AT&T To Offer Major Concessions To Salvage T-Mobile Deal?

With reports swirling that AT&T’s bid to purchase T-Mobile for $39 billion has all but collapsed following their request to remove their FCC application, Bloomberg is now reporting that AT&T is considering one last attempt at selling more assets in the hopes of saving the deal.

According to Bloomberg’s source, AT&T is considering a divestiture in excess of 40% of T-Mobile’s assets including customers and spectrum. The large divestiture would hope to address concerns of the Department of Justice who have filed to block the deal as it would “substantially lessen competition.” AT&T insists that it has withdrawn its FCC application so that it can focus first on addressing the Department of Justice lawsuit which begins in February.

The proposal to sell a larger portion of the assets could be presented as early as November 30th, during the next hearing with the Justice Department. However, as the Bloomberg report notes, AT&T is going to have a difficult time finding a successful divestiture solution. The buyers who can afford the spectrum e.g. Verizon aren’t likely to be accepted as potential buyers. This leaves a group of other players (MetroPCS, Leap etc) in the wireless market who would be unable to purchase the divested portion of T-Mobile AT&T would offer up.

“It’s going to be problematic for AT&T to find a successful divestiture solution,” said Kevin Smithen, an analyst with Macquarie Securities USA Inc. in New York. The pool of potential buyers isn’t very big and those that might be interested probably wouldn’t have a chance, Smithen said. “It’s unlikely that the DOJ would allow a big competitor like Verizon to purchase the assets,” Smithen said.

If AT&T is unable to come up with a successful divestiture solution, the only remaining option is to prepare for their court battle on February 13th. However, we’re having a difficult time believing that if AT&T had a better offer to present, they would have already done so in the hopes of avoiding a potentially lengthy and dragged out lawsuit against the Department of Justice.

According to the agreement AT&T has made with Deutsche Telekom, if federal regulators demand AT&T sell assets in excess of 20% of the proposed $39 billion dollar buyout, AT&T can pay less than the original agreed upon amount or $7.8 billion less to be exact. AT&T can also walk away from the deal and pay Deutsche Telekom the agreed upon breakup fee if the divestiture assets will exceed 40% of that value. If the deal falls apart altogether, AT&T will be unable to avoid paying Deutsche Telekom the break up fee.

Given this weeks events, one has to wonder if the Fat Lady has a microphone in her hand and is ready to sing.


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  • None

    I absolutely love that picture!!

  • Anonymous

    This deal is sinking faster than the titanic, stay away from my T-Mobile.

    • None

      The titanic took a very long time to actually sink.

      • Anonymous

        Tell that to the poor bastards who didn’t get a seat in a lifeboat. 0_o

  • Jaygqitalia

    Wait so if this deal goes through, your telling me that 40 percent of T-Mobile customers would be FORCED into some cheap wireless carrier with shitty service and shit phones? How is that even legal. Id want NO part of it. Damn, guess I need to get myself into a contract soon.

  • Anonymous


  • Justin

    Well get Google to buy T-Mobile! Since T-Mobile is the first to offer Android device, Google is the one and they should call it G-Mobile

    • 123

      Keep dreaming sir

    • None

      OMG, why didn’t several thousand other people already say that?!?! 

    • aaron cooper

      Wonder what other companies have $39 billion to buy T-Mobile?

    • Anonymous

      Every time there’s a post about this ATT thing someone spews out the “Google should buy it” crap. What makes you think that they even want it? Google has not made any mention of even considering doing something like that.

  • matt

    I was reading somewhere that one of the main reasons that this isnt going through is because of the fact that in 99% of the big markets it would in turn hurt the consumers, if they are giving up spectrum it will harm the consumers of their network more and they will likely give up the overlap spectrum in the big cities. Assuming that the people in government can think this deal really doesnt have much hope of going through imo 

  • Spitfirer24

    This would be the worst case scenario for tmobile customers. Divesture would mean the splitting of the network with no benefits or protections for users. A similar situation happened when Verizon and AT&T were gobbling up their competitors. They divested assets and those that were tossed to other networks were forced to switch providers and PAY for the switch. They couldn’t use their old phone or keep their old contract.

    This is NOT a good sign. While I don’t like the idea of the merger, divesting assets would be far worse. 40% of customers would end up on regional networks like Cricket or Boost and would have to purchase new phones and new contracts. If that’s the case, I would much rather have the merger, crappy service and all.

    • None

      Times have changed rather quickly in the cellular game.  I am not sure they could get away (as easily) with that practice now.

  • Mascara Salgado

    u put can 2 times look  AT&T can can pay less than the original agreed upon amount or $7.8 billion less to be exact.

