2 GIFs show T-Mobile’s LTE expansion over the past 2-3 months

As any of you regular readers will know, we’ve been keeping tabs on T-Mobile’s network expansion over the past few weeks. In the space of a couple of months, we’ve seen an increasing number of new LTE sites going live, VoLTE being activated in more locations and wideband LTE being switched on. But it’s difficult, even with those individual reports, to get a real sense of how fast T-Mo is expanding its reach.

Thankfully, one of our readers has put together two really useful GIFs showing how Sensorly data has changed between April 28th and June 29th.





As you can see, the data offered by Sensorly suggests that there’s a clear difference in coverage, and some genuine LTE expansion has been going on. We don’t expect it to be slowing down any time soon. The network team has clearly been busy, that’s for sure.

Thanks, Benjamin.

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  • Ryan Carnes Ofs

    This page is not showing up

  • Louie

    T-Mobile has Chicago blanketed with LTE and that’s all that matters for me.

    • Matthew James

      But not it’s suburbs.

      • TruthBeTold

        Yes it is, liar!

        • redman12

          I live in the suburbs of Chicago. Northbrook, Glenview, Niles, Morton Grove. Evenston.
          I’m pretty sure the suburbs are pretty well covered with LTE.

    • Go Hawks

      But it’s not that good in Chicago. 60639 Fullerton n Kostner Cicero n Devirsey 60641 LTE Sucks.

      • Louie

        I’ve traveled all over the city and have held a solid and fast LTE signal. Navy Pier on the other hand….

  • milanyc

    Obviously this is crowdsourced coverage mapped by Sensorly app users, feature not available on iOS, but it’s a good start.

    • Verizonthunder

      I use sensorly app and added several new areas that had no data to now showcasing LTE coverage

  • Aaron Davis

    I see sensorly is needlessly pixelated for everyone, and it wasn’t just a problem on my end.

  • Tatdude806

    When did Texas and a good chunk of the South disappear?

    • Willie D

      When they thought of themselves as the Confederate States of America…

      • Tatdude806

        Ahhh Touche`

        But seriously, Not sure why the south was forgotten in this map unless there was absolutely no change…

    • valkraider

      The same time Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana stopped being in “the west”.

  • KingCobra

    Sensorly could have a lot more data if they found a way for iOS users to map coverage.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      Most likely a permission apple won’t allow

      • valkraider

        RootMetrics works fine, so it’s a Sensorly thing – not an Apple thing. I run RootMetrics tests almost non-stop while traveling… I have been doing so on the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and 5S for the past 5 years or so…

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Cool story bro

        • valkraider

          What’s your point? You said it was a permission Apple wouldn’t allow. I have proof otherwise – and all you can do is say “cool story bro”?

          What permission specifically does Apple not allow here that you are referring to?

          I won an argument just like this with Escort when people claimed that it couldn’t be done on iOS until I found an app which did it, shared it with Escort and in the next release they supported it in their app. (It being background services for Escort Live).

          The reality is that you just want to blame Apple because the sensorly coders haven’t done their research.

          There’s always someone who just blames Apple for everything.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Another cool story

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Cool story bro keep them coming

  • Rob

    Just discovered on my roommate’s phone that we have VoLTE live in Denver. That’s a nice surprise. Too bad my M8 can’t use it. Stupid business decision HTC….

    T-Mobile has a pretty decent network here, especially compared to Verizon and at&t which can’t get much of a signal in our building downtown.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      It better come in a new update.

      • Rob

        Unfortunately, its not possible.

        HTC flat out said that it does not have the capability because carriers never said they wanted it. Google HTC M8 volte, one of the first results should talk about HTC eschewing volte which means I’ll be dumping the m8 :/

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Got a link to this info?

        • Rob

          They filter links here so it would be days. If you Google exactly what I said to, its the first link.

        • dontsh00tmesanta


        • Rob

          http://lteconference(dot) wordpress(dot) com/2014/03/25/classy-htc-one-m8-impresses-but-eschews-volte-and-lte-a/

        • Jarobusa

          From the article, “He also hinted that it did have the hardware to support VoLTE and this could possibly be added at a later date via a software upgrade, “

        • Rob

          Funny that I and everyone else who saw the article before me missed that part.

