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T-mobile To Discuss Post 3G Plans

A lot has been said in the wireless world about what life will be like in a post 3G environment. Fourth generation technology offers significant speed improvements and hopefully significantly improved technology capable of enhancing reception in areas that have been all too often problematic, say inside a building?! Sprint, AT&T and Verizon have all committed themselves publicly to fourth generation networks with Sprint leading the pack promising a Wimax rollout before the competition. However, our beloved … [read full article]

David Does Talk Radio

Looking for some talk radio discussing all things Android, Cliq and everything else?  Look no further.  Our very own David (you know him, right?) is appearing as a guest on Android Guys Podcast tonight (September 14th, 2009) to discuss Android, and more specifically the Cliq.  Listen in and maybe you will hear some delightful news (I can’t promise this, but it is sure possible).  Head on over and give them a listen, it should … [read full article]

Sense in Tattoo


Motorola Cliq or Huawei Luna not your style, then maybe some HTC Tattoo fits your needs.  While we have known that the Tattoo has android, we can now see that it will also run the Sense UI, which ultimately means it will not be a “With Google” phone.  It seems odd to me that HTC would run the sense UI on a 2.8 inch resistive touch screen, but I’m not entirely complaining.  Head … [read full article]

No Charge For Paper Billing Now?

Well, today is just full of flip flopping companies.  First, with Nokia deciding that Carriers can customize Maemo on the N900 (and future handsets) and now T-Mobile has a surprise for all of us.  A while back we told you that T-Mobile was going to start charging for paper billing, all in an effort to conserve paper and save the planet (a gallant effort nonetheless).  Then Kyle (a moderator over at the T-Mobile forums) announced this: … [read full article]

Here Comes The Cliq Pre-Order

Oh how this is sure to please the masses, as you can see above a pre-order date for the Cliq is in full effect. Price and official release date is still TBD but is there really a price to put on social networking love? This is surely going to get the rumor mill churning on all things Cliq knowing that we are less than 45 days away from the pre-order and in typical T-mobile fashion, a pre-order … [read full article]

N900 To Be Carrier Customizable After All


Not too long ago there was some speculation that the N900 (whether you love it or hate it) would not be open for customization by individual carriers.  Well, Nokia is going out there and denying this fallacy (for better or for worse).  Nokia is saying reports that “erroneously suggested that Nokia will not support operator customization for Maemo devices…” are “simply incorrect.”  This is leaving carriers the opportunity to hinder enhance Maemo handsets in any … [read full article]

Blackberry 9700 Continues Video Preview

While the magenta world will be captivated with Cliq news in the coming days as the “hot new thing,” the Blackberry 9700 is not going quietly. Another video has popped up courtesy of a Blackberry aficionado who clearly has some awesome inside info. Here you will get a peek of the size against the bold, a great look at the whole trackball/trackpad switch over. I have to say, this is one sexy Blackberry! As the … [read full article]

Cliq Gets Detailed


With all the launching chaos that happened yesterday, some very lucky people have finally had some intimate time with the MotoCliq.  The best part, there are some nice videos for you to drool over.  The video above highlights the OS and it looks polished, in my opinion.  Jump past the break for another hands on and cliq (see what I did there) the links for some insightful impressions.  Leave your thoughts in the comments! … [read full article]

3G Upgrade Coming Soon

With T-Mobile launching all sorts of new data hogging smartphones, you may be wondering if T-Mobile can handle it all.  You may remember that T-Mobile CTO, Cole Brodman, said that: “Our users are sending 600 messages per user per month on average. And, a lot of the users on our higher-end smartphones update their status on social networks a couple times a week.” If you ask me, that sounds like a lot of data transferring, … [read full article]

Are You Ready To “Cliq?”

We have video, hands on, specs, details, details and more details but the real question is, will you buy it? Motorola’s first (but certainly not the last) entrance into the Android game has been met with open arms and lots to love. Another phone enjoyed such kindness when it was unveiled though and failed to live up to all the hype. Motorola brings big guns and serious experience to bear in handset design and if … [read full article]