    • spongysquare


      • Djdjdjd

        What part of the comment don’t u understand? The word can was used in the sentence twice consecutively. I hate when ppl say, “huh” and “umm”…not cool dude

        • None

          Umm, then you should have use quotation marks in your original comment if you are going to correct the posting.

        • Realcool2000

          U guys can stop whining about “can” used twice and complaining about “uuummmms” and “huhs”…,and then u can be productive, if u can.

          You can spell check and grammer check this post and then you can siuya, suckas…..

          I just used “can” 7 times…what ya gonna do now?

        • None

          I commend your correct usage of quotation marks, my friend.

  • Erod188

    I’m a little lost as to what this article is saying can someone clear this up for the not so bright people?

    • Frigadroid

      Quick breakdown, the real reason at&t wants to buy tmobile and is willing to pay to much is to eliminate a lower cost competitor. The Department of Justice has good reason to believe it is a bad deal for us the consumers and is likely to stop it due to antitrust (monopoly) laws. Now AT&T has a plan b,c, and d in effect. They claim if they sell 40% they won’t be able to monopolize the GSM market. Now we expected this already because the true goal of AT&T from the start was to take tmobile out any way possible. AT&T will drag out the process as long as possible to try to devalue tmobile and lower the break up fee even when they know they can’t get the deal passed.

  • 123

    I loved how the article ended. 

    Quick grammar check though in the sentence: “…$39 billion dollar buyout, AT&T can can pay less than the…”

    You used can twice in this sentence. Just an FYI.

  • SCREW YOURSELVES ATT. Thank you, but I chose T-Mobile as my wireless provider. I didn’t choose Boost, or Acme and Roadrunner Cell either so you plan of selling my contract to them is unacceptable. I see now that ATT has NO chance of getting this deal done.
    A Tmo IPO and deal with DT could work now with billions in cash and spectrum being left at the table.

  • TMoFan

    And who’s going to buy these assets? Sprint? They just blew a boatload of cash on the iPhone. Verizon? lol that would make the duopoly even stronger. I don’t see any conditions that would make this deal favorable and I think the DoJ feels the same way. I just hope they follow through because they really have a case here.

  • Jaygqitalia

    Question. In reality they would be selling contracts right? So if you dont have a contract and your still on Even More Plus, in reality , they cant touch you. Your not binded to anything. At least id assume so. Dont know how its even legal to force someone into a lower company. Metro pcs , leap , all those companies have horrible phones and service. Should be interesting the new few months.

  • S2j3607

    I love att death star. That’s awesome. Exactly what they represent

  • Guest

    Its looking more and more likely that this merger won’t occur. Obviously if that happens, DT is going to try to find another buyer. Everyone keeps bringing up Google but I don’t know if that is really a viable option right now for them. Apart from Google, would Comcast or Rogers be possible options. In the past Comcast has tried to get into the cell market but with them purchasing NBC recently, I don’t know if they would want to make another big dollar purchase at the moment. Also I’ve heard the name Rogers pop up on these sites before and maybe it could be a way for them to enter into the market in America. Anyone else have any potential buyers should the deal fall through?

    • None

      There are lots of other companies out there.  Keep in mind that this purchase does not need to be an American company.  Our parent company is not an American company.  We could be bought by Voda, 3, Orange (please), or any number of companies outside the US

      • Anonymous

        Voda already owns Verizon.  Orange would be great.

        “Verizon Wireless is, as of September 2011, the largest wireless carrier in the United States based on number of subscribers. It is a joint venture of Verizon Communications which owns 55 percent of the venture, and British-based Vodafone plc which owns 45 percent”

  • S2j3607

    Att sucks, and a merger would ruin tmobile. Att has nothing to offer except maybe a little better coverage. Their customer service sucks and they are way more expensive. I used to unlock my iphone to use on tmo cause I hate att so much. It was better as cingular. Androids and iphones are data hogs, I can’t imagine what a unlimited data plan goes for on att. I hope the merger falls through and then we don’t have to worry about divesting assets. If it does go though I hope tmobile has the courtsey to allow people get out of their contracts, although its doubtful

  • John

    …enter China Mobile.

    • 123

      I wouldn’t be opposed to that. It would be interesting to see what they would bring. They may be as oppressive as ATT or VZN for all I know, but I would like variety/diversity to chose which overlord I pay homage to. 

      • John

        …or America Movil…

      • John

        Just sayin’. It would have to be an international carrier. No one else fits the bill.

      • None

        100% agree.  Give me choices… and lots of them!

  • Matthew Lawless

    People kill me with that “Google needs to buy T-mobile” crap.