          I figured it had to have support since it’s the SoC that adds it and both the S5 and M8 use the 801. Guess I’ll keep it after all. Would be great if we can get Android L and VoLTE at the same time.

        • philyew

          Substitute something like {dot} for the first . in the address (e.g. tmonews{dot}com. It will then appear here immediately and your readers can take care of the rest.

    • hector

      I have the HTC one and it’s simply the worst premium phone out there. First the camera, usless in the dark or to take videos as night. It can’t be serviced by users and my battery can’t hold a charge anymore. I wished I would have got the s4 and unlike the s4 once the screen cracks its unfixable. I expected perfection and instead got a phone that was half done. Never will buy another HTC device again, can’t even go through a day without a charge. Now I can’t even use volte, useless…….

      • Peter Smith

        I read comments all of the time and this is the first time I really read someone dogging the M8. I see nothing but praise from people but for your exact same reasons and a little more is why I didn’t get the M8. Great effort though from HTC.

      • Rob

        Hmm… Apparently you never used the S4 then…

        I live my M8,im just mad about no volte. Outside of that it’s the best device I’ve ever had – and I’ve had a ton. Sorry you are having issues with yours. Their QA is hit or miss. Exchange it and see if you get a better one. My battery is phenomenal compared to my m7 and the camera takes pics that quite often come out better on auto than my powershot G16 does on auto…

    • kalel33

      You wouldn’t be saying that same thing in the Springs, Pueblo, or any of the tourist cities in the South(Salida, Woodland Park, Buena Vista, etc). Most of the South side of the Springs is 2G.

      • Rob

        Yeah I also wouldn’t be saying that if I lived in Golden either but downtown Denver, they beat everyone else pretty consistently.

    • This is why NO ONE (relevant) BUYS HakkaTrashCan!!!!!

      • Rob

        Samsung won’t see my business as long as they have the Knox security flag in their phones, LG is a joke, Sony is slow to release US phones and when they do, they are bootloader locked…

        Guess that leaves HTC.

        I don’t have any complaints about my phone overall, can’t say that about any other of the 23 phones I’ve had over the years. The One and One M8 are the closest to perfection that I’ve seen.

        Oh and if you read below, it has been posted that it just needs a software update to support it. Hopefully they push it along with L.

  • Matthew T Wagner

    Still waiting on rural areas around Kansas City. Even a small town of Smithville has it (Population maybe 8,000) but 435-North from K.c. dead zone for awhile.. Let’s Go T•Mobile #Faith

  • vinnyjr

    T-Mobile has great coverage in my area (Boston) I live in a suburb outside of Boston, get 35+ DOWNLOAD and 20+ Upload. At night even faster. I just seen T-Mobile working on the local towers adding the newest hardware. Thank You T-Mobile. Couldn’t be happier. John Legere and Team are my heroes.
    PS, my HAPA+ is twice as fast as Verizon’s LTE, that shows how strong T-Mobile is in some areas. They are expanding very fast. Anyone with slow data just hang in there, it will change.

    • carcomptoy

      I was just in the Boston area earlier this week, specifically Andover, and I can definitely attest to the generally great LTE service there! Although there was an annoying section of 125 between 28 and I-93 that it would be on EDGE. And building penetration could be better at the Phillips Academy.

    • Aaron C

      Go Pats! I ran into the same thing here on Long Island — when I switched to T-Mobile, they only had HSPA+ at the time, and it was FASTER than the Verizon LTE I had just dropped. Just got back from the White Mountains though, and everything north of Holyoke, MA was all Edge/2G. That kinda sucked. Still love T-Mo and hope they upgrade fast so my next vacation is LTE. :)

  • Mike

    it’s so funny to see this map with all the areas NOT covered by LTE. From the previous posts TMO was boasting that 200 million pop were covered by LTE. If nearly 3/4 of the US population was covered by LTE one would expect to see most of the map in purple. From this map it’s pretty clear that TMO is just making up numbers about the population covered by LTE. Great progress may have been made in a few months, but the map and the 200 million people covered don’t seem to add up. Maybe Leveger, like in the FTC and FCC matters, made overly exaggerated statements about the progress TMO has made. Just be honest To your customers TMO! We can deal with the truth but find it hard to deal with the BS that’s been coming out of TMO lately.

