Further T-Mo network upgrades spotted in Cleveland, Charlotte and Philadelphia

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Recently the number of network upgrade notices hitting my inbox have been ridiculous. And so, providing I get sent enough, I’m going to start rounding them up once or twice per week. This week, readers have informed me of multiple VoLTE sightings, as well as 2G to 4G network upgrades and some speedier LTE. Surprisingly, a lot of them have been in North Carolina.


To kick it off, we’ve had 4 separate new VoLTE sightings to inform you of. Users from the following locations have been able to make VoLTE calls over the past couple of weeks:

  • Raleigh, NC
  • Concord, NC
  • Reno, NV
  • Memphis, TN

Most of these customers were using the Galaxy Note 3, which was one of only three handsets to have the required firmware update required to make use of VoLTE. More recently, the Galaxy S5 was added to that list. If you’re in an LTE area, and have one of the compatible devices with the required software update, be sure to check if your LTE network is dropped or maintained during a phone call. If it remains, and doesn’t drop down to HSPA/3G, chances are you have VoLTE in your area.

2G to 4G upgrade

T-Mobile is continuing to upgrade its network in a number of locations. This past few months has seen the company working hard along some major highways in various markets. Three major roads we’ve been informed of this week. The screenshot at the top of this post is of the highway near Charlotte, NC.

Athens, AL“Athens, AL on highway 72 now all HSPA+, LTE around L65 and east towards Huntsville, AL.

Cleveland, TN“Interestingly enough 4GLTE is only available on the outer loop of Cleveland and the south send. It has not made it to the north side of Cleveland. Finally, they are rolling out VoLTE with the deployment as well. Some sites are showing 15×15.

Charlotte, NC“Highway 74/29 is major highway that runs from Charlotte, NC to Kings Mountain, NC. For years there has limited coverage outside of Charlotte but when I checked to see if any progress had been made recently, I saw that part of 74/29 was lit up! I have an iPhone 4s therefore, I can’t the speeds but I’m happy an area near my house has more 4G!!!”

We’ve also been informed of a speed bump near Philadelphia. One reader showed download speeds of around 67Mbps there.

Remember, if you want to get in touch and inform us of significant chances to network performance, whether it be VoLTE sightings, 2G to 4G upgrades or a 15+15/20+20 LTE sighting, you can send me your information to cam@tmonews.com. If you can, include screenshots of Ookla Speed Test results, or Sensorly app mapping.

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  • gadget_hero

    It certainly is exciting to see T-Mobile ramp up better coverage, the proof is in the pudding and they are doing it! I can’t wait until we get some VoLTE action in Nashville (that and wide band).

  • Jaramie Black

    Wilmington, NC needs to get those upgrades. I40 needs to be all 4g…

    • EndlessIke

      Yeah, rest of the country too. CHILLAX.

  • Mike Coleman

    Random, but how can you even tell if you are on 15×15 or 20×20? Or are you just guessing because you have a higher download speed?

    • Cam Bunton

      Not guessing. You can put your phone in Test Flight mode and it’ll show you the bands being used. You’ll be able to find instructions online.. It’s a little nerdy for me, but it can be done.

    • paging @Conan_Kudo:disqus gird your loins and spin up your propellers kids…

      • Samsung phones are the only ones that let you see the information you want to know. *#0011# is the dialer code.

        • enkay1

          iPhone lets you see this info too. *#3001#12345#* is the code.

    • Cam Fas

      Depending on what phone you have I forget the exact code I think it’s #0011 may be forgetting a number but if you have a note3 a screen will come up after entering the correct code and it will show you if your on 5+5 or 10+10 or 15+15 or 20+20 I can’t test it right now as I no longer have the note I have an iphone and don’t know if there is a way to check it on apple products also it will only tell you if your currently connected too an lte network

    • sb

      Samsung phones is *#0011# in the phone dialpad

  • besweeet

    Does anyone know of any sort of Google Doc spreadsheet that keeps track of the upgrades? If not, one cam be made.

  • Aurizen

    Yes! I woke up to 4-5 bars of LTE on my iphone 5. with 30mbps download wow!!

    • Andrew Finkenbinder


    • Eric

      Something is up. I’ve talked to a T-Mobile RF Engineer on Monday about an EDGE site (or signal) on County Line Road in Huntington Valley, Philadelphia and the engineer did not get back to me. :D

      • Aurizen

        I live in Philadelphia yeah something is up :D i cant wait to get wideband LTE and removal or Metro signal :D

        • enkay1

          The Metro signal is there for customers with CDMA/LTE MetroPCS phones. It will be staying for the time being. It is broadcast from the same towers as T-Mobile LTE is.

        • Aurizen

          I think I read an article here that they would be shutting down here in Philadelphia, I guess wideband LTE is coming around the same time.