    I see no benefit in that at all.

    One, they have no experience in the market where as AT&T does. Yes AT&T is way overpriced but who is to say what Google would charge? We do not know.

    Two, people think AT&T will monopolize the GSM market? How about a phone company that can produce their own handsets (Motorola) using their own operating system (Android).

    Three, Google would still support the larger consumer base first, meaning Verizon and AT&T would still be their main focus. Don’t believe me? They own Motorola yet they are debuting their newest version of their operating system on a Samsung.

    If Google were to buy T-mobile I am afraid they would not focus on the company enough and once it was not profitable they would just kill it off. Google Wave, Google App Inventor, Google Buzz, Google Mobile.

    • umm lets remind you all the Google doesn’t own Motorola yet.  The deal hasnt went through..

      • Littlesis1774

        When that happens they would have sold T-mobile USA to China Mobile or Vodafone

    • Anonymous

      ” How about a phone company that can produce their own handsets (Motorola) using their own operating system (Android).” Apple is two thirds of the way there…and they wanted to be their own carrier.

      As for google buying moto, it was, at least on the outside, for the patents that moto owned.

  • Thesman202

    G-Mobile. Lol. Love it. “slang drugs? F up your credit? We don’t care. Be a G. G-Mobile.”

  • Pointguard2412

    Can someone explain how you can just divert custumers? Couldn’t the customer just go to another carrier if they wanted?

  • BigMixxx

    40% is too much for 39 billion to be approved.  Even Short of 39 billion, it’s still to much given that DT will own 8% of ATT…From NOW ON and a seat at the board.  Will it happen, again, TOO DAMN much.  

    Divestiture is the only option right now to salvage a deal, but 40% of the company is a lot to give up and remain valuable.  ATT would look to keep only the major markets, and rid it’self of the smaller markets…

    I think it’s a strange move to announce it today….While I THINK they investigated most of the deal, I think this is dead in the water and ATT really should consider walking away or pulling in Verizon or Metro to close the deal.

    • Rsg_1

      This is about TMO’s spectrum.  Giving up assets now means nothing in 3-5 years, because being a GSM monopoly is far too valuable.

      • ?????

        I do not
        understand why everyone is so crazy about the competition in the GSM arena.
        Those data speeds that we all love do not come from a GSM network. They come
        from a UMTS or WCDMA network. T-Mobile has transitioned over half of all of its
        total traffic over to their WCDMA network and have been slowly shrinking the
        capacity on their GSM network to be able to reallocate spectrum over to UMTS if
        the deal does not go through.


        The EDGE
        service that everyone is always talking about how bad it sucks for speed is the
        best that a GSM network can offer.


        is not even building anymore GSM sites all dollars go into building new UMTS or
        overlaying UMTS footprint over the GSM footprint to free up capacity and
        spectrum from the GSM network.


        • UMTS is an evolution from GSM… So everyone just calls it GSM. Anyways only AT&T and T-Mobile operate UMTS so it would be a UMTS monopoly then. :)

  • Ugh can’t this freaking company give up already?! Go away AT&T! T-Mobile customers don’t want you! Otherwise the 33 million customers at T-Mobile would have switched over to your freaking despicable, high priced, crappy service! God it’s amazing what greed is capable of.

    And as for you, Mr Deutsche Telekom, you’ve made your bed, now you have to lie in it! You want out of the U.S market? Sorry it won’t be a walk in the park!

  • Tbyrne

    Hi Randall! Didn’t your mother teach you not to play with matches? Looks like AT&T’s gonna get burned. Every once in a while, the little guy comes out on top. Hey DT, T-Mobile USA customers don’t want to have anything to do with the Death Star! What don’t you get? We know you’re making a profit here in the U.S. We’re not stupid. Tell your shareholders that your T-Mobile customers here in America want T-Mobile to stay and wish you’d invest a little bit more in expanding your market share here. You used to be the darling amongst the carriers. You can be again. Please!

  • Anonymous

    Plenty of other buyers. Vodafone was suppose to be one of the buyers before ATT offer. China Mobile has said they want to enter the mobile market. Dish Network has 2k spectrum for LTE, but no backbone network. they could do a partnership or buy tmobile to get that. Or other foreign companies like telefonica or Orange. I think tmobile has plenty of backup plans, plus the 6 billion in cash, roaming agreement and spectrum will help.

    • 123

      I would love for one of them to buy up tmo and take a crack at it in the American market.

    • 123

      As I have said before, I wouldn’t be opposed to this. It would be interesting to see what they would bring. They may be as oppressive as ATT or VZN for all I know, but I would like variety/diversity to chose which overlord I pay homage to.

