T-Mobile LG G2 getting software update, includes Knock Code


From today, LG G2 users on T-Mobile should be receiving software updates on their devices. Android KitKat 4.4.2, build D80120e is being made available and features LG’s Knock Code security feature as well as some improvements to Google Wallet, auto brightness, visual voicemail, Wi-Fi calling as well as some security fixes.

If you have a G2, and haven’t yet been notified of the software update, head in to your settings menu, go to the “about phone” option and tap “software information”. Check which software version you have, if it isn’t D80120e, you’re not on the latest version. You can then check for updates manually, and update it over the air.

Let us know how you get on with the update. And whether you notice any notable improvements or bugs.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • GreatNews

    Knock Code not KnockOn

  • ThePhantom

    How ’bout some VoLTE love? Disappointed to not see that in the list of added stuff…

  • BeanSparrow

    Hm, the LG G2 looks like a great phone, but I’m leaning more towards getting a nexus 5 or a Samsung Galaxy S5. I’m not a big fan of the optimus UI, but I like the stock UI and the touchwiz UI(may not like the bloat).

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    I tried pulling manually and there is no update as of yet. It still shows D80120a

  • Jm384

    How is LG when it comes to updates compare to HTC & Samsung? I want the G3 but afraid I’ll never see it if I get the G3.

    • Jm384

      Android L.. Sorry

      • donnybee

        I would say that if you’re worried about getting Android L, the safest way to get an update in the Android world is to get a device that ships with it. Unless you want to have to root it yourself to install it. Unfortunately that’s the reality of it.

        Sorry you’ve had bad luck with updates. You could also try to get a hold of LG on twitter or via email and see if they’re planning on releasing that update soon after the G3 launches. Couldn’t hurt to ask! I don’t really like to play that game, so I don’t have Android lol. I’m very intrigued by Android L though. I would love to try it and I want to play with the G3 because it looks like a great phone (hardware-wise)!

      • Matt Pankey

        I fully expect the G3 to get the L update in the future. the G2 shipped with Jelly Bean and received KitKat a few months later.

  • Scott Benedict

    Yay! Finally Google Wallet has Tap and Pay on T-Mobile! I missed this after moving from Sprint!

  • Scott Benedict

    Excited for the LG G3. I’m new to LG, but done with Samsung for the moment. Don’t know about Android updates though on LG. Samsung dragged their feet and wasn’t the best. Wish Google would take control and push updates out automatically to all Android phones and cut the manufacturers out of it.

    • Stefan Naumowicz

      Not that simple. The OS has to be tweaked to be compatible with each android device’s unique set of hardware and software

      • donnybee

        This is true. Think of Windows PC updates, except for mobile. You have to wait. I know a lot of people who just decide to get new phones because they haven’t had an update in so long that they were like 2-3 updates behind..

        One thing to consider when purchasing a phone. Nexus is good, and even the “Vanilla” versions of some devices, i.e. the old HTC One and GS4. There are also other OS’s that don’t have those issues. To each his own!

        The G3 looks solid though. Hopefully Samsung will start getting a run for their money.

      • Scott Benedict

        I understand that, but they’re going to accomplish it with Android Car, Android TV and Android Wear. All with different hardware, different manufacturers, etc. And, I’m no MS supporter, but Microsoft has been doing it for decades. :) And with Android KitKat, Android is more forgivable with low-end hardware.

  • bethel03

    Hope this fixes the MMS receiving issue on my wife’s G2. What a PITA it is.

    • Me

      One of my relatives had the EXACT same problem. KitKat didn’t fix it at all so the phone went on eBay and was replaced with a Note 3. My G2 never had a problem with MMS so I don’t know what the deal was.

      • mountainbikermark

        Time will tell if the better auto bright helps or hurts battery life but before it’d default to too dim in low light for me. I’ll take the battery hit gladly for the better ability to see the phone in low light.
        Knock on no longer shows the blue light when I tap wake the phone but it also wakes MUCH faster. Another trade off I don’t mind.

  • @Cam what gives – 2GB or 3GB?

  • Alexander Mohr
  • starflyer_59

    One of my phones went OTA automatically. My other phone has yet to update and when trying to manually it keeps saying up to date. Have to wait until T-Mobile pushes it out to each device probably. I’m just glad that they are finally fixing the knock on feature. I’ve had no problems on mine but constantly on my wifes phone.

  • starflyer_59

    If you have the LG mobile support tool on your pc then you can sideload the update. Just be aware that it is 1600MB and may take a while to download if you use your home internet connection.

    • enoch861

      That’s how I ended up doing it too.

  • guest
  • readytojump

    Any confirmation on the addition of Wifi Calling? That’s been one of the few things holding me back from getting this phone.

    • Breanna Cherry Cherry Burress

      WiFi calling is already available on the T-Mobile LG G2. I have one and I use it all the time. :)

      Just go on the settings then press the Call under the networks area to change call settings.

    • wezra

      The G2 has always had Wi-Fi calling. With this update they simply enhanced it. I can tell you that I used it all day today and it is vastly improved from when I first got the phone a few months ago.

  • gary

    Hi, TMOnews.

    The update is available for download via LG B2C Client Tool (LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOL)

    The update brring knock code feature.

    • smells like teen crap

      did that and i got the update, what happen was when i sent my replacement phone to tmobile i got the new phone on the same day, the new phone did not had the update so someone did mention to wait, but when i saw your comment it works awesome. so kudos to you man :D thanx.

