Next Un-carrier Amped doubles down on Apple with Music Freedom expansion, new iPhone upgrade offer

What’s the next Un-carrier Amped move? Music Freedom.

John Legere is back from vacation and is amping up its Music Freedom move by adding Apple Music to the feature. That means that you can now use Apple’s new music streaming service without the usage counting against your data plan. Apple Music’s addition to Music Freedom takes effect immediately.


T-Mo is doubling down on Apple with a new iPhone offer as well. The Un-carrier says that if you buy an iPhone 6 this summer and decide that you want to the new iPhone model that’s expected to come this fall, you can do so for free so long as you do it by the end of 2015. Yep, no additional fee and no monthly payment change. Additionally, you can lock in your $15 per month price that T-Mo is currently offering for the iPhone 6 with a trade-in.

This offer will run through Labor Day, which is September 7. Thankfully, anyone that’s already picked up an iPhone 6 for $15 per month on JUMP! On Demand will qualify for this upgrade offer too.

Finally, T-Mobile says that it’ll give priority for the new iPhone to customers that bought the iPhone 6 with the $15 per month deal. If you buy the new iPhone within 48 hours of its launch and you’re on the $15 per month iPhone 6 deal, T-Mo will give your order priority over non-eligible customers.

John Legere wrapped up his string of Un-carrier Amped news by revealing that today’s announcement is the last of this summer’s Un-carrier Amped action. That’s kind of a bummer, but the magenta CEO does promise that he’s listening and that T-Mobile “won’t stop making our Un-carrier moves better.”

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Fabian Cortez


    • Jimmylee Gutierrez

      I wonder if the music video playback of apple music with be included in music freedom?

      • Fabian Cortez

        I haven’t even upgraded to the latest iOS so I’m not even familiar with Apple Music. I’m still on 8.1.1.

        • Jimmylee Gutierrez

          Apple music includes commercial free music videos as part of the service.

        • Fabian Cortez



  • Derrick

    That’s all? Maybe he’s going to pop up with a wait that’s not all.

  • beyondthetech

    At least the second half of Legere’s announcement instantly shuts up Sprint’s CEO Marcelo Claure about that change in the price plan when you use JUMP on Demand.

  • Wish they’d offer that $15/mo price on a non-iPhone flagship and its upgrade. No interest in an iPhone here… :-(

    • TrippleJay16

      Yea, they keep pushing the iPhone when a lot of people have no interest in it.


        To the average person that frequents wireless forums and sites like this, hardly. Remember though you probably fall into the group of hardcore users. The ordinary joe is much more likely to be interested in this.

      • Yeah… a lot of people don’t care for iPhones…

        Man, I love Android just as much as anyone else out there, but the iPhone is still the most popular handset in America. That’s indisputable. Apple has the most mindshare even among Android users here in the US.

        • Walt Lonsdale

          You really can’t tell. Android is on many different handsets.

        • So many different handsets, none selling as well as the iPhone. And the people who buy them want iPhones.

          It’s definitely not like that in the rest of the world, sure, but Apple is especially powerful in American culture.

        • 21stNow

          “And the people who buy them want iPhones.”

          How do you figure that?

        • Obviously not all, but Apple’s mindshare is clear. Especially for people who buy cheap Android phones or phones that don’t provide a good experience, then want to switch to iPhones. Apple operates under the illusion of luxury, and they have a cultural status that no other company has. Yes, Samsung is a household name. Yes, everyone knows Motorola since the RAZR. But in mainstream users’ minds, Apple is like the cool kids’ club. Just look at any high school or clique-y environment. The network effects favor iPhones (due to things like iMessage) and the perception is that if you have an iPhone, you’re rich. (Never mind that they’re free on contract, because logic and facts are irrelevant to mindshare.)

          iPhones are clearly a more desirable product. The iPhone 6 is #1 in America especially due to its high switching rates from Android. A few quarters in and that is growing. It’s touch-and-go in the US wireless industry; Samsung overtook Apple while they stuck to 4″ screens, and now Apple overtakes Samsung when the Android players have gone to 5″ and above. All superiority and advantages aside, whether the iPhone is “better” in any way or not is irrelevant, because the American public gives more cultural relevance to the iPhone and to Apple. It’s iPhones and other phones. That’s why Google is trying to push for more market awareness with their new campaigns to make Android a recognizable name.