    • Ben

      I’m not questioning the logic behind your post, Mike, but do you not agree that the vast majority of the country’s population live in urban areas? T-Mobile’s LTE coverage is saturated in Urban areas so it is very possible that they could be covering 2/3 million people. They also never claimed those people were their customers. Yes, the number could be questioned, but you’d need more supporting details than your opinion and flawed math.

      FYI – More than 80% of the population (U.S.) live in urban (and suburban) areas, according to The United States Cencus Bureau.

      • Juucy J

        What the maps prove is that advertising 230 mill pops is no accomplishment and boasting was pointless…..

        If I have a pound of sugar I suppose I could tell myself I have 230 million particles of sugar but it still just a pound of sugar…

        I’m proud of the progress last cpl of yrs but when your at the bottom and still at the bottom whats there to brag about….

        • Maximus

          Your analogy makes absolutely not sense or is even close to the same comparison.

        • Gluteus

          I sorry that you lack the brain capacity to understand it. Maybe thats what TMos banking on to make a recovery.

        • Maximus

          Sorry..you lack the capacity to make a valid analogy. You are trying to make the assertion that 230 million pops is insignificant because a pound of sugar is insignificant. That just doesn’t hold water. You are comparing apples to oranges here. For this to make sense there would have to be some max sugar granule count for context. So a pound of sugar is a meaningless comparison. On the other hand, we do have a max count of people in the U.S. so 230 mil pops has significance. Oh, and I have a PhD so it looks like TMO is going to be just fine with their recovery.

        • Can you hear me now?

          So the map looks good to you? ROFL

        • UMA_Fan

          Really dumb analogy. When talking about POPs covered there’s a finite amount of POPs. In the case of the US population its roughly 300 million. So Tmobile basically is saying 80 million people are NOT covered by LTE which sounds about fair to me. Thankfully I’m part of the 220 million.

    • Willie D

      Its so funny that you skipped the part that said Sensorly maps are user generated. Meaning, some of the map area that shows blank will have LTE but no customers have decided to map it with Sensorly yet. As I stated in earlier comments, plenty of places I’ve been have LTE that are not mapped on that map yet, and I didn’t map them myself either.

    • SoftMobile

      Eactly why I commented in the article about the 230 mill pops bashing the boasting….
      How many of those 230 pops even have reliable service?
      It’s all smoke and mirrors….

      Sad thing is its gonna bite TMo in the rear because once the customer engages in real world usage theyll realize its all bs

      Maybe they could use forecasted 2050 population numbers next time and then theyll really be killing the competition /sarcasm

      To the TMo employees lurking and tmo homers, we know you have coverage ;p

      • UMA_Fan

        Real world? Very few people venture out of urban areas. Tmobile also doesn’t imply they cover rural areas.

    • Maximus

      Dude, do you not have any concept of population density? All of the people in the U.S. live in less than 10% of the land space. So no, you would not see purple everywhere. You would see it in the densely populated cities where TMO has focused their LTE coverage so far.

  • Mike

    Want to see the just how many areas are covered by LTE go to sensory and see your self. It’s shocking to see just how much of the county is not covered by LTE. IOS does have an app.

    • Willie D

      Sensorly is user generated. There is plenty of coverage in areas I’ve been that do not show up on that map. One has to actively be in the app mapping where they are for it to register. So the LTE area is MUCH bigger than it shows. Verizon on the other hand shows almost all over, because Verizon sends out techs in vehicles to test the network so they are also running Sensorly as well. Other carriers don’t do that.

      • guidomus_maximus

        When root metrics first came on line, all the major roads around here were immediately mapped out for Verizon. Suspicious. Verizon always seems to get good benchmarks, but real world stuff like loading web pages they fall behind. I think they are actively trying to juice the benchmarks so they look good.

        • Nick

          Or they are just the largest carrier and so they have more people running the app. Besides that, not sure how it’d be considered “juicing” even if they sent out their own employees to run tests.

