At launch, Apple Music is not a part of T-Mobile Music Freedom


Apple Music is now live, offering more than 30 million tracks and Beats 1 radio. One thing that it doesn’t have, though, is T-Mobile Music Freedom.

In response to a question about if T-Mobile will be adding Apple Music to Music Freedom, T-Mo said that it hasn’t announced anything yet but that it’ll take the question as a vote for the service to be added.

Music Freedom currently supports 33 streaming services, ranging from big names like Spotify and Pandora to the likes of Beatport, Bandcamp, and Saavn. While it’s true that Apple Music is nowhere to be found right now, I’d have to imagine that it’ll eventually be added. Not only is Apple a huge name in mobile, but Music Freedom does include Apple’s iTunes Radio service, so it’d make sense for Apple Music to be added since Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio is basically replacing iTunes Radio.

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  • Guest

    I called it. Alex is replacing Cam.

  • Adrayven

    Well, iTunes Radio was. So I doubt their is a question of if.. it’s just a question of when..

  • steveb944

    If it’s based on votes, we need Amazon Prime Music on there before Apple since they should have already been working on that beforehand.

  • Rick

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy a rhapsody subscription for 4$ as a tmobile cumstomer? Unlimited music ….. and it’s part of the music freedom .. I do expect Apple music to be a part of music freedom .. It does make sense if it doesn’t. Anyone know if I can pay for the apple music subscription through an iTunes card? Thanks.

    • DStudio

      Yes, it will use your Apple account, so you can buy iTunes cards to pay for it.

      • Rick

        Cool thanks!

    • Ordeith

      It would be even cheaper to pick up Xbox Music when it goes on sale. The last sale on Pi Day (march 14) had annual Xbox Music subs going for $31.41, which is about $2.62 a month.

    • Logan C.

      no, considering I share my subscription with my fiancee and best friend and his fiancee, $15/4 is slightly less than $4 each, plus Rhapsody was terrible when I used it (fair play, it was at the unradio launch)

  • Rick

    I meant to say it doesn’t make sense if it’s not added to music freedom.

  • Tony Wu

    Well, give T-Mobile time, hope they can add back to list before July 4th holiday…

  • Slybacon08

    So far, I have streamed 75MB of Beats 1 on the Music app, according to my Cellular Settings. My T-Moblie data usage recorded 10MB over the last hour. The last hour included a few emails, messages, etc. So, so far, it is not counting against my 2.5 GB LTE data.

    • Mike

      That’s good but I think Apple Music and Beats 1 are two different services. I think Beats 1 is integrated with “iTunes Radio”, which is part of music freedom. I could be wrong.

      • slybacon08

        I also tried streaming regular songs on-demand, adding them to “my music” and also making songs available off-line. None of it added to my usage on T-Mobile’s end. So, none of it seems to be counting for me…

  • JLV90

    I used the beats 1 radio and my usage for about an hour today and my usage didn’t go up at all

    • Logan C.

      it can take up to 24 hours to report. However, my usage from yesterday doesn’t seem to be showing and I used actual Apple Music streaming of individual songs

  • HeatFan786

    A little disappointed here with that since I was offered a 3 month trial. Congrats on the new position, Alex Wagner btw.

  • alex

    does anyone know if mixcloud still on their music freedom plan cause i see it missing on music freedom list