AT&T’s Tactics Just Keep Getting Better And Better, Said To Be In Talks With Leap Wireless To Acquire T-Mobile Assets

The last few days have taught us that AT&T is willing to go to extreme and almost ridiculous lengths to save their T-Mobile deal. Now, a new New York Times story takes the cake by indicating AT&T is working on an “11th-hour plan” to save it’s T-Mobile takeover. Reports have widely circulated the past few days stating that AT&T is planning on offering up almost 40% of T-Mobile in order to appease the Department of Justice. The problem with such an offer would be who would be able to step up and grab those assets that the Justice Department wouldn’t dispute. Well, try Leap Wireless on for size as it is now reported to be “knee-deep” in talks with AT&T to purchase some of T-Mobile’s customer accounts and spectrum.

Obviously such a move would be undertaken in order to appease the Justice Departments concerns or at the very least show that AT&T is attempting to work out an arrangement. Such a deal would vault Leap Wireless into the nations fourth largest carrier and still provide AT&T with enough of T-Mobile’s spectrum to consider this a win. If the the notion that AT&T is preparing to work out a deal with Leap to acquire part of T-Mobile sounds looney, that’s because it is. It has us wondering how a company like Leap, that does a little around $700 million in quarterly revenues could afford such a large swath of spectrum and customers? Still, we can’t say this is unexpected as the number of potential partners the Justice Department would accept as buyers of T-Mobile customers and spectrum is quite limited.

The thing about this is, it wouldn’t change any aspect of the fact that two giants would still control the lions share of the wireless world. Sprint, Leap and MetroPCS would be remain far behind both Verizon and AT&T no matter how AT&T does the math. Needless to say, this situation just keeps getting crazier and crazier and at this point, we just have no idea what AT&T will think of next.

New York Times

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  • Anonymous

    It’s unfortunate, isn’t it? Almost sickening…

  • Sunny FC

    No deal not even with leap… No is NO monopoly guy (I mean at&t)

  • Anonymous

    I just want whatever is going to happen, to happen already…………I’m  tired of these games and still being locked into contract with a company that has been going downhill in almost every way!

  • Bimmerz

    I think AT&T needs to get off the crack – I mean really? *rolls eyes*

  • Jaygqitalia

    How is it legal for ATT to be allowed to gives our services to other companies? Your telling me, that if this deal goes through, they can say ” sorry you cant stay with us , your being moved to leap ” ?? Leap, Metro , all these small companies have horrible service and NO GOOD PHONES. 

    • Anonymous

      Tmobile actually did this to Suncomm a few years back when I was a manager for them. We acquired Suncomm in Aug of 2008, letters were sent out to Suncomm customers that they had until the end of October to be let out of their contract if they chose to. Some left but many stayed. This would be a lot different as a i imagine many Tmobile customer would object to going to leap/cricket and instead choose another major provider

      • Anonymous

        people whose contracts are transferred would be those with unlimited data plans. watch.

  • Mark Hennessey

    I guess when you’ve convinced yourself that buying T-Mobile would create jobs, you can fool yourself into anything…

  • Leap Wireless? Never heard of them…. [Google] 7th place! from 7th to 4th thats like Christmas for them but then again being a CDMA company kinda hinders the idea of millions of GSM customers switcher over….. haha no

  • PhillipinesJack

    Leap would hire a few thousand people if this was the case.  

    Can’t wait.  Great time for someone in the mobile industry looking to join Leap.  They are based out of San Diego if anyone is interested. 

    • They are CDMA, prepaid svc. They are not a horrible co., but it is a step way back for a T-Mobile customer.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, they are a horrible company.  Customer services are inept.  They nickel and dime you to death over everything.  Coverage maps are a joke.  Data is a joke.  Signal penetration in buildings is awful.  Their phone selection is great, if you like 2007.  No thanks, I would never go to cricket.

