John Legere teases New T-Mobile Un-carrier 1.0 announcement for November 7th


Clear your calendar for November 7th, because T-Mobile’s got something planned.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere today revealed that a new Un-carrier announcement is coming on November 7th. Legere teased that this will be the first Un-carrier move for the new T-Mobile. “That’s right, New T-Mobile, Un-carrier 1.0, November 7th. Stay tuned,” Legere said during T-Mo’s Q3 2019 earnings call.

“We’ve spent the better part of the last seven years changing wireless for good, and with the network capabilities of the new T-Mobile, we’re going to take Un-carrier to an entirely new level,” Legere said during the call. “So, I think it’s time we start sharing some of what we mean by ‘next level.'”

As for what T-Mobile might have planned, Legere was coy. He only teased that he would share “some of our plans and commitments for the future” as part of the announcement.

So, what do you think T-Mobile will announce on November 7th?

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  • SurvivingSunnyvale

    They’ll be announcing higher costs for customers.

    • Probablynot

      Oh no, it might be a sweet deal…for new customers only.

      Or buy one get one add a line.

      Or higher costs as you said. IE: Here are the new Platinum Magenta plans that replace the old plans, have slightly less options, and cost $15 more per line per month.

      The last ‘good thing’ they did was that completely free line…that I thought was surely a scam and didn’t do and regret to this day.

      • Bonedatt

        Yea, those free lines weren’t a scam. I got three of them. 2 free lines when they did the “friends and family” promotion on black Friday of 2016, I believe, and 1 free line when they did the “this one’s on us” promotion in April of 2017 I think.

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          I got the 2017 one. Loved that deal. Great backup line or for lending out to friends who want to see how well T-Mobile works where they live.

      • dave

        I took advantage of that the only problem is you can’t change plans so I’m still at the 2.5 GB plan which they did bonus me to 4 but if I want to change to unlimited I lose the two free lines you still have to pay the sales tax on a two lines that I’ve been paying since 2016 nothing in this world is free.

      • Radly Clark

        Uh oh! Sounds like some serious FOMO! Lolz. Be better at promotionalizing. U got this!

        • marque2

          Free line cost me $20 for the Sim card. I should have been more cautious.

          Free Netflix isn’t bad either.

        • ClearlyAMG

          LOL? you got a free line, and all you had to pay was the $20 assistant support charge. your complaining that you’ll have a line for free for life? GTFO

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          They give you great deals to join, great perks (netflix, tuesdays, etc), and even the occasional free line.

          Some people will never think it’s enough. They will firmly believe that T-Mobile always owes them more than the service they pay for.

          The entitlement gets worse with each new promotion.

        • Website Administrator

          The entitlement gets worse with each new promotion generation

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          lmao…I’m right there with ya, man. In fact, I typed “generation” first and switched it to “promotion”…

          Seems to get worse each time they post about a new BOGO here. ;-)

        • Boomboy007


        • marque2

          You have a very keen ability to detect sarcasm – between the sheets.

      • Deez Nutz

        Let’s not forget they also gave free upgrades to HD video a couple a years ago during one of their free line giveaways. And let’s not forget Kickback (RIP). That combo was by far the best deal.

  • blokeinusa

    Ludicrous Speed

    • Website Administrator

      Ludicrous Speed…GO!

  • Albert Orange

    iPhone on Us Deal! Add 6 lines and buy 6 iPhone 11’s and get 1 line and 1 iPhone 11 free!

  • TheDonJ77

    Let’s hope it’s something worthwhile like ZERO down payments for customers upgrading to a new phone if you have excellent credit!!!!!!! The massive DP’s are not cool

    • Radly Clark

      Hey just have money and stuff

    • marque2

      Usually I just pay tax hmm. Then I get middle tier phones like LG g8 rather than the $2000 folding screen Samsung

    • MrJohnDoe

      Don’t get a massive expense phone. the smaller counterparts are usually zero down payments.

    • (J²)

      Usually, T-Mobile only charges a reasonable down payment (and that’s if you’re getting a phone over $1,000). Please keep in mind, your personal credit is checked upon sign up for credit classification assignment but beyond that, it’s based solely on your tenure and relationship with T-Mobile.

      Unfortunately, with Jump – you pay taxes upfront (in addition to any down payment). With Jump on Demand, you pay taxes with each installment.