        • valkraider

          I run root-metrics tests almost everywhere I go, I even wired power adapters on my motorcycles so I could run it while out on recreational rides. I was on AT&T for two years, then Verizon for two years, now I’m on TMo. We have friends on all the networks and we challenge eachother to be the first to fill in roads… This past weekend I ran tests for 2.5 days of exploring roads and camping…

      • cwa2004

        Verizon can do that because they actually Have techs.

      • Tony Yayo

        Maybe that month of encouraging everyone to run speed tests was to beef up their Sensorly map? Not necessarily improving in areas, just getting people to run speed tests and thus showing more places. Besides the Sensorly map doesn’t show speeds I believe, only that LTE or whatever signal was picked up there. These GIF’s prove nothing.

  • Aurizen

    this is Great! I’m getting great speeds, and cant wait for wideband LTE to hit philly

    • Eric

      Same. The highest I can hit is about 40 Mbps. I can’t wait to get 100+ Mbps to stream po… err download apps even faster.

      • Aurizen

        Yeah as John Legere said we can ;) Sucks AT&T can’t.Isnt the Metro Spectrum suppose to be shut down soon by the fall or something? I have a friend who still uses metro.

        • Eric

          CDMA shut down happening now and will be done by the end of this year or next year, up to 15 +15 LTE possible in Philadelphia.

          Metro’s LTE can be integrated now.

        • Aurizen

          Is that why we’ve been getting more signal strength and speed indoors? what happens if T-Mobile uses Metro LTE? is it the same band?

        • Eric

          Well the roll-out also includes Metro’s DAS systems (which are like small cells) and T-Mobile is building towers.

          Metro’s LTE is in Band 4 and Band 2 (AWS/PCS) and that will intergrate nicely with T-Mobile’s network in Philadelphia.

          But to be honest, I have been in spots where T-Mobile has very poor HSPA+/LTE signal (outdoors) and even EDGE (outdoors).

        • Aurizen

          So far service is great! I’m not having any problems, I’m in the city so it might be where most of the equipment are. Things are looking up for T-Mobile. What is the next thing they have planned for philly?

        • Eric

          (I’m not a T-Mobile employee or an engineer.) What’s next will most likely be building more towers in Philadelphia, 700 MHz and overall, making the network better.

          By the way, if you heard John in the Un-Carrier 5/6 announcements, he said that T-Mobile will have ubiquitous voice (maybe even data) coverage later. (Covering the entire USA.)

        • Aurizen

          wow! I cant wait! as long as it works on my iphone 5 I’m good lol.

        • Eric

          AWS/PCS HSPA+ and LTE, yes. 700A MHz LTE, probably not.

        • Aurizen

          I think the iphone 5 support 700A MHz, it doesn’t support the B block I dont think. or it might be the other way around..

        • Eric

          The iPhone 5 GSM doesn’t support Band 12 or 13 (I’m saying 13 because Band 12 is very close to Band 13.)

          But the iPhone 5S/5C and CDMA iPhone 5 could still support Band 12.

          But if you find an article on PC Mag that states what is the future for T-Mobile’s network, Neville Ray (or the author) says that all existing Qualcomm chips support Band 12.

          We’ll see, though.

        • Aurizen

          Yeah I just looked it up He says, “Existing Qualcomm chipsets already support Band 12, so it may be available as an upgrade to existing phones.”

          I don’t think the iPhone 5 supports it.

  • H Nathan Harper

    15×15 Wideband LTE in St. Joseph Missouri

    • Jay Holm

      Lucky you, still waiting for upgrades here in Bridgeport Ct. Still 10×10 here.

      • ChrisKringle

        At least you’re on 10×10. 5×5 here in New Orleans.

        • STupid

          At least you’re on 5+5 (not 5×5). EDGE here in North Florida.

        • ChrisKringle

          It just doesn’t make sense to me because New Orleans was one of the first markets to get HSPA+ and when Tmo began to introduce LTE, we were once again one of the first markets to get that. So why did we only get 5+5 and not at least 10+10….???

        • Trevnerdio

          Which part? We’re 10+10 here in Panama City.

        • Nolan

          I only get EDGE sometimes in Jacksonville. All other times I’m on LTE and HSPA+ on my Nexus 5.

