Android 6.0.1 update arrives for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge today


It appears that today T-Mobile has pushed out minor updates for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge today. This is an update to the existing v6.0.1 for both of Samsung’s flagship devices.

Only 146.91MB in size, Android 6.0.1 will include small bug fixes and overall device performance.

It’s been noted by several users that T-Mobile has been slacking in terms of Android updates for major flagship phones. However, this could be a sign that T-Mobile is working on updates for other Android handsets.

If you’re an owner of a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, let us know if you see any noticeable improvements in the comments below!

Thanks Emad, David, Justin, and Luis!

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  • Tina White

    Nothing noticed yet! I wish they would’ve fixed the SD CARD notification.

    • Adrian T Nidelea

      I replaced the SD card and now is ok. The previous one was 200 Gb. Now I have 16.

      • Zbum

        Also replaced SD card same issue….SD card notification still pops up after reboot… big deal but annoying.

        • Adrian T Nidelea

          Is coming too after turning phone off and on. I press clear and that it. Before with the 200 I was clearing that all day and still appearing. Called samsung and they had no clue. Called the mobile and they wanted to replace the phone. Nobody know nothing. Maybe with this update will get better. I will try to switch the SD cards again see what happend.

        • Mike

          Post a thread on the tmobile web site and perhaps the Samsung web site and report it using social media directly to both. It should get their attention. I don’t have my S7 Edge yet but once I receive it I sure will be reporting any issues that arise. We need both Tmobile and Samsung to start raising the bar and start paying us more attention!


        • Mike

          Absurd report it needs to be fixed. If Apple had an issue like that they would fix it within days at most! Lets hold Samsung to the higher standard they want to be in, they have a long way to go!


      • Tina White

        Mine is 64GB.

  • Matt Kinne

    The devices were already running Android 6.0.1 out of the box.

    • caquito

      I also have the same 6.0.1

      • Mindtrouble

        My S7 Edge was 6.0.1. I did the update and it’s still 6.0.1. I guess it was a T-mobile only update and not a Marshmallow update.

        • Adrian T Nidelea

          Mine was the same and still install it. It’s a different software for 6.0.1.

  • AM Gone

    And still no update for the Note Edge

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Has anyone notice the S7 Edge not connected a network WiFi until you switch to airplane mode?

    • T S

      i only have wifi issues if i’m using bluetooth at the same time as wifi. if i turn bluetooth i have no issues with my wifi.

    • dtam

      yes, but I don’t think it’s an S7 issue, I had the same difficulties trying to connect my Nexus 6 so I think it’s a Marshmallow issue

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        I have Nexus 6P and I haven’t noticed that. i will keep an eye out for it. S7 is the buy one get one free deal. :)

    • Jimmy James

      I have the issue where it won’t connect back to 4g after being disconnected from my router. My router is a 4 year old model, so probably why.

  • Jason Caprio

    April 4th 2016 and still running 5.1.1 on my Note 5. According to T-Mobile’s software update site, the Note 4, 5, and Edge+ are still in Manufacturer Development. My patience is wearing very thin. The main reason I want my Marshmallow update is because I really want Doze and App Standby power saving features in Marshmallow. At this rate I won’t be surprised if we don’t get this update until May if not at all.

    • HeatFan786

      Samsung is really making great hardware, but they don’t want to get all the customers possible. Software support is more important than having the best hardware on the market. Just ask Apple, their hardware isn’t top of the line in every aspect, but they still kick ass with software support. You can’t just have the Nexus as the only good software support for Android.

      • Jimmy James

        Apple makes the hardware and the software. Samsung only makes the hardware.

        • HeatFan786

          Samsung makes Tizen. But they control the speed between software updates. They could easily make a pure edition to bypass carriers.

  • jaquan

    my note 5 is still on 5.1.1 while sprint verizon and att have the update out already

  • Guest

    Ok great. Now hopefully the S6 gets the same update soon

  • Tmobile956

    Actually got the update around 2am. Thought I was maybe late to an update. So far no problems. I did take my phone off the charger an hour ago and still at 92% with heavy usage. Maybe I’m seeing some improved battery life. Other than that no other problems have arised. It took awhile for my icons to load though after the installation. Maybe about 20 minutes.