      • Ash

        I use both vodafone and china mobile overseas and I can tell you that they are both better option than ATT.

        • Guest303

          I think if China Mobile tries buying TMO then congress would get involved and block it, just like they did when huweai tried getting gov’t contracts a few yrs ago. China Mobile is partly owned by the Chinese govt. Long story short… Congress wouldnt stand for it.

  • Anonymous

    Its sort of interesting to watch this unfold now. Regional carriers have been gobbled up over the past several years….the market has been consolidated and now regulators want that to stop…..which is understandable….competition is good for consumers……its very hard to compete in the us wireless market though. As evidenced by the current situation. Att is willing to divest a big chunk of assets but only the big dogs can afford to buy those assets. Which defeats the whole purpose. Its almost like the us industry has been consolidated into a corner…atleast on a national level. How do you keep 4 big players in the market with dt itching to ditch tmo usa? Many think google should buy tmo. Some think thats a bad idea bc google doesnt have wireless experience but do they really need it? The beauty of buying a wireless company is that you can keep its employees in place. The company in esence would run itself with google being the parent company… and tmos consumer friendly philosophies would mesh well and could create a disruptive force in the us market. Dt lacked the willingness to invest in the us… would not. Just imagine if google wouldve bought tmobile us a few years ago when android was starting to boom!!!!!!

    • 123

      I scoff at those who think that Google doesn’t know how to run a phone company. Google is rich enough to hire new people who know how to run a phone company. Just because they don’t have the talent now does not mean that Google can’t recruit later. 

      And I don’t think you can just have the same people working for tmo. Keeping the status quo has not worked in the past, so new people are needed. We also need to retrain a lot of employees and especially clear out the board members who run tmo. 

      • Anonymous

        I often wonder whos to blame though…..u have to point the finger at dt for their lack of investment….but u can also blame the marketing dept…..which can be traced back to a lack of overall investment…i dont know if tmo usas leadership would need to be replaced…maybe they just need a company like google who has the funds and willingness to compete…..

        • 123

          Things aren’t working out at tmo for what ever reason, which means that heads will roll. I don’t know what specifically is going on behind closed doors, so it would be pointless to speculate. But again, it would be wise to hire new talent and change the direction that tmo is heading.

        • IT Guy

          I always thought they could have done better if they actually marketed themselves to businesses. As it turns out, that probably wasn’t marketing’s fault. They just don’t have the coverage to be useful for business people who travel frequently to small towns. (This is why my work phone is now through VZW)

          For many years, it seemed like they were pushing themselves for kids and low income people. It’s gotten better, but they’re still thought of by many–or most people as a 2nd rate company.

        • JBLMOBILEG1

          Who’s to say DT knew this deal wouldn’t pass all along and this is just a risky game they are playing. Maybe that is why they agreed on the deal for the breakup fee and spectrum. Really if they didn’t have any intentions of keeping Tmobile USA why even ask for spectrum? Why not have asked for more money in the breakup fee instead? After all they wanted spectrum and roaming agreements if the deal didn’t go through right? To think they want out of the US completely I think is a lie. All this makes me wonder. Maybe they are getting back at At&t and are playing along to take them out of their position. Just because they (at&t) are a big company doesn’t mean this deal failing won’t effect them… It will… Which is probably why they are fighting so hard for it to pass.

      • BigMixxx

        Look at google’s model as a company.  A mobile phone division does NOT fit in their portfolio.  It’s not like you go out an hire a bunch of people to run a phone company, you build a division…

        Google would have to get more into regulation and join into the likes of the FCC and following a different set of rules and laws.  I don’t believe for a minute that google would harm their bottom line by pouring billions into a mobile phone company only to roughly give the service away…..

        We don’t know the direction of the motorola division so a t mobile purchase does not protect anything that google offers today.  

    • This is the first time I’ve heard of “The Google Solution” and you’re making a lot of sense. I hope Google seriously considers buying T-Mobile now. We would be able to really compete with the other 3 carriers while still keeping prices low.

      And the possibilities are endless if Google controls wireless bandwidth. First of all, Motorola Droids would no longer be exclusive to Verizon, and further more Google is said to be testing out cable TV lines in Kansas City. Imagine if they are able to physically wire much of the country and create a fiber-optic system to rival ATT U-Verse and Verizon Fi-Os. At that point they could offer plans for cable tv, fast internet, AND wireless phone and data service in a package (And it would probably remain comparably cheap).

      This would be revolutionary. GOOGLE, if you’re reading this DO IT.

