T-Mobile launching new promos that offer tablet savings, 10GB family plan


If you need some new devices to help you take advantage of those new Binge On and Music Freedom free streaming services, T-Mobile is happy to help you out.

Starting tomorrow, April 6, T-Mobile will offer up to 50 percent (up to $200) off of a tablet when you buy a flagship Apple, Samsung, or LG smartphone on an Equipment Installment Plan. To get the discount, you must buy the same brand tablet as your smartphone. So if you buy an iPhone, you must get an iPad.

The devices that qualify for this promo include:


  • Any new iPhone and iPad


  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S6 edge
  • Galaxy S6 edge+
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 edge
  • Galaxy Note 4
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • Galaxy Tab A 8.0
  • Galaxy Tab S2


  • LG V10
  • LG G Pad F 8.0

It’s also worth noting that this tablet offer requires qualifying service and that, if you do take advantage, you’ll get your savings in the form of a prepaid MasterCard card.

T-Mo is also kicking off a plan promo for those folks that don’t need new hardware. The plan offers four lines with unlimited talk, text, and data with 10GB of high-speed data per line for $35 per line ($140 per month).

Both of these promos will be available for a limited time, and you’ll be able to get ‘em starting tomorrow in T-Mobile stores, authorized dealers, 1-800-T-Mobile, and T-Mobile Care. They’ll hit T-Mobile’s website sometime later in April.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • They have a plan that some might have now that cost less, and you get more. $120 with 10gb of unlimited data, talk and text up to 12 lines with 10gb of Data stash on each line. Each line is $20, that’s a better one and you can still get it right now.

    • dodolom

      Can you send the link for this deal you are referring to? I can’t see anything

      • inuyasha1999

        Here it is. Scroll down passed the details on the unlimited data bundle, and you’ll see it.


        • Fabian

          I think this new plan is going to replace that one. People should hurry up.

        • inuyasha1999

          I have no doubts about that. I’m just glad I switched to the unlimited bundle when I did since we don’t know when that promo is going away. I needed an extra line anyways due to my company switching to AT&T for service, but offering to reimburse $40/month for taking over the line on your own service. The cost difference between the plan I had, and the current promo for unlimited turned out to be $40, so it works perfectly.

        • Fabian

          Did you know you can mix Unlimited lines with 10GB lines? If you’re the only one who needs unlimited you can save $15 a month.

        • inuyasha1999

          No, I wasn’t aware of that, but unlimited on each of my 4 lines was best anyways. With my wife running her business, my daughter going through the 2GB she had in only a couple of days, and me using a lot of data on my line and my work line, it was the best plan for us.

        • dodolom

          So, what’s the best plan for 2 lines of phone? One is my mom and she doesn’t need more than 1 or 2 GBs of Data.

        • inuyasha1999

          If all you need is 2 lines, best thing to do is go to the link below, click the add a line button, and select the amount of data you need. As far as I can tell, a 2 line family plan is $80/month, and includes 2GB of high speed data. If you need more data, just select how much you need.


        • inuyasha1999

          Ah, new promo coming up for 2 lines. Just saw it posted by TmoNews on facebook.


        • inuyasha1999

          Looks like both of those promo plans went away yesterday. SO glad I got on the unlimited plan a couple of weeks ago, lol.

        • Fabian

          Wow. I just learned that you can mix the 10GB with Unlimited lines.

  • NardVa

    Limited options for an LG phone and LG tablet. I’m surprised they are not including the G4 and G5.

    • TS50

      G5 isn’t included because the promo with the free camera and battery is still going on.

  • Philip

    16GB free of hotspot on my phone to my tablet. Why this?

  • emcdonald75

    I’m on Jump on Demand, do I qualify for 50% off the tablet if I open an EIP with a tablet and Jump to another phone?

    • TS50

      No, new phone must be purchased on EIP as well.

      • emcdonald75

        Oh well that sucks. I was thinking about getting an iPad mini 4 and switching my phone to the Galaxy S7 Edge. The iOS restrictive nature kills me. Bluetooth only has half the features in my car, and I can only do certain things dependent on what Apple will allow. I like everything else about the iPhone. I don’t like that the S7 Edge came with only 32GB of internal memory and I hear the speaker is downright awful. Samsung almost had the perfect phone for me. I already have the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 2014 Edition tablet and I was getting a iPad mini just to keep up with my purchased iOS apps.

  • Chris Fisher

    I thought it meant that I could get just an iPad for up to 50% off if I already had a flaghship phone. My wife already has the latest iPhone (128 GB even) and it would be nice if I could buy an iPad that we are looking at and be rewarded for owning a high end device already.

  • patt

    “up to 50 percent (up to $200)”

  • Joe

    I’m fine with my 2 GB simple choice north america plan. For three lines that’s $90 and they include my work 15% discount so it’s really $76.50. Just wish binge on videos worked with it. Oh well. At least I get all the music I can handle for free.

    • Critic4U

      I’m happy with my 2 Lines Unlimited 4G LTE for $100 plan 151GB and counting…

      • eanfoso

        Leeches like you ruin unlimited for everyone else

        • gmo8492

          Legere had tweeted a guy who said he used a 100GB a month, he said it was fine. People who use 1TB a month to run a server inside of their house is abuse. Why pay for the most expensive plan if you can’t take advantage of it, of course I say this within reason.

        • Fabian

          It depends, if he’s not bypassing the tethering limits then it’s all good.

        • Critic4U

          Yeah we don’t tether at all we just stream a lot of YouTube and Netflix but we leave the binge on service turned off, and if we had to tether we would just use the 7GB of included tethering capability, I wouldn’t say we are leeching just getting out monies worth

  • ArchangelRenzoku

    Haw Haw! We just jumped our 4 lines onto that 10gb plan for $120 about a week ago (same price as the 6gb match plan). Now it went up? Tch Tch.

    • Enrique Escobar

      yes, it was a promo…but no need to worry, your price will remain the same! it won’t go up for at least 2 years

      • ChristianMcC

        As understood by a previous announcement, no plan goes up unless you change it, for the life of your stay with TMO.

        • John Young

          They have reneged on that. Current promos have a 2 year no raise guarantee. Still good, but a walk back of a “core” UNCARRIER tenet in my opinion.

    • Ricky Wong

      been thinking about this for a week or two. just signed up tonight. lol

      • JLV90

        me too gave up on my unlimited line when I saw my usage drop to less than 5 GB with binge on.

  • ronjon400

    i signed up for the $120 plan just in the nick of time. we got 5 lines for $140
    after my corp. discount its only $119+taxes

  • seph

    Does this plan allow corp discounts?