T-Mo LTE now covers 230 million POPs


In a blog post earlier this month, T-Mobile’s Chief Technology Officer, Neville Ray outlined plans for the company’s LTE network. As well as outlining new markets to receive 15+15MHz networks, and VoLTE, he announced that T-Mobile would have 230 million people covered by its LTE airwaves by the end of this month.

Turns out, that milestone was hit last Friday. And – of course – Legere couldn’t announce it without a swipe at one of his competitors. As for why we’re only posting it now, today happens to be the day T-Mo decided to let everyone know…

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 21.06.41

As we know, from being sent LTE sightings from across the U.S. T-Mobile is far from done. New locations are lighting up with HSPA and LTE virtually every week, it seems. From what we can make out, at the moment, the locations seem to be along major highways between cities.

With those developments, and the ever-increasing number of people able to make calls over LTE networks (VoLTE) and wideband LTE expansion, T-Mobile’s network team is doing a lot of great work at the moment. All we’re waiting for now is the 700MHz acquired from Verizon to be put in to use.

Via: T-Mobile, John Legere

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  • itguy08

    Only 160 million more to go.

    Edit: I thought there were 390 million in the USA. But T-Mobile needs to work in filling the converge holes as well, ASAP!

    • Abe_The_Babe

      316,128,839 is the 2013 census estimate. Round up to 320. 320-230 is 90 million POP’s to go, not 160.

    • Jermaine Coakley Sr.

      Verizon or AT&T doesn’t even cover 390 (230 + 160 you stated) million folks so not sure how T-Mobile will do that. Plus, it’s closer to 320 million folks!


      There are 309 million in the USA. So….

      • eh

        I wouldn’t mind the holes in my area being filled twice

        • office

          That’s what she said?

  • pops87

    Well I’m glad its getting better. I was in southern Illinois last month and couldn’t get above edge speeds. It was pretty bothersome.

  • Aurizen

    Anyone now when Philadelphia will get the wideband LTE expansion?

    • Mike E

      I wonder the same thing! Service has been poor to very poor recently in the Philadelphia suburban area. I ride on the E network in the 193xx zip code. I was recently calling TMO customer service and call dropped 5 times. Customer service reps all say the same thing: 1) the coverage map shows robust service in your area; 2) it’s your phone (iPhone 5s) yet Apple finds nothing wrong with the phone; network engineers found nothing wrong with the network; it’s your Otter Box case; it’s your SIM card. Just be honest TMO you have know about the poor reception and poor data service for a very long time. Stop already with all of the make pretend issues and just fix the problem. Been a long term supporter do TMO but the recent BS is making me wonder if I should be moving on. See the T-mobile tech support forum.

      • SEBA

        Yes, i have the same problems lately. Drop calls, undeliverable texts and internet going crazy from lte to 4g to E or nothing and coming right back. This is all over Philadelphia and suburbs.

        • Mooch

          Just in time for their Test Drive. You blew it again, T-Mo. Wait until you see your Philly area customers drop you like a bad habit.

      • Perry_F

        same issue here guys and I’m in north NJ about 8 miles outside of NYC. Had good signal before but over the last week or so the coverage sucks. Rarely get more than 2 bars and often no bars. I was told the same thing by tech support. It’s my phone blah blah blah. Wanted me to do a factory reset. F*ck that!!! I’m not about to start all over with over 100 installed apps. and when I leave home the signal is great so it’s in my area not the phone itself. I’m using a nexus 4 which I know does not have LTE but I was getting great HSPA+ speeds before.

      • Aurizen

        I’m actually getting great service recently. Had 1-2 bars of LTE now it’s 4-5 bars with 30 Mbps down 20 up. And it use to be 5mbps down 1 up. It’s getting better in Philly but I want the wide band LTE, I think it’s touch in the suburbs and I’m in the city so it’s a stronger service area. 19104 area is good

  • Yeah,still missing the 100,000 + in south Texas. Everyone else has LTE coverage. T-Mobile down here is still on 2g.

    • Justin747

      This announcement isn’t about completition, it’s about progress. They are just showing that they can set a realistic goal and reach it, unlike Sprint who was been over-promising and under-delivering for almost a decade.

      So if PROGRESS continues at this pace then the place you live will get LTE. If not, just switch to a carrier that works better in your area. This whole edge argument is getting old. We all know it exists. We all know they are working on improvement.

      • But, Sprint is fixing to buy T-Mobile. What was the point in calling out your future employer? Yes we all know “they’re working on coverage”. Its been that way since I worked for TMo back in 2008. Oh they’re always working on coverage. That’s way they’ve been 4th for the last 10 years. The ONLY way they will ever jump to 3rd is for Sprint to buy them. We all know this. And it still wont solve all the coverage issues they’ve been working on since they were Voice Stream. I drank the T-Mobile cool aide for 8 years, hell I believed in them enough to work for them. But they’ve been promising network advancements for years. At some point its time to put up or shut up. Sh** or get off the pot.

        • Justin747

          1. Fixing to? Really?

          2. No proof of any merger aside from all those rumors from “Analysts.” Until any merger happens, Sprint is a competitor and should be treated as such. Like I said in my other comment, Sprint has been poorly run for the past decade. They have nobody to blame for their mistakes but themselves.

          3. As you worked for T-Mobile, I worked for Sprint. I TIRELESSLY got verbally abused by customers and defended all of their missteps for YEARS until I realized these customers had valid complaints. The difference here is T-Mobile actually made progress and Sprint is still dragging with their Network Vision “rollout.” The results you are having with T-Mobile do not equal the results everybody else is having in other parts of the country. Trust me when I tell you… They will jump past Sprint eventually by just staying par for the course. Sprint is basically imploding. T-Mobile can honestly just wait around for Sprint subs to flee.

