ComputerWorld Releases Mega-Guide For Ice Cream Sandwich Update, Which Devices Will Get it?

As excited as we all are for the official release of the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 update in the United States, many of you are asking one important question: “Will my device receive the update?” The answers are coming slowly as information from the manufacturers starts to trickle out regarding specific  devices and timeframes but if you’re looking for the most comprehensive list online, look no further than ComputerWorld.

JR Raphael, a blogger for ComputerWorld has managed to compile all the known information about Ice Cream Sandwich updates into a handy guide. This continually-updated guide has just about every device you can think of and any missing devices are expected to be added in the coming days and weeks.

This guide is as comprehensive as we can hope for and rather than attempt to re-create this on our own, we’ll just point you in the ComputerWorld direction and let you check it out for yourselves. If your phone isn’t on the list, don’t worry as it’s likely the manufacturer hasn’t confirmed or denied the Ice Cream Sandwich update for your device. That’s why we’ll recommend bookmarking this list so you can come back.

While this guide is as awesome as we can hope for, we’ll of course still be announcing all the manufacturer announcements regarding Ice Cream Sandwich here on TmoNews.


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  • Anonymous

    Itll be interesting to see who brings the first ics phone to the us market (besides the nexus)… expect all tmo dual core android devices to get the update……well maybe not the dell streak 7…

    • Sony has mentioned that they expect their 2011 lineup to get it by March of next year.

  • TMoFan

    Would love to see ICS on my G2. I don’t see it or the Desire Z on the list, and it doesn’t look promising for the Desire.

    • Anonymous

      the G2 is EOL already, so the only ICS you’ll be seeing is CM9 or some other rom

    • Anonymous

      CyanogenMod will become more and more popular for phone support.

    • sino8r

      yes, come on over to xda. we will help ya out with whatever you need. some of us are actually nice. might as well root your G2 since the warranty is over anyways. besides, you can alway revert back and ship it back for repairs. have done it plenty of times. just only do so if its a defect and not a soft brick (bad flash) lol! you can pm me. sino8r. tmonews rules and will always help out a fellow fan ;)

  • Anonymous

    ICS by spring will be cool wit me. Iron out all those bugs before you start serving the treat Samsung.

  • Mytouch4gICS

    all mytouch users here are some good links  ….. For ICS builds on the mytouch 4g they are on the way my friends 


      That was the 4G slide. It has a dual core processor. Good luck with the MT4G

  • Seanmmvi

    oh noess! i didnt see the GS4G

  • AV

    I’m sure there will be ICS on many machines out there (unofficially) even if they are not on the list.  Heck they got the it on a G1.

  • Anonymous

    well i can hang on for now. I have a ICS launcher on my G2X with a ICS custom lockscreen thanks to widgetlocker :D

  • Seawing

    I got it running on a Vibrant, orig not the 4g. smooth and I like it.