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        Probably the nicest thing about Bridgeport :-)

        • Jay Holm

          Actually, the nicest thing about Bridgeport is THE most attractive girl I’ve ever known, happens to be from Bridgeport, and I’m a very picky guy!

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          :-D God Bless! That’s great to hear. I know some pretty fantastic people from there, although my fair lady does not hail from CT :-)

        • Howard

          Rupaul isn’t from Bridgeport.
          Your momma ia though!

        • Alex Zapata

          This comment just made my morning.

    • Jarobusa

      How can we find out if we are using Wideband ? HTC One M7

  • sk

    T-Mobile sucks when it comes to reception. We called so many times over the period of 6 years when we had their service that we don’t even get one bar of signal in the area. The representitive kept on say they see 4g coverage on the map. We ended up leave T-Mobile. They never took the time to look into the matter..

    • guidomus_maximus

      I love it when people come here and post stupid stuff like this. Really? Six years? It never occurred to you to switch to a carrier with coverage where you live?

      • Nick

        I know. I work in retail and deal with these types of morons every week. They basically admit how stupid they are.

        • Tina

          Glad to have someone like you in retail where you think of your customers as morons. I think you sir are the true definition of moron. Remember you are the expert of what you do, that’s why you work where you do. Your customers only have their own experience to go by, hence they come to the expert to fix their problems. It’s your type of attitude which negatively affect a positive solution for your customers because you already look down on them. A true get of a retail/customer service employee is to treat each customers question as if it’s the first time it’s been asked, express genuine interest in solving their problem, and when you can’t follow through direct them to someone who can. Then follow up, follow up. I was with tmobile for 12 plus years, the lack of coverage and no coverage indoors forced me to pay an ETF and leave for Verizon. For me, consistent coverage and data speeds are far more important to me than the price.

          However, I always gave tmobile a chance by calling reps to troubleshoot prior to leaving. I gave worked for many years in customer service, and I know that the first second you have this “your a moron” attitude it will not go well for you or your customer. I am sure you will not be in your field for very long with your attitude.

          I am very happy for anyone who tmobile works for, I wish it did for me. I would love to pay way less and be happy with my service. In my case, it’s just not possible with lack of coverage and consistency. If you look at it though, Verizon and AT&T are not that much higher. If as a tmobile customer you tack on the cost of your new phone through EIP with unlimited data you are going to be paying close to 90 to 100 dollars after taxes. With Verizon my phone is subsidized with unlimited talk text three gigs of data, 15 percent off for my government employee discount and 3 gb of data (I only use 2 gb, so this works for me) I pay 103 after taxes and fees. Plus I have yet to find a place where I am not on LTE, and I get coverage in the hospital I work (4 bars!!) With tmobile I got no bars. I didn’t want to okay for service where 8 hours a day I could not use my phone. It’s worth the Extra 10 bucks to me.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Your phone may be subsidized but your signing a two year contract and paying 100s of more for 3Gb. Of data lol. Rip off!
          Can’t fully utilize the network and overages. Run for the hills

        • Tina

          But I don’t have overages. Period, I monitor my plan but I am not a data hog. 2 gb is all I ever need. Tmobile is great for data hogs, but for those who want service most everywhere and don’t feel the need to stream every video, music it works just fine. In fact let’s both call from a cellar in some big business and say “can you hear me now?” Chances are Mr. TMOBILE, you can’t. I’ve been a tmobile customer so I’ve been there, and I know. If you stuck in in you’re small metro urban area and never leave, chances are you don’t know what I’m talking about.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          You have to monitor your data lol hope you don’t need your gps on a long road trip you’ll burn through that fast.

          As per tmobile terms say building pentration isn’t a gaunrantee. As per hotel room at the beach yesterday.

          but anyways I’m happy with my rates and my crappy service. I don’t need top notch service where the hill billies live.

          And my college campus is blanketed with wifi. So I’m good. Sucks for you though, your stuck for 2 long years.

          At least tmobile is tackling this problem with purchasing of 700mhz and looking to purchase more. Verizon is a hoarder with spectrum.