  • Bradley Karas

    Mine runs great

  • Sean

    Get your facts right, Peter. This update did NOT bump the phones up to 6.0.1, as they’ve had it since launch. This is only a monthly security patch. There is a big difference in security patches and Android OS number updates.

    • Ascertion

      It definitely fixed a lot of issues though, one being touch sensitivity and another being the slow motion recording, both of which were fixed during this OTA. It may not have a new Android OS version, but it definitely squatted some bugs.

    • Sorry about that! Fixed.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Lol the phones came with 6.0.1

  • Lukasz Balicki

    “It’s been noted by several users that T-Mobile has been slacking in terms of Android updates for major flagship phones. However, this could be a sign that T-Mobile is working on updates for other Android handsets.”

    More like OEMs are slacking. Samsung is notoriously slow for updates, they mainly care about updating the brand new phones to sell new phones, at this point they care less about S6 purchases.

    HTC and T-Mobile was rather timely with both the M9 and M8, the only version of the M9 and M8 not on 6.0 is AT&T, and they estimated late April despite HTC pushing AT&T. If counting only flagships, HTC is the only once since the HTC M7 which didn’t break their promise to support the phones with 2 years of updates.

    LG is getting better as well but still unpredictable.

    I think this article still holds true to this day –

  • TatDude806

    But the Note 5 is still on 5.1 lagging behind. Yea Sammy and T-Mo loves flagship phones!

    • nycplayboy78

      Let’s not forget the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge…No Marshmallow Love either :/

      • Jonson Nguyen

        at least on the tmobile website it shows that the s6 and s6e are in testing. the note 5 is still in manufacture development…which is a total lie since most other note 5’s have been released.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Most other note 5s don’t have rcs WiFi calling or T-mobile volte either

        • Jonson Nguyen

          I know that, but manufacturer development means that T-Mobile is waiting for Samsung to create marshmallow for the note 5, which is false. Right now it’s definitely T-Mobile that’s holding us back.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          They do need to add and test the T-mobile features so I don’t see it as T-mobile holding it back

        • Jonson Nguyen

          which at this point they aren’t doing. and if they are, they need to update that software update page. Also, at the same time, Verizon and already has MM on their note 5’s and S6, and Sprint has it on their Note 5.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          So you work on the team getting the T-mobile updates ready?

        • Jonson Nguyen

          Yes I do. Note 5 will never get marshmallow. in fact, we’re going to downgrade it to kitkat

        • Marcelo_L

          I needed that little tidbit of humor this morning. Oh? Wait. You weren’t kidding.

  • Kevin Solo

    How about some Marshmallow for the Note 5! The S6, and S6 Edge too! So much for keeping support for flagship phones!

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      That’s your fault this hasn’t changed from Samsung since the gs2

      Once the note 6 is out the gs7 will be treated as the n5 and gs6 are now

      • Phil Howell

        If it wasn’t for Samsung’s great hardware I’d be rocking something else.
        If they could just get their sheet together and actually take care of customers after the sale they would be epic. ..

        • Mike

          I would like to see Samsung on par with Apple when it comes to hardware/software nobody does it better than Apple that’s for sure even talking older phone models! I ordered the S7 Edge to check it out (still have not received it) but so far I’m not impressed at all with Android in general, lack of frequent OS updates and questionable overall OS security, quality of apps, etc.


        • Jimmy James

          You could have to pay for OS upgrades like you did for Windows for the past 25 years, until recently. Apple makes the software and the hardware, Samsung only makes the hardware.

        • Bradley Karas

          Apple does not make their own hardware

        • Jimmy James

          They are in charge of the design and development. Third-party slave Asians build the hardware.

        • Bradley Karas

          Processor built by TSMC and Samsung, radio built by Qualcomm, camera built by Sony…and so on

        • Jimmy James

          You understand my point anyway. Apple is in charge of what goes into the phone and how the OS is designed for that hardware.

        • Awesome Bryner

          That is why their products are way more than other phones. No one but them controls their devices.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Wishful thinking

  • tiod

    mine was 215.56 MB

  • Mike

    So I’m assuming this update did not remove the lock on the bootloader and there is still no way to remove the pre-installed tmobile junkware?


    • Jimmy James

      T-Mobile barely has any junkware. They have account, voicemail, hotspot, sim card unlock, caller id and tv apps. All of those are kind of necessities, except the TV app, and they can be disabled. T-Mobile has no third-party apps installed, except for Samsungs. Google apps are part of the OS. T-Mobile is the least offending carrier of bloatware.