        • SirStephenH

          Apple is only so popular in America because of the cult culture Steve Jobs created around it. It was marketing, plain and simple.

          iOS and Android actually have a equal share of the US market now. Deep subsidies on iPhones by carriers in the US, paid for by other users, that make it price competitive with other less subsidized or unsubsidized phones, and the cult culture around Apple play a large part in this. While Android outnumbers iOS 11 to 2 worldwide (including the US).

          “So many different handsets, none selling as well as the iPhone.”

          I don’t understand why this fault in logic is so common. It’s an apples and oranges argument. Android is an OS, the iPhone is not. You go by OS when discussing market share. Apple doesn’t allow other companies to use iOS so it gets the entire share of that OS so if for some reason you wanted to use iOS you’d only have one choice. Android can be used by anyone for free so there’s huge competition which means there’s less for any one company or device to have (we won’t even go into why company and device comparisons outside of their OS is wrong). Windows is more restricted than Android but it can still be used by by many companies splitting up what little market share it has. Etc.

          “So many different handsets, none selling as well as the iPhone. And the people who buy them want iPhones.”

          Not like they give you much of a choice with iOS. Ooo I get one choice in phone but I get to choose the color and how much memory it has (which I pay out the rear for when it costs them very little to add it)! Ooo now I get to choose a new screen size (but everything on the screen is scaled twice, which Apple could have gotten around with a higher resolution screen, because iOS still uses the points system).

        • Look, I’m not knocking Android. I’m an Android fan, and I’ve been using it since the G1. I’m just pointing out that cultural aspect. Steve Jobs maintained a cult of personality built around Apple, and that continues to affect the market today.

          That’s not to say all iPhones are irredeemably terrible, either. They work great if you don’t need much, with a great set of default apps. The “out of the box” experience on iPhones is attractive because it doesn’t aim for much. “Here’s a phone app. Here’s a mail app. It takes good pictures. You can message your friends.” Apple can do that BECAUSE it doesn’t let people license iOS. It controls the entire experience from top-down. When you start using an iPhone and notice the quirks, the annoyances, the setbacks, you start seeing the problems. But most people don’t go that deep.

          And I’m really not comparing platforms here, either. I’m talking about individual devices. The iPhone 6 is one of the most popular iPhones to date, because it’s not stuck in 4″ land anymore, and that has understandably created competition with high-end Android phones. That’s not really important, either, because this discussion is centered around mindshare, not actual market share.

          When I said “So many different handsets, none selling as well as the iPhone”, I meant that one phone model dominates the market in share and profitability because it is the “only choice”. On Android, you can buy whichever phone you want, from a variety of manufacturers. (Again, though, platform choice is irrelevant.) When I said “the people who buy them want iPhones”, again, I’m pointing out that mindshare that Apple has due to its marketing and cultural relevance. People look at the iPhone and believe it’s a better option, and at that point, the Android platform matters exactly 0% because the experience they are having is still “lesser” than the ideal that Apple paints in its advertising.

          You see a high rate of switchers from “Android to iPhone” because when you have multiple players, it is IMPOSSIBLE to make sure that EVERY SINGLE OEM provides a consistently good experience. I love HTC because I get a metal build, amazing speakers, the best front cameras on any phone, and yes, a smooth and wonderful Android experience. I would not buy a Samsung phone because it doesn’t provide any of that, and TouchWiz tends to be a terrible, laggy mess, as well as the most visually offensive UI and unsatisfying UX on any flagship phone. It’s easy to see how someone might buy a Samsung phone, dislike it, buy into the marketing, and have a tainted perception of Android. It makes more sense if they don’t need much from a phone.

