T-Mobile Connect launching this week with $15 smartphone plan


In addition to giving customers free YouTube Premium, T-Mo announced today that it’s launching its T-Mobile Connect plan early.

T-Mobile Connect will be available starting March 25th. This is a new low-cost plan that offers unlimited talk and text plus 2GB of high-speed smartphone data for $15 per month plus tax. Customers who want a bit more high-speed data can get a plan with 5GB as well as unlimited talk and text for $25 plus tax.

Another feature of T-Mobile Connect is the Annual Data Upgrade. With it, customers get an additional 500MB of monthly data every year for the next five years at no additional charge. That means that in year two, customers on the 2GB plan will get 2.5GB of high-speed data, 3GB in year three, and so on.

These plans also include access to T-Mobile’s 5G network if you’ve got a compatible device.

T-Mobile Connect was first announced in November 2019 as part of the New T-Mobile Un-carrier 1.0 announcements. It was originally slated to launch after T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint was complete, but due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and the strain it’s causing on many people’s lives, T-Mo is launching T-Mobile Connect early to give people a lower cost smartphone plan to help them stay connected.

Metro by T-Mobile is also rolling out lower-priced plans on March 25th. It will offer a $15 plan that includes unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of high-speed smartphone data for the next two months. That plan will be valid for 60 days after customers activate it.

New and current Metro by T-Mobile customers with any voice line can also get a free 8-inch tablet with a $15 unlimited tablet plan. The tablet is free after rebate redemption and includes sales tax and activation fee. A new line of tablet service is required.

Finally, MetroSmart Hotspot devices will be half off and the $35 per month data plan will include 20GB for the next 60 days. That’s double the normal monthly data amount for this plan.


UPDATE 3/26: T-Mobile Connect is now live and we’re learning a bit more about the plans. When you run out of your alloted data, either 2GB of 5GB, T-Mo says your data will be unavailable for the remainder of that billing cycle. You may purchase a data pass if you want more data before your next cycle.

T-Mo has also confirmed that T-Mobile Connect customers are not eligible for T-Mobile Tuesdays.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Jay Trainer

    I don’t really understand the Metro $15 plan as it says in the article that it’s only available for two months? What happens after the two months are up?

    • the martian ambassador

      It’s possible there may be a short term government funded internet access program in this stimulus bill. This would position them to take on those customers.

      • Willie D

        Except it isn’t. TMo is trying to show they’re a good carrier, and not evil by forwarding SOME benefits to customers ahead of a merger. The only way they can really get away with this low price currently is via Dish spectrum on loan for 60 days. After this time many on a $15 plan aren’t likely to pay double. Sprint did the same thing with some rate plans in the last few years and people left immediately once the price jumped up. For those who still want it, $30 for unlimited voice, text and 2GB of data isn’t terrible to be honest. Back in 2011 TMo pulled this with a plan but marketed it as totally unlimited when it was high speed capped at 2GB for $70. They also had very similar revamps that were priced through the years from $50 and $60, so this isn’t a terrible plan by comparison, especially since mimics original Simple Choice plans where 500mb of data was added each year afterward. As for the $25 plan that’s a bigger deal for 5GB of data. Remember the prepaid $30 5GB data and text plan with only 100 voice minutes? Though in the long term 7.5GB for 50$ after 5 long years isnt going to be worth the price as TMo plans claims they will have BETTER prices and plans, and likely will ny that point.

        • Bubba Smith

          All good points, but just need to stay a correction: While it SEEMED like those on the old Simple Choice received an extra 500MB yearly, it wasn’t like that at all. Here’s the rundown:

          Simple Choice plans were unveiled in August of 2013 w/500MB per line.
          In March, 2014, they were all bumped up to 1GB per line.
          July, 2014, bumped up to 2GB per line.

