OOKLA Speedtest App being removed from throttling?


Not everyone on T-Mobile is subscribed to one of its unlimited high-speed data plans. Some are on the lower plans which restrict data speeds once you hit your allocated allowance. Today, we’ve learned that T-Mobile is removing OOKLA’s Speedtest app from network throttling.

What that means is that those who have hit their cap, and are being throttled, they’ll be able to use the Speedtest app and still see the true network speeds in their location. Not the slower, throttled speeds.

A short snippet we received from our source indicates that we’ll see it take effect from today:

On June 19, the OOKLA Speedtest app was removed from network throttling. Customers experiencing slow data speeds due to throttling now see our true network speeds (that they are missing due to being throttled) when they check their data speed connection using the OOKLA Speedtest app.

We’re told that we should expect a public announcement at some point in the next couple of days. So, get testing your phone data speeds. If you haven’t got an unlimited plan, and you’ve hit your data cap, be sure to test and let us know if/when you notice the change.


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