          And the fact of the matter is, not everyone is buying a $650 phone like with iPhones. Some people are buying terrible cheap phones that will OBVIOUSLY not provide the same experience as a $650+ phone. If I bought an HTC Desire 626 on AT&T, would I REALLY be able to compare that to using an iPhone 6? It’s not at all the same kind of experience, and again, platform doesn’t matter.

          I can see where you’re coming from, but you’re missing the point. No faults in logic here, but we’re discussing two totally different things. Your post disregards that and rushes to defend Android where a defense isn’t needed. It’s nothing against the platform. It’s entirely with how consumers see the platform, because of advertising. No one expects ordinary consumers to try every single phone out there and come to a decision which one they like best. By and large, they are going to buy whatever they believe is best based on external stimuli like advertising, cultural relevancy, and maybe reviews if they bother to look up phones. It’s just that even looking at phone reviews is sometimes too great of a mental effort, too “techy” for the average person. And in popular media, no one talks about Android phones because they have no cultural relevancy. Apple is simply the most valuable brand in the world, and that’s due to their marketing and mindshare. They are the most valuable brand because people will buy Apple products just to buy Apple products. That’s a position that no other company can match.

      • beyondthetech

        I’ve seen a lot of traffic with iPhones in a number of T-Mobile stores in my area, so I’m not sure where you’re getting that ‘a lot of people have no interest in it.’

        Perhaps T-Mobile is poising themselves to be bought by Apple… Wouldn’t that be a game changer for the wireless carrier industry!

        • Acdc1a

          Yes, Apple Wireless would be a real game changer! It would certainly make the rates at Verizon and AT&T seem downright cheap.

      • Prod1702

        The same they are pushing the Iphone over others is most likely because the Iphone does not support Band 12 right now. I work in a Tmo Corp Store as a RSA and they want us to pretty much tell everyone that is buying a new phone or coming to T-Mo from somewhere else about Band 12. So this makes it so that people wait for the new Iphone to come out see if it has band 12 before looking at moving to T-Mo. This Iphone promo makes it so that people can move now. Get the phone they want and change to the new one this fall when it comes out and hopefully has Band 12.

        • Re-Set Lease

          As a RSA, in your humble opinion, what is the advantages to the Jump on Demand Lease program? I returned my device and canceled my lease during my buyers’ remorse period…due to the re-set terms, that is, each you time you upgrade the lease re-sets.

        • Prod1702

          think of JOD as just a different version of the old way to get phones with T-Mobile. The payment for the Iphone 6 16gb is 27.08/month on EIP or JOD. Its just after 18 months on JOD if you do not want to keep your phone you just turn it in unbroken and your done with it. If you want to keep the phone you have to pay to keep it. Right now JOD is better for a Iphone 6 because if you trade in your fully unbroken smartphone T-Mobile gives you a $12 bill credit over 18 months to make the Iphone $216 less. So look at it this way. The retail price of a Iphone 6 16gb is $650 before tax. The old way is you pay tax up front then $27.08 for 24 months so 27.08 x 24=649.92. Now the new way with JOD. You pay $27.08 – $12 (bill credit) for 18 months. So it looks like this. 27.08 – 12 = 15.08 x 18 = 271.44. Now if you want to keep the phone you pay whatever is left to get to $650. 27.08 x 18 = 487.44. You take this number from 650 ( 650- 487.44 = 162.56) remember this is with no promo $12 credit because it is just that a credit. The $12 is $216 over 18 months. So if you keep the Iphone 6 16gb it only costs you $434 over the 18 months. I understand that what I just wrote out is alot to take in but if you don’t get a Iphone trade in credit the phones are the same price either program. This is just the Iphone 6. The price is the same on the other phones as well.

        • Re-Set Lease

          Awesome, thank you for your very detail response…

    • SirStephenH

      Yeah. They seem to keep forgetting that their early adoption of Android had a large hand in making them what they are today. Also pumping out subsidies for the iPhone at the expense of other users (where do you think this $216 subsidy comes from?) is a very carrier move.

  • williejackbrainer

    I was considering until he said 16GB iPhone. Not leaving my Nexus 6 for this Amped up for iPhone deal.

