Samsung Galaxy S5 to get T-Mobile VoLTE software update today


Since news went official that T-Mobile was launching its VoLTE service in Seattle a few weeks back, a number of extra cities and markets have been added to the list, but only three handsets have been equipped to make use of it. Until today, only the Galaxy Note 3, LG G Flex and Galaxy Light have received the required carrier update settings via software download.

Later today, T-Mo is adding the Galaxy S5 to that list.

An updated document on T-Mobile’s support pages shows that from tonight at 5pm PT (8pm Eastern), Galaxy S5 handsets running on its network will be able to download the required software update.

Beginning June 19 after 5 p.m. PST the Samsung Galaxy S 5 will have a software update to Android 4.4.2/Baseband G900TUVU1BNF6 that turn on VoLTE services via OTA over Wi-Fi in available VoLTE markets only. For devices not in VoLTE markets, the update will be available via Kies starting June 20. VoLTE capabilities are limited to markets that have had VoLTE  turned on.This update provides features and improvements:”

If you have the device in question, be sure to check for software updates through your settings menu and you should be prompted to download.

As a reminder, current markets officially with VoLTE turned on include Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Long Island, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New England, New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Seattle. If you’re not in one of those areas, there’s still a chance you have the service, but it’s not been announced yet by T-Mobile.

Let us know how you get on with the update in the comments. Is it a fast download? Also, let us know what you think about the VoLTE service, and if you’ve had a chance to use it yet.

Via: T-Mobile 

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  • Garblicks

    Any chance the m8 gets the software update for volte

    • Cam Bunton

      Not heard anything yet. Keep an eye out on the HTC One M8 support document.

      • substance

        How about the Z1S?

        • monkeybutts

          Yes you will wait 2 more years cause T-mobile doesn’t push out the updates for those very fast ;)

  • GreatNews

    The update is now live for the S5 and the Note 3, I have a question does someone know if the LG G2 will ever get VoLTE or it won’t since they plan on bringing it on the LG G3??? Will the LG G3 have VoLTE?

    • gt5679a

      I’d like to know the same thing about the G2.

    • Verizonthunder

      All I know is the LG g flex has VoLTE via firmware update. Current user of LG G flex

  • Aurizen

    hoping the iphone 5 and up will get that update soon.

    • Adrayven

      not sure iPhone 5 supports VoLTE, but I think 5s does.. and the iPhone 6 will have VoLTE and Wifi calling.. going to love that…

      • Medion

        IPhone 5s does not currently support VoLTE. This will be added in the iOS 8 update, supposedly. Supported handsets should include the iPhone 5 and forward.

      • rndwirelessdeveloper

        Anything that supports FaceTime Audio only calling supports VOLTE, VOIP and Wifi calling…they just need to update the configuration.

  • sushimane

    This might be off topic does anyone think the nexus would have the ability to volte?

    • UMA_Fan

      Probably not. Just like WiFi calling its something Google needs kick themselves into supporting.

      • turtle6988

        Not completely true VoLTE has do to with the handset and chip maker. Not the software on the phone. The IPhone will not get support until apple allows it since they are the handset maker.

  • Tulio M. Mesa

    133.41 MB update downloading now

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Yayyyy volte for everyone esle tomorrow lol Daul HD calling lol

  • nexushollywoodfl

    When is Carly coming back we miss her!!!!!

  • symsoul

    Quick question about VoLTE… does anyone know if it counts against your data plan considering the calls will be over LTE? Just curious.

    • TMOguy

      No, of course not… We went through that question when it launched in Seattle. Look back in that post.

  • impasse

    does anyone know how this might work for unlocked phones that support volte? personally running an xperia zl (c6506)..wondering if it’ll just magically enable itself when the time comes.

  • Kuma

    What about iphone 5s ? We gonna get VoLTE too ?

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      And the m8

  • jay

    I downloaded the VoLTE update on my GS5. . But continue to get the downgrade from LTE to 4G during calls.. unhappy at the moment

    • TMOTechRep

      You may not have VoLTE enabled in your market yet.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      Maybe you are near a non volte tower

    • Michael

      Not all cites have VoLTE, sure your phone now has the update which enables it, but you also have to find out if the area you live in currently has VoLTE.

    • VoLTE_fan

      Check and make sure you’re in baseband version ending in NF6! If not you need another update so check to see if one is available!!

  • Christian reyes

    Do y’all know if the tmo nexus 5 supports this?

  • marco

    Is the note 2 gonna have volte update or no

    • monkeybutts

      It should eventually. Why do you need it so bad will it speed up your phone calls? :P

  • 14002230

    What about the LG G2?

  • Trevnerdio

    They put VoLTE in the oddest places…I’m in an area with only 5MHz of LTE and I have VoLTE. But in my area with 10MHz, no VoLTE yet.