          Also you did that one thing that everybody seems to be doing as of late. STOP treating this like some kind of Captain Planet/Voltron/Power Rangers thing where the smaller guys team up to fight The Big Bad 2. I worked thru that debacle known as the Sprint/Nextel merger. TRUST ME WHEN I TELL YOU THAT THIS WILL BE A MESS!!!! It’s soooooo much more to a merger like this than just pooling subscribers together for bragging rights. It literally takes years to complete with TONS of growing pains. Layoffs, plan changes, policy changes, store closings, marketing, and on and on.

          4. There is no “Kool-Aid” to drink or any of that. This is what I HATE the most. Just use whatever carrier works for you. You can be a fan of a company and not support EVERY decision they make. If T-Mobile doesn’t work for you, you shouldn’t even be on this site. Do some research and just use a carrier that offers LTE for you. Stop all this pointless complaining and vote with your wallet.

        • Yall’s Leader

          So we should all believe Justin797 because he knows more than these analysts, Softbank Ceo, and whatever or whoever parties who have announced anything.

          We also know that if you don’t type/speak how Justin722 feels is right, he will try to insult by saying really.

          What else could you give as advice Justin760 so we don’t insult your intelligence and pedigree?

        • Justin747

          You had a bunch of mistakes, but “fixin to” was just embarrassing. I’m not here to insult, I just couldn’t let that one slide.

          If you want to see what this merger will be like look at the Sprint/Nextel merger for the headaches of merging 2 different cellular companies and look at Canada for a large country that only has 3 major carriers. Ask a Canadian about price wars between carriers and see what they say. Again, this is not the Power Rangers teaming up to fight The Big Bad 2 Carriers. This is our money and options at stake here.

          It’s funny how you and other people latch on to what these anonymous, idiot analysts say. These same analysts who are DEAD WRONG with their iPhone and Android predictions every single year.

        • Oh no, you totally misunderstand. I DONT want to see a T-Mobile Sprint merger for exactly what you mentioned in the Nextel ordeal. T-Mobile could save themselves some headache by buying smaller regional carriers and using them to get a foot hold in areas they don’t have coverage. But, for anyone that’s worked for T-Mobile or know anyone that’s worked for T-Mo, They’ve been for sale for a long time. DT has wanted to dump T-Mobile since they started loosing market share in Europe. They want to pour the money in from the sale of TMo to strengthen their network there. Hell, DT would’ve even sold the company to Cricket if they could’ve gotten up the money. As far as Fixin Too, sorry,i’m from south Texas, its common wording down here just like y’all.. :-)

  • besweeet

    Best part? That number increases daily.

    • berealisticcc

      Worst part? Is coverage is still really suspect for most of the pops that it doesn’t matter how high the pops gets unless there good service for the majority

      • besweeet

        Is it a true fact that 50.1% or more of T-Mobile’s entire subscriber base feels as though their coverage is subpar enough to the point where it’s the absolute worst part of the experience thus far, of course given the long list of other variables that could take its place? I’m a part of the 49.9% of happy subscribers.

  • Eric Hare

    Des Moines, IA… #72 metro in the US by population, No LTE >_<

    • reedacus
    • Eric Hare

      @reedacus, Can’t reply to you directly for some reason, but I’m aware of that – T-Mobile still has a native network in Des Moines metro. Its HSPA+, in fact. That agreement allowed IWireless to build out its own network in the metro, it didn’t remove T-Mobile’s existing network.

      • not every 2G/EDGE site will get 4G LTE – some will only get HSPA+ (which is still no slouch).

        • Eric

          I thought T-Mobile said that all sites will receive LTE, just that some will not receive HSPA+.


        • Moby

          Yes, you are correct. Everything gets LTE. Some doesn’t get HSPA.

        • Aurizen

          Do you know when the Metro spectrum will go down in Philly and implement wideband band LTE?

        • Eric

          No. :(

        • bkin94


  • NOYB

    “All we’re waiting for now is the 700MHz acquired from Verizon to be put in to use.”

    I thought that T-mobile was going to put that frequency to use immediately after obtaining all regulatory approvals.

    • monkeybutts

      They’re probably busy setting it up where they can. T-Mobile doesn’t even sell any phones that use it at the moment, so turning it on would be completely worthless.

      The phones they choose to get for their service also have to undergo FCC inspection before they can be sold.

      • DirkDigg1er

        Can’t blame them. 700 A spectrum covers only 1/3 of the country.

      • bkin94

        how awesome would it be if they had it rolled out completely before the devices come out, so when they release the devices they go 0-60 overnight!?
        i can dream….

    • Moby

      They said they would deploy some of it in the third quarter with devices arriving in the fourth quarter:


  • J Cav the Great

    I have a HSPA+ phone (GS3).. Around my common areas I get between 8MBS- 17MBS…I can say that I am happy with the speed. In December…I upgrade to a new phone. hopefully LTE network will be even better!!!!

    My question: If I’m in an area that does not have LTE…do I go down to HSPA+ ? Or EDGE?

    • grod46

      If you have a LTE device and you go to a area that has no LTE service, it will go down to HSPA, and if there is no LTE or HSPA that’s when it will go down to EDGE or even GPRS

      • bkin94

        or (God forbid) you could lose all reception

      • J Cav the Great

        Thank you

  • Perry_F

    Was getting good coverage in north NJ until about a week ago. Right after the 4.4.3 update. Now the reception on my nexus 4 sucks at home. And it’s not the update since I get good reception when I leave home. Called tech support and they say nothings wrong. Signal goes from 3 bars down to 1, sometimes no bars then back to 2 or 1. Driving me nuts to the point that I’m now using wifi in the house. I never used wifi at home since I had such a great signal.

    • Jay J. Blanco

      Sounds like u need to unistall the update. It’s not stable yet

      • Typical

        So he should root his phone and technically void the phone warranty to fix something that TMobile didn’t properly execute?
        Sounds like pretty poor advice to me.
        If he/she brings it into a T-Mobile store do you think rep will suggest or handle what you proposed?

        • Jay J. Blanco

          I did not say none of that. Tmobile did issue andriod 4.4.3. Google did. Nexus is stock andriod.