  • Yeah, theis move is pretty meh @fabiancortez:disqus has stated. As well as some of the past amped moves. I mean we already expected Apple Music to apart of Music Freedom. For one, John basically inferred that in his last uncarrier amped move via her periscope, plus at the beginning of music freedom they said they will add more services a long the way. So it was a no brainer. The only thing new is the iPhone upgrade move, and even that is kinda meh, at least to me.

  • Larry Griffin

    So does this mean if I get the 64gb 6plus for 100 down I don’t have to pay that again when I order the new one I can get the 64 gb and pay nothing ?

    • Chris

      Curious on this too. We have a 16GB I am definitely now trading in, but the 64GB, I’m not sure I would want to pay the $100 difference again. Also hoping the minimum size will now be 32GB.

      • Prod1702

        + for the 32gb size

  • Cg

    I think this was a calculated move. It’s iPhone season and people are known to change their carrier. So this is a way to ensure customers don’t leave. Giving priority in shipping, and locking in a low rate for the new phone.

  • Chris Sanner


  • PC_Tool

    Add the Nexus 6 to JoD already…. Sheesh.

  • PHL

    I think they’re running out of ideas and/or they’ve more concerned about profitability than marketing at this point. Maybe they’re saving some offers in the back pocket fot when subscriber growth begins to stagnate.

  • NR552

    *crickets* How about something that’s really a deal, especially for long time T-Mobile customers?

  • AussieB

    Music freedom needs to let you stream the music you already own and store in Google Music for those who don’tssubscribe to all these Third party services. If there r no kickbacks involved, not sure why they can’t do that

    • Adrayven

      Google Music is covered .. soo, ummmm.. yeah.. thats already the case..

    • SirStephenH

      Google Music was added late last year.

  • jay

    I got on that JOD once it came out just for the iPhone deal. I didn’t have intentions to upgrade to the next iPhone until the lease was over but this def changed for me. Plus business wise this will attract new customers and obviously more sales for Apple once the new phone comes out.

  • brybry

    This is a great deal. You’re getting $200 off the retail price of the iphone with the leasing program.
    Also with the newest iphone coming out, i’m hoping it supports the band 12. If so it’s it’s worth getting in on this.

    Now my question is do you start the $15 per month all over again for 18 month before the $200ish buyout price?

    • Alex Pilaia

      yes. every new JUMP ON DEMAND trade it renews the 18 month contract on the new phone..

    • Andrew Singleton

      yes. restarts the discount and the term. must upgrade in 2015.

    • Olin Lagon

      I called. Buy out price is about $340. So total price for the phone is $610.

  • FlyerR

    What about those that got an iPhone6 Plus?

    • You can get the Plus. It will just cost a few more dollars per month. You still get the $12 discount per month for 18 months. They just call it the $15 iPhone 6 offer because it is the most attractive offer.

      iPhone 6 monthly payment = $27
      JUMP discount = -$12
      Monthly payment = $15

      Whatever phone you choose that’s on the list just subtract $12 per month.

  • resource

    So much whining. It’s like a classroom of children.

    Lots of people use iPhones and the ones that do make T-Mobile a lot of money. They are the most valuable customers across the ecosystem. This is a fact you can verify any number of places.

    I wish this was Band 12 coverage right next to my apartment but sometimes an announcement benefits you and sometimes it doesn’t. Either way T-Mo gets better for everyone with each announcement.

    Grow up.

    • steveb944

      This is the first OEM locked AMP/Uncarrier. It’s bad enough it was Samsung and Apple only for the most part, but now it’s even worse.

      If you can’t see that being an issue with neutrality with OEMs YOU need to grow up.

  • Walt Lonsdale

    Too bad they have to heavily discount the iPhone to move it.

    • huh? They didn’t discount the iPhone, they discounted the JUMP program to get people in. iPhones are just some of the phones on that eligible list.