    • monkeybutts

      I have 10+10 MHz with VoLTE available in my area, wish they gave us the upgrade to 20+20 MHz or even 15+15 MHz instead.

  • fsured

    I was trying to do a general search on which handsets can support VoLTE and found this document. Seems like Samsung phones are the way to go for now if the after mentioned (VoLTE) on the phone models signifies the phone will support it.

    Replace all the * with dots for the web address.

  • dayum

    dayum..good to see Carly rockin’ Magenta again!

  • gadget_hero

    I wonder what other phones they can activate VoLTE on? Any chance the Moto X has it? Can’t wait to see it launched in Nashville!

    • Fritz

      The Moto X and MotoG -LTE is something im wondering about as well. Im not sure if TMO will work something out with Motorola, but i hope that can/ will get VoLTE.

  • Ash

    Got the update. Now how do I know if i am utilizing VoLTE.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      On volte you would be on lte rather than gaps during a call

    • SEBA

      When you are in call your 4G lte icon is on, or when you go to contacts and slide contact to your right it will say VoLte Call instead of Call

      • Craig

        I updated and mine doesn’t say VoLte Call.

  • chewy007

    We just got volte here in Connecticut and there has been some issues. The radios in the phone sometime have issues trying to decide which network to use, whether to use the hspa+ or the lte. Some calls don’t come in and when they do come in I can’t hear the person and the person can’t hear me. Hopefully the clear this issue out soon.

    • SEBA

      Don’t worry you have to deal with this crap for few days, like everyone else who got the update before the network was 100% ready to use.

  • jay

    In chicago.I downloaded the VoLTE update on my GS5. Today 6/19 . But continue to get the downgrade from LTE to 4G during calls.. unhappy at the moment. Update not working properly. . Does anyone know if there is suppose to be an option in the network mode for voLTE in the phone settings .

    Currently not working properly. Nothing has changed after updates

    • philyew

      Do you know for sure that your market is already upgraded to VoLTE? It takes both ends (network and phone) to be upgraded for it to work.

    • VoLTE_fan

      Check and make sure you’re in baseband version ending in NF6! If not you need another update so check to see if one is available!

  • Randall Lind

    What is VoLTE?

    • David

      Voice over LTE (Long Term Evolution). If you have an LTE capable phone, in the past it would drop down to HSPA+ (T-Mobile’s old 4G) in order to make the call. Now the phone won’t need to do that, which will have two benefits – we won’t lose our super-fast internet if we need to use it while on the phone, and VoLTE allows for higher phone call quality. Win win.

  • I got this update today on my lg g flex. The note 3 also gets it. It’s working great for me.

  • Miami south

    I got the update today and found volte active in Florida

    • Oliver Jackson

      South Florida?

    • Randall Lind

      I live in Pinellas County and nothing all I got was a performance update but that was like Monday or Tuesday.

  • hamr1

    I got the update 8 this morning. Very quick update , 10 minute at most. Will the phone icons change when on the VOLTE network or out of it?

  • RICK

    I have a s5 and live in Houston area, I have not received the software update

  • Randall Lind

    I had a update like Monday or Tuesday said performance update. However no other update so far. Software Update just says this device is up to date.

  • Say What?

    Got it here on long island. I don’t know if HD Voice is part of VOLTE but I’ve been talking through HD voice since late March and the call quality is excellent.

  • dc

    Yes got the update in Washington DC and VOLTE is working.

  • djclove007

    Got the update in San Francisco Bay area works good so far making lte calls the only thing Sucks after the update is the annoying power saving mode battery icon in the notification bar on the left side wish we could get rid of it but it’s OK thanks tmobile for volte. Works great

    • Jeremy

      I live in SF and my S5 is stating that it’s up to date. Did you check manually or did it just pop up and tell you there was an update? I also checked Kies and it’s showing my S5 is up to date.

      • djclove007

        What’s up Jeremy I power cycle my phone a few times then went to about phone for systems updates and it said update is available.. before I power cycle kept saying software is up to date I tried kies also didn’t work there try power cycle ur phone a few times hopefully updates ur phone for a update so far on mine works great in sf area and Peninsula making HD lte calls it’s more clear and louder speaker calls can tell way better quality calls the only thing I noticed after updating if u use power saving mode it now shows a power saving mode icon in the notification bar on the left side but that no biggie good luck let me know what happened

        • guest

          I dont care so much about the power savnig icon. I can deal with that…Although the fact my screen is in grayscale is more of a “notification” than that stupid icon.

          Its the icon PLUS the stupid text line under “S Connect”
          “Power saving mode is now Active” or something of that nature.

          I wish they could get rid of both and just overlay the default battery icon when power saver is active.

    • VoLTE_FAN

      For the battery saver mode you can turn that feature off by going to
      settings>power saving and select power saving mode to turn it off.Hope this helps!