  • Anonymous

    IM nor going to cricket f that

    • Oreo

      I don’t think there seriously going to let At&t do T-mobile like that. Anyways wasn’t it At&t who said they needed spectrum? Ftw There selling close to half of a company that there paying 39 Billion for. Smdh I spy with my little high eyes a no good for nothing spy(At&t).

  • Roman

    I am a t-mobile customer and I would be pissed if they transferred me to “leaP wireless” I’ve never even heard of that, I want and like my t-mobile data speeds whether on 3G or on 4G!

    • Its Cricket. Goto

      • Anonymous

        no thanks.


    I know At&t… why don’t you take a flying Leap off a cliff. I hope all of this crap that you are trying to cause bites you so hard in the a$$ that you lose more than you thought you would. If I had a chance I would shut your company down for being the biggest bunch of crooks I have ever seen. I may not be much to you… but my voice is a serious weapon that will be heard by many… you will be brought down.

  • Anonymous

    Att is retarded. DoJ please block this nonsense. FCC has the ultimate ruling since they have to control the spectrum passing.

    I refuse to give up my nexus one, to use a cdma phone. Its like going back in time.

  • James

    “If you can beat them, buy them.” Must be the strategy AT&T uses to remove competition like what they did with Cingular.

    • PhillipinesJack

      Wrong.  Cingular purchased the old (independent) AT&T Wireless.  Once Cingular’s parent company SBC took the name of “at&t,” then so did Cingular. 

      We’re really dealing with SBC.   SBC just bought the rights to use the name “at&t.” 

  • noname

    att just forget it . it might not be legal. i think maybe they may be forced to let all costumers out of contract before splitting tmobile. after reading all this all i want is a little time for my contract to expire and if the merger is approved, which i doubt, I will leave whoever gets mi line. Verizon is the way to go. although they should lower a little their prices since they have so much money and costumers just to rip off att for good 

  • Garbagepailkid

    this seriously needs to happen, we need to be acquired by at&t!!! and it needs to be done asap.  T-Mobile will never survive on its own and will dwindle away until another company comes in and purchases us.

    all the company “yes” men that keep saying “business as usual” are going to get a slap of reality once this deal goes through.  the company keeps pulling these last ditch efforts with really crappy sales to entice customers to sign a contract and stay with the company for 2 more years.  

    once everyone realizes that this company is an over glorified Metro PCS and thats all it will amount to be and that we need at&t

    yes im an employee and I want answers…I want to know what direction is this company going.  there has been no answers for almost a year now and my resume stays on the market for something better to come up.  how can you keep people motivated or morale even up when you dont know what direction this company is going?? the managers want to put fear in all of the employees and also by saying that the “big” bosses are coming for store visits…..SO WHAT!! I hope that I am on the schedule when a “big” boss shows up….I will give them a piece of my mind…

    • stay in the garbage pail, say no to att… like the old so no to drugs campaign

    • Ash

      Why wait? why don’t you just apply a job with ATT already.

      • firebird

        Non compete agreement.

        • Chumbawumba

          that non compete agreement is a joke….no judge in the right mind will deny a person to work in another company because of a “non compete clause”  trust me I was sued some years back for this same nonsense and the judge just laughed it off and told my old company “what is he supposed to do? not work?”

          non compete will never stand in court….funny thing is when i was being hired my lawyer advised me that I dont have to sign the non compete clause…I actually took the paperwork home and had him look at it. 3 yrs with the company and I still havent signed it.

    • Anonymous

      You totally deserve to lose your job.  Over glorified Metro PCS?  T-Mobile has the best coverage of next gen faster mobile internet speeds.  If you can’t even spin the company you work for positively you should just pack up and leave now.

    • Anonymous

      You totally deserve to lose your job.  Over glorified Metro PCS?  T-Mobile has the best coverage of next gen faster mobile internet speeds.  If you can’t even spin the company you work for positively you should just pack up and leave now.

      • Anonymous

        Uh no T-Mobile does not have the best coverage and internet speeds.  Need to put the pipe down sir. 