      • Guest

        The amount of time and $$ it would take to physically wire the country with fiber would be astronomical, att and many other companies already have old pipe that carries the copper wire underground, be it under dirt, housing,streets and sidewalks. They merely pull the copper and put fiber and a VERY small fraction of the cost.

    • Anonymous

      Endless Google speculation yet no mention from Google. Until Google says something, stop spewing this BS. 

      • Littlesis1774

        Google already stated that they will not buy T-Mobile

  • Hark

    Bloomberg analysts are saying this still won’t work and the deal will not pass

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Aside from splitting itself into two companies, theres prob nothing att can do to get approval at this point.


    att only wants the urban bandwidth so their iphone customers don’t crash in big cities.

    they could give a crap less about rural customers.

    history repeating itself.

    this is how MCI broke them up in the ’80’s, providing crappy rural service.

  • Anonymous

    The FCC would counter with a conditional approval if concessions could be made to satisfy them. They didn’t see them coming to any type of agreement so they decided to move to block the transaction.


  • Mark Schmaling

    I don’t think its the iPhone aspect that is driving the purchase.  After all the iPhone isn’t 4G.

  • Gina

    Has anyone mentioned Amazon? Supposedly they are working on their own smart phone and they just opened up the wireless phone store on their site. I can’t imagine that they aren’t trying to work on some sort of deal to get service for their bigger tablets that they have in development even if it’s just a deal with another company but their own company would be even better for them I would think.

    • None

      Crossed my mind a couple times but I really do not think they would gamble their empire on becoming a provider.

  • Guest

    If the merger went through wouldn’t all T-Mobile customers be able to get out of their contracts? I thought customers were given an option when AT&T/Cingular merged and when Sprint/Nextel did too.

    • Rsg_1

      Where would you go if you had a GSM smart phone?  AT&T knows this and would happily give up all of TMO’s customers because most would be right back with AT&T.

      • Guest

        I think we in the TMoNews community are a little more tech savvy than the average person, so GSM matters more to us.

        I’d be willing to bet that the average Joe doesn’t really care much about GSM vs CDMA vs whatever and couldn’t tell you what kind of a network they’re on. They just want to turn on their phones and make calls. 

        • Guest

          Also, unless you only want to use EDGE data, you’re probably looking at getting a new phone anyway if you’re going to AT&T.

        • MIKEEEEE

          @guest att edge is slower than heinz ketchup. how about 71k last speedtest here in zipcode 38221.

      • Orangejuice

        Yeah, there you go. “Give up/sell 40%”  so that no-matter-what we dismantle any competitive backbone that exists in T-Mobile. Because, as has been mentioned, people WILL leave if/when the company gets “piecemealed out”.  The only way this will all end up anywhere close to competitive to AT&T (even if biting at it’s heals) is if T-Mobile is left intact, the deal is nixed for good…and some other players like Orange, Virgin, or Metro are brought to the table to build a bigger stronger brand. 

        I only say Virgin because of the Customer Service “look & feel” fits…I fully realize the Sprint network and CDMA technical aspects make that a slim fit… BUT …. who said a company has to be EITHER GSM or CDMA ?   Why can’t it be both…and….isn’t it all going to evolve in another 5 years anyway? 

  • Byounngg
  • Guesty

     divestiture in excess of 40% of T-Mobile’s assets including customers and spectrum? i thought att needed the spectrum as per the orginal claims and the “customers” have a free will to go where they want to even if the deal  goes through !!. att should be able to accept that this aint going to happen and DT should work out plan b either have a tie up with another new carrier or company or start investing more in tmobile usa once they get the money and spectrum from att when the deal fails. Tmobile is still a profittable carrier maybe not to the liking of dt but never the less it still is doing better than its uk venture and sprint in usa. 

    • Guest

      Yes and no. T-Mobile continues to be profitable, but it’s only because they’ve cut way back on what they’re putting into it. They’ve cut literaly thousands of employees out of call centers. They’ve cut back on upgrades and repairs to towers.

      Pretty much they’re trying to squeeze every penny they can out of T-Mobile.

      • Check your facts

        I dont know where you get all of your knowledge/info, but I am an Engineering manager with T-Mobile and we are busier now than ever expanding our 3G/4G WCDMA network. We have cut a lot of fat, but the upgrades and repairs are still taking place just as fast as they possibly can.

        Cutbacks are not a bad thing if done correctly.

        • Luke

          Apparently they’ve taken some towers out of service. I used to get a full strength 4g signal at home, but since around mid September, I’m roaming on AT&T.

          Kinda funny because now all of the phones at the T-Mobile store down the street are roaming too.