    • Frankwhitess

      Hahaha hahaha haha…….. Thank you for that… I phones sucks lol…

    • matt

      It’s not a discount. Your renting it. The iPhone 6 never belongs to you. You are responsible for it. With that new sims bug for android that’s affecting 95% of the android users out there and how only 7% of android people run the latest software, I think it would be a good time for you to throw away your phone , give up on droid and switch. You can switch to Windows. I’m not saying you have to come to apple

  • JR

    Hooray for Apple Music joining Music Freedom. The rest is lovely news for iPhone users.

  • emcdonald75

    This new Uncarrier: Amped was a little confusing so I called a rep. I wondered if I were to go and buy the iPhone 6 Plus 64GB and pay the $100 down (because of the extra GB), can I just trade in my device for the iPhone 6S Plus 64GB at no extra charge. The Rep told me that I will still have to pay the extra $100 for the 64GB iPhone 6S Plus because it is required for the extra GB. So I decided to wait for the new iPhone 6S Plus to be released, but I am scared I will not have priority over other users belonging to the Jump On Demand program. What should I do?

    • Here’s what you could do.

      Pay off your phone. Buy a Lumina 635 for $35 somewhere. Stick your SIM card in there and wait a day for it to update your account as having a Lumina 635.

      Walk into Tmobile, upgrade to iPhone 6 or whatever you want using the new JUMP. You get the phone you want, the discount, and you can sell your old iPhone 6 for $400+ on amazon, CL, ebay, etc…. Trust me, it works. Just did that a couple weeks ago.

      • emcdonald75

        But I still owe $375 on my EIP for my Galaxy Note 4 from the old Jump Program in which you pay $10 per month. I can turn my phone in and jump to the new phone using my current JUMP program or use Jump on Demand is what the rep told me.

        • You gotta pay off your EIP. When you sell it, you’ll get that money back anyways. You also get the promotion credit.

        • Scartaris

          I’m in the exact same boat except I owe $625 on a Note 4. I think the trade in value is only $226 leaving me owing $400.

          I’m on the original JUMP plan (1st one). They said I have to pay off the EIP in order to move into the JUMP on demand program.

          There doesn’t appear to be an easy upgrade path to the new JUMP on demand programs if you’re already on JUMP 1 or 2. Which means existing customers are kind of screwed and new customers get a better deal.

    • Visvism

      I was thinking the same thing because you’re then essentially paying the $100 twice for the same device…

    • Visvism

      Actually the reps probably aren’t trained up on it yet but here is what the website says: “Upgrade to your next comparable iPhone this year and get the same great deal.” Keyword is comparable. So someone needs to ask John on Twitter to clarify.

      • emcdonald75

        That’s what I asked the lady. I asked the rep to define comparable and she said it was speaking about the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus. She said that it had nothing to do with the GB of the phone. You will still have to pay the $100 or $200 down payment for 64GB or 128GB. If someone finds out, please let me know. I was hoping she was wrong. The website is a little confusing.

    • Visvism

      T-Mobile’s Facebook social media team just informed that there would be no additional cost. Here is there response:

      “Great question! If you Decide to upgrade to the iPhone 6 64GB and later Get the latest iPhone device we will actually swap it out for the equivalent model, and even better, you’ll have nothing out of pocket and nothing extra every month! How great! *D_D”

      • emcdonald75

        I am going to call the store and found out. I am so scared to have to pay twice ($100) for the 64GB iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus. I wonder can I hold T-Mobile’s Facebook Social media team to its word? Or will it be a disclaimer such as “T-Mobile’s Facebook team may give out information that may not be entirely correct, please refer to the T-mobile website for correct information regarding our promotions.” And then the website information can be interpreted any way that makes me shell out more money. Lol. Just saying.

        • Prod1702

          Talk to Customer Care about it and have them Note your account. This way if it doesn’t work Care has to honor it.

  • Mike Palomba

    I don’t think it’s fair that jump on demand customers get priority. I purchased an iPhone 6 from T-Mobile before jump on demand was even a thing and I plan to preorder the 6s when it’s released. Now I might have to wait longer because the people who got the phone for a better price bought it after I did? I also don’t get the iPhone deal, does it have to do with jump on demand or financing?

    • Follow these steps. Your phone must be paid off and EIP cleared.

