At launch, Apple Music is not a part of T-Mobile Music Freedom


Apple Music is now live, offering more than 30 million tracks and Beats 1 radio. One thing that it doesn’t have, though, is T-Mobile Music Freedom.

In response to a question about if T-Mobile will be adding Apple Music to Music Freedom, T-Mo said that it hasn’t announced anything yet but that it’ll take the question as a vote for the service to be added.

Music Freedom currently supports 33 streaming services, ranging from big names like Spotify and Pandora to the likes of Beatport, Bandcamp, and Saavn. While it’s true that Apple Music is nowhere to be found right now, I’d have to imagine that it’ll eventually be added. Not only is Apple a huge name in mobile, but Music Freedom does include Apple’s iTunes Radio service, so it’d make sense for Apple Music to be added since Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio is basically replacing iTunes Radio.

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