        • Cookitup222

          Maybe you should call tech care, seeing as how this huge issue is something that the engineers should know about. Also, given the fact that the tech care reps are trained in stuff like this, they will be able to file the proper tickets to address this. With a network as big as T-Mobiles, the engineers are fixing the areas that the customers report to tech care, not those that report issues on TMoNews. If the issue really is happening as you describe it, and if you care enough about T-Mobile, please call and report the issue. Otherwise everyone in your area will complain and want to leave T-Mobile, and it just gets worst from there.

          -A concerned T-Mobile employee

        • Luke

          I’m pretty sure the engineers know about it. I personally called about it several times over a period of a month or so. Never was able to get an answer as to what was up, but they did offer me a signal booster.

          The manager at the T-Mobile store called also (as did a ton of others in the area I’m sure). He told me the word he’d gotten was that the tower was taken out of service.

          I had been thinking about extending my contract with T-Mobile, but that seems silly now, seeing as how I have no service at home.

        • Cookitup222

          And as for the signal booster? Sounds to me if it was offered to you that would solve your problem.

        • Luke

          I dont think a signal booster would help, as there’s no T-Mobile signal to begin with. I’m 100% roaming on AT&T as I sit here.

  • LI10UP

    One of the solutions mentioned since T-Mobile wants badly out of the US, due to investor unrest, would be to sell/lease out there hardware.  If they chose to stay in business, as a cell phone provider, they could rent/lease from AT&T.  Moody’s gave them a 10% chance of going public. (at this time)

  • Anonymous

    as much as i abhor att i  wont let them sell my contract. 

  • Dave Macias

    i already said it before , open the doors to foreign investment, the country need it to create jobs for people, having a duopoly with verizon-att will be same as if they aprove the merger, if the FCC and DOJ are so worried about this merge not being on the public interest then why not grow a pair and say NO once and for all?? the Google solution wont work because Google itself would not want to invest in a field where their presence aside from the OS is null, they don’t know how the mobile industry work and how the carriers make it work, it will be too much of a danger for Google to invest on something where they know they can lose money and time (if not done apropriately).
    Second a cable company buying T-Mobile, yeah sounds good to save t-mobile but unless you want to see T-Mobile going down to the bottom of the well in service/support i don’t see this happening either, i can’t see a Cable company like Comcast or DISH  taking over a Mobile Service.


    all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put humpty dumpty back together again.

    • Tbyrne

      We’ll see about that mikeeee.

  • DT needs let T-Mobile be there own company, which there kinda are and just help them rent a LTE network or help them build one before they just break up with T-Mobile USA

  • Guest

    The fact that AT+T is willing to sell off 40% to 50% of T Mobile shows this deal was never about spectrum and job creation but to eliminate a competitor and a choice for  consumers .AT+T plans is to break up T Mobile and sell the pieces to Metro, Leap and other small wireless carriers. The plan is that they will get T Mobile customers within sold market pieces to switch service while the pieces of T Mobile are integrated into this smaller wireless carrier which would take some 2 years. This latest move should give even more ammunition to the DOJ to DOA this merger.
    The CWA has now been proven liars in this fictions posting that this deal would create 100,000 jobs. AT+T had no intention on hiring T Mobile worker and allow them to join the union.
    T Mobile needs to tell AT+T to take a hike! And talk to Time Warner cable, Cable Vision, Comcast, Cox Communication or Dish Network!

  • Guest

    The fact that AT+T is willing to sell off 40% to 50% of T Mobile shows this deal was never about spectrum and job creation but to eliminate a competitor and a choice for  consumers .AT+T plans is to break up T Mobile and sell the pieces to Metro, Leap and other small wireless carriers. The plan is that they will get T Mobile customers within sold market pieces to switch service while the pieces of T Mobile are integrated into this smaller wireless carrier which would take some 2 years. This latest move should give even more ammunition to the DOJ to DOA this merger.
    The CWA has now been proven liars in this fictions posting that this deal would create 100,000 jobs. AT+T had no intention on hiring T Mobile worker and allow them to join the union.
    T Mobile needs to tell AT+T to take a hike! And talk to Time Warner cable, Cable Vision, Comcast, Cox Communication or Dish Network!

    • Anonymous

      do you have to have an iq of 50 post on this forum?
      how do you eliminate a competitor who wanted out in the first place?
      jesus this form is full of stupid people

      • check yourself

        You must be one of those ignorant jackass’s that just likes the sound of your fingers on the keyboard. You may want to check your own IQ. If you don’t like the forum click the back button and don’t waste your time reading any further.

      • 123

        And you’re one of them atl

      • Anonymous

        DT wants out. Instead of allowing them to sell to a smaller competitor, say sprint, and thereby create larger competition (and subsequently have to compete with the new entity), AT&T cuts everyone’s balls off and makes an offer to buy that can’t be matched.