        • Perry_F

          It’s not the update. I did get 4.4.4 a few days later and the problem still persists. Only happens at home. If I go to another town the signal strength is fine. It’s at home that the signal goes in and out. I think if it was due to the update then I’d have the problem everywhere.

    • bkin94

      can you get 4.4.4? it may be more stable

  • Jay Holm

    And tonight, MetroPCS network is being shut off here in New England! Wonder how much longer it will be before speeds double??? I live in Bridgeport, Ct, right in between downtown and University of Bridgeport, great coverage.

    • JPetro

      Until you drive five minutes south towards Ffld,Westport or north towards Shelton Monroe etc….

      • Jay Holm

        I can’t speak of Monroe, but Fairfield, Shelton, are all fine coverage. Westport is excellent coverage, first place I ever got 40mbps was in Westport.

    • monkeybutts

      I wish the old MetroPCS network were shut off here in the Bay Area. Lots of people I knew a few years ago had AT&T Verizon or Metro it was rare for people to have T-mobile or Sprint at least where I lived.

      • DirkDigg1er

        In my experience both Sprint and Tmo are terribly unreliabe in the Bay Area. I used to think coverage in NYC was bad but out here is on a different level.

  • Bourgeois

    Over the past week and a half I went on a road trip from Salt Lake City, Utah to Seattle, Washington. Everywhere en route where what could be considered an city through Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington I connected at 4G/LTE speeds on T-Mobile’s network. Nice job T-Mobile !!!

    The trip back I took an alternat route through Spokane, Washington, Butte Montana, West Yellowstone, Jackson Wyoming with occasional edge service on AT&T’s network. T-Mobile for some reason really doesn’t have much interest in building a network in northern Idaho and Montana, rather disappointing. The 10MB roaming cap is so frustrating as I couldn’t even use the maps application when I needed it.

    T-MOBILE: If you are reading this, I am begging you to be kind and at a minimum provide unlimited Maps data traffic while roaming.

  • Att or Verizon :(

    There’s an old story I use to hear growing up, basically an undersized kid without the ability to actually put up a fight keeps antagonizing the bigger more physically gifted kid… Eventually the bigger kid ends up whopping the smaller kids butt and nobody cares or seem to notice afterwards because of the smaller kid being so arrogant and ignorant.
    Seems like this could be in the works when Verizon/Att start to give a damn. lol

    John shut your mouth and make stuff happen.
    When competition is beating you by double, arrogance can only be an enemy. In reality 3rd/4th place contestants don’t act like they are in first place because well that’s just stupid and it makes oneself look like an idiot.

    Call out Sprint???? Isn’t that, pending approval, your future company you will be leading? I can’t wait to laugh at your misquito sound bites you can come up with if that see the light of day.

    All that others and I wish for is consistent coverage. I refuse to help pay your salary while you proclaim achievements that have already been surpassed.

    Soon To Be Former T-Mobile Customer

    P. S. To the inevitable trolls/tmobile reps that will reply with insults or any of the sort negative comments, I will see you on the other side when either John/Softbank kill TMobile.

    • J-Hop2o6


      • G-Hoodrat187

        I knew i should of used molestation or beastality references to keep everyone awake. Ahhhh stupid stupid

    • randomnerd_number38

      T-mobile is working to improve coverage, and has been making improvements ever since John took over. I understand not liking John’s attitude, and if it the service doesn’t work for you then it’s perfectly natural to move on.

      I disagree that John should shut up though- in a year and a half T-Mobile has gone from 0 to 230 million POPS covered with LTE. Thats something to be proud of, and T-Mobile didn’t add over 6 million customers the last 18 months by being timid.

      I hope you find the coverage you’re looking for by moving on. At least with the higher priced carriers you don’t have to worry about mosquito sound bites, right? Good luck.

      • x646x

        POPS covered is a pointless metric. How many sq/mi of actual LTE coverage does Tmobile have? How many sq/mi of 3G HSPA coverage does tmobile have? If the carrier was being honest, it would print these numbers instead of some pointless pops.

        • Wayne Chung

          Exactly, it wasn’t the competitions fault that TMo was last to join the Lte network.

          Now they may have 230 million “POPS” covered but have 55 million total subscribers, What exactly is there to brag about? ROFL

          An improvement for sure, I give kudos for speed of getting lte up, but to boast about IDK beg to differ.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Thats what sensorly is for it shows actual coverage. Ive complained about there misleading coverage map.

      • Verizon or Att :(

        Being proud about something is one thing but being arrogant is another. How many underdog stories do you read/watch where the underdogs boasts about progress while still losing? Underdogs overcome by being hunble and wise.

        With the higher priced carriers I won’t have to worry about dropped calls or no coverage outside of major cities either so I guess thats a decent tradeoff.

        I wish you luck also and hope the steam doesn’t fade but Johnny seems like a person who got 15 minutes of fame and forgets that the 15 minutes will eventually run out.

        • bkin94

          they’re arogant because, while they are behind in subs, they are leading the industry with their policies.JUMP is the best example of something that they started and everyone followed. they aren’t in the lead in numbers, but they are in the lead when it comes to attitude and momentum (the only carrier that grew substantially in Q1)

        • x646x

          Even then, Verizion now matches tmobile’s one plan of $50 for 1gb. To put it into perspective, you are talking about arguably one of the bests carriers on the planet offering a service for the same price of a value carrier. A carrier which doesn’t even have 1/5th Verizon sq/ft coverages, versus this pops nonsense,

    • Jay J. Blanco

      A formal bid hasn’t even been announced. There just rumors. It’s been rumors since 2009. lol. So your whole comment is invalid, think about it.

      • Gucci Gucci

        You keep living in your bubble. Softbank has already paid to pave the way. Mark my words deal will be approved and destruction will follow. Enjoy :)

        • Jay J. Blanco

          If you’ve done your research. Softbank is #3 is Japan. There credit rating is junk Sprint credit rating is junk. A merger would have so much debt! Plus tmobile has loans. This M&A would have so much debt. Honestly do Son know what he’s doing, do he know how to compete?