      1. Buy a cheap Lumina for $40 or less
      2. Swap SIM
      3. Wait a day or two for account to update
      4. Walk in store and upgrade with new JUMP
      5. Get the discount and pick the iPhone 6 you want
      6. Sell your old iPhone 6 elsewhere.

      Now you get both the discount and resale value of your iPhone 6 before its value plummet when the 6S comes out. And you’re also eligible for the upgrade with priority.

      • Mike Palomba

        But what if I want to finance the 6s? I prefer to own my devices rather then lease them

        • Financing and leasing is the same damn thing. The only real difference is you don’t pay taxes up front when you lease. After you pay off your phone, it’s yours. You’re going to end up paying the same exact amount.

        • Mike Palomba

          Yea I get that but I sell and upgrade my device once a year but the lease term is 18 months so that would interfere with that.

        • If you upgrade every 12 months, then that means you will lose 50% of the phone’s value since that’s what you would have paid after 12 months. So if you bought a $750 iPhone 6 64GB, then you would have paid $375.

          Now unless you can get more than $375 when you resell/trade your iPhone, then you are not saving any money going with financing and you get more hassle. It’s up to you.

          With this promotion, I would have only paid 15×12 = $180 after 12 months for my iPhone 6. That’s all I would lose after after 12 months. I’m sure depreciation is higher than $180 in that same period.

          Do the math and see what works for you

        • Visvism

          Great visualization! I signed up for JUMP! on Demand because like you I saw the benefits of $180 every 12 months if they keep promo’s like this going. And if not, it’s the same thing as EIP except I can trade up whenever I feel like it. With EIP after 14-day buyer remorse period, you’re stuck with a quickly depreciating asset.

        • JJCommonSense

          With the leasing u get to upgrade up to 3x per year.. It definitely wouldnt get in your way

        • Mike Palomba

          I get that but it’s not rate locked. So say I get the 6s on jump on demand with the $15 promo. If they don’t have that promo when the 7 comes out I’ll be paying $27 which is the same as financing it except without tax.

        • JJCommonSense

          So either way it goes, you may or may not have to pay the same price as retail….. if you jump now and pay $15 a month for the 6, and then the 7 comes out and theres no special promotion, you can still jump, youre not at a loss

      • JJCommonSense

        Smart man! Ive been thinking of jumping from this laggy @$$ Note 4 but in order for me to get Jump On Demand, i have to pay off the difference in what i owe and whatthe phone is worth. I need to find the cheapest phone that i can jump down to, pay it off, the switch to something better with jump on demand

        • I just buy a used phone off amazon

        • JJCommonSense

          Yea but if im already in a jump agreement i cant just walk away from it.. So id need to close it out and jumping down to a cheap phone and paying it off is cheaper than paying off this note4

        • Then pay it off. I assume you have the old JUMP where you need to pay off at least half?

          That can’t be that much. Just pay off enough for an upgrade, then move onto the new JUMP. Your monthly payment will be less in the end.

          Pay off your phone. Buy a used Lumina 635 for $30. Migrate your SIM over and keep it there for at least a day. Sell your phone elsewhere. Trade in your Lumina for a new phone on JUMP. You basically just traded a $30 phone for a $216 credit. You also get to sell your old phone and recoup the costs of paying off the phone.

        • skywalkr2

          Selling your old phone only works for Apple… in my opinion. Hard to get rid of old Android phones.

        • williejackbrainer

 is a good place to start for selling any cell phone and there is always craigslist.

  • guest

    This was pritty much Apple promotion tryin to sell more not Amped at all.

  • jack slu

    question: is apple music and itunes radio the same. Can I listen Itunes radio without counted data? Thanks

    • Prod1702

      Itunes Radio was already on the list. Itunes Music was added today.

    • Paul

      Apple Music and ITunes Radio aka Beats Radio are 2 different services. They are both covered under music freedom. Apple Music was added today, neither will count against your data.

      • jack slu

        Thanks for reply. But ITunes Radio does not list on this website anymore…

        www t-mobile com/offer/music-freedom-list.html


  • VicRooLoo

    So I’m one of the people who preordered the iPhone 6 for TMO and I’ve been paying the bits each month since then.