    • King Fro Man

      that would be nice. seems they do those big down payments to stop jump on demand people. i know a lot of people that want to upgrade with jump but having to pay 350 down makes them rethink that purchase. They probably do it to offset the amount they have to pay off for the next upgrade

    • EF

      Firm believe in getting phones on Swappa at a major discount. New, sealed-box phones (or Mint that have been barely used) for under their list price and no shipping/sales tax. Will never buy a new cell phone again unless there is a massive BOGO or other major discount. And even then, you will likely find the “get one free” phone on Swappa a few days/weeks following the promo at much less than the regular price, sometimes close to half off, without having to get two phones or a new line. Buy with PayPal credit and you can over a few months interest free, without any commitment to T-Mobile.

      • Deez Nutz

        Swappa is usually the first place I look when getting a new phone. Just bought a new iPhone 11 Pro Max for over 20% below retail w/tax. The last good BOGO was the one Samsung did for the Galaxy S8. No commitment to adding a new line. Just buy two phones, activate one of the phones through their website to your current TMobile line and they refund you the price of one of the phones. None of this 24 month bill credit stuff. Too many strings attached with BOGOs now.

        • EF

          Yeah, that’s the same BOGO I did for my wife’s
          Galaxy S8+ through Samsung. Then sold the second phone sealed in box on Swappa well below retail so that her phone ended up costing just a couple hundred dollars net (cause I still had to pay tax). Only problem with getting T-Mo branded S8 direct through Samsung is that unlocking doesn’t work or is a pain in the butt (even fully paid and after the mandatory waiting period) as phone is not properly in the T-Mo system and Samsung gives you the runaround.

        • Deez Nutz

          Yeah, I heard it was difficult if you wanted to unlock the phone. I read that the best thing to do was to get help from T Force/T-Mo Help on Twitter.

  • steveb944

    Everyone on the network by the end of the year locks in true unlimited data.

    • Bonedatt

      That would be great especially with 5G about to eat up everyone’s high speed quota.

      • marque2

        How would that happen? Even currently, just because I can download at 100Mbs on 4g doesn’t mean I do.

      • RealLifeJasonBourne

        More speed doesn’t increase your usage.

        More usage increases your usage.

        Listening to 8 hours of music uses the same amount of data on 4G as it will on 5G. Watching 8 hours of movies uses the same amount of data on 4G as it does on 5G.

        Unless you’re doing something against ToS (torrents, peer-to-peer, etc), your usage should remain the same; you’ll just spend less time pulling that data.

        • Mega Man

          I keep running across @Bonedatt:disqusway of thinking across the web on forums when it comes to 5G. People keep thinking that faster internet = more data usage but thats not the case as you explained.Unless you use that speed to download large files (as you would have anyway on LTE) you would just get it faster (allegedly)

        • Dustin Roe

          Just because you don’t do more doesn’t mean the app or website doesn’t take advantage of the higher speed to pack in more advertising, picture quality, data collection, etc.

        • Dustin Roe

          Just look at the Google app. it used to use battery only when actively refreshing the news, now it drains my s7 battery about 4% every 5 minutes due to the amount of background data it is processing.

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          That’s not how that works. That’s not how that works at all. It’s not a 4G vs. 5G thing…

        • Jay Holm

          Excuse you, lol….you make too much sense for some of these people! Or course data is the same, regardless of speed.

        • Dustin Roe

          Really, you still use the same amount of data on a news page today that you did in 2001? As delay goes down more data in advertising can be packed into the same page without impacting the user experience enough to drive them away. Result faster speed and lower latency means more data for the same type of content. This doesn’t even take into account big data and all the things you agree they can download from you in your accepting cookies and the like.

        • argenys

          having enough bandwidth to watch a 1080p or 1440p video instead of a 480p video on your big screen pixel packed phone uses more data for the same length video.

        • RealLifeJasonBourne


          4G handles 1440p just fine, last I checked.

        • argenys

          no there are plenty of occasions where it doesn’t particularly with zero buffer. in low congestion areas with good signal sure.

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          Cool story, bro.

        • argenys

          What’s the problem? There are millions who have that experience. What a douche.

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          Okay. I’ll give it a shot, but I’m not holding my breath:

          Logic is the problem. Look at your argument. Think about it for a moment. Seriously.

          You’re saying that poor 4G service is why 5G would use more data. Think about that. Really try and wrap your noodle around it. If you still cannot grasp why it deserved little more than outright dismissal, I can’t help ya kid. One has to be able to reason in order to be reasoned with.