        • Gnashy

          AT&T new prepaid plans are the way to go. You can get 2.5 GB of data (free tethering included), unlimited call, and unlimited text for $60 bucks a month. Now this plan may only work the best for those who aren’t data junkies (like me) but still worth the price to be covered on a much stronger network.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          AT&T new plans are attractive but I hate being throttled

        • JaswinderSinghJammu

          How could you ATT is the way to go when they give you 2.5 GB? I would pay even more $80 to have unlimited data. I don’t care about minutes or texting. All i want is data. There are apps that let you make calls and let you text. If ATT and Verizon offered unlimited data at any price i would consider it but they have enough people who “moniter” their data they don’t even offer it. T-Mobile added more customers than all 3 carriers combined in their last quarter and the reason ATT and Verizon is offering lower prices is because of T-Mobile.

        • Bklynman

          If you read her posts ,she clearly stated she did not get service where she works at, indoors, for a hospital 8 hours a day,we all know Tmo, doesnot have great service indoors. I did not blame her for leaving. I would of gone to Att.or Pure talk myself,only reason I would,
          change to Att .or Pure Talk is the ability to change phones anytime I want too. But since I live in NYC,I have no problem with service.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          I understand what she saying hospitals in my city are wifi heaven’s so I don’t understand what kind of hospital dont have wifi. Is this 1989??

        • sk

          Tina I agree with you. I had similiar experience with them. Nick you have no right to call anyone moron. You are the biggest moron your self. You have no sense of customer service or customes concerns, I’m sure this attitude will get you lots of sales lol. I was in the contract and it was a family plan and a family member was paying for it, I just had to pay for a share of the line. But we ended up getting h20 as everyone has their own service. Its on att network, get full bars and 4g for $30. The sad thing is that a customers complaing for a such a long time, they should tried to resolved it. I had couple friends in the area they all switched as well..I think T-Mobile should focus on improve the coverage in the complaint areas along with bringing the new speedy service…

        • Nick

          haha, hey, it’s your story, you can tell it any way you want to. Right?

        • gentleman559

          Amen sista. I love T-Mobile but they just weren’t cutting it anymore. Thanks to the lovely Uncarrier, its gotten so much cheaper elsewhere, there clearly wasn’t a choice to stay with T-Mo any longer. I basically pay the same on AT&T but I am covered everywhere and haven’t seen a 2G or E symbol since I left T-Mobile. Hopefully they get better in the near future but honestly their prices have gone up and the service is slacking in the Sacramento area.

        • Nick

          Thanks Tina for your insight. Last I checked I wasn’t clocked in at work and helping a customer here on the internet. However, I’m pretty sure you have felt the urge to question a customer as to what is wrong with your brain. Everyone has a way of dealing with that, I don’t treat my customers with disrespect. Even the difficult ones with the dumb questions. Thanks for the generalization though.

        • jeremyvbk

          Just don’t complain when these “morons” complain to you all day. It is not their job to do what you are paid to do. Get over your high horse and treat people with respect. Having lack of respect with customers, calling them “moron’s” , even off the clock sets you up to fail in the Retail/customer service industry

        • Nick

          Thanks brah, for that support.

        • patt

          if you call VZW and ask them for 1GB promotional data for 1 year they will give it to you. 1GB for 12 Months free. Works only on Share Everything plans. Giving you 4GB for 1 yr.

        • Joel Bonilla

          In Chicago for unlimited talk text and data with 3GB at 4g speeds I pay $71 after taxes… So I believe you meant to say “it’s worth the EXTRA $”31” bucks to you and that’s with your extra 15% off

        • Tina

          I said include the cost of an eip for your phone and it is the same price. You know a lot of people are getting a new phone every 1 or 2 years with Jump. Include the 10 dollars for Jump and 20 to 30 dollars for the phone installment and what and 100 dollars easy.

        • Chris

          @Tina, but not everyone switches phones every year. If my phone didn’t break, I’d still have it and would be using it for another 2 or 3 years. I’ve been waiting for a carrier to stop subsidizing phones because it gives me the freedom to choose where I get my phone.

      • KlausWillSeeYouNow

        To borrow a line from John Legere, he didn’t because he’s full of shit.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Let’s be realistic here ok. TMobile coverage could be better no doubt but Tmobile charges me $70 per month for unlimited data (23 GB) to be exact this month with 2 days to go on the cycle. I am in San Jose, CA and I don’t really travel except for occasional trip to Sacramento and maybe once a year down south. I can’t think of any other provider for the cost to service ratio for ME. There are millions of people are in the same boat. If you don’t like T-Mobile or it’s working for you, try another carrier and see if it works better. You have to be willing to pay more, a lot more for ATT and Verizon. I am happy with what i got.