  • Neuge

    It’s great to see NC getting some attention. It’s a huge growth market, particularly in the Raleigh and Charlotte metro areas, where VZW has a substantial customer base.

    • greg5green

      But is it still 5×5? :(

  • D_Wall__

    Ive hit 62mps download and 15 upload in Orlando Area a few days ago. Amazing speed. Done on my Nexus 5. I even have a screen shot =)

    • sidekicker89

      I was in Orlando last week. Thankfully Disney World had WiFi throughout their parks but when I was in Universal Studios my data wouldn’t work and my phone calls wouldn’t go through. I guess it’s too congested there?

      • D_Wall__

        I honestly cant save ive had any issues. What device where you using? FL is one of the best states for TMO IMHO. lol I was not aware disney had WiFi.

        • Baz

          Florida has been spectacular. I was in Tallahassee a few weeks ago, and the entire drive from Jacksonville to Tally (2+ hours in the sticks) was LTE. Awesome job.

        • Tmosince2003

          No way! I’ll believe it if you can stream the whole way, I’ve never been able to. That would be welcome news.

        • seancaldwell

          now hopefully they get southern GA off edge or gmrs soon. Once you leave Florida in I-75 and drive GA, it’s rough data until Macon.

      • TMOTECH

        They are building outdoor distributed antenna systems in all of the parks that should go live this year.

        • D_Wall__

          Thats good to know. I built out the DAS system at OIA, inside and the parking garage a few years back. Was a fun and challenging project for sure.

  • Verizonthunder

    Hey what about Baltimore for VoLTE? I have it here with my LG g flex

  • Brandon

    Does anyone know if there is plans for the Lumia 925 to get VoLTE? I am in Minneapolis

    • UMA_Fan

      Doubtful. I think we are in an iOS and Android world now for high end devices.

  • Paul Garrison

    Slowly getting better and better and Son wants to funk it up.

  • Traveling along I35 I can barely get 2G outside some urban areas. Even in a medium city like Waco the best that I can get is 3G and in some spots just North of it, like West and Italy, I can get no signal at all, even for voice calls. Between Austin and San Antonio there are several 2G-only spots and between San Antonio and Laredo, barely 2G. T-mobile is unfortunately a long way to cover huge stretches of Texas.

  • Miguel Sanchez

    Please upgrade the 2G network to LTE in Forney , Texas were only 20 minutes away from downtown Dallas (75126)

  • Mike Starling

    I can confirm VoLTE is now live in Virginia Beach, VA

    • JoeMa

      So you hear HD voice regardless which carrier or landline you call?

      • Christopher J Sacra

        No, not possible. VoLTE and HD voice are two separate technologies and are not related.

        • T-Mobile Cares

          Ok, so your statement is inaccurate. HD voice calls are compatible with all variants of landlines and cell phones. The quality of the call is dependent on the lesser quality of the two connections. We have tested ask call types and combinations and one thing is clear, all of the calls made provided a higher quality vice connection when one caller is on VOLte. I hope that clears up any misconceptions you may have regarding HD voice calls

      • Christopher J Sacra

        Also, it is not possible to get HD voice unless two mobile handsets both have the technology. It doesn’t work for landlines.

  • Nickey B

    VoLTE has been popping up the past few days in the Orlando area. It seems to be up and running for me fully as of today.

  • DirkDigg1er

    Are areas where T-Mobile is upgrading 2G to 4G affected by spotty coverage? I could use a little Tmo love in the SF Bay Area.


      San Francisco Bay? Mobile Bay? Tampa Bay? Chesapeake Bay? Bay Biscayne? You do know the Internet is global right?

      • UMA_Fan


      • DirkDigg1er

        Ok Smart guy lol. Bay Area is San Francisco Bay Area for those who can’t google it.

    • Jeremy

      What areas are you talking about? I have fantastic coverage in the Bay Area.

      • DirkDigg1er

        I commute from Dublin area to Brentwood area daily and to SF monthly. I use my navigation daily. The coverage varies from city to city and my signal is not strong enough for usable data at times.

  • Vic

    Believe it or not, VoLTE is now live in Northwest Arkansas (Fayetteville-Springdale-Bentonville) area. Also, most of this area has been covered with LTE. I’m very surprised that Tmo is paying good attention to this market.

  • Rick

    We have VoLTE in Richmond, Va.

  • Joel

    any news about LTE or 4G conversions in Des Moines, IA. No LTE in the entire state yet…

    • tuv

      Yeah that sucks….I drove through Iowa City, and cedar rapids, terrible coverage!