        • argenys

          You’re the dense one here. Sure for most current tech people won’t use more data.i agree with that. But it’s not an absolute and to say otherwise is dumb AF. My example is 100% legitimate and is exactly what’s going to happen on my end with me and people I know. And I also know that I’ll be using a bunch more with the new xCloud partnership with t mobile.

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          “I’ll be using a bunch more”

          You will. Your usage will change. Amazing how you’re agreeing with me, and yet still arguing.

          As I said originally, 5G won’t increase the amount of data you use. Your usage may increase the amount of data you use.

          Some days, I really wish people could read rather than just blindly reacting to their knee-jerk impulses.

        • argenys

          Derp Derp, same usage more data with the video example, Derp Derp can’t read, Derp

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          roflmao…you cannot even grasp your own idiocy.

          You claimed a connection that couldn’t supply enough data to support adequate 4G service used less data than 5G. You somehow seemed to think this was clever. You believed that this also somehow supported your claim that 5G will use more data than 4G. You still cannot comprehend how utterly flawed that example was.

          You then literally claimed your usage would change, thus increasing your data use, which is exactly the point I was making; but as though you’d somehow discovered a flaw in my argument.

          When that was brought to your attention, you backpedaled to the broken 4G connection example again. Pure. Comic. Genius.

          Keep on being your brilliant self, man. It’s friggin’ hilarious. You should charge admission.

        • argenys

          No increase in usage, whats so hard to comprehend? 480p to 1440p will use more data with no more usage. To ignore this reality for a subset of users is retarded. I already said and agreed that your original comment was mostly true, but with some exceptions so it shouldn’t be an absolute statement. I know that the increases will be driven by new markets created and possible by 5G mostly because of the much lower latency. Not sure why you can’t grasp your own idiocy of ever claiming that the correction to your statement isn’t true… SAD

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          480p to 1440p will use more data with no more usage.

          That is the definition of “more usage” and would apply regardless of what technology is being used to transmit that data. It has literally nothing to do with 4G vs. 5G.

          This may shock you, but 480p will use less data than 1440p no matter what connection you are on. As such; It is not even remotely relevant to the absurd claim that one type of connection uses more data than another.

          How many times do you need to have that explained to you?

        • argenys

          It’s not about the Gs it’s about the available bandwidth at any given moment. Point being a low 5G connection will result in faster speeds than a low 4G connection. Thats just the reality. It doesn’t matter if it’s 5G or not, but in this scenario brought up its what it enables for people in the margins. Obviously I can stream 1440p on a good connection on 4G, no one argued against that. You seem to think everyone has a decent connection to the network at all times.

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          It’s not about the Gs

          You’re right! Amazing as that sounds, just focusing on that one statement, beyond all reason and hope; you’re right!

          The law of averages has finally worked in your favor.

          It is, totally and completely, not about the Gs, which is only what I have been saying all along. Thank you. Have a great night.

        • argenys

          Read on, it’s about the speed on the margins. 5G will just have better bandwidth speed, so that those at the margins have enough speed. Too bad this was made clear on the first comment and you lacked reading comprehension.

        • Christopher Hoy

          Hey, Jason with increased data speeds it gives developers of apps and other forms of digital entertainment more room to work with. So yes, when 5G comes we are going to see increased amounts of data used than 4G. Can you imagine if we were on the same crazy 200MB plans that we used to be on with 3G?

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          Read my first comment again. (Or for the first time? Maybe you’ve not read my original response at all yet)

          Switching from 4G to 5G is not going to change the amount of data you use.

          Your usage, and this includes your scenario above (which is not something that will happen overnight), would change the amount of data you use.

          OP claimed simply going from 4G to 5G will “eat up everyone’s high speed quota”. It won’t. Your usage is what determines the amount of data you use.

    • Notpoliticalyet

      Funny one!

  • matt

    The return of One-Paw Bandit on T-Mobile Tuesday’s !

  • UnCarrier “1.0”? Are they saying they ReCarriered at some point? ;)

    • RealLifeJasonBourne

      There was this merger type thing. You may have heard about it?

      It’s not quite a done deal yet, but T-Mobile is beginning their re-brand. This is the New T-Mobile.

    • Notpoliticalyet

      Of course, they are in business after all.