      • Philip

        Get rid of “My Files” (no ftp) and Internet browser. Others are OK.

  • Buster Nutwell

    Wheres W10M for Lumia 640??!!

    • According to my sources, T-Mobile is testing it internally due to Wi-Fi Calling. That’s what’s holding up the Windows 10 update for the Lumia 640.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Android system drain is much less now

    • Hoggles

      Yep. Screen is nearly triple the percentage of Android Sys now. We’ll see how it affects SOT.

      Starting on a full charge tomorrow will be the test. My SOT has been amazing. If it gets better, I’ll be very impressed.

      Overall, the whole phone feels snappier. I haven’t played with the camera or video yet. Waking the phone with the home button is now instant. Seemed like there was a slight pause before.

      Good stuff!

      • dontsh00tmesanta

        Yeah so far so good

  • TMO Sucks

    T Mobile Sucks thy forget s6 update

    • Jimmy James

      T-Mobile is anti-old phones. They try to do everything in their power to have you upgrade after a year, or before that. Jump! and Jump! On Demand, buy one get one free specials, etc.

    • John Wentworth

      check the t-mobile software support page, the s6 update is in stage 2 the carrier testing phase, it should be making it’s way out soon hopefully.

      Samsung controls the software, and HTC and LG already updated many of their older phones on T-mobile to Marshmallow, so maybe you should be looking at Samsung not just T-mobile.

      Samsung has been even slower than usual to roll out updates this year.

  • caquito

    After just 10 days of use the phone somehow has eaten up 18 GB of internal storage, Camera and Download folders are empty, nothing major installed, this makes no sense.

    Any one having similar problem?

    • caquito

      Just noticed Google Photos is using 15 GB, can I clear this without affecting my own pictures?

      • Fifth313ment

        Make sure all your pics are backed up and then you can delete everything in your gallery to free up space. There is an option in Google Photos which makes it easier. Open Google Photos and then hit up the hamburger menu and goto settings. Third option down is, “Free up device storage” which will remove images from your phone automatically tha are already backed up and saved. This only works on the internal memory as photos can’t delete files on the SD card. Hopefully this helps you my friend, let us know. :)

  • Philip

    I did the update yesterday. Nothing nothing.

  • Bigboss84

    Battery life is better, my battery was draining fast. By the way, this might sound cray but I had notice that the camera on the s7 edge from the t-mobile store and target looks better than the one on my phone. And the setting is the same, I asked a couple of people and even they notice. Might have to go and double check just in case.

  • Mike

    No Note 5 love

    • Uncle Tom

      Shame on tmo. To completely F over Note 5 owners like me,and thousands of others is evident that tmo isn’t sh@t. I’m going to Apple on another network. This is ridiculous.

      • Mike

        Other carriers already have MM on the Note 5 so that tells me it’s Tmobile fault

  • EastVillageDavid

    Great update. Smoother performance all around (especially in Chrome) on my S7 and I went from 15 hours battery life on an average day to 18. Also, my phone was getting hot more than it really should have, and now that isn’t happening. This same thing happened with the S6, which I bought right away. There were problems for the first few weeks, and then a “minor” T-mobile update cleared them up entirely. Early tech adopters are guinea pigs to some extent — especially with Android — but as long as they keep fixing it within a few weeks, I’m cool with that.

  • manutd7

    My s7 edge has already randomly restarted a handful of times. Hopefully this fixes it. Aside from that, battery life was already great. I can easily get 4+ hours of on screen time (usually goes up to 5)

  • Bradley Karas

    Anyone notice that the HD voice indicator goes on with almost every call?

  • mreveryphone

    Downloaded the update last night and started with a freshly charged battery this morning. As of right now at 15:15 I’m at 83% battery life. That’s with my Gear s2 connected, and my lg tone ultras. I haven’t done anything different than I do on any other day, calls, text, and the occasional social media check… I’d say this update is pretty significant.

  • Matt Macaluso

    My home screen was empty after the update. Vibrate stopped working all together… and the phone is getting so hot under minimal use.

  • Mo_bmw_620

    After the OTA update last night, my always on display no longer works. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks

    • erikdrakon

      mine lost the background, but go back into display and re-select AOD and it should work again.