      • Hit Your Buzzer

        So there was rumors Softbank was going to buy Sprint and then buy T-Mobile in 2009?
        POP QUIZ 1.When did Softbank buy Sprint?

        • Jay J. Blanco

          I didn’t say softbank I was talking about sprint and tmobile mergering. Did you read my comment at all?

        • Alex Trebeck

          I read but your allegations are false. Sprint wasn’t in any shape to purchase TMobile in 2009. Realistically Softbank isn’t good shape now but Softbank will weasel it thru.
          BTW You failed the pop quiz!

        • Jay J. Blanco

          My allegations are fact. Everyone knows tmobile and Sprint wanted to merge. Just didn’t have the means. When this attempt fails we’ll see who is laughing

    • T-Mobile Cares

      We’ll be sad to see you go, but the last thing we want is a customer who is unhappy with the services we provide. If you feel, for any reason, we are not the carrier for you, please move to a carrier that will meet your needs. On a side note, your situation is not personal and therefore attacking the statements made by the accomplished CEO of our company see uncalled for. You are better than that, we hope. If not, grow up, the is not about you, but the 55 million customers we serve. Good luck on you decision and you future.

      • Genga

        So John can scream that he’s raping the competition and op states that John needs to shut up? The irony LOL

        • vrm

          I thought John said that the competition was raping their customers. He later apologized and retracted his statement.

    • Justin747

      Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      – Principal, “Billy Madison” (1995)


    • Justin747

      Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      – Principal, “Billy Madison” (1995)

      • Eazy E

        Good movie especially since Adam Sandler was lead.
        One question tho in the end, Does Billy succeed or the principal?

    • OHneedsLTE

      I feel your pain. it sucks when your area is on the back burner for upgrades. I live in st louis and lte didnt hit us until oct/nov 2013. The aggravation builds continously as more areas get announced and yours isn’t on the list.

    • vrm

      Fallacy in your statement is that t-mobile is taking subs from competition.

      It may only be marketing but 90% of verizon’s subs are due to marketing- they could actually be better off with other carriers.

      vz has often lied to get to where they are and after they looted enough, started strapping lte on 700 mhz on all their towers and claiming they cover everything.

      Well, EVEN NOW, vz is lying so don’t begrudge t-mobile for the same, if they strap on LTE on all towers and claim coverage everywhere- at least give them the opportunity to do so.

      Or, switch quietly without throwing a hissy fit everywhere and looking like a shill.

      • Dim Wit

        So Tmobile is taking subs but yet somehow Att and Verizon are still adding subs? Were all the new subs Att or Verizon grabbed virgin cell phone users?
        Known of T-Mobiles new subs came from marketing?
        How many etfs did TMobile have to pay to acquire these subs?
        Give it a year or less and TMo subs will go back to being stagnant if not decline :)

  • alwaysBfrank

    I think I’m going to take the advice of people that say if you don’t like the service go with another carrier, I’m tired of having a high end phone (galaxy1,2,3 currently the galaxy note 3) and not being able to utilize it to its full potential I live in Cincinnati, Oh and I have been a T-mobile customer for 10yrs and it seems like we are always last to get upgrades (I mean years later) the same thing happened when 3g first came out now with the 4g lte they say it’s spectrum not sure if thats the truth but I must admit I am going to miss the price and would probably miss real 4g if I would have recieved it, but I will not miss seeing 4 bars on my phone only to be followed with a message saying you are not registered on this network

    • Snapturtle

      Your such a whiner, I get my coverage and that’s all that matters! I hope you screen cracks on your new other carrier phone when you get all your coverage running thru it. When you go to your other carrier best be known I’m raping you and if you don’t like being raped, I’ll pay for you to come back /sarcasm

    • bkin94

      the “4”g speeds in LTE are actually really good, and probably better than other carriers LtE in many cases. is there anything you can’t do with HSPA+ other than look at the LTE logo on your phone?
      There really are spectrum constraints in ohio because cincinatti bell holds the batch that TMO usually gets in other states

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Wow. I come here to get updates and not hear people whine and complaint about their sad lives. What if we all got rid of cell phones all together, what would be complaint about then? I think people will complaint about why do I have breathe, can someone do it for me, why do i have to eat, can someone just feed me. Come on

    • Captain Obivious To The Rescue

      Updates are in the article, you sir or madam have entered the comment section.

      If you thought people weren’t going to make comments in the comments section, well that’s just silly ;0

      • bkin94

        thanks, captain obvious :-)

  • Bourgeois

    Here is a question I have been wondering. If voice and data services are on different bands I would suspect the signal stregnths for each service would vary.

    Phones only show one signal strength bar. Is it for voice or data or an average of the two? If it is for one, how do you look at the quality of the other? Assuming it is for voice service only it seems to me that this could be misleading for data signal levels for consumers.

    Does anyone clear up how this works?

    • Bourgeois

      **Coud** anyone clear up how this works?

      • Stefan Naumowicz

        Its the signal quality of whatever network type your currently connected with

    • grod46

      Im assuming that devices show’s signal for the current service it is connected too, for example in my house my nexus 5 gets about 2 or 3 bars of LTE but if i receive a call or just force it to GSM/WCDMA only, it gets full bars of HSPA

      • T-MOBILE Cares

        Voice calls cannot me made on LTE, unless you have our new VOLLte. When making a voice call, your phone will switch to a 4G connection. I hope this answers your question.

      • T-MOBILE Cares

        Oh, and LTE and HSPA operate on different frequencies, therefore you should get a stronger signal when on HSPA+/GSM.

    • UMA_Fan

      So if it’s showing bars on an LTE network you really have no idea how good of a signal for voice you are getting without fiddling into the settings. That’s just the signal strength for your LTE data connection. As VoLTE gets more widespread (and it looks like this shouldn’t take too long) this is a non issue because your LTE signal indicator will be representing both.