    • (J²)

      The merger has been approved by all necessary parties. The only things standing in the way are a few states, with the arguments and stance prior to the settlement made with Dish. There are no valid arguments to block a merger that has cleared required hurdles. There’s just going to be a delay into 2020.

      • slybacon

        It’s only democrats that have filed lawsuits from these states. Why don’t the democrats want the merger?

        • Harlimus

          because they’re corrupt puppets of att/verizon. the lone republican state is texas, which is att country.

    • Mike Smith

      That’s what I was wondering!

  • randian

    Here’s a big Uncarrier move: how about reasonable single-line postpaid pricing? No carrier offers this.

    • NardVa

      T-Mobile makes you over pay for a single line to offset the discounted and free lines they give out.

    • JJ

      That is very true. No single line plans that aren’t over priced. Reason that i still have my 1 line grandfathered plan that’s only $45 for true unlimited, only gets throttled if i am on a congested tower and iv’e gone over 50gb, which almost never happens. And the plan also has work discount attached. The same plan now costs over $65

    • Nearmsp

      Every product including health insurance subsidizes family. I lamented as a single person, as a family person, I like these “family” perks.

      • johnny1421

        Not at my company, single employees don’t pay any health care premiums, it’s the married and families that have to pay

    • Dustin Roe

      What do you consider reasonable? in 2004 a 3G Verizon phone with under a GB of included data, $0.10/Mb overage fees, unlimited texting, and “free long distance inside the continental US” was $90 plus tax for ~$108. I would have had to pay $450 reduced by $30/month over a 2 year period if I didn’t want to keep your service. Roaming fees could also eat you alive but even then I would regularly hit the data limit within the first 2 weeks and I didn’t watch TV/movies on my phone.

  • Mike

    Just leaked the new uncarrier news will be Auto Pay+

    • (J²)

      Leaked where?

  • riverhorse

    Free porn on us. Unlimited 120p porn that will never count towards data limits.

    • marque2

      120p would be awfully small. I guess it would be more porn audio stream.

      • PeteFrmNY

        I lived through the aol days. I can deal :P

        • marque2

          You could make it full screen but grainy. It could be Minecraft porn :)

    • dtam

      no, free 1440p but only on porn

      • riverhorse

        Tongue in cheek, could prolly run it 24/7 and not consume enough data to be booted by Tmo.

        • dtam

          do you need more than 10 minutes when it’s in 4k resolution?

  • Waboo

    No kidding. I’ve been with them since 2003. No love, ever, from T-Mo.

    • Ver

      Feel the same way. Been with them 2003 also.

    • marque2

      I got a free phone once.

  • dcmanryan

    Beat me to it. They’ll flip a switch and say there you go.

  • Peter Bergonzi

    Mr. Legere is amazing. He’s turned cellular on its head–I can’t wait to hear what’s next.

    • riverhorse

      Pretty soon we’ll be calling him Your Highness.

  • Amateur_Critic

    I have been with T-Mobile for several years and have been quite satisfied. One thing I always liked was the simplicity of the plans. Now they are a mess to figure out, apparently with some new names for what they already have and maybe some new offers. One advantage T-Mobile has had over the years is the simplicity of their plans and pricing structures. Now they have decided to be as confusing as the other guys. Even their phone reps can’t keep up with what their marketing people are rolling out.

    • Mike Smith

      I agree but the complexity has been creeping back in. I wish they’d keep it simple, end all grandfathered deals, and simplify everything.

      • JJ

        Why would they need to end grandfathered deals to make more simple? Grandfathered plans aren’t available anymore so employees don’t need to learn those. This would just increase the price on many users who have good grandfathered plans. makes no sense.

  • RealLifeJasonBourne

    Yeah, those great deals we got when joining and the free lines, and the Netflix, and the Tuesdays, and the free year of Pandora they gave us….

    Those cheap bastards! /s

    Do you ever think the service you pay for will be enough for you, or will T-Mobile owe you this additional “appreciation” for life?

  • The Waz

    So if they flip the switch on the 600mhz 5G, does this complete their 600mhz nationwide rollout? At this time I’m going to hold until the next iPhone that has 5G. Will existing phones get a benefit from the 600mhz that will be turned on by end of year?