        • Anonymous

          I guess you’ve been living under a rock with the America’s Largest 4G network marketing???  Regardless of what your personal definition of 4G is the POINT of the marketing is to illustrate the fact that T-Mobile provides a more ADVANCED tier of data speeds in more PLACES than the competition.  We’re talking about fast data coverage not voice coverage.  HSPA+ can be evolved all the way to a theoretical 672mbps

        • Whylee77

          must be an at&t employee. None of the T-Mobile employees I talked to want this.  At&t’s network sucks..  Lets be honest, Verizon is number 1, I believe T-Mobile has been ranked number 2, then sprint, then at&t as far as speeds and coverage.  So far hspa+ is pretty awesome. The downside is upgrading your phone each time. Here is a good article: 


    • Anonymous

      If AT&T takes over T-Mobile’s US operations your job will be one of the first positions let go you dumb broad

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like T-Mo “big” bosses really drink the kool aid lol.

      Its safe to assume that their management as a representative whole is lacking in talent and skill.  Also, you work in retail and that probably adds to the misery.  Retail is rough and can really take its toll on people.  

  • WeHadItComing

    Yay we’re going to become contract customers on a prepaid provider!!!!  Yay!!!    

  • Youngt82

    Ouch poor T-Mobile is getting gang banged and raped:( lmaooo

  • Dave Macias

    Welcome to Orange, what type of plan would you like to choose? Dolphin? Panther?

    Welcome to Vodafone we are the biggest Mobile company in the world, we just sold our Verizon part to buy T-Mobile, T-Mobile Customers Welcome to Vodafone

    Welcome to NTT Docomo USA our Japanese phones are way better than what you guys have here thats why we decided to bring them to America and scare the shit out AT&T and Verizon

    Ranjit and CHat wants to welcome you to MetroPCS, water is $3 a cup , thank you come again..

    • Surfcity_dad

      I think Orange would be great, I’ve liked them when I visited the UK.  TM & Orange have a partnership in the UK, might make it easier if they wanted to buy out TM in the US

    • Jarrod

      I think Hutchinson three or O2 would be better than all of those companies u just listed.

      • Dave Macias

        i really would not mind using Vodafone or Orange, i tried both and i like them but O2 certainly could be a big player!! , i don’t know much about Hutchinson.


      DAVE 2nd and 3rd paragraphs are best.

      i want the same phone that 14 year old japanese schoolgirl has.

      the second paragraph might also be a gateway for vodafone to buy some more of DT’s assets abroad.

      • Dave Macias

        thanks!, i used many japanese phones before and the fact that they are charged with so many features is incredible, really i love the Osaifu Keitai and FeliCa services they offer, too bad 1Seg is not a standar otherwise we could have free digital tv over the air on our phones.

    • I have to say, i really like the idea of one of the other international players in mobile taking over T-Moile, i’m just less sure T-Mo would be so keen to sell to a international competitor vs a domestic one, but then if they had no other choice.

      Orange could work out though.  I doubt vodafone would sell their stake in verizon (Besides, who would they sell too, unless verizon willingly bought out their stake – more antitrust there no doubt).

      Here’s a list of the top carriers worldwide by subscriber numbers – i would think any potential buyers alreadyu in mobile would have to be on this list:

      Personally, i’d also like to see the other AWS providers in north america, + t-mo’s virtual networks come together and buy them out, but i doubt that combination has anywhere near enough cash to do so. Or perhaps mexican America Movil (4th in the world by subcriber base) could increase it’s US footprint (although they use 850 and 1900, not AWS).

      • Dave Macias

        Remember the previous CEO of Verizon was fighting with Vodafone over that 45%, Previous CEO wanted Verizon to be 100% owned by Verizon Communications and Vodafone and Verizon were in talks wether they sell their part to Verizon or not, this was like 2 years ago i think.
        I certainly would love to see either Orange or O2 here altohugh NTT Docomo is not bad either, just look at their devices.

