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T-Mobile launches Project 10Million to help students get online for school

Last year, T-Mobile announced three major initiatives tied to the completion of the Sprint merger. Since then we’ve seen T-Mobile Connect and Connecting Heroes launch, and now the third effort is officially live, too. Project 10Million is now live and available to schools. This initiative has the goal of closing the homework gap and helping students get online at home. And with many schools opting for virtual learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, T-Mo … [read full article]

New T-Mobile Un-carrier 1.0 includes free service for first responders, $15 rate plan

The New T-Mobile’s Un-carrier 1.0 move isn’t just one move, but actually three different moves. The Connecting Heroes Intiative is meant to give free service to first responders. With this effort, T-Mobile says that it will give free unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data to every first responder at every public and non-profit state and local police, fire, and EMS first responder agency. First responders participating in the Connecting Heroes Initiative will have the highest priority … [read full article]