    • PeteFrmNY

      Unless you keep your phones for 2-3 years (which a lot more people do, so you might), I wouldn’t worry about 5G support yet. Widespread rollout is still years away

      • The Waz

        I’m more concerned about the 600mhz LtE blanket that they announced few years back. The one referencing the different phases, I think there were 10

        • SirStephenH

          Yes, the FCC set up 10 phases for the TV repack (times when stations have to vacate auctioned spectrum). Carriers can’t deploy in areas until their phase is complete and the last phase ends 07-03-2020. This means next year will be a game changer for LTE coverage because T-Mobile will finally be able to deploy band 71 wherever it wants in the U.S. instead of sticking to areas the FCC has cleared.

          Check out Spectrum Gateway dot com (links can take a while to approve if at all and I’m sure you can figure this one out) for more information on the phases and what areas they cover.

        • The Waz

          Thanks. This is exactly what I’m waiting for, this will hopefully put Us at par with Verizon, if not better.

        • SirStephenH

          You’re welcome!

    • SirStephenH

      T-Mobile is making sure all areas in which it’s deploying band 71 has 5G ready hardware. It will be able to deploy 5G with a simple software patch when it’s ready. This makes T-Mobile’s promise of 5G coverage for the merger approval pointless because it was already going to easily meet that goal in a very simple and cost-effective way. T-Mobile can only deploy in areas cleared for band 71 deployment by the FCC’s TV repack plan though which pushes deployment in many areas into next July. It probably won’t be until the end of 2020 or more likely sometime in 2021 until we see something that could truly be considered nationwide coverage.

      600MHz will be extremely beneficial to people who own a band 71 capable phone. 600MHz 5G access would require a phone capable of sub-6GHz 5G. Most 5G phones on the market right now are mm wave-only though and won’t benefit from 600MHz. 2020 should be a good year for 5G phones and I’d put of a purchase until at least then.

      • The Waz

        Thank you! I am hoping that I see my area pop up on the 600 ha list, coverage is terrible in my area, approx get a download speed of 0.02mbps. If I drive 2 miles down the road, get 70-100mbps

    • Christopher Hoy

      No i would not assume thats the end of it. Also, the phones of today will not pick up the 600mhz 5G. only 4G.

  • Eric A

    The last ground breaking “un-carrier” announcement involved adding a “team of experts” for support so the bar is set pretty low.

    • Fan_Atl77

      LOL, LOL, well stated…

    • Boomboy007

      Team of Experts has changed customer service for the better by a large margin. We are seeing many, many other companies emulating the approach. I LOVE Team of Experts.

      • johnny1421

        Yea I’ve had the exact opposite difference. Trying to get my mom to pay for father’s account bill after he passed away to constantly asking her and I for his account pin to return a cellspot router. It would be one thing if it was one member of the team but this was 4 different occasions. After yelling “let me ask my dead dad for his account pin” did I finally get them to send me a shipping label.

        • slybacon

          Why would anyone pay for debt owed by a person who has passed away? One would think on the first phone call you would have switched the account to you or your mom, or just get a new plan.

        • johnny1421

          That was done on the first call and we were setup with a new account instead of transferring the account…don’t ask me why that was done that way. Gotta trust those team of experts to know what they’re doing. We of course knew the debt wouldn’t transfer but it’s annoying to keep getting letters and phone calls when T-Mobile already received the death certificate and was told this multiple times (it wasn’t a debt collector either it was direct T-Mobile). We almost ended up cancelling entirely because of the stress it was causing my mom but finally got it sorted out after an insane amount of phone calls

        • Matt Macaluso

          Sorry for your loss.

      • Deadeye37

        I had to call in recently for help and was pleasantly surprised how well the team of experts worked for me. The first person wasn’t able to help me, but got a different person who was more of a tech person to help me. It was much more smooth than what it was in the past.

      • Rajanesh SK

        call them on sunday evening, You will meet the “Experts”.

      • Al Beto O

        It is true better to talk to humans than machines.

  • PeteFrmNY

    possibly… but in like 4 cities with widespread rollout by 2023. 5G just started and while it’s a great marketing tagline, I don’t think we’ll be really benefiting from it for a while still

  • Need for Sheed

    Free subscription to Naughty America???

  • A|E

    Free migrate from old plan.

  • RealLifeJasonBourne

    First, they do appreciate existing customers. Read again the first sentence of my post above. Lots of perks there for new and old alike.

    Know what else? Here’s something that’ll blow your mind. Are you sitting down? Ready?

