T-Mobile adds more free streaming services to both Binge On and Music Freedom


When it comes to T-Mobile’s free media streaming services, Binge On has been getting quite a bit more attention than Music Freedom lately. That’s changing today, though, as both services are now getting some love.

T-Mobile today added new free streaming services to both Binge On and Music Freedom. First up, Binge On is growing with the addition of Dailymotion, EPIX, OVGuide, OWNZONES, Viki, YipTV, 120 Sports, Nickelodeon, Spike, and TV Land. With these services, Binge On now has more than 60 free streaming partners, all of which you can view right here.

Meanwhile, Music Freedom now supports more than 40 free streaming services. The ones joining Music Freedom today include Amazon Music, Chilltrax, ESPN Radio, OHIO.FM, PreDanz, and Uforia. The full list of free Music Freedom services can be found here.

Today’s updates are notable because they add some big-name services to both Binge On and Music Freedom, including the likes of Dailymotion and Nickelodeon for Binge On and Amazon Music and ESPN Radio for Music Freedom. The smaller services are also important, though, because they’ve got their own followings, and their additions will please any fans that are existing T-Mo subscribers and could help to convince non-T-Mo users to make the switch.

Along with today’s announcement, John Legere has put together a vlog touching on the news, the difference between “Carrier Data” and “Un-carrier Data,” and the whole AT&T/Verizon/Netflix brouhaha.

Source: T-Mobile

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