    Am I able to jump to the iPhone 6S? My meager amounts of intelligence says no.
    I am enrolled in the Jump Program on another line for a Galaxy S6. Am I still unable to update? What about the money I’ve already paid for my iPhone 6?

    • Prod1702

      If you have Jump, it is a different way you get your phone then Jump on demand.

  • Paul

    Apple Music and ITunes Radio aka Beats Radio are 2 different services. They are both covered under music freedom. Apple Music was added today, neither will count against your data.

  • Larry Phelps

    The only reason I would want to upgrade to a 6S+ is to get the LTE Band 12 option, which I hope the 6S has.. Living in East Texas sucks for T-Mobile.. 90% of the time I can’t get a LTE signal and I have to roam on Cellular One’s BS network that only has Edge.

    • Mike Palomba

      Same here, now that band 12 is live in NYC I want it

  • Android_God

    Really? This needed all this fanfare? His shtick is getting old fast.

  • Jason Crumbley

    How about giving priority to the people that order the phone first, instead of pushing them to the end of the line because they didn’t buy the older version of the phone?

  • SirStephenH

    That’s it? That’s the big “Amped” announcement? An addition to Music Freedom that we knew was coming and a subsidy, both of which they do all the time without this big “Amped” fanfare?

    It’d be nice if they’d do something un-carrier like not being all up in Apple’s butthole.

  • tim

    Waiting for musicfreedom that is free steaming on Tuneinradio!
    WIsh I get I get galaxy s7 next year for free since i recently paid for new GS6

  • steveb944

    What a horrible Amp. It was bad enough that JOD was mainly a Samsung and Apple affair, now this one is even more narrow.

    T-Mobile is obviously in bed with Apple and cheating on all the other manufacturers, including Samsung for once. Hell throw in a comparable Note offer at least, it’s very Carrier-like to exclude a large part of the market.

    Mainly this offer will get the Apple crowd onto T-Mobile early on prior to the new release, but it pretty much alienates loyal customers and non Apple ones. Bad move Legere.

    • Frettfreak

      i agree. this does nothing for me as i avoid everything apple like the plague!!

  • Thomas Martin

    Just called to confirm the $100 down payment on the 64gb iPhone 6 and whether or not I’d have to pay another down payment when I trade up to the 64gb 6s. Not only did they tell me that I wouldn’t have to pay a new down payment for the 6s, they told me I wouldn’t have to pay $100 for the 64gb 6! Had her repeat this 3x lol and note it in my account. I’m headed to the store in the am…HOLLA

    • emcdonald75

      It’s strange how different reps tell people different things. The rep I talked to told me the complete opposite. She said that I would have to pay the down payment ($100) again even when I traded in for the iPhone 6S Plus 64GB.

      • Visvism

        And the social media team told me I wouldn’t need to when the new one comes out. They’ll have to honor that or credit my account if the store charges me.

    • Thomas Martin

      The store didn’t want to honor the no dp neither did customer service on their first call to t-mobile, but ultimately, they gave me a credit for the $100 and weren’t happy about it. Fortunately, I was happy enough for everybody involved. In the end, having them note no dp on a 64gb 6 in my file when i spoke with them last night sealed the deal. There was no way that they could get around that.

  • Timothy Poplaski

    I was hoping Music Freedom “Amped” might have meant Video Freedom. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, etc. not counting against data limits.

    Instead…nada. They were going to add Apple Music anyway, and the iPhone thing is just a modification of Jump Amped showering love on Apple fans (where’s the Nexus love?).

    Kinda disappointed with all the “Amped” across the board TBH. None of them make any difference to my daily life. They’re all more or less “niche”.