    Old customers were once new customers. That’s right friend-o! As new customers, back in the day, they got the deals when they joined, just like the new customers today are getting. (Old customers aren’t missing out on the deals, they already got ’em when they joined! Coolio, right?)

    Ain’t it grand? Yep. It is indeed. I should know, I’m one of those old customers.

    So I gotta ask ya, bud: How much does T-Mobile owe you? Is what you pay for the service you get not enough? If it is not; serious question: Why are you still with T-Mobile?

  • JG

    Unlike “dumb and dumber” requiring customers to upgrade to new, more expensive plans, T-Mobile will let any customer with a compatible phone access the 5G network on their current plan at no additional cost.

    Maybe with a 1.1 upgrade to something like 100GBs of prioritized data per month rather than the current 50.

  • James B

    November 7th announcement.
    When’s the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren on TMO coming???

    • Sean

      Hope this month! The Pixel 4 was a little underwhelming and my sons raves about his OnePlus

  • Kyle

    It will have to do with the Merger….Sprint has a call with their CEO on Nov 6th.

  • JG

    This won’t be the main event, but it could, potentially be a “One more thing” add-on…

    I just read an article about how Legere dissed Verizon’s Disney+ deal, claiming it was a poor copy of T-Mobile’s Netflix On Us. Especially pointing out that Verizon is only giving a year away while T-Mobile gives Netflix for life (* or until Netflix’s next price hike)…

    If Verizon is copying T-Mobile, what if T-Mobile copied Verizon and one-up’d them at their own game… T-Mobile could announce they’re entering into the original content game (everyone else is) and launch a magenta-fied version of Go90.

    They could launch a two-tiered platform. A totally free, ad supported tier that caps out at 720p. And a $4.99/month ad-free tier that upgrades content to 1080p. T-Mobile and TVision subscribers get access to the ad-free tier for free (or at least at a discount) plus our content is UHD quality with extra bonus content (extended cuts of the episodes, behind the scenes stuff etc).

  • Joe2050

    T-Mobile Fridays

    • BobbieDooley

      Yes, and now that John Legere is loosing hair; getting fatter, it will likely be AARP approved– For example, coupons for rogane prescription and hearing aids.

  • BobbieDooley

    I hated, completely hated the banality and mediocrity of the the Uncarrier marketing plan. It was like going to a “Swing Out Sisters” concert that lasted five years.

    Just the whole “Uncarrier” business is like the song “Break Out”, it doesn’t mean anything. What are you talking about, it’s just this very vague notion of striving for something very nebulous on a phone bill.

    Unleash or Uncarrier out of what? What are you talking about? Your a f*king phone company.

    • Mike Smith

      I think the idea is not to ACT like the traditional phone companies and to be different, and they’ve done pretty well at that.

    • BreakingData

      Dude do you need a hug or something?

  • the martian ambassador

    When they offered the free year of Pandora Plus last year, they strongly hinted that it would be an ongoing partnership. Then Pandora was purchased by Sirius XM, and when the free year expired in August, it wasn’t extended, except for a 3 month offer.

    T-Mobile should partner with Sirius XM for a discounted price on their streaming package, for 5 bucks a month.

  • RealLifeJasonBourne

    So you’re just not going to answer the question I have now asked you twice. Okay. Cool.

    I love how you keep using the “thinking” emoji, yet do not actually seem capable of doing so.

    • Juan Carlos

      I’m going to give you a simple example, when they switched to band 71, old customers to have a good “signal” we had to buy a new phone with the capacity of 600 MHZ, And at a regular price, no discount, but new customers with free phone benefits just for joining, who is the appreciation? to the new ☝️

      • RealLifeJasonBourne

        Wow. The logic there is … truly mystifying. Does Dell also owe you a new computer, and Ford owe you a new car?

        The entitlement you’re feeling has apparently utterly annihilated any capacity for reason you may have had. Never mind you got your new phone when you joined as a new customer. You forgot that the day it happened. Now OTHER new customers are getting the same deals you got. How can T-Mobile possibly treat them like they treated you and not treat you BETTER??!?!? How unfair! How unjust! /s

        You know what? Please, switch carriers. T-Mobile obviously doesn’t deserve loyal customers like you.

        • Juan Carlos

          Your defense to me makes me think, you are an employee there, you are a crazy fan, you do not know about marketing, as Lee told you in several forums, many old clients who think the same as me. ✌️

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          Uh-huh. Keep ignoring reason. Ignorance is bliss, man. You must be the happiest person alive.