  • Jake_79927

    LeapWireless would become the new Alltell with probably a roaming agreement with ATT

  • Fred

    I’m speechless….

  • “Hell NO We Won’t Go”

  • Fred

    So what happens to my UMA if AT&T succeeds in screwing us all over one way or the other?

    • Anonymous

      they’ll give you femto cells is my guess.  They do work better than UMA and no special phone is required.  With Femto cell any of the carriers phones will work with the unit.  With UMA I was limited to those F-ing awful black berry curves forever.  With AT&T, we can use our iphones and android devices.  Only limitation is that it only allows 5 devices simultaneously i think.

      • Hamster

        Problem with femtocells is that they only work where you set them up. UMA usage for traveling or other cases where people spend time without cell signal (schools, certain offices, etc.) but still get served by wifi would evaporate if T-Mo’s buyer drops it for femtocells.

  • miggs

    Sprint should have bought us. Effing slow pokes

    • whiskers

      Sprint sucks and is now in debt over their heads with the iphone agreement with Apple.

  • WTF is Leap Wireless?

    • Doin_orea

      Ftw si peal sseleriw. Lol

      • Anonymous


    • More commonly know as Cricket in the areas where it operates.  It’s a CDMA provider which, last time i looked, offered good rates on plans but no discounts on it’s phones, much like T-Mobile value plans, except that this modes was used across everything.  They hope to get an LTE network up and running (from the “coverage” page at

      “We built our 3G network from the ground up with LTE in mind. We believe
      that the industry’s data growth will tilt heavily toward 3G for several
      more years. We expect that the industry’s data growth will begin
      evolving to LTE driven by the availability of affordable LTE devices.
      Using spectrum we already have available today, we expect to evolve our
      facilities-based network toward LTE progressively over the next few
      years. We believe that our LTE transition timing is good, and that we’ll
      be well positioned to bring higher-speed offerings to our customers
      when LTE device pricing is appropriate.”

  • Guest

    Why would Leap be interested if they’re CDMA? But its a smart move for them to have these talks with AT&T. Even if they aren’t serious about it, they get their name out in the news. How many of us heard about them before? 

    • Hamster

      Spectrum, towers, and backhaul don’t care whether they get used for CDMA or GSM. The network elements (computers) are the only things that Leap would have no interest in.

    • 21stNow

      “How many of us heard about them before?”

      *Raises hand*

  • Guest

    Lame. I hope this doesn’t actually persuade the doj to pass this deal.

  • Anonymous

    Bulls***! I left Cricket to go to T-Mobile over 4 years ago because their “phone” service is a joke! This is the final straw! Sprint, here I come! I hope the DOJ stops this scam of a deal! ATT just wants to eliminate their primary GSM competition! WTF is cricket going to do? Force us to buy new phones? They’re all POS phones! Last time I heard, they were looking for somebody to buy them too! If it’s in your area, go into a cricket store because all that’s in there are gangstas and Maury watching welfare people! lol

  • TMoFan

    This three headed beast just won’t die! Leap is CDMA trash and has no where near a national footprint even if they bought up assets to fill the void and that will still leave us with a Twin Bell duopoly. Nope this isn’t going to work and another desperate attempt to salvage this sellout and delay the inevitable.

  • Davenycept

    I’m tired of this…I’m getting my white gs2 and whatever happens happens..I left cricket for tmobile…theres phones are crap ands so is their customer service…I knew something was wrong with cricket when I noticed they were the only business in the area with fully armed security guards inside and outside their store

    • Anonymous

      The reason for the armed security,for crowd control! They are getting ready for all  the people,
      that about to leave Tmobile! 

  • Exile 1

    Well…My contract with tmo is almost up.  I will not renew until I know WTF if going to happen to this company,  When I found out at&t pulled out I was actually going to buy the GS2.

