Lumia 1525 on its way to T-Mo?

T-Mobile’s Windows Phone lineup is somewhat sparse, to say the least. But this summer, numbers of Microsoft devices on T-Mo store shelves will be increasing. The budget-friendly Lumia 635 is on its way, and a leak revealed we’d see a Lumia 2520 tablet soon too. And, if a recent tweet from @evleaks is anything to go by, we could soon see a Magenta variant of the 1520 phablet, dubbed 1525.

There’s very little else to go on here. No pricing, or release date mentioned in the tweet at all. But I’m sure I’m not the only one hoping this pans out. We need some more premium Windows Phone devices on T-Mo’s network.

Via: evleaks

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  • besweeet

    Is anyone else bothered that Nokia is the only Windows Phone maker? Samsung’s not really doing much… I liked the HTC 8X.

    • Wyn6

      There are a ton of others. But, many are only putting out international devices. Here’s a list of a few:

      LG Electronics











      This doesn’t include Blu, Yezz, Fly and a few others.

      • Mr Favela

        The op assumes just because T-Mobile doesn’t sell that many window devices it’s bc no one makes windows phones. He couldn’t be more wrong… Boom!

        • besweeet

          I guess I should’ve added: *in the US

          Nokia is really the only option for WIndows Phones in the States.

        • BlackJu

          For the most part. For WP8, Samsung made the ativ s, ativ se, ativ odessey. HTC made the 8X and 8XT and is supposed to be releasing a WP flavor of the M8. At this point, T-Mobile hasn’t carried a non Nokia device since the blurple 8x, which they do not support anymore.

        • besweeet

          Yeah, the 8X came and went fairly quickly. A WP8 M8 would be interesting.

        • Windows User

          You can buy an Ativ S Neo that will work on T-Mo. Plus all the Blu and Yezz handsets announced recently will work great on T-Mo.

        • besweeet

          I don’t think anything from Yezz supports band 4/AWS HSPA+, and only one from Blu (I think) that does while also supporting their LTE. Plenty of areas that haven’t been refarmed.

        • It’s Great

          AWS HSPA+ is a non-issue with the refarming from a couple of years ago. You’ll get HSPA+ on low-band (AT&T compatible) signal in the entire T-Mobile USA coverage area now.

        • besweeet

          As I said, it will be an issue in an area that hasn’t been refarmed, as there are plenty of those. For those areas, users will only get EDGE or GPRS. T-Mobile has no low-band spectrum at all for HSPA+.

      • Whiskers

        All that listing doesn’t mean squat if T-Mobile only sells two brands from the list , HTC and Nokia .
        Most customers using T-Mobile service is not going to search down other brands that works on 1720 , so they really only have ONE choice for a current WP right now and that’s Nokia.

        • Whiskers

          Correction :1700/2100

    • Guest

      I want that WP HTC One

  • blackanbald

    I’m curious how this will compare to the McLaren when it gets released in November, that’s the phone I’m excited about…..

    • Justin Merithew

      The McLaren looks like an absolute monster. That would definitely be the phone that gets me to give WP a shot, especially if they can close the app disparity gap a little bit before then.

    • Alex Zapata

      I can’t wait to see the official specs for the McLaren. Some of the tech they’ve demoed recently looks simply stunning.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        What is McLaren? I have never heard of it?

        • Alex Zapata

          It’s the internal codename for the next Nokia/MS flagship, or at least that’s what people have heard so far.

  • mreveryphone

    Will definitely get this phone, played with it in the Microsoft Store and hated I had to leave it behind. Didn’t feel like dealing with the hassle of trying to get it unlocked… Went through that headache with the 1020… Att can definitely die a slow one for that fiasco!

    • carcomptoy

      How did you finally get yours unlocked? I’m still trying to deal with this same hassle!!!

      • JonBarros

        you could get the 1520.3 that is unlocked and works perfectly with tmobile, the only problem would be not having a warranty or jump. if you have the 600 to buy off contract thats a good way to go.

      • mreveryphone

        Had to keep on badgering att and they finally caved in and unlocked it.

      • Ordeith

        You could just use the phone on cricket. Their plans are generally cheaper than T-Mobile, the coverage is better (ATT network) and your ATT locked phone will work with them.

        • carcomptoy

          I know you mean well, but why do you think I would be open to switching to Cricket when I’m posting to a T-Mobile fan website? I’ve been with Magenta for 12 years and have loved them…I’m not going to switch just for a phone. Getting the phone unlocked is for my aunt, who is on our family plan.

        • Captain (African) America-n

          You could just go to another website to troll instead of trying to convert loyal magenta fans to some third-rate, pre-paid carrier…

  • Alex Zapata

    This is probably my only WP option for a while :-/

  • yaby1979

    Who cares. The app selection is a JOKE!!

    • hit_the_lights

      says the person who hasn’t used a windows phone a day in his life.

      • Noor Mahmoud

        Have you? I was stuck with one for about 2 weeks last year and let me tell you, it was dreadful.