        • Juan Carlos

          If tmobile treats you well, congratulations for you, that is not my case and that of many people, if I told a lie, I would not have 13 likes in the comment, think it through ✌️

        • RealLifeJasonBourne

          If they treat you so poorly, why are you still here?

          Glutton for punishment?

          They treat you just fine. It’s just not enough for you. Nothing ever will be. They treat you just like they treat me. The only difference is, I understand basic economics and am not an entitled twat.

          People like what they want to hear; whether it’s utter BS or not. You appeal to the mewling whiners who “want moar free stuffs!”.

          Congratulations. You should be proud. /s

      • Christopher Hoy

        T-Mobile did actually run a promotion offering customers using a U1900-only device up to $200 off via a onetime bill credit back in July of 2017.

  • Nitesurfer1

    $50 Home Internet Unlimited, NO Cap

    • Mike Smith

      Way too high.

      • Kent108


        If the Tmo service is based on its 5G, it’d be offering Home Internet at speeds as fast as — or even faster than — most U.S. home broadband ISPs.

        And right now I pay $80/month for home broadband. (Just broadband — no cable TV or anything else.) Obviously, I’d jump ship to a 5G home service for $50 IN A SECOND.

  • Alex Pilaia

    Most likely will be the announcement of the Merger, and special plans to have current customers officially jump ship to the New Magenta Plans with an incentive. You gotta remember, everyone on Sprint has the choice to leave after the Merger. They can go to dumb and dumber if they wanted to, so Tmobile needs to entice all Sprint customers sooner rather than later…. so stick with TeamPink

  • Phil

    I’m not giving up my 45.00 unlimited everything Jump1 plan.
    It’s grandfathered in never letting it go

  • Need for Sheed

    I work for Magenta and there’s a ton off rumors around home internet . My guess is unlimited home service. Probably $70-$75 per month

    • Sharti24


      https://www.cordcuttersnews (dot) com/t-mobile-now-offers-home-internet-for-50-a-month-with-no-data-cap/

    • JG

      I’m curious as to what some of the other rumors might be…

    • James B

      You get what you pay for. The limited reviews put TMO’s home internet no where near as reliable as hard lines.

  • Sharti24

    When is 2G/3G going to be shutdown? Is there a set date yet?

    • Christopher Hoy

      None that I have heard of.

    • SteveD

      3g will go away long before 2g does. Tmo still has too many PoS, Muni, connected device customers on 2g yet to transition away.

  • Acdc1a

    Well now with AT&T’s new plans at $40 a pop with 15GB of tethering included I’m hoping it’s a lot more benefits at the same price point or less.

  • JG

    Thought #3…

    They’re launching home internet with no data caps… Assuming this includes no deprioritization/throttling either… Home connections generally use far more data and don’t switch towers often, so if they can manage it for home connections, I’d imagine they could manage for mobile connections as well…

    T-Mobile could become the first carrier to offer truly proper unlimited data, with no asterisk. If you want to use a terabyte of data on your phone go ahead and use a terabyte, it’ll all be full speed LTE (or 5G when applicable)

  • KeepU

    I wonder if they are going to stop randomly taking away discounts and adding fraudulent charges on our bills.

  • nutmac

    This being the first Un-Carrier event for New T-Mobile, I hope to be wrong. But…

    I am prepared to be underwhelmed.

    It’s no secret that T-Mobile has gradually become less competitive. It’s just cheap enough to still be seen as the best value.

    It certainly deserves the title as the best customer service among the top 4 (now 3) wireless carrier.

    And it has enough perks to keep the customer glued in, unless you live in areas with less than solid coverage (which unfortunately is still numerous).

    So New T-Mobile is now facing the task of merging and migrating Sprint customers.

    I fully expect Magenta to be the template moving forward, but is it going to stick with increasingly expensive Netflix? If you ask me, T-Mobile would be better off offering Amazon Prime instead, which would be seen by most as providing greater value.

    With Amazon possibly becoming a competitor, perhaps it would be better off with content-only partner such as Apple (selection of Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple News, and iCloud), Disney (selection of Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu), or Google (selection of Google One, Google Play Pass, YouTube Premium)? Maybe let customers pick among all 3 with option to use T-Mobile for billing?

  • matt

    I’m surprised none of the news websites are posting links to the actual live net stream

    T-mobile / uncarrier