  • wezra

    Waited all day yesterday for the OTA and it was a no show… so I ran the update manually using the LG tool. It went fairly quickly… about 20 minutes in all. That included downloading the tool and driver. The update went well with no stalling or freezing.

    Their is a decided difference in the response with the phone. Wi-Fi connectivity is better and the Knock On/Off (or what ever the exact name for the function is) is way quicker. Not sure what other bug fixes they did in the update… but the bottom line is that the phone is more responsive than it had been… and it was pretty fast to begin with. I really like this phone and am happy to be back to Android after a year with iOS. No going back for me.

  • Michael Balla

    Anyone else noticing ridiculous battery drain since the new update? Only been up for 3 hours and already down to 69%

    • wezra

      Not a problem here. I updated manually at 7 am (EST) this morning and it is now 1 pm and the phone is at 93% without any additional charging. So its working fine for me.

    • MyLGfans

      Hi, Balla, After the update, please allow your device at lease 24 hours to set everything up
      After the update, Your Phone will re-sync all your media,data to google account, facebook and other cloud service on your Phone.

    • Guest

      Do you still notice that ridiculous battery drain since the new update?

      • amber

        my battery drains terribly and i cant send texts it takes like 2 hours to send a text so my phone is horrid now had it replaced cause i had the sissues with the first one i had and now the replacement is doing it too this sucks!

    • Michael Balla

      85% 8:48AM i got up at 7AM….. I dunno what’s going on….Android trying to get me to spring for the G3??

      • Guest

        what does the baterry monitor say? What is draining a lot of battery that wasnt there before?

      • Guest

        Also, did you update OTA or through the LG software?

  • Fred Ceron

    My PC is not working, I haven’t got the update via OTA. When will I get it??

    • MyLGfans

      Fred, why PC is not working? Please remove all lG USB drivers, LG mobile Support Tool, completly! and then intall latest LG B2C client tool, and latest usb driver ver 3.11, it should works.

  • MyLGfans

    Hey ALL, the update is available for black version LG G2 (Model: D801BK) Only!
    The white Version’s software is still D80120A.

    • Matt Pankey

      No, D80120e is for the white version as well. I have done it myself.

      • MyLGfans

        available for download via OTA or LG Mobile Support Tool?
        or just flash the kdz?

        • Matt Pankey

          I flashed the kdz file because I accidentally deleted the upgrade app from my phone and LG Support Tool was being stupid. I can get you the link for the kdz if you need it.

        • Matt Pankey

          Post #16 forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2735785

  • KB

    I was expecting VoLTE.

  • KB

    I was expecting VoLTE.

  • sidog

    I did the upgrade last night and my touchscreen stopped working completely, even after rebooting, rebooting into safe mode, and reverting back to the old stock image. anyone else having this same issue?

  • AngryMosquito41

    Just updated. First issue I noticed is that you have to choose between knock knock OR knock code.

    If you are using Knock Code, you cannot double tap the screen to wake it up, you have to use the back button where the volume is. Whereas if you are using any other type of security coding, the knock knock feature is available again. Can’t have both.

    • Matt Pankey

      You use your Knock Code as you would use Knock Knock and it will unlock and wake the screen up.

      • AngryMosquito41

        i see what you dont understand. let me clarify by posing the scenarion.

        lets say you pick up the phone. with the knock knock feature, you would doubletap the screen to THEN put in your password…. with the knock code feature you cant do that… you must use the back button to wake up the screen AND THEN put in the knock code.

        you cannot perform the sequence
        knock knock > knock code

        • Matt Pankey

          Oh okay. Yeah I misunderstood.

        • Arch Stanton

          You don’t have to use the back button, just enter your knock knock code to both wake up and unlock the phone!

        • AngryMosquito41

          okay.. I see what you mean.. even with the screen asleep.. just type in the knock code and it wakes itself up AND unlocks. nice. cheers bro. thanks :)

          but that doesnt work on the OTA version.

          I had before manual upgrade.. and what you are saying worked fine.
          but then I bricked my phone doing something else.. and then unbricked it by reverting back to original firmware.. caught the OTA updates.. and apparently this doesnt work with the OTA

  • AM

    I am using a T-Mobile G2 on AT&T which I unlocked myself, will I have to unlock it again if I do the update?

    • Guest

      no. once unlocked, always unlocked.

  • Brian Sewell

    Will update come thru on OTA?

    • Guest

      Yes, according to TMOBILE you will get it tomorrow at the latest. I have not gotten it yet either. Acording to what I have researched it’s a pretty nice update and it fixes a lot of bugs.

  • Jefferson Josue Morales

    Okay cool yeah. I have the WHITE LG G2 so I’m guessing that only the BLACK G2s are able to obtain the OTA update as of now right? Or am i missing something?

  • Torry

    I’ve noticed one change. Before, when double tapping to wake up the phone, the little light on the back button would glow. Now there is no more glow when you “knock on” and the glow only appears when you physically press the back button. I liked the little glow, anyone having the same issue?

    • Matt Pankey

      Yeah it doesn’t work for me either.

  • I have been looking for update all week. Nothing coming?

  • Dante

    I just ordered the phone for my kids and guess what? It’s back ordered. Wished the reps told me it was out of stock before I placed my order.

  • Rich

    My update happened this morning. So far I really haven’t noticed anything. It would be nice if T-Mobile were to actually send a list of the changes that were made in each of the updates so we have an idea of what is different, or any new features we can use and how to use them.