  • Anonymous

    I’m so excited by this news.  Can’t wait to be a Leap customer! So glad I bitched and moaned about being an at&t subscriber!

    • I know!! It’s like a dream come true. But I was hoping Whirlpool would buy T-Mobile. I really wanted my damn cellular-powered dishwasher! Damn you Leap!


        Whirlpool????? No it HAD to be Eljer (toilet manufacturer)…. because I really wanted that bluetooth toilet so I could watch the game in stereo while watching on my 10″ cell phone.

        • Well seeing as how Bluetooth has nothing to do with the cellular network, you could very well have that on any network. Now a toilet powered by a cellular network….that would make the butt calling commercial just wrong.

      • My2Cents

        LOL!  You guys are awesome!  Good way to start the day!

  • BigMixxx

    So let me make sure….

    Unless Leap Wireless wants to start another wireless company, it’s roughly and MVNO based on Sprint.  
    Last ditch my ass. Leap wireless who has a market cap of less than 700 million wants 40% of T mobile who is worth and unknown amount of money.  
    HOW would Leap finance such a deal? how would they transition customers?  The discussion either is not with leap but with Sprint OR ATT is getting dumber by the day.

    40% is a lot for a MVNO to bear on it’s shoulders….


      if sprint can’t raise the cash, how can leap wireless?


        Maybe At&t is so crooked that they are giving Leap wireless the money to buy the spectrum. Since they can’t really offer it to Sprint because they are against the merger (so they would tell). Maybe At&t will basically give their own money then get it back. In exchange for the deal Leap will get the spectrum for playing crooked. If this happens I wouldn’t be surprised to possibly see At&t making some sort of roaming deal with Leap afterwards where they can use eachothers towers. Really though it doesn’t make sense that Leap could afford Tmobile and Sprint couldn’t.

  • Dell Can Suck It

    Write it down. ATT is only interested in the Teutonic DT Tmobile spectrum and network assets because they are well positioned in high density markets and the spectrum is well organized and easily segregated. The tmo assets can support all tmobile + Att customers on 2g edge for voice and data, hspa + 14/42 can handle all smart phone traffic. ATT can ring fence all iPhones on other network and play backhaul game and crush the mnvo’s. ATT is paying too much, offering up to much now, and is auctioning off cash flows in post paid consumers. We are just not looking at the picture the right way. After the tmobile acquisition there is no mnvo’s space and leap, metro pcs, virgin, boost all need back haul and roaming.

    Tmobile needs an iPhone. I have a g2. I am ok with Android. Chicks like iPhones.


      DCSI, iphones are geared for users with a mental age of 7.

      • Anonymous

        it would be sensationally sexist of me to say you just said the same thing he did….

        • MIKEEEEE

          not really, i’m talking about every apple product since the early 80’s. look at pixar pictures too.

  • And here I thought AT&T couldn’t go any lower. Oh waiter. Check please.

  • Peter

    @Garbagepailkid :  You’re right. I’m am  employee too been here since Voicestream. If  GBK is still with the company  they’re  not the first to go  there’s been  a  ridiculous amount of “natural attrition” over the past  months since the merger news broke. In the end, there’s only so much  you can “spin” when you start to see the management leave in droves. How many  TMOUS  centers are nearly  empty? 


    why would a company buy a company to sell almost half of it?

    pay very close attention to the media sources for new ‘merger’ news, if the media outlet accepts att advertising bucks, they’re shilling for them.

  • Theres a bigger game behind this merger then what we can see. 

  • The Dude

    Who said WWII is over? ha ha ha The Germans are still kicking a**


      And hopefully its secretly At&T’s. We just need it to end soon so we can get the money and spectrum to continue to build out Tmobile USA. At least that’s what I am hoping for. Let’s hope DT has the same plan that I do.

  • whiskers

    Next ir will be Simple Mobile getting the 40% of T-Mobile customers.
    Then they can change the name to S-Mobile , lol.
    But atleast it’s a GSM carrier.