  • John Matthew Horton

    Noticed some stuff going on in 37343 Hixson, TN. I’ve been Jumping from 2G to LTE all day where I usually get 2G only

    • Baz

      Awesome, that’s one of the currently rare but much-coveted 2G to LTE conversions. Please keep us posted of what happens next and what speeds/bands/bandwidths you’re observing. Let Cam know about that too.

      • John Matthew Horton

        Can you recommend an app that will show what bands and frequencies. I’m about to head back to work I can give an update in a few hours.

      • John Matthew Horton

        It was Band 4 10Mhz. But the LTE disappeared yesterday afternoon. I got HSPA+ right now though. Its still a lot better than edge.

  • enkay1

    /r/TMobile users reported VoLTE in Phoenix, AZ.

  • Trevnerdio

    VoLTE in Lake Charles, LA!

    • ChrisKringle

      That’s BS! How and why did they give yall VoLTE before us here in the New Orleans market……

      • Trevnerdio

        Don’t ask me! I live in Panama City, and I’m on vacation. When I get home, I’ll let you know if I have it there, too. Also, Biloxi, MS has it.
        Edit: I think LC got it first because it’s a much smaller market and much easier to deploy! It’s not one of those “look at us, this will make your mobile experience so much better” things, so they can afford to do smaller places first.

  • Raiterio Patterson

    Thanks for posting my screenshot, Cam! At the time, I had an unlocked iPhone 4s but now I went back to the Nexus 5…God it feels good to have LTE in my little town! I called and called Tmo customer service asking when the towers would be upgraded so I could get 3G on my iPhone, they said 6 months…couldn’t wait that long. If anybody outside of a major city in NC has an iPhone 4s, just upgrade to an android phone for now.

    • Drew

      Or get an lte capable iPhone like a 5, 5c or 5s.

      • Raiterio Patterson

        Or if you don’t have the money because you have a son to take care of, get a Nexus 5 or a Moto X, G, E

  • mreveryphone

    I’ve sent in information about Volte in Kansas City. If anyone else can confirm that would be great.

  • Jesse James

    I am in the middle of the city of Philadelphia with full LTE signal and speedtest just showed me 6mbs. I’ve only seen it over 10 once.

  • Christopher J Sacra

    Selbyville, DE finally has 4G and some LTE. I always was stuck on 2G or even GPRS driving US 13 between Norfolk, VA and Millsboro, DE. It’s nice to have a patch of non-2G along the way now.

    • Baz

      Nice news. I’m also in Delaware…way up in Middletown. And it’s still on 2G. Horrible, considering how much growth and population and Middletown has these days, and it’s a suburb of Newark/Wilmington. Needs to change ASAP.

  • keasycase

    I-95 really need love… A lot of 2g mostly full coverage… So wen they do covert it.. it will be great… I say by end 2015 t-mobile will be a nice coverage company

  • Phil

    VoLTE became avaliable in Va Beach on Monday

  • Tito

    Yuma Az has finally gone from 2g to 4g. Coverage still not so good when you walk into a store you go to 1 or 2 bars to no signal

  • Zack S

    They need to make their way to Baltimore

  • Mooch

    Speedbump near Philly? HA! Where? Not in the NW burbs. Received my test drive phone yesterday and it flickered to 4G for a second, then went back to alternating between “No Service or E”

    • Mike

      Mooch, BIG speed bump in SE PA near Phila. I have the Same issue flickering between, no service to E to 4g, to LTE. Generally have 1 bar of service where in the past would have 3. Speed test results are crazy.

      Down: 1.94 up .22; down 8.46 up 11.78; down 7.37 up 0.48. Call quality ranges between crappy to really crappy. Have an appointment with Apple store to run diagnostic test to rule out my equipment. Same issues on daughters phone.

      Something is going on with the network and TMO needs to get it fixed.

  • hounddog

    Volte in new Iberia Louisiana

  • John Brown

    Hope it makes it’s way east of Cincinnati soon. The new Cricket sucks. Typical AT&T death star BS

    • how

      How does Cricket (AT&T) suck?

  • Mooch

    It makes zero sense for tmobile to offer this test drive before their towers are upgraded. Most people are going to try it, think the service stinks and never come back.

  • MaintenanceMan

    Maybe one day they still stop taking random towers offline for no reason in the middle of the day. After 3 months of “maintenance” you’d think they’d actually have things stabalized by now. Verizon rolled out XLTE and I never heard anyone complain about Verizon maintenance. Meanwhile on T-Mobile…

  • 216dude

    I’m on the t-mobile network and I have the update for my note 3. VoLTE calls, download booster, and something called “kids mode”. I’m in Cleveland, Ohio

  • Jonathan Berry

    Are you sure about the Athens, AL upgrades? I haven’t been there since being with T-Mo, but I’ve heard from a couple sources they still get EDGE there.