        • Truthseeker

          Yeah. It was missing all the key Android malware that makes Android such a powerful experience. As a result, your bank account wasn’t spirited off to Russia, your device didn’t start using 2 GB of data a day as part of a spam botnet, and your battery lasted you longer than four hours.
          Terrible indeed

        • Noor Mahmoud

          Malware? Ever since the T-mobile G1 I’ve yet to experience any. But maybe that is because I don’t download 20 “Flappy Bird” clones and “Download Music” apps.

        • Truthseeker

          Yes, so long as you install no apps and use no smartphone functionality, Android is about 75% likely to have only about three infections per year. ;)

        • Yeah, I have a WP8 device as a temp phone until probably the Moto X + 1, and the app selection sucks SO BAD! Like ridiculously bad. I mean most of the popular apps aren’t even out of beta, like Instagram, and Telegram. Facebook is an official app, but it’s missing quite the bit of features. Well I remember originally I had problems posting pics through the app. Investing so much into a nice selection of paid Android apps, then going to WP8 on top of that having a very bare bones app selection, just bad. I love the look and feel of WP8, but the app selection is hard to really overlook.

      • yaby1979

        You’re a moron. Had the htc8x on release day. Unless you’re a moron(like you) the app selection is a joke.

    • BlackJu

      Hey, thanks for stopping by. We really had no idea what the app situation on WP is, but you’ve been kind enough to educate us.

  • As much as I am an Avid Android user and love it, I would love for Windows Phone to gain traction. Even if it’s not my cup of tea(yet), it has improved by leaps and bounds even if it is missing a few key areas. Nobody ever thought Android would become as big as it has. Now that Android apps have finally gotten really fantastic and has gained traction, I would love it for Windows Phone apps to start getting really good as well. That’s Absolutely the 0nly way for them to begin gaining market share. Yes it has grown, but not nearly as much as it needs to thrive.

    • Nick

      I’m in the same boat. I would actually prefer some of these Nokia phones over the vast majority of Android phones and iOS devices. I actually really like the Windows Phone OS. Just need better app selection, but it’s taken so long, I don’t think it’s going to speed up any time soon.

    • Paul

      Agreed, I like seeing a device spark interest in an OS. I also like seeing options for size with devices. As a Note 3 user this caught my eye and made me consider it as an option.

  • Mark Reese

    Will it be 700mhz compatible

    • Alex Zapata

      Depending on when it’s released it might have band 12 included, however I probably wouldn’t hold my breath.

  • gadget_hero

    I’m glad T-Mobile is finally getting a flagship phone after the decidedly mid-tier Lumia 925. To bad they aren’t offering the Lumia 930, though it depends on how ridiculously large the 1525 is…

    • Captain (African) America-n

      I don’t think an 8.7 crystal lens, 16gb of storage, and the newest (at the time) version of the software equates to a ‘mid-range’ phone… guess it’s just my opinion

  • skittle

    For the Windows phone to get more apps according to past CEO Steve Balmer, you will need “developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers, developers…..”.

  • JonBarros

    this would give me the excuse i need to switch to tmobile, are they still paying to get you out of your contract? has anyone here used that option?

    • mike

      Yes they are, they pay 250 per line plus up to an additional 250 for your old phone.

      • g

        It’s up to *$350/ line and up to *$300 for your phone. Phone needs to be of value (iPhone 5/5C/5S, Galaxy S 3/4/5, Glalaxy Note II, III, etc), otherwise you will be getting out of your contract (which is still great).

    • monkeybutts

      Yes John Legere says it’s not a promo, they’ll do it as long as contracts are around.

      I used it to get out of AT&T contract.

      • JonBarros

        thanks for the responses, im on a family plan with sprint with 2 other people who refuse to switch, can i switch just my line or would the whole family have to come along to qualify? i plan on going to a tmobile store this week, but i just want advice from people who arent trying to sell me anything.

        • lkb

          You can usually cancel 1 line out of a family plan and keep the other two, their conditions might change though if your sprint plan included savings with every additional line it had on it. The ETF you pay would only reflect on your line then, but you may want to go to a tmobile store and ask them if they refund ETFs that do not inlcude every line on the family plan, to make sure you actually get that money from Tmo once you send in your Sprint Bill

        • monkeybutts

          They will let you move just one line. You will need an account number from Sprint to port your phone number. You can usually find it on the bill. T-mobile will try to make you buy more than you need in store like 3 GB plan instead of 1 GB plan and JUMP you can always change it later if you decide thats too much data/too much money.

  • Whiskers

    Would rather wait for the HTC W8 this fall.
    Front facing speakers with WP 8.1 and built like a tank.

  • D Velasquez

    better be true, my Xperia Z was stolen back in june and this is the perfect replacement!!

  • PoppaCooldown

    Was deciding between a g3 and a note 4 for my jump coming up. but the 1520 was what I really wanted. If this is true, Ill be saying bye to android and jumping over to a 1525

  • BlackJu

    Looks like this won’t be an exclusive.
    I think we may be witnessing Microsoft putting an end to device exclusives. That’s what I want to believe anyway.