    • Whylee77

      simple mobile is T-Mobile they are an mvno reselling tmobiles airwaves.

      • whiskers

        NO they are a MNVO leasing T-Mobiles airwaves just like other MNVO companies are.
        They are not part of T-Mobile or subdivision of them .

        • JBLMOBILEG1

          Most prepaid companies are owned by one of the big boys…. that or pay them to use their towers. As I said before selling off Tmobile will really hurt competition because I don’t think most people understand that all those smaller cell companies rely on the bigger ones in some way or another. Getting rid of Tmobile will probably make the rates increase for the smaller carriers because you know with less competition the bigger companies can charge whatever they want. Plus being that cellphones aren’t going anywhere and the service is in demand… I can guarantee you that the prices will skyrocket. By the way… it makes me wonder if maybe say Verizon and At&t just have their prepaid plans to handle the competition from Tmobile…. and only for that reason. Both offer unlimited everything with prepaid for $50 but then you want unlimited with your contract and your looking at double or more. Sure Tmobile charges a little more on contract because you get a nicer phone but it’s no where near what the others charge.

  • Enoel69

    This looks like a go to any length to eliminate the only other major GSM competitor no matter the price…even if it means selling off more than 50% of Tmo asserts. So why spend all that money to buy out Tmo in the first place…it should be obvious. Well lets hope the DOJ and FCC stand firm and do not fall for all the antics. Both agencies have seen that the elimination of a vital GSM competitor will have a detrimental effect to competition and innovation in our cellular space.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again…

    AT&T is going to get what it wants in some way, shape, or form. They were probably going to dump a ton of T-Mobile assets anyways.  I know the deal may not go through but DT is determined to ax off T-mo usa and AT&T is spectrum hungry.  So regardless of the deal going through or not, something will happen that will ultimately give at&t what it wants.

    • ogopogo

      AT&T is NOT spectrum-hungry. They have a ton of unused spectrum. They are trying to eliminate competition (T-Mobile), and become the largest wireless provider in the US.

      • Anonymous

        exactly, they are spectrum hungry for that reason and want as much as they can get.  Maybe i should have said “spectrum junky”.

  • Anonymous

    This is funny to me because no matter you slice it, T-Mobile going away is the problem that the DOJ and FCC have with the deal.  Not how its divvied up.

    • Anonymous

      Looks like att wants to set up leap as tmos replacement

      • Anonymous

        Hmmmmm you know you’re probably right.  As I said before, it wont pass unless ATT can somehow come up with a national replacement for TMO and if they handle this correctly then I guess it could be possible.  I don’t like it one bit.

        • whiskers

          I think it would be a better choice if AT&T to help Simple Mobile be Tmos replacement.
          They are already a GSM MNVO carrier and you can already use T-Mobile phones on their plans with 3G/4G .

        • JBLMOBILEG1

          That would make sense. Plus they have similar pricing. The thing is Simple Mobile doesn’t own towers but leases spectrum from Tmobile correct? So that would seriously tarnish Simple Mobiles coverage if they only have half of what they had. Unless At&t had some agreement to lease the rest. Then again they would probably use different frequencies for their highspeed data down the road…. and who wants to pay At&t any money… so never mind.

        • Miro

          Doubt Simple Mobile can even afford to take out a loan to buy 40% of Tmobile’s customers plus spectrum

        • Jeff

          Maybe AT&T will borrow them the money :-)

  • Cerebro0021

    AT&T is nothing but a crook. They stole cingular and alltel and now they’re trying to steal t-mobile.  What in the hell! I would prefer Sprint anyday, they are consistent in their business deals and even when they brought nextel they still managed to run it as a separate entity. Can’t anyone see the obvious GSM is the only network other than AT&T that T-mobile runs on, I believe the iphone has been blocked from t-mobile by at&t underhandedly to push this merger forward. DOJ and FCC prevent this at all cost. T-mobile will be fine, if anyone should buy them it should be DIRECTV that would give them a an edge towards Dish and their Blockbuster acquisition. What’s even more bizarre about this is if your going to sell T-mobile assets why not let it be to Sprint. DUH! However, if the deal falls through, 3 billion is what T-mobile gets along with some at&t spectrum, what a low blow (They stole my rollover minutes the bastards). That’s more than enough to rebuild and recreate a brand that has giving us the first android phone. HEEELLLLLLLO! 