    • I should note that if you want the unlimited data plan the base rate (without insurance, taxes, fees, phone payment etc) is now $80/mo.

      If you have the old $70 unlimited plan – we can’t take it away from you.

      • HothTron


        • JaswinderSinghJammu

          Ben must work for TMO?

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        I am aware of the fact that T Mobile unlimited is now $80 that’s why I wrote they charge me $70. I would gladly pay $80 for same service. It’s worth it for me for the data I use.

  • sidekicker89

    I drove from Dayton, Ohio all the day down to Key West, Florida a couple weeks ago. Used Sensorly to map the trip. Throughout the trip I never really lost a signal completely but I was surprised how much GPRS there was! I was using a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 and an HTC One (M7) to map the trip. What i’ve noticed is that on the highways it is harder to connect to LTE when you’re driving fast especially when you’re just passing through an area with LTE. During my trip I also ran into roaming on AT&T HSPA+ (4G) in Daniel Boone National Forest. The speeds weren’t that bad at all and the signal was strong. The worst signal throughout the trip probably would have to be the highway between Macon Georgia and Valdosta Georgia. During that part of the trip my phones were on GPRS or no signal at all. Overall I did see an improvement in coverage since last time i took this trip.

    • sidekicker89

      all the way down to key west florida** I did stop in Orlando Florida too. Went to Disney World and Universal Studios. The great thing about Disney World is that they have Free WiFi coverage throughout all their parks and the signal isn’t bad. I believe the WiFi is provided by AT&T. However, at Universal, the WiFI was NOT free. You had to be an Xfinity customer and log in with your account which is sad. What was worse was I did get LTE at Universal Studios but the network was SO congested that i couldn’t make phone calls or surf the web.

    • Sam1116

      I went for an emergency trip from Chicago to Miami Florida. I was not impressed down I75 South.

      • sidekicker89

        yeah T-Mobile has a lot of work to do. I was glad that Google Navigation works just fine even on EDGE.

        • Sam1116

          Me too. There was a detour down South I65. The Google Navigation had me go through some highways. I’m glad that was working.

        • Stven

          Get the TOM TOM app, it doesn’t need no carrier coverage to use the navigation, and has work extremely good in place in need to find my way back home.

        • sidekicker89

          Thanks for the advice. I’ll have to try Tom Tom out sometime. I love Google Navigation because the voice is so real and very clear on my HTC One M7 but on my Galaxy S5 it uses the “S Voice” woman for Google Navigation and she sounds like a heavy smoker haha.

        • michael73072

          You can change the voice to the Google voice. Settings – Language and input – Text-to-speech output – then select google text to speech.

        • KlausWillSeeYouNow

          For stuff like that, EDGE is totally sufficient. That’s why I don’t stress when EDGE is on the highway – most people aren’t torrenting while they drive, lol.

      • Baz

        I drove from Delaware to Jacksonville, FL a month ago and I95 south of Richmond Virginia is a one big embarrassment. Most of the Carolinas and GA were between EDGE and GPRS. Northern Florida was impressive with lots of LTE.

  • Jay J. Blanco

    Tmobile isn’t going to expand into rural areas until a possible merger with Sprint get s approve, 700mhz purchase and/or until after 600mhz auction.

    Tmo focus is urban and suburban areas right now.

  • S. Ali

    There are just LTE overlays over existing HSPA+, not expansion

    • Rob

      It says LTE expansion. Converting existing sites to LTE is still expanding LTE coverage last time I checked.

