi and I gotta say I enjoy it to. The lack of apps is a problem but most of the major ones are there. I use an iPhone but honestly if I ever switched platforms I’d choose a Windows Phone before android, it’s just that good of a mobile phone OS.

      • manuelthesatanfan

        Like you, I keep my 521 around the house without the SIM. (I haven’t taken the SIM out of my Blackberry Z10–running on TMOs network–since I purchased it. Better hardware on the Z10, LTE capable, etc.)

        The Nokia “Black” update of a couple of months ago and Windows Phone 8.1 (developers version) have greatly improved the 521’s OS. Being able to more easily close apps individually, the Swype-style keyboard, a folder/file system built into the phone are huge improvements. The primary work-related improvement Microsoft should make on the WP 8.1 is to seriously beef up the native non-remote Office suite, which still is too rudimentary.

        If the 635 had a flash for the camera (I don’t even care about a second camera) and a way to stream high-quality video to a TV, I’d probably buy a 635. As it is, I’ll wait to see what TMO’s next high-end Windows phone provides.

        NOTE: The above sentence partially wrong. The “Project My Screen” feature of Windows Phone 8.1 should enable a 635 to stream video to a TV, by Miracast, and perhaps by a USB connection. I haven’t been able to try this out on my TV b/c my TVs have neither Miracast capability nor USB connections. (The “Project My Screen” feature may not work between a Windows Phone 8.1 and a TV, using a USB connection.)

        I also don’t know how high-quality videos streamed from a 635 to a TV, either via Miracast or a USB connection, would be and if the quality would be better via USB connection than by Miracast. (Again, the “Project My Screen” feature may not work between a Windows Phone 8.1 and a TV, using a USB connection.)

        The “Project My Screen” feature should also work between a 635 and a desktop/laptop running Windows 7, or higher. I have yet to try this out using my 521 and my desktop and laptops.

        • Ordeith

          The 635 supports the Miracast standard. You can send what’s on the 635’s screen to any SmartTV that supports Miracast or to an HDMI Miracast Receiver.

        • manuelthesatanfan

          Thanks for the heads up. I was assuming (incorrectly) that, at the 635’s price point, the 635’s hardware wouldn’t support Miracast.

          Just watched a video of a 630 handling Miracast. Seems that the 630 handled static images via Miracast well and gaming via Miracast in a so-so fashion. Not sure how a 635 would handle streaming video from Netflix, Amazon Prime, then Miracasting that stream to a large TV.

          Also, please note the additional comments I made on the “Project My Screen” feature of Windows Phone 8.1 in my edited version of my original post on this thread

          Looks like I have some more 635 research ahead of me.

          Thanks again.

  • nain

    I actually do sell a decent amount of these at my store. We sell more of these than HTC one M8’s lol. With the Nexus 5 and S5 being our best sellers.

    • Hank

      Not surprised considering these go for one third of the price.

      • JBrowne1012

        More like 1/4th and 1/6th lol

    • IamDefiler

      Could you come work in the Tampa/St. Pete area because the 4 T-Mo stores near me all have their WPs unplugged and powered off all the time. When I ask them why they are powered off I get the EXACT same answer from all 4 stores, “There is a problem with the power at the wall.”

      • skittle

        Fotunately for me when I want to try Windows phones I go to the Windows retail store near me. Working phones all over to try out.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Is this LTE? I saw this listed at Target brightspot for $129.99 but it said only available in stores.

    • BlackJu


      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        That would be a sweet deal. I can finally upgrade my Dad’s Lumia 521

  • It’s about time! Damn. Been coming soon for months.

  • IamDefiler

    HSN will be selling these for $99 on the 5th as well.

    • How do you know it’s gonna be $99 through them? I haven’t found any pricing from them, been looking everywhere. Thanks

    • riopato

      HSN is already selling them online for $119 which includes a portable charger stick! Already ordered mine.

      • AK

        Do you know if the phones will support post-paid plans if ordered from HSN ? As far as I know, the HSN phone comes locked to t-mobile network and a pre-paid sim card, so I’m not sure t-mobile will unlock the phone.

        • monkeybutts

          yup just swap the SIM cards, they nake micro sim if you need it cut or a new card.

    • $119 is there price, ordered yesterday.

  • BlackJu

    Why would people get it from T-Mobile if it’s so much cheaper on metro? Same phone, right?

    • Mike

      Metro is locked. Have to be on their network for 3 months before you can request an unlock code.

      • JBrowne1012

        Not if you buy the phone out right.

        • JBrowne1012

          Plus also you don’t need tmobile nor Metro to unlock it.

  • CousinAvi

    When is T-Mobile rolling out the 8.1 ota for the Lumia 925? The best phone available for T-Mobile!

    • IamDefiler

      I would expect it some time this month.

  • riopato

    Explains why Microsoft store pulled all preorders off their website. Their price was way off.

  • Cash Hunter

    I used a Windows phone for 2 years now. I enjoyed the live tiles, battery life was excellent, and it took some great pictures. The only down fall was that Microsoft is horrible in the apps market, and with many companies moving to app only promotions and apps like uber that are great for folks like me who travel a lot it was time to move on. I hope Microsoft will do better in the years to come, because just like social media, apps are not going anywhere.

    • Tiffany

      I use Uber on Windows Phone (it’s a 3rd party app) and it works exactly the same as it does on my Android phone with the 1st party app.