    • My2Cents

      Cingular bought AT&T the and then changed the name back to AT&T.  Alltel was purchased by Verizon. 

      • Anonymous

        he had a good rant, you shouldn’t intervene with your convenient truths!

      • Dugan

        Two different companies, ATT and ATT Wireless.  Cingular purchased ATT wireless, then ATT purchased Cingular.  Not as simple as a name change.

        • My2Cents

          well kind of.  SBC acquired AT&T and renamed the whole company the new AT&T.  Cingular was a joint venture between SBC and Bell South.  The New AT&T  acquired Bell South, and after that merger Cingular was renamed AT&T mobility. 

          So the original AT&T did not acquire anyone.  It was all SBC.  In a way though there is truth to what you’re saying because SBC was one of the companies that was formed from the original AT&T that the government broke up in the 80’s. 

        • Dugan

          ATT Wireless was a separate company from the parent ATT.  It was purchased by Cingular (I knew people that worked for ATTwireless). A couple years later ATT (the parent company) purchased Cingular, killed all the jobs for those folks and moved in their own people and re-branded their name at&t (little letters). .

  • Curleecolemaniii

    I find this rumor mill to be in Att favor because with every rumor seems to bring up more and more people to say there leaving which seems to make att statement true that T-Mobile is in need of att. I honestly think at’s att end game is if they can’t buy us then try the best to weaken T mobile so they can eventually close down for good. I for one am sticking with T mobile until this deal is done to been here nine almost ten years so obviously I’m happy customer. Hopefully we will still be standing!!!

  • Miro

    Doesn’t Leap run on CDMA/Evdo rev 1? AT&T will have to sell everything at a loss, 40% of 33,000,000 customers is 13,200,000 times whatever the average revenue per customer is times whatever multiple AT&T is paying for that $39 billion (anything less will make it look like AT&T is grossly overpaying)

    Somehow I doubt Leap can even afford taking out a loan like that

  • Anonymous

    I still doubt this passes muster with the DOJ and/or the FCC. It would still eliminate the only other national GSM carrier while simultaneously allowing AT&T to get a bunch of customers and spectrum (which they don’t need to build out a national true 4G network). When the buy-out fails, and even with the $4 billion in cash/spectrum licenses that AT&T forks over to Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile USA will soon be gobbled up by someone else. It is highly unlikely that another American mobile carrier buys T-Mobile simply because they only mobile carriers left are regional and likely won’t have enough funding to make such a deal.

    As a result, I’m guessing it’ll be another run at foreign ownership. I see the following possibilities:

    1) Vodafone sells their 45% stake in Verizon and buys T-Mobile USA; or
    2) A different foreign mobile operator like Hutchison (3).

    I might hang on if Vodafone or Hutchison is the buyer simply because of experiences I’ve had with both companies overseas. If it’s any other buyer, I’ll definitely be cautious of moving forward, and if it’s a Chinese buyer, I’ll be the first one calling to cancel my service and jumping ship.

    • Deff

      Next in line is Comcast. How about two big red giants instead of one?

      • Anonymous

        Forgot about them. They (Comcast) do have a bunch of spectrum. Can’t remember in which bands though. Anybody?