  • Jrunner

    Wouldn’t be interested unless they could have convinced Apple to add band 12 to the iphone 6 moving forward and prefer to keep my cellphone rather than “rent” it… I have no interest in what has essentially become an obsolete cellphone on t-mobile’s network without it (regular AWS LTE penetration isn’t all that great, and since they reduced the HSPA bandwidth, when it drops to PCS when it loses the LTE signal at my work, the data network is overly congested and unusable on the tower by me). I’ve tried t-mobile now for two years, but I’m souring on them more each day, and likely moving back to AT&T. And I’m in Indy where they’re even getting beat by Sprint. Hate to say it, and they’ve come a long way, but lack of buildout of rural coverage and not always having a consistant signal is going to hurt them as they keep adding more customers to what is fast becoming an overloaded network in certain areas where they just don’t have the spectrum.

    • UMA_Fan

      Well more than likely the NEXT iPhone will have band 12 so to use an iPhone 6 for 2 months and then bump up to the new iPhone at giant discounted price is a good deal

      • Vince Lagme

        Gotcha. So basically, you don’t have anything that works today..

    • Frettfreak

      rural has never been tmo’s thing. kinda surprised they are getting beat by sprint though!

  • Hr2039

    I wish T-Mobile throttle data is around 512kbps. I can’t do anything with 128kbps. I don’t think I am asking for much here.

    • UMA_Fan

      Why not just pay for more since clearly you need it?

    • Frettfreak

      tmo has unlimited for not much… just get that

  • VG

    Hmmm, there are rumors that the next iPhone will have a baseline memory capacity of 32GB, eliminating the 16GB variant altogether. So, if I JOD from a 16GB iPhone 6 to a 32GB iPhone 6s, will there be an additional cost? (i.e. Is the 32GB iPhone 6s comparable to the 16GB iPhone 6?).

    This offer is tempting, assuming the next iPhone has Band 12 (and I can’t imagine why there wouldn’t be … the uproar caused by T-Mobile fans if there were no Band 12 would be deafening!)

    • CWash

      From the article:

      “T-Mo is doubling down on Apple with a new iPhone offer as well. The Un-carrier says that if you buyan iPhone 6 this summer and decide that you want to the new iPhone model that’s expected to come this fall, you can do so for free so long as you do it by the end of 2015. Yep, no additional fee and no monthly payment change. Additionally, you can lock in your $15 per month price that T-Mo is currently offering for the iPhone 6 with a trade-in.”

  • AJ

    Jeez, I haven’t even used my original JUMP! that I’ve had from the time they released the first one. Now there is a JUMP! On demand? Why do they keep changing these things?

    • former_tmo_rep

      The only constant is change!

  • Anthony Colonna

    Does this deal also apply to the iPhone 6 Plus?

    • Kevin

      Yes, $19 a month instead of $15

  • superg05

    interesting preemptive against Samsung’s early note launch apple i wonder what offer other carriers will have

  • CGS

    With net neutrality, how does music freedom circumvent the pricing? I mean. Why can’t I get Netflix freedom?

    • Vince Lagme

      You need Airwaves, Spectrum, Backhaul… Basically you need all the things a “Carrier” would have, but T-Mobile doesn’t have in-house. That’s the magic of “Un-Carrier outsourcing”.

  • randian

    Where are you seeing Lumia 635s going for $30? There more like $60 on swappa.

  • Anthony Colonna

    Has anyone been able to get a Jump Lease Upgade to take advantage of this promotion?
    I am already on a Jump Lease. Trying to use my first of three upgrades to get an iPhone
    Plus. I’ve been trying for three days at two T-Mobile stores and no one seems to know how
    to do a lease upgrade. They’ve called support to no avail. They just keep telling me it must be an issue with their systems, but can’t tell me when it might be taken care of. When I call
    611, they tell me that my account is fine…there shouldn’t be an issue, but they can’t help because Jump leases are done through the stores. Very frustrating…don’t know what to do…”Jump on Demand” FAIL!

    • Taz

      You I have the same issue. Tried to jump from an iPhone 6 to the Plus. Tried 2 stores and the store rep can’t complete the transaction. Was sent home and asked to call customer care. CS wants me to go to store and escalate with a store manager. Wonder if it’s a system issue

    • Vince Lagme

      I think the service your looking for is called “Jump On Bandwagon” not “Jump On Demand”.