John Legere teases ‘something great’ for next week, says he’s working on Apple Music for Music Freedom


After Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure took to Twitter to say that he’s tired of T-Mobile’s Un-carrier B.S., John Legere held a quick Periscope session to discuss the matter and drop a couple of hints about T-Mo’s future plans.

During a lengthy Periscope stream from a beach in The Hamptons in New York, John Legere suggested that Marcel Claure’s Twitter rant was the result of him “having a bad week.” Legere went on to shrug off Sprint’s All-In plan and its inclusion of David Beckham.

Turning to upcoming T-Mobile goodies, Legere hinted that “next week’s going to be fantastic” and that T-Mobile is “coming out with something great next week.” While Legere didn’t really go into any other details, he did say that he might be going onto TV next week. Maybe there’s a new Un-carrier Amped announcement coming?

Finally, Legere touched on the fact that Apple Music isn’t currently included with Music Freedom. He said that T-Mobile is working on getting Apple’s new streaming service into Music Freedom, and while he didn’t say when it might be added, he did say that “it’ll get done.”

If you’d like to view a replay of the Periscope, you can find it at this link. Replays are only available for 24 hours after the broadcast ended, though, so you’ll have to be quick.

Source: Periscope

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