  • Greg

    AT&T’s attempts to divest parts of T-Mobile are starting to remind me of the letter I got in my email last week from that Nigerian prince.
    I sincerely write to seek your co-operation and trust to enable my colleagues and I carry out an urgent business opportunity in my department. I work as the CEO AT&T incorportated, the second largest wireless carrier in America.
    I have an urgent and confidential business proposal for you. On March 20, 2011 a deal was made with Rene Obermann CEO of Deutsche Telekom (DTEC) Mr. Obermann agreed to transfer control of T-Mobile USA to me after a numbered time (fixed) deposit for twelve calenderermonth valued at US$39,000,000,000.00(thirty _nine billion  US Dollars). Recently actious by the United States of America have put this deal in question but with your help it can continue. If you are willing to transfer us$10,000,000,000.00(ten billion US Dollars) I will in return provide you with 40% of my wireless telephone network.”

    • BigMixxx

      This is TOOO funny….

  • prawnparty

    Tmo subscribers are now Leap customers! Yay have fun guys!!

  • My2Cents

    It doesn’t matter how much AT&T offers to the DOJ and FCC in terms of divesting T-mobile.  Sprint knows better than all of these other smaller companies, that if this deal goes through, no matter how much is divested, over time AT&T and Verizon will push all of the smaller carriers out of the marketplace. 

    Sprint is already a sinking ship, and if this deal goes through, they are finally sunk. Smaller providers such as Metro, Virgin and Leap who rely on carrier agreements could easily fall unless the government put’s a cap on how much AT&T and Verizon can dial up roaming costs.  and at the same time prevent AT&T and Verizon from blocking other carriers customers from roaming.

    Even with that, there is usually a time limit to these kind of concessions. So in the end AT&T and Verizon would be free to charge whatever they wanted for roaming. 

    Also you could likely see a scenario where AT&T and Verizon would end carrier subsidies.  Why would they pay for your phone at that point.  It takes them 11 months to make that money back from you.

    So here’s hoping the deal doesn’t go through, and somehow the marketplace can sustain 4 carriers.  Because my gosh, cell phone service is getting expensive!  $115/month for an Iphone 4s with 4gb of data!!! Ouch!

  • Anonymous

    The government, probably doesn’t like AT&T, because while they are on the road on business calls, their calls drop.

    AT&T can’t bribe the FCC, and DoJ.

  • mrsbelpit

    The thing is that the FCC and DOJ don’t take the kind of actions they did with this merger if a settlement was a possibility.  No matter how much ATT divests, there won’t be 4 national carriers if this “merger” goes through.  The FCC already has reports that state wireless competition is not nearly where it needs to be even WITH T-Mobile as a player.  Fuck you, AT&T, you lose.  Have a little fucking dignity.

    • Guest911

      Take your meds.

  • mrsbelpit

    double post

  • Plankton

    Mark my words, the deal is done. This is a Kubuke dance for the fools. Watch the other hand.

    The cake is baked. The deal is done.

    You will all come to join me! I am not who I appear to be.

  • AT&T has to do every swinging thing they can to make it look like they tried when they fork over that 4 billion to DTK.  Google or Apple should just buy them, partner with regional carriers (or build it out) and create their own wireless network, OS and devices (Motorola Mobility).  It’s not as if the other three are going to stop carrying their devices if they do choose to buy it.

    • David

      If Google or Apple buy T-Mobile I will leave T-Mobile and will never look back.

      So lets hope non of spy company (Google) and theif company (Apple) buy T-Mobile.

  • BigMixxx

    DTEGY has lost about 25% of it’s value since May, dealing with ATT.

  • Haha! Good show AT&T, good show! Hopefully the top key AT&T management will be happy that you at least “tried” to save the acquisition. This is just a show to make people believe they’re trying. They know the deal is dead! Might as well retreat and admit defeat please.

  • macman37

    Way too bad for AT&T that Verizon Wireless just worked out this “spectrum swap” deal with Leap Wireless.  {;cnetRiver}.  AT&T should hope and pray that there is no similar troubles from the likes of the FCC and DoJ with their “Plan B” network sharing deal with T-Mobile; and just better start praying that The Dish Network isn’t still interested in doing business with T-Mobile when this acquisition gets denied and their network sharing deal gets started.