T-Mobile adds more free streaming services to both Binge On and Music Freedom


When it comes to T-Mobile’s free media streaming services, Binge On has been getting quite a bit more attention than Music Freedom lately. That’s changing today, though, as both services are now getting some love.

T-Mobile today added new free streaming services to both Binge On and Music Freedom. First up, Binge On is growing with the addition of Dailymotion, EPIX, OVGuide, OWNZONES, Viki, YipTV, 120 Sports, Nickelodeon, Spike, and TV Land. With these services, Binge On now has more than 60 free streaming partners, all of which you can view right here.

Meanwhile, Music Freedom now supports more than 40 free streaming services. The ones joining Music Freedom today include Amazon Music, Chilltrax, ESPN Radio, OHIO.FM, PreDanz, and Uforia. The full list of free Music Freedom services can be found here.

Today’s updates are notable because they add some big-name services to both Binge On and Music Freedom, including the likes of Dailymotion and Nickelodeon for Binge On and Amazon Music and ESPN Radio for Music Freedom. The smaller services are also important, though, because they’ve got their own followings, and their additions will please any fans that are existing T-Mo subscribers and could help to convince non-T-Mo users to make the switch.

Along with today’s announcement, John Legere has put together a vlog touching on the news, the difference between “Carrier Data” and “Un-carrier Data,” and the whole AT&T/Verizon/Netflix brouhaha.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Paul Sousa

    Been waiting on Amazon Music, great news.

    • KC


  • BreakingData

    This is awesome news!

  • Awesome…

    Welcome Back Alex (TmoNews), this is awesome news!

    • Alex Wagner

      Thank you!

  • jj201367

    Awesome news

  • Fabian

    Do you people turn Binge On OFF after watching your videos, or you just leave Binge On ON?

    • Fabian

      If always ON, have you noticed the throttle in other apps and downloads?

      • Enrique Escobar

        i have not noticed any difference to be honest, i have had BingeOn enable since last wednesday and i just downloaded a 35mb file in about 2 seconds, thats pretty fast! last time i checked my data consumption on wednesday i had used 10.35gb and i just checked again and i’m only on 12.85gb but that is after i have watched the entire season 4 of house of cards plus some Youtube

        • Fabian

          I turned ON mine last week to compare the speed and quality for a moment but then I forgot to turn it OFF until couple of days ago. I think many people just leave it ON either because they don’t know or because they want to stream for free, without switching on and off.

      • ArchangelRenzoku

        I would be the type of person to notice something like that and no it doesn’t seem to affect anything other than video streams thankfully. I’ve been doing my own controlled, static testing (not with useless Speedtest apps) but with download managers that monitor current throughput values with BingeOn on and off at different times of the day.

        • Fabian

          Interesting. Thanks.

  • Fabian Cortez

    What’s interesting to see is that the op-out list for Binge On is still empty.

    So what happened to that lone provider known as “4Stream.tv?” You’d think that by pulling out of the Binge On process, they’d also not want T-Mobile to modify their stream. You know, to “be more honest and transparent about the issue and develop a program that we can be proud to participate in.”



  • steveb944

    Wish Major League Baseball audio stream was included. At least they have MLB on Binge On which I assume/hope it includes the recent MLB.tv promo.

  • Joe

    Give Binge On to the 2 GB plan people! Come on Tmobile they are the ones who really need it!

    • Fabian

      The unlimited streaming is not free like they say. But you can switch to Metro’s $60 Unlimited and pull up to 25GB without throttle (if you turn off Data Maximizer); or GoSmart’s $45 for 12GB throttled to 3G speeds.

      • ChristianMcC

        I prefer to play $20 per line on my 8 line plan with 2.5gbs a piece… Thus the consequences…

  • Fabian

    We don’t like Binge On because it’s a threat to internet freedom, it opens the door for others to do the same or worse. How many video providers do you think exist on the web? 150? No. Think hundreds and maybe even thousands.

    I know many people like free streaming and don’t mind the slower speeds; I know T-Mobile has a bandwidth problem; I also know there could be better solutions for all this, like: different speeds plans, a Binge On plan, throttle everything for free mode, etc.

    It’s not hate.

    • donnybee

      You’re that tool that couldn’t find your own name..

      Just in case you missed it: the reason people claim it’s so bad is because it “favors the big guys and shuts out the ‘mom-and-pops'”. Just so you know, it’s only setting a precendent to give equal treatment to any video provider that wants to be treated equal. You’re late to the lost argument.

      But I wouldn’t expect anything different from someone who needs to rip off another member. Weak

      • Fabian

        It does favor the big guys, especially the commercial ones.

        • donnybee

          “Beyond that, Binge On has always been completely free and open to any and all legit video streaming services. No money changes hands between T-Mobile and content providers. Anyone can join.”

          Source: newsroom.t-mobile. c o m/news-and-blogs/binge-on-update

          You’re a joke. Your argument is wrong and you’re wasting your time with false claims. And get a real identity. Mic drop.

        • Fabian

          I’m not saying it’s the intention but it does favor the big guys.

          They can say whatever they want, give me a neutral source.

          Don’t get emotional.

  • TmoN

    why not Dish??

    • Fabian

      Why not all the videos they’re already throttling?

  • AJ2

    TMobile seems to continue to push the industry pricing. Just found out that Straight Talk which has been doing $45 for 5gb of LTE is now also doing $55 for 10gb – Pretty good for single customers

    • Fabian

      Walmart Family Mobile has 10Gb for $50 and tethering is allowed unlike Straight Talk, but with Straight Talk you can choose the AT&T network.

      • dave73

        You can choose the AT&T network, as long as you get a phone that works on the AT&T network. The map on the box will either be blue for AT&T, or red for Verizon.