T-Mobile launches Project 10Million to help students get online for school


Last year, T-Mobile announced three major initiatives tied to the completion of the Sprint merger. Since then we’ve seen T-Mobile Connect and Connecting Heroes launch, and now the third effort is officially live, too.

Project 10Million is now live and available to schools. This initiative has the goal of closing the homework gap and helping students get online at home. And with many schools opting for virtual learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic, T-Mo is upping Project 10Million to help students participate in their online schooling.

With Project 10Million, T-Mo is dedicated $10.7 billion to give students free wireless hotspots, access to at-cost tablets and laptops, and up to 100GB of free data per year.

And to address increased needs brought on by virtual learning and the pandemic, T-Mobile is allowing school districts that participate in Project 10Million to sign up for one of two new plans with more data.

With these new plan options, schools can take the $500 per student subsidy that would be applied for students’ 100GB of data per year and apply it to the plans that include 100GB per month or unlimited data. Those plans are priced at $12 per month and $15 per month, respectively.

Students will still get a free wireless hotspot even if their school opts to sign up for one of the larger data plans, and the data plans are still completely free to students, too.

The devices that are part of Project 10Million include a Franklin Wireless T9 hotspot that will be distributed free to students. Schools will also have access to at-cost tablets and laptops for students that include the Coolpad Tasker tablet, a Samsung Chromebook 4 laptop, as well as Lenovo 100e Chromebook and Lenovo 100e Windows PC options that will be available soon.

Now that Project 10Million is officially live, interested school administrators can apply for the program using this page. Eligibility is based on school or school district students enrolled in the National School Lunch Program. Project 10Million is available to students grades K-12.

Sources: T-Mobile, Project 10Million

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