          In September, 2014, this was the “special” one. There was no automatic bump up to the 2.5GB per line…. you had to call in to request it! If you didn’t, you stayed on the 2GB per line. This is why there are some grandfathered legacy Simple Choice members that still have the 2GB, while other had the 2.5GB per line…. and it was these 2.5GB folk that received a “temporary” upgrade to 4GB in September of 2016. (This was supposed to drop back to 2.5GB in early 2019, but was made permanently 4GB.)

      • Mike Smith

        Nooooo it’s part of the merger agreement.

    • Pak T

      I believe the $15 Metro plan is half price for two months, so it should revert to the normal $30 price.

    • Bklynman

      See my reply to Pak T,if it gets approved by Tmonews.

    • Bklynman

      They have 2 plans,go to metpo website u will see them.

    • Bklynman

      For some dumb reason my reply to Pak T,wasn’t approved,all it was a break down of the 2 plans metro has,smh at that one

  • vrm

    I remember when this plan used to cost $50/mo and that was before the simple choice plans ! I guess carriers got people addicted to consuming junk data over this time so that no one will stick to limited data.

  • Koolme666

    This is great for me as I don’t use my phone much anymore but I use my data a lot but not enough for unlimited, T-Mobile also isn’t the best in my area and don’t feel like switching.

  • the martian ambassador

    Peripherally of interest to T-Mobile customers:

    E-mail from Dunkin’:

    We remain focused on serving our Dunkin’ guests any way we can. We understand DD Perks members might not be able to redeem their free beverage and birthday rewards on their usual schedule, so we’re giving you more time to redeem — because we’re here for you now and in the future.

    • The expiration date for any current free beverage and birthday rewards in your account will be extended for 90 days from today.

    • For a temporary period of time, any new free beverage and birthday rewards you earn will have a 90-day duration.

    • Free beverage and birthday rewards that expired on or after March 11, 2020, will be reissued with a new, 90-day expiration date.

    Updates will be made within 72 hours. As a reminder, the points in your account don’t expire as long as you have had activity in the past six months.

    Thanks for your support during these changing times.

    • Sayahh

      That’s how you build brand loyalty. I do not even shop there and I still think they did their customers right.

  • riverhorse

    Free tablet very useable, data is unlimited. Speeds are good enough for 720p & even 1080 depending on area time.
    Install TextNow and it’s now a phone. Install Duo, etc. and it’s a video phone.
    Install Nova Launcher to minimize icons, ditto in both Tablet & Browser settings.
    Add the software of your choice and turn it into G home FB portal Alexa.
    Becomes part of Family Plan, triggering $5 discount for each line.
    Very little not to like here.

    • Ryanide

      Or just use Google Voice instead of TextNow, and you still have a totally free phone in that tablet. Bluetooth encouraged.

      • riverhorse

        Google Voice doesn’t open up when screen is off (Talkatone neither), but TextNow does- just like Android dialer. For me anyhow.

  • Alex Pilaia

    So what happens after you hit the 2gb data limit? Unlimited 3G after that? Or you just lose data all together?

    • Ty Christensen

      From what I saw you lose data altogether after your allotted amount.

      • dcmanryan

        Correct. You hit 2gb and it’s game over.

    • Mike Smith

      For now, nothing. All plans are unlimited because of the virus.

  • Mike Smith

    Which is really unlimited data until the end of the pandemic which makes it a REALLY good deal!

  • streaming_ok

    Does anyone know for sure if the new T-Mobile Connect $15 plan will INCLUDE T-MOBILE TUESDAY promos still? I can’t find this info anywhere.

    TIA :)

    • Iphart

      Tmo Tuesday Is for anybody who has a T mobile telephone number regardless of the plan.

  • Ryanide

    Might just be competing with AT&T with their promotional 2GB plan for $15./month. It doesn’t say anywhere on their site that it’s only for any certain amount of months (so it should be permanently grandfathered), only it’s a limited time offered promotion. But, it’s slowed down after the 2GB with them.

    This plan with T-Mobile looks to also be a limited time offer, but doesn’t require Auto-Pay and increases data limits each year as long as they offer the plan or you keep your grandfathered “Connect” plan.