  • kev2684

    now i want to try it… does Windows Phone have Google’s full support? (google maps/search/now/youtube/plus/mail/basically almost every google apps and chromecast)

    • BlackJu

      Nope. Google has not made a single app for WP, except for a basic search app. They have blocked MS efforts to make a YouTube app again and again. In many cases, but not all, there are very good third party alternatives. Or give MS and Nokia services a try; they are quite good in my opinion. Maps=HERE, search=Bing, YouTube = myTube, chromecast=baked in screen mirroring. Lots of alternatives for mail. Don’t know about now (Cortana?) our plus (thought that was a blunder). Hope this helps your decision. You can always but a cheap 521 to check out the app selection.

    • Paul

      While they don’t market to Windows mobile devices, I’m sure it’s not that far off from happening. In the mean time you can use some apps with Windows mobile. You’ll have to google for the details, but a quick search turned up this from Google Support:
      Using Native Windows Phone apps
      Set up your Windows Phone or Windows Mobile device with Google Sync to access your Google Apps mail, contacts and calendars using your phone’s native applications (requires that your Google Apps administrator enables Google Sync for your domain).

      Using your phone’s mobile browser
      You can access many other Google products from a mobile browser. In most cases, you can just go to in your phone’s browser, touch the product you want to use, and sign in to your Google Apps account. For details, see Using any smartphone’s mobile browser.

      • ceegii63

        you do realize Windows Mobile DIED in 2010 right?

        • Anthony

          umm I think you know he means Windows Phone….why you gotta be an ass??

        • Paul

          Like Anthony said, I was refering to the Windows 8 running on the mobile devices.
          Of course, I’m sure you figured that out.

    • Ordeith

      Oh dear, it appears you have gotten caught in Google’s flytrap.

  • Paul Garrison

    call me excited of this is true.

  • tomarone

    I sure hope Microsoft does not destroy Nokia cellular, they sure made some great phones!

    • tomarone

      Driving however was a bear, no comparison with google maps. Other than that it was great!

  • notyourbusiness

    Thing that sucks is that apparently, this phone won’t be exclusive to T-Mobile. I know exclusives suck and all, but it just pisses me off that ATT is apparently going to be getting its grubby paws on it. I refer you all to the 925. -_-

    • Ordeith

      Still, it’s nice this phone will be available on a network that actually has nationwide coverage. No sense buying the phone and skimping on coverage. :)

      • notyourbusiness

        Keep telling yourself that while T-Mo continues to improve its coverage by leaps and bounds. You’re aware that it’s been reported that they’re getting better LTE speeds than even Verizon, no?

        • Ordeith

          Consistency and Coverage >> Speeds, especially on a single cell phone type device. People on Verizon pay for the privilege of being able to make a phone call or post to Facebook from remote hiking trails. T-Mobile can’t even consistently do this from well traveled highways.

        • Anthony

          Dude…why are you constantly bashing TMO for one thing or another… everytime I see you here or on WP central you are always saying something negative…WTF?? are you even on TMO cause if you aren’t…..why are you here…and if you are….hurry up and switch to someone other service…obviously you have a hard on for TMO otherwise you wouldn’t waste so much energy….You can pretty much say what you want…you aren’t winning any fans here nor making them go to other networks……I think people see through your comments…if they aren’t happy they will go elsewhere but for those of us that are happy ….your words fall on deaf ears… Tmo is twice as small as Verizon yet getting better speeds than them and ATT….not to mention they are upgrading their network faster than the both Big Red and the Death Star combined. Tmo has dry spots…so does Verizon…so please cut the crap ….Add that too the huge amount of people switching to TMO from other networks..and you can say what you want…. Tmo will always be a better value for the money than Verizon is….I travel all over the country….and on well traveled highways….and I don’t have the issues you try to claim tmo does…. I acknowledge Tmo has coverage issues….and they are working to fix them… at least I don’t get ripped off by my cell phone provider… pay exorbitant prices or throttled because I use more than 2 gb of data because my network is congested….

        • Ordeith

          wow.. big wall of defense. Must have struck a nerve. I guess the truth hurts some. :)

        • cwa1979

          You’re an idiot

      • Captain (African) America-n

        I guess 97% of Americans doesn’t equal ‘nationwide’ to this person…

        • Ordeith

          While 96% of statistics are made up on the spot. It’s small comfort that some guy on a street corner in some city 200 miles away can get a signal when you are driving down a major highway without coverage.

  • Bklynman

    If anyone from Sammy is reading this blog ,bring out a Note phone with windows, now that would be something!

    • ceegii63

      yeah because they have had as much success with Windows Phone as much as they have with Android


      • Jesse James

        You will never have success unless you try. that’s like being mad you never hit the lottery when you never buy a ticket.

  • Bilesha Welton

    Yes! Yes! YES!

  • Hiro

    Yes! I love that! I love my iPhone, and I’m likely to JUMP to the iPhone 6, but if for whatever reason I don’t go with an iPhone, that would be the one I go for.

  • valzho

    I WILL get the 1520 AND the 2520 if they come to T-Mo… I will probably be jump eligible just in time for the 1520 release, too. Yes.

  • Justin Plecko

    Any updates on this device’s availability?