      • Bourgeois

        Ah, okay. So the signal strength indicator is for LTE (when connected to LTE) and not voice. Interesting…

        Same for both iOS and Android devices?

        • UMA_Fan


        • Andy

          It’s for whatever the phone is currently connected to. Without VoLTE it has to drop down, and at that point the signal indicator will show the strength of the different connection. You can watch this happen during call setup.

  • Carlo Palani Hernandez

    I just hit 75.48Mbps UP/ 24.55Mbps DOWN in the Oregon Zoo in the foothills of SW Portland,OR. ‘Twas a great day on my nexus 5

    • Steven

      Nice! My speeds downtown are still pretty dreadful, but I’ve hit 65mpbs on SE 82nd!

      • Jo Rey

        I’ve hit 70Mbps by Disney land

      • Carlo Palani Hernandez

        I live in the Foster-Powell neighborhood of inner SE and havent seen anything less than 55down/20up since the beggining of last week. Meanwhile my roommates have sprint and their supposed “Spark” averaging 25up at best

        • bucdenny

          Most likely on legacy Clearwire WiMax back-haul which will not see 25Mbps+ (many sites via microwave sharing same fiber back haul). If it is a Spark site that has the proper dedicated back-haul you will see no less than 25Mbps.

        • Carlo Palani Hernandez

          Well when sprint is at no less than 50mbps I might consider paying attention to any part of your post

        • bucdenny

          Sprint pushing near 70-80Mbps on single 20Mhz TDD with proper fiber back-haul. T-Mobile 15×15 or 20×20 only pushing that much? Imagine once we see 20+20 or 20+20+20 TDD from Sprint.

          Sneak peak to many Spark sites already available with proper fiber back-haul. Single 20Mhz TDD LTE Spark

          70Mbps+ Test done in Brooklyn, New York.

          70Mbps+ Test done in Washington DC, non launch Spark city.

          70Mbps+ Test done in San Francisco, non launch Spark city.

          Speed test proves point that Spark will only get better as fiber back-hauls are delivered to each site one by one.

        • Carlo Palani Hernandez

          OK I’ll put it this way, this is a T-Mobile related site and you know perfectly well sprint is dead last in EVERYTHING. So why do you continue to post about sprints “improvements”?

        • bucdenny

          You claimed roommate getting Spark. Pointed out Spark speeds could be better if on proper back-haul. You pointed out you wanted to see 50Mbps, provided evidence Spark is doing more than 50Mbps.
          Surprised that Sprint is getting better?

    • cinsu

      Hey, I wondered if there was anybody else in Portland on here. I got a 76 Mbps test near Oregon City and I also discovered VoLTE is working on my S5

    • Monkey Smith

      Atleast the animals in the zoo have great coverage!

  • Tinger12

    Incoming the whiners screaming “THEY” aren’t covered, nor all the places they travel. #oldnews

    • x646x

      Actually, this we cover xxx pops is all smoke and mirrors, designed to mask the reality of their network. It’s the equivalent of my household router claiming that it covers 5 people, yet barely works 2 rooms away. What I want to know is actual sq/ft coverage, not how many people in my house it covers.

      Basically, it’s a pointless metric and what people (users/customers) really want to hear is things like the percentage of their network that is now LTE or how many square miles of coverage they have, etc etc etc.

      POPS covered ironically only serves the benefit of the carrier, as that means more customers. For the consumer, it has no actual value.

      • Aurizen

        Wait till they get rid of 2g and put in LTE. Happened to me Wednesday 2 bars became 5, 30 down 18 up not even wide band LTE. All of this is in my house 5 bars indoors wow!

        • Keep waiting


        • bkin94

          where is this? they went straight from 2g to LTE? I’m hoping my indoor coverage will improve when theyupgrade, but i lost some hope when i read that they are using the same antennas

        • Aurizen

          This was in Philadelphia, I have an iphone 5. woke up with 5 bars of LTE in my house I always got 1-2bars with low speeds, now its blazing fast, I think its the upgrade of their 2g networks to LTE.

    • Ichtcy

      Whiners have a point if they aren’t covered.
      The problem is that it is old news and TMo is still lacking.
      Whiners will have the last laugh when they leave and TMo loses subscribers to fund coverage expansion.
      When your forced to knock on the another door because T-Mobile is closed please don’t come whining. LoL

  • Cam Fas

    When are we getting 15+15 or 20+20 in Las Vegas? Metros CDMA shuts down today how much CDMA spectrum did they have in Vegas

  • matt

    Yea but still no lte in Cincinnati or date that there will be and on top of that I don’t get service at my work anymore

    • JMF_mobile

      I’m with you Matt. Still nothing in Des Moines, IA. Either. #32 and #72 in metro population rank and a combined 3 million people still in the dark and yet TMO claims to have top 200 markets covered. What a joke.

      • enkay1

        Des Moines is under the care of iWireless (a T-Mobile affiliate) so you have to wait for them to upgrade. T-Mobile all but gave up the market to them. The rest of the state is controlled by them as well.

        • JMF_mobile

          I think your onto something Nick. I-Wireless markets themselves as a T-Mobile affiliate and TMO markets them as an unnamed roaming partner so always assumed T-Mobile called the shots but maybe not. I did just send I-Wireless an email asking about their LTE plans. I’m probably doubly screwed because most of state covered by I-Wireless is only Edge data.

    • enkay1

      Cincinnati Bell screwed T-Mobile over there by selling their spectrum to Verizon. T-Mobile doesn’t have enough spectrum there to roll out LTE. The only way they could do it would be to shut off HSPA+ entirely.

  • The Windy City

    Chicago Illinois 60639 60641 60647 60618 By Fullerton and kostner max anyone I know they hit 8 download and 1.98 on upload that the north side of Chicago anything north on north avenue.

