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T-Mobile marks a decade of Un-carrier moves

It’s been 10 years since T-Mobile rolled out its Un-carrier branding. And ever since then, they have been able to deliver over 20 Un-carrier moves. In line with this celebration, T-Mobile’s CEO, Mike Sievert, looks back at the company’s achievements over the past decade.  The wireless carrier is looking back at its success today as it celebrates its 10th anniversary ever since Music Freedom in 2014. This was the start of T-Mobile’s unlimited  service for its customers. … [read full article]

Next Un-carrier Amped doubles down on Apple with Music Freedom expansion, new iPhone upgrade offer

What’s the next Un-carrier Amped move? Music Freedom. John Legere is back from vacation and is amping up its Music Freedom move by adding Apple Music to the feature. That means that you can now use Apple’s new music streaming service without the usage counting against your data plan. Apple Music’s addition to Music Freedom takes effect immediately. [read full article]

T-Mobile offering 250,000 free downloads of Zedd single

T-Mobile regularly teams up with musical stars to offer exclusive content and bonuses to its fans and customers. Last year it was Macklemore and Shakira. This year it’s Zedd. In a press release today, T-Mobile announced that it will working with the Grammy award-winning artist as his new album, True Colors is launched. To kick off the new album, and the tour that’s following soon, … [read full article]