T-Mobile customers get YouTube Premium free for two months


Many T-Mobile customers currently get free Netflix, which can help at a time like this when people are self-isolating and need some entertainment. Now T-Mobile is teaming up with YouTube to give its customers more stuff to watch.

T-Mobile is giving customers two months of YouTube Premium for free. The offer will be available starting tomorrow, March 24th, through T-Mobile Tuesdays.

Android users will be able to claim the offer through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, while iOS users will need to go to the T-Mobile Tuesdays website. You’ll need to save the offer by April 21st and redeem it by May 1st. Existing YouTube Premium subscribers must cancel their service to take advantage of this offer.

After your two months are up, you’ll be charged $11.99 per month for YouTube Premium unless you cancel.

YouTube Premium lets you watch videos on YouTube without ads and have videos continue to play in the background, like when you’re using other apps on your phone or when your device is locked. You can save videos for offline viewing, too, and you get YouTube Music Premium streaming with no ads as wel as background and offline listening.

YouTube is a major source of entertainment for many people, and lots of people are sure to be streaming even more videos as they’re working from home and self-isolating during the coronavirus outbreak. Now T-Mobile customers will be able to enjoy YouTube videos without being interrupted by ads for two months, and YouTube Music Premium can serve as another source of entertainment.

T-Mobile also announced today that it’s giving customers a free 4-week online course from Shaw Academy, as I reported last week.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Mickey T

    It’s probably for new users only who haven’t done a trial before.

    • Max

      Yeah, which sucks as usual.

    • marque2

      It said it was a TMobile Tuesday thing. In would be surprised if you couldn’t get the offer. I would change your email for the offer if you really want to make sure – or have a TMobile only email. That way you can pick up on all the offers without worrying whether you will be blocked.

      • dcmanryan

        That would work, but on Android it’s a pain as everything is tied to Google and your regular Google account is more than likely most users YouTube account too. I have enough lines I’ll be a guinea pig and try it and see if it lets me. I’ve had many YouTube Premium trials before so it will be a good test to see if it will let us get it still.

        • Sayahh

          Is it an app or can you also access Premium via website? If you can, then would incognito mode using a new email work?Granted, more PITA to have to log in each time…

        • dcmanryan

          App or website would work 100% with a new email. It’s easy on both but you’ll have to sign out and lose all your notifications and subscriptions. A pain, but a small pain.

        • dcmanryan

          Confirmed working. I’ve had many trials and it worked on my existing account. Next billing May 24 2020.

          EDIT: I Immediately cancelled and the trial stays in place until May 24. I would cancel immediately so you don’t forget and if for some reason you actually want to pay for it you always can later.

    • dcmanryan

      It will be interesting to see if past trial users are still eligible.

      • steveb944

        Existing YouTube Premium subscribers must cancel their service to take advantage of this offer.

    • JG

      Per the article:

      Existing YouTube Premium subscribers must cancel their service to take advantage of this offer.

      So it looks like you can’t be a current subscriber, but at least we don’t have to wait the usual 12+ months before we can claim the free trial.

      A shame they can’t just credit the account though. I’m on a grandfathered YouTube Red plan. If I cancel to claim the 2 months free, when I go back to being charged my bill will be higher. Only a couple dollars a month, but still…

      • Craig

        Ditto. I pay $9.99 a month so no way in hell im cancelling. I’ll lose that.

        • Jeremiah

          Same here. I’m still kicking myself for shortsightedly canceling my introductory $7.99 plan when GPM first came out, so no way I’m going to cancel just for two free months.

      • Mike

        Every T-Mobile promo isn’t for everyone so stop whining and let those who benefit from the promo enjoy it

      • Brandon

        No. You have to cancel in order to apply. It worked for me but if you’re paying 3 bucks less and dont want to lose that that make sense.

  • This is probably to stave off the MLB TV free subscription they were going to offer this week.

  • NardVa

    I get charging for no ads, but charging for background playback is a scam.

    • Manbearpig


  • KGB

    So from what it looks like, the mlb.tv promotion isn’t happening tomorrow after all? I just checked the TMobile Tuesdays app and don’t see it listed for March 24

    • Spud

      I got an email from MLB and TMobile saying that it’s coming soon, but no date

    • Mike

      What are you whining about ? The MLB season is delayed indefinitely.

      • KGB

        How is that whining? All I said was it was originally scheduled for March 24, then without further communication, it was no longer listed. Good Lord

  • Bumblebee


  • the martian ambassador

    They just sent out an e-mail regarding baseball. Free MLB at Bat is coming but is delayed until the status of the baseball season is resolved.

  • steveb944

    Weird setup for existing users. I’m not sure if I want my whole family to drop out of our family account to save $30.

  • Randy Wilde

    Maybe it’s because I have never done a free trial before, but I got a 4 month free trial today with the T-Mo Tuesdays link. Next billing is July 24!

  • Tommy Bayshore

    YouTube Premium is the best of the best, havent seen a ad in years, worth every penny… could care less about Netflix.

  • Geek Adrift

    I saved this offer, but when I opened up Youtube app to redeem, I found that they were already offering me a 4-month free trial.