  • Randall Lind

    What does the update say? Maybe it not in Florida Tampa / St. Petersburg area

  • ewilts

    Got it in Austin, TX

  • Jay J. Blanco

    guess the s4 volte update via kies is coming later.. sucks..

  • Giovanni Gentile

    T-Mobile VOLTE coming soon for in Cleveland, Ohio. Any update?

  • Georgios Renieris

    I live in NY and I still have not gotten the OTA update

  • milatocutie

    when i go to kies it says their is an update for firmware but when i click to install it goes really fast but never updates , so no go there. on my cell i havent seen anything yet i am in las vegas , nv would love to have the update

  • guest

    Manually downloaded the update in the Minneapolis Market.

    Two things immediately apperant are.

    1. There is a SUPER annoying battery saver icon and status text in the notification bar and menu. “Battery Saver is now active”…. Give us an option to remove this!!! PLEASE

    2. Now even with WiFi enabled, my phone still has an open mobile data connection. Before the update it would not have mobile data open while WiFi was enabled and connected, well at least it did not display as such on the notification bar. I’m assuming this is the VoLTE?

    • oscar

      This means you have the download booster turned on.. simply drag down the menu bar on your home page where the battery is andead turn off the download booster.

      • guest

        You have no idea what you’re talking about.
        It’s clearly related to battery saver.

        • Rod

          No the S5 and Note 3 on Sprint and Tmobile have a feature called download booster which uses wifi and a mobile data connection simultaneously to achieve faster data speeds.

        • guest

          They do have that feature.

          This is not that. This is clearly labeled.
          It’s a battery symbol with the recycling symbol inside it. If you get this confused with the download booster, you are dumb.

          Honestly, if you actually have an s5 with the update, it’s obvious what it is.

          If you don’t have an s5 with the update, shut up. I’m glad your chair makes you an expert.

          Even the guys at the local t mobile store were annoyed, and have been dealing with tons of complaints.

        • lol

          Lol don’t waste your time.

          These two are idiots.

          I don’t mind the new battery saver icon in the top left. But the message in the notification window is annoying.

          “Power saving mode
          Power saving mode turned on. ”

          It’s stupid and beyond redundant.

        • M. Aponte

          How disrespectful…. People are just trying to help.
          The only dumb in manners here is you. If you know it all….what are you doing here? Call Tech support.

    • VoLTE_FAN

      For the battery saver mode you can turn that feature off by going to settings>power saving and select power saving mode to turn it off.
      For the network and Wi-Fi icons both being on, if you have Wi-Fi on but Wi-Fi calling off you will see both icons since you are still using network 4G LTE for calling. Hope this helps!

  • digitalfreaknyc

    No longer able to surf the web while on a phone call after the VoLte update. Thanks a lot guys. Can you do ANYTHING right?!?

  • SEBA

    Hmmm. How come nobody mentioned update for Note 3 that was released the same day. It’s a fix for previous VoLte software update. New version: N900TUVUDNF1

  • hounddog

    My note 3 received the update on kies 3 today. It must also come with big fixes because my note 3 is extremely fast and responsive . It no longer loses data connection ……. it’s just so extremely fast now. Great work Samsung and t-mobile

  • BillM

    It looks like VoLTE is active in the Kansas City metro area. I downloaded and installed the recent update and I now have VoLTE service on my Note 3. The “4G LTE” icon in the status bar remains on during a call and sliding a contact name to the right displays the message “VoLTE Call.” There’s also a small “HD” icon next to the phone icon in the contacts. No problems with downloading and installing the update, and everything works great so far.

  • mnkyboy

    Confirmed VoLTE in Tacoma, WA after receiving update. I don’t see any “HD icons” as someone previously stated but all my calls are now over LTE instead of switching to “4G” when I press dial.

  • HothTron

    Had it on my Note 3 in Seattle, wasn’t real impressed. All I got was dropped calls outa the blue. Turned it off.

  • Kris Nie

    Live in LA …samsung galaxy s5

  • Wireless Addict

    VoLTE is live in Birmingham, AL now :D

  • Randall Lind

    I never got the update I live in St. Petersburg Florida

  • cinsu

    Downloaded manually via kies, wouldnt come thru OTA. It appears VoLTE is active in Portland, Oregon as LTE is staying active while on calls and I see the other VoLTE Call option.

  • Rose Yvette Mosher

    VoLTE is up in Tulsa Oklahoma!

  • pottyvick

    VoLTE is up in Phoenix Arizona

  • Leslie Curtis

    VoLTE is active in Detroit I received ota update last night

  • Phil

    I disabled VoLTE setting on my GS5 due to incoming call delay & Calls not coming through.
    Many friends complained that there would be 10 , 30 sec before line connected call tone would start & sometimes it went straight to voicemail.