      • Mike

        So if it’s just a retro fit to existing towers then LTE service is not likely to help those people that are in “dead zones” where there is limited to no coverage between coverage. I’m in an area where there is limited coverage between neighbourhoods in suburban Philadelphia. Very clear clear lines can be seen that basically excludes my neighbourhood. Was told by TMO 2 years ago that they would be placing a tower to correct these problems. Guess I’m screwed…

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    How could you ATT is the way to go when they give you 2.5 GB? I would pay even more $80 to have unlimited data. I don’t care about minutes or texting. All i want is data. There are apps that let you make calls and let you text. If ATT and Verizon offered unlimited data at any price i would consider it but they have enough people who “moniter” their data they don’t even offer it. T-Mobile added more customers than all 3 carriers combined in their last quarter and the reason ATT and Verizon is offering lower prices is because of T-Mobile

  • John Brown

    Meanwhile in Owensville, OH… Still EDGE only with no sign of LTE for 50 miles, and the nearest HSPA+ is 8 miles away in the suburbs. Thanks Cincinnati Bell for selling your spectrum to Verizon.

    • Anthony

      Ugghh.. I feel the same way man. Just hold up, it’s gotten better in other parts of Ohio at a pretty exponential rate. I’m in Amelia where there’s still a pretty high population and its all EDGE, yet 2 lights down is all 4G

      • Myles Douglas

        It’s sad to see this because in Columbus I get around 70 Mbps (wideband). I hope higher speed data comes your way soon!

  • drzodiac

    Drive I-80 from coast to coast. You wont have service for most of your journey. Iowa has no signal, western illinois phone but no data from about morris onward. Indiana turnpike gets spotty again after Notre dame theres gprs and no 3g until cincinnati. Most of ohio is a no go with data except spotty gprs. Pennsylvania has no coverage of data until allen town. So when tmobile says theyre growing, they mean growing in cities where I already have coverage. I would KILL for 3g let alone 4g. Heck edge would be nice. Seneca Illinois ZERO service Chebanse Illinois Zero Service. Ottawa Illinois GPRS. It seems like areas where I use to get service plano, Illinois I no longer get it or its spotty. I miss the Att merger info because Sprint has the same problem not enough coverage in rural areas.

    • John Brown

      Or, drive US 50 from Cincinnati to Chilocothe. HSPA+ from downtown to about 4 miles east of Milford. Then it’s EDGE until about 5 miles west of Hillsboro. Then NO SIGNAL, Not even partner coverage, absolutely NOTHING from that point onward about 50 miles until you’re almost to Chilocothe. Better hope you don’t break down in that 50 mile dead zone. Good luck calling AAA from your useless brick that was a phone 20 miles ago.

    • Ray

      Just get Verizon!! I have it and I have lte literally everywhere!!!

      • Captain (African) America-n


        That word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • Charles Ray

    They are converting rural areas, I live in Oxford, MS and LTE lit up about a month ago from EDGE. Best speed test so far is 29.83 MBs down and 19.91 up. Average has been around 15/9.

  • Aaron C

    Could this also just be more Sensorly users doing passive mapping? I only downloaded the app a few weeks ago, for instance, and took a trip up nawth…

  • Aaron C

    I switched from Verizon (after 12 years) when T-Mo announced Uncarrier 1.0 and even on HSPA+ got better speeds than I had with Verizon LTE. I’ve been ecstatic with T-Mo service so far and love the whole philosophy.

    However, I just got back from 10 days in the White Mountains, NH, our annual summer vacation, and my phone was basically useless apart from actual phone calls and SMS. I was on Edge, I was on 2G, I was roaming on UNICEL and even Verizon at one point (I don’t know how that’s possible, but I even got a screenshot to prove it). The Network Signal Info app was telling me my data was connected, but it didn’t seem like it. I feel for people in other areas of the country that say all they can get on T-Mo is Edge/2G. BRU-TAL!

    The last LTE we got on route 91 heading north from CT was in Holyoke, MA. After that, it’s all Edge. I see they added Manchester, NH, but that must be about it.

    If they don’t roll out some 700Mhz up there by this time next year, I’m going to have to figure out how to use an AT&T sim for the vacation. I can live without Facebook updates, but when you’re on the road and want to use Waze/Gmaps or do a quick check for local restaurants, you’re pretty much screwed.

    • scottykaps

      I know this doesn’t solve the service issue, but try offline google maps?

      • Aaron C

        Thanks. I think that only works though when you’re sure of where you want to go? Or can you download a whole region? Trouble is, when we’re out, we might suddenly decide to go somewhere else on the fly. Without data, it’s a no-go.