        If it works, AT&T eliminates not only tmo, but for all intents and purposes, everyone else (with the exception of VZW)

        That’s how.

      • Tbyrne

        Calm down ATL Guy. Different people have different views. Not everyone here sees things through your eyes. You comment here how sure you are on this and that. However, as David keeps pointing out to everyone, no one knows for sure exactly what’s going to happen or how this situation will play out. It’s unfortunately a wait and see game.

  • Enoel69

    Last gasp…the deal is as good as dead. I think there comes a time when the inevitable is realized, the hand writing is on the wall…time to pack it up. This attempt to gobble the only other major GSM network and stifle competition and innovation hence be the one and only GSM network has been unmasked. Nice try….we should all thank DOJ and FCC for doing the prudent thing by protecting consumers by ensuring that choice and competition is preserved. Hope DT will do the right thing and work to make Tmo profitable but if they are intent on selling…Google will be the perfect company to buy or partner w/ Tmo.

    • Anonymous

      genius how do you gobble up a company that wanted out?
      t mobile hates you get use to it they want out

      • Edy6401

        Listen, you moron! T-Mobile USA does not want out. DT, their parent company wants to leave the US market. They are just as bad as AT&T, that is why they where willing to sell like this. To get lots of cash. Please, stop talking nonsense.

        • Anonymous

          LOL! WOW. I see we are going for a spin……WEEEEE


    At&t is the worse company I know. The whole reason they wanted Tmobile to begin with was for spectrum… or so they said. But if they needed to get rid of 40% which is close to half… whats the point? Let’s face it At&t just wants to be the only major GSM carrier. I can’t believe anyone would believe a word they even say. And them creating jobs and bringing jobs back from overseas… LMFAO PLEASE. Couldn’t they have brought the jobs from overseas back even before the merger????? Better yet what was the reasoning for getting rid of them in the first place??? BURN AT&T!!! BURN IN HELL!!!!

    • Anonymous

      WOW. The paranoids are coming out of the woodwork.


        You either work for At&t or are getting paid by them in some way or another because I find it hard to believe that you are blind not to notice anything that’s been going on. Maybe you work in one of their overseas call centers and are expecting US citizenship if this buyout goes through? Whatever the case may be…. there is no reason to be for it when At&t is clearly full of it. They can’t even stick to the same story as to why they even want Tmobile. So while I may sound paranoid to you… I am just looking at the facts that are right infront of me.

        • ItsMichaelNotMike

          ATL guy is a moron, always was (under another user name), always will be. IMO he is also a serial plagiarist.

        • Anonymous

          What was the other username he used?

        • Anonymous

          you have to watch michael he is a scam artist. He steals other people’s work and then will send you violent,
          threatening emails when you catch him. He sells prepa Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson id legal and other scams.

        • Ok enough, if you guys want to perform a battle of who is more awesome, take it out of the comments.

        • Anonymous

          you should see all the cash I get from at&t to post this stuff.
          I have a another user name that t mobile pays me to post. drop me an email and I will hook you up

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Good points JBL, but keep in mind that AT&T does in fact have a lousy reputation in Washington. Moreover, it misread the 2010 elections as a referendum that it could do anything it wanted and it would get a green light from Congress, who would put pressure on regulators and even the DOJ to green light the deal. However, history books will show that AT&T (and most consumers) totally misread the DOJ.

      And while consumers may think AT&T is fooling Washington, the DOJ is fully aware of AT&T’s corporate rap sheet. I continue to believe that AT&T being a lousy corporate citizen is what motivated the DOJ to file suit on this acquisition.

      Sidenote: Google “AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion.” That case confirms AT&T is, as you say, the worse company [in these United States]. Basically, the pro-big-business Supreme Court decision allows AT&T (or any company) with impunity to steal billions from citizens. (AT&T v. Concepcion is the most significant Supreme Court decision of the last 100 years. It is a shame that AT&T escaped public scrutiny and outrage.)

  • Yancy

    Finally, the government is protecting it’s citizens! It’s about time.


      Yeah from an Evil… sad to say… American Company. At&t needs to be kicked out of the US. They do more harm than good.

    • Anonymous

      itll be interesting to see what the alternative ends up being

    • Anonymous

      LOL! WOW. No the government is overstepping it’s bounds

      • Bruce Banner

        Atl guy I see you keep replying to everyone against the merger. STFU already, if you want at&t you dont need a merger you are free to join asap. Since you’re still with tmobile im guessing you want at&t but just cant afford them. What are you thinking? If the merger goes through i’ll have at&t service with tmobile pricing. Get your head out of your ass and except the merger is in all likelyhood going to fail.