  • Blackhawks Rule

    The Windy City finally here I max 9.88 on down load 1.99 on up load Chicago LTE sucks. I know how you feel

    • Mr Paul

      Anyone in the Hudson Valley would kill to have those speeds. Here you have people who mostly commute to the city (NYC), some can be making six figures, with 500-800 thousand dollar houses, two cars, and a decent life, and cell service on most carriers is either 2G/E, or HSPA+(4G) with edge speeds, or LTE with a max of like 3-5down and 1-3 up. We must have the worst cell service in the country.

  • Bori

    Meanwhile in Cincinnati………….. LOL

    • sidekicker89

      I was just there!… it’s crazy how long it’s taking!

      • Bori

        We had a boost in speeds 2 weeks ago, but that has substantially gone down. I guess everyone caught on LOL. But seeing all these 60’s and 70’s kinda stirs the pot again.

    • MagicMiguel

      Has T-Mobile officially stated why it is taking so long to rollout in Cincinnati?

      • x646x

        Well it is Ohio..

      • TylerCameron

        T-Mobile hasn’t told us, but the reason is spectrum. I believe they only have 10 or 15MHz of spectrum there. Total.

      • Bori

        Yep no Spectrum. And of course Cincinnati Bell went ahead and sold their AWS spectrum to Verizon, which we definitely could’ve used here. Can’t help but think they did this on purpose. …

    • bkin94

      at least you have the best possible “4”G

    • Stephen

      T-Mobile has LTE in West Chester since March

      • Bori

        West Chester, unfortunately, is more than 15 miles from downtown, I barely consider that Cincinnati.

    • Austin

      I’ve been there, at least you have hspa! I’ve got 2G at my home and I’d take Cincinnati’s speeds any day.

    • Austin

      Although, I do find it strange how their coverage map says there’s LTE there, when clearly, there’s not. I’ve seen that in two other cities in Missouri also.

      • JMF_mobile

        At least Springfield now has it. Drove through a couple weeks ago and speeds were pretty good – upper 20’s. I was envious.

      • Bori

        Yeah, that’s something I have reported to them months ago, but they seem not to care.

    • John Brown

      At least Cincinnati doesn’t have EDGE!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m 26 miles east of Cincinnati in Owensville and left for the “new Cricket” because I couldn’t use my Lumia 521 on 2 bars of EDGE! Even voice calls were horrible, with dropped calls galore. WITH 2 BARS!!!!!!!! On every other carrier, 2 bars are sufficient to place a call. In Union Twp, I could place a call on 1 BAR of HSPA+!!!!!!! I couldn’t even use the net on 2 BARS of EDGE, I could surf at 10 mbps on 1 BAR of HSPA+! Be thankful you at least have faux-G. 20 miles east of you, we would give anything to have that! And to all the people who are gonna bash me for leaving, I intend on returning once Cincy has HSPA+ in Clermont & Brown counties.

      • Bori

        Sorry for your luck. But seeing all these other major cities getting butt crazy speeds, makes me want to have it too. I don’t see that as being ungreatful, I only want what most metropolitan areas are getting. But I’d glady pass on our faux 4G to y’all once we get lte here. And FYI there are still pockets within Cinci that do have Edge, big cities are not exempt.

        • John Brown

          I was just trying to point out that it could be alot worse. While having a 50mbps connection on T-Mo in Cincinnati would be amazing, it’s probably not going to happen until they start using the new 700mhz spectrum. Blame Cincinnati Bell for that! And, even using the 700mhz in Cincinnati might not be possible due to interference with WKEF channel 51/virtual channel 22 in Dayton. Out here in Clermont county, we can’t even get dial up speeds out of the EDGE network. They need to at least convert EDGE towers to HSPA+ then shut off EDGE and use the former EDGE for LTE. Refarming EDGE is the only option I can see to bring LTE to Cincy

  • Erika Perez

    I don’t need better coverage in highways lol I need better coverage indoor I’m not complaining at all cuz I get good service but I know it can be better I’m rooting for u T-Mobile

    • TylerCameron

      Most people want better coverage on highways so we can watch Netflix and stream music.

      • vrm

        I like better coverage around highways in order to use maps or look up some information (hotel, gas, shopping etc). For me, 256 kbps data everywhere is adequate as almost ALL apps will run fine. Only time I need faster data is doing phone update and I can wait until I get to a landline (with wifi) to do that.

    • vrm

      When I had t-mobile, indoor coverage issues made me switch several times back and forth. Now I realize it isn’t a big issue. If you can move around and get data signal inside, you have a workaround. If you get no signal at all (not even 2G) , it is only a problem if you are at work. You cannot be without signal for 8+ hours a day- whats the point of paying for the service then ? You should switch if that were the case. If you do get signal at work but no 3G/4G, you may have a workaround in the form of wifi or work based internet.

    • Mr Paul

      Amen! EDGE/4G on the highways would be sufficient if I could actually get some data indoors or out and about.

  • Thomas

    I’m not sure exactly what’s going on in the Hudson Valley region of NY. I live in the lower-hudson valley area and for the past 7 years of living here, not much has changed service-wise. Very few cities have hspa (not sure if its 21 or 42). In some cities such as Fishkill and Wappingers Falls, Poughkeepsie — there is “4g” but it is unbearably slow. More often than not – less than 300kbps download and an even more pitiful upload. And I’m just guessing here, but at least 75-80% of the area is Edge. I’ve been somewhat patiently waiting for T-mobile to do Something the past 7 years of living here. I used to live in the Philadelphia area where T-mobile was pretty Ok, and still is.

    Perhaps someone knows the technicalities as to why they are not doing anything in this, the second most populated region of New York State? I would like to know if they are spectrum constrained, or what? I know some will say just switch carriers, but I refuse- I’ve been with them for 12 years and I’d much rather stay and support them. So, yeah. I’d really like to hear any insight anyone may have about this.

    • tester

      Highland Mills, Monroe and Goshen just got lte

      • Paul

        No surprise. The Newburgh area has had great LTE coverage for 3-4 years now, save 3G 5-6 years ago. Orange county always gets everything better and first before Dutchess/Putnum Counties and long before anything will surface upstate to the Catskills (they’ll get LTE in 2020). The coverage in the county a few years ago with Verizon / AT&T before the smaller carriers came was also probably among the best in the Hudson Valley, whereas in Dutchess we are seeing our first LTE from smaller carriers, and the LTE we had a couple years ago was non-existent and worse than 3G. Hard to believe I’m in NY; you’d think I’m in some village or small town in Kansas or North Dakota or Wyoming with the coverage we’ve had in this area in the past decade of cell service.

    • Paul

      Fishkill recently got LTE from T-Mobile, but it’s within the boundaries of Brinckerhoff, the village of Fishkill, and the Walmart/Hotel area on 9 south. It works great when you have it, but it cuts out a lot and sometimes isn’t even working (you fall back to 4G or even 2g). HSPA+ (4G) is good in certain areas but is still very rough. I see 4G often atm, but once you go into buildings or certain areas, you drop signal or go to edge and cut in and out between 4G because 2G doesn’t penetrate through buildings very well. The speeds are almost always edge, but sometimes I can get 5-10 down/up which is a solid 4G connection. The best in Dutchess county is AT&T, and T-Mobile also has some strong spots like around the Poughkeepsie Galleria and the Chestnut Plaza has a very good signal whereas if you have Verizon you signal will be very weak or drop around there.

  • sinnerofa10shun

    Indoor coverage is lacking. That’s my only gripe. Other than that, T-Mobile is doing great! Maybe once the 700MHz comes into play, indoor reception will improve. Keep it up T-Mobile!

    • Matt

      That’s my biggest gripe too. If that would improved, I would be back in a heartbeat!

    • yeah right

      Heard through the grapevine that LTE celfi’s are coming to alleviate the problem a little.

      • lordfarquaad

        I called in and got one yesterday. After they upgraded my tower to LTE my coverage sucked. It was already horrible. The Cel-Fi should fix it.

        • yeah right

          The current celfi is hspa only. I got it from the weird of a tmo employee that LTE celfi’s are coming shortly but they aren’t available yet.

        • lordfarquaad

          No big deal, I just want it so our phones don’t flip between EDGE and HSPA all the time.

      • sinnerofa10shun

        I can’t wait. Hopefully it’s worth waiting for.

    • maximus1901

      i think if tmo can get at least hspa+ indoors, that’s acceptable.

      • sinnerofa10shun

        I couldn’t agree more.

  • stluser

    At work I get 35mb/download speeds on LTE. At home I get 5mb/download speeds on LTE. When I manually switch to HSPA+ , my speeds jump to 14mb/download. So HSPA+ is faster than LTE at home. My question is why doesn’t my phone automatically switch to HSPA when the LTE connection is slower?

    • bkin94

      there’s not really a way for the phone to know which is faster.in most cases it’s best to assume LTE is fastest

    • Mr Paul

      It switches to the best connection type, not fastest.

  • lordfarquaad

    POPs are an awful metric for a mobile technology. I wish the carriers used something else.

    • philyew

      Any ideas for an alternative?

      • Jay J. Blanco


        • philyew

          That’s a valid option from the point of view of the customer wanting to check reported capabilities in their area, but how can TM use Sensorly – or any other crowd-sourced tool – to summarize, for example, their progress on a network upgrade project?

          The comment was about the carriers using POPs as a metric to describe their range of coverage. In my view, it’s not a problem that carriers use POPs as the metric, but rather that they seem able to count the entire population of a census area when they haven’t completed coverage within that area.

          If there were stricter rules from the FCC regarding the % coverage required within a census area before its population could be included in coverage claims, then using POPs would be fine.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Well that would be cool


      Square miles?

  • Maximus

    Has there been any word about the first phone to come out that will support 700 mhz Band 12? I’m really hoping the Nexus 6 will when it comes out in Oct/Nov.

    • erick

      You do realize that’s Verizon’s LTE Band and that t-mobile is going to refarm the spectrum to band 17 (like at&t) in order to be able to use current lineup of handsets, right?

      • Maximus

        No, I was not aware of that. I haven’t read anything to that effect. I’ve read that TMO was going to come out with phones that support band 12 by the end of this year.

      • Mr.Radar

        That’s absolutely incorrect. The frequency band of the spectrum is fixed (by the government) and T-Mobile can’t just start using 700 MHz Lower B/C (band 17) with their 700 MHz Lower A licenses (band 12). It might be possible for phone manufacturers to release baseband updates for some models with band 17 support to also support band 12 (since it is a superset of band 17) but I would not count on it.

        • Alex Zapata

          Unfortunately, no baseband update will allow a device with band 17 to access the lower A block. Band 12 actually requires slightly different hardware (filters, duplexers, etc….). I know that TMO said devices will start showing up in the 4th quarter, maybe around the holidays?

      • Alex Zapata

        That’s probably the cooooolest story I’ve heard all day. Verizon primarily uses band 13 (upper C block). Secondly, I’m pretty sure that AT&T agreed to switch devices to band 12 to help with the lack of band 12 devices.

  • peralta61

    Hello guys a little of topic I have a note 3 and I constantly need to be turning off the phone to get data connection it simply says you’re offline I wanted to know if you guys have the same problem I’ve been having it for one month and I called yesterday and they said that I have too many apps on my phone

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      I think a lot of T Mobile phones do that. I personally think it’s the network. It happens on S4, Nexus 5 etc

    • PapaSmurf

      I have the note 3 and i never get that problem. I have a lot of apps on. I think they’re shitting on u with that!

    • Jay1169

      I think it’s a problem with tmobile’s LTE network dropping data connections. have a iphone 5 and I have to toggle airplane mode to get my data to work, even though I have full bars of LTE. This can happen anywhere from 2 to 10 times a day and it’s very frustrating. I went to a tmobile store in Cambridge, Massachusetts last Saturday and they said they are getting a lot of complaints about this from other customers and tmobile is aware of the issue. So until service improves the only thing I can suggest is to turn off LTE and just use 4G. For me if I keep LTE off the phone doesn’t lose the data connection. I only turn on LTE if I need to stream HD videos. 3G/4G is fine for browning the web and streaming music.

    • Phone Tech Guy

      Well I cant speak for the other comments but in my area T-Mobile LTE is as good as it gets. With that said I would always lose data connection on my note 3. Never with any other phone I had, I switch around about 4 or 5 phones…anything from a nexus to note to gs5 or my HTC one. My Note 3 is the only one that ever gave me problems with data connection….might be the way the phone is built. Still under warranty????

      • peralta61

        so you change the phone because of that the y didn’t even want to send me a new one he keeps saying its my apps so I’m going to call again

    • Joshua

      I had the same problem too. I have a note 3. Past month I would lose data connection and in the notification bar it would display a circle with a line through it, go to HSPA+, or EDGE (area known the have LTE). I would turn off my phone, turn back on and signal would return for a short time. I called customer service this past Friday and she stated they have had some towers in my area go out or malfunction. I live in Austin, Texas. She mentioned where she lived, Salem, Oregon, has had the same issue.

  • Tony Chen

    T mobile rocks sprint sucks.

    • Chen Tone

      TMobile combined with Sprint will suck rocks

      • Jesse James


  • jimmysalg

    Been commuting back and forth between Atlanta and Miami. Miami’s LTE coverage is amazing, drove around with my phone on a cradle and I hardly saw HSPA, all LTE. For the first time I never saw “no service”. Meanwhile back in ATL midtown speed test peaked at 63 down/11 up.

  • maximus1901
  • KingCobra

    Drove to Atlanta from Charlotte a few weeks ago. Service all around Atlanta seems excellent. There’s still some EDGE between the two cities though so looks like T-Mobile still has yet to start rolling out LTE along the interstates.

  • regdf

    Don’t really see how this update did anything and I live in upstate New York, Schenectady county. Biggest metro area (upstate) and still half ass quality, I thought this network upgrade was a big thing for New York. I am hoping t mobile is actually getting a stronger network because Verizon seems to be a lot better in New York, switching back would also be a headache like no other.

    • Mr Paul

      Look into AT&T or a MVNO of them. They’ve been better than Verizon and T-Mobile for me. T-Mobile in upstate and downstate NY is a joke, maybe they’ll be where Verizon and AT&T were two years ago by 2016.

  • cwa1979

    Legere and his coconspirators are full of shit. The county that I live in has 2 million people. Maybe 30% have LTE. The rest hspa+ and edge. But tmo counts the entire county of 2 million as covered. Not the actual figure of 600,000. Its all bullshit. Tmo considers an area covered by LTE when 25% of said area is actually covered. To quote Legere…Bullshit

  • Binny Gupta

    what about the metro shutdown?

  • Brendan Ward

    its bull they still dont have coverage upstate ny false advertising do not believe tmobile only good in suburban areas and the city

  • Brendan Ward

    switching to at&t

  • Bori

    God forbid one desires to have lte! I can’t even mention that Cinci does not have it without being crucified, chilax peeps, it’s all good lol.

  • Mike

    We sure don’t have it in Chester County, PA (Philadelphia). Have had really shitty service lately. TMO promised to fix the problem with all the usual BS tactics to put it back on you or your phone. You know the routine…power on/power off, reset the network, reset the phone, get a new SIM card, change out your otter box case, turn off the 4g settings. Nothing helped. Took 2 hours off to drive to the apple store to have the phone checked out in advance of TMO saying “it’s your phone”. Phone is fine. Next call to TMO – got the old it’s your phone routine. When I told the rep of the apple store visit she acknowledged that this highly populated area has signal problems where LTE is largely unavailable. .WTF! I sure could have saved a ton of ringing around and telephone time if they had only been honest in the first place.

    Here’s TMO offer to help me cope with all, the dropped calls, poor quality calls, spotty data service and no services in the communities in which I live and work. “We will give you a $10 discount each month for the next 6 months until Tmobile finishes up its network improvements. Philadelphia is like the 5th largest city in the nation and TMO has yet to fully deploy the network upgrades. How about you fix your network so I can get full value from the services I’m paying for!!

    The big question I have for TMO is: IS LTE REALLY COVERING 3/4’s of the entire population of the entire US or is this just marketing thing? Clearly, TMO and Legere have been caught recently fabricating the truth about the FTC and FCC matters.

    • Mr Paul

      I liked Legere at first, but then I listened to his and his network chief’s claims about how T-Mobile is number one on Ookla (no, it’s number 2), and how they make it look like they’re covering sooo many people and they have LTE everywhere. Next, I noticed how they never directly answer anyone who mentioned their coverage is totally lacking in tons of places. Then I looked up his salary compared to others (I’ll let you do the honors) and I lost a lot of respect for him. Not to mention the only carriers that have the common decency to mark their upgrades on maps are AT&T and Sprint. If T-Mobile is on this big upgrading spree, what’s so hard about letting us know where you’re upgrading and what upgrades are going to occur?

      First of all, T-Mobile doesn’t cover squat with it’s frequencies give or take Sprint’s. Secondly, they’re indirect (won’t ever address problems or give you direct answers. E.g. ask them if they’re upgrading in your area, get no answer or get told some engineer will come out and look at a tower that they won’t tell you where it is), and like you said they have a bunch of BS tactics to try and shut you up while they take things at their own pace. Third of all, they like to talk trash about every carrier, forgetting that AT&T has a network T-Mobile is going to take another 2 years to achieve (regardless of how good or bad it is), and their tactics are often just as sleazy as Verizon.

      I just switched to Cricket and I’m not looking back for a while. Great coverage; everything Legere rants about in his network and claims AT&T lacks, yet it doesn’t, with a better deal and price.

      And my guess, 3/4 of the population lives in the same state as a T-Mobile tower with LTE, lol. Not to be too harsh or sarcastic, but I think his claims are really overdrawn.