        • JBLMOBILEG1

          Sorry to say it but I agree with Bruce. I really hope your not the type who thinks if Tmobile gets bought out by At&t not only will I get to keep my rate plan but I will be able to get an iphone…. yippie! If that’s the case your sadly mistaken. I am sure if that was the case in order to even get the iphone At&t would force you to change your plan. They did it for the original iphone users who wanted to upgrade to the 3g (data from $20 to $30 at the time) so why would you be any better? From the looks of it most Tmobile customers to them are worth nothing anyways if they plan on giving 40% of them to other carriers.

        • 123

          LOL!  I laughed when you mentioned that alt wants att service for tmo pricing. Good one. 
          In LA, att sucks. So I want to keep my tmo service.

        • Anonymous

          Your grammar, spelling, and use of the english language is mind blowing.
          I have Verizon

        • ogopogo

          Still waiting on your response of how the government is overstepping their bounds. You took the time to reply to Bruce, but not to BigMixxx.

        • ItsMichaelNotMike

          Always minimally amusing to see ATL Guy (“All Time Loser”) in his usual moronic form (ever since the days of his former name and IP that he had to abandon). His poor English gives him away. He could not form an error-free sentence if his life depended on it.

          That you would make grammar errors in a post where you criticize one’s English, that would be “mind blowing” (your words), but for the fact that you have been writing poorly for so long now, it is expected and been reduced to being mildly amusing.

          Free lesson: In your previous post it is “its” in the context you use
          the word, not “it’s.” And it is “English language” not “english

          Sidenote: Of course you have Verizon. And I’m sure you have the most expensive phone and plan too.

          Something tells me that if you were old enough to hang in bars (you’re not) you would buy a BMW key on eBay and flash it under everyone’s nose at every opportunity.

          And you probably were the writers’ inspiration for that scene in Friends where Joey put cardboard boxes under a Porsche car cover, to impress passers-by. ;)

        • “BMW key” bahahahahahaaaa, I salute you sir.

        • Anonymous

          LOL. How is it going selling your prepaid legal?
          Should I post those threatening emails you sent me suggesting I better get a gun.
          This guy is a psycho for those of you not aware.
          he is a scam artist who sells bullshit prepaid legal services.
          He was caught doing some other weird shit too. he is making up shit about changing ip and username. he is a real scumbag

        • Tbyrne

          This is not the place to come in here and defame another poster. You both should exchange each others emal addresses and go to town on your own turf. Instead of attacking the poster,  try to point out how their views differ from the facts as you see them. No need for name calling. Let’s be civil to each other and try and refrain as much as possible to bash each other.   

        • Anonymous

          michael don’t get all butt hurt because I reported the pictures and images you sent me. this after you didn’t like that I pointed out how you sell prepaid legal services and you really arent any legal professional.

        • Jcj1

          then why are you on a T_mobile fan website?? Pushing for former MA Bell buddy or wishing you had T_Mobile. Either way, you knownothing of what you speak about and need to shut up and go away!

        • Anonymous

          Because the iPhone rocks.

      • Orangejuice

        yeah, if they had not of “overstepped their bounds”  to break up Ma Bell they would STILL be our only phone company.  You’d still be using your landline at home, and that cell phone, IF you had it from work…. would still look like the first one invented.

      • BigMixxx

        Really?  show proof….tell us where boundaries have been overstepped, and you as a citizen are not protected.  

        • ItsMichaelNotMike

          Big… ignore that ATL clown. He is not worth your thoughts and analysis.

      • Craigers

        Over stepping its bounds only to those right wing nuts who thing the government has no place in anything. This is exactly what the government is meant to do. Protect the people from outrageous corporate greed.

        • Anonymous

          Only to people who need the government to hold your hand instead of making things happen yourself.
          I love cry baby liberals who think they deserve a hand out and can’t make it on their own. I am not allright wring either but nice try

        • Tom A.

          Please do some research on how other developed nation operate. 

  • Tuliom Mesa

    My question is, if Tmobile goes, what happens to Simplemobile?


      Or better yet… Walmart Family Mobile? They too rely on Tmobile and only them when it comes to mobile service. Could you imagine the outcome if Walmart Family Mobile customers were told that they had to replace their phones? I don’t think it would be a pretty site.

      • Anonymous

        This brings up an interesting point. What if Wal-Mart decides to buy T-Mobile? They certainly would have the money to do it, there is an existing relationship and very important, they don’t produce cell phones like Google does now with them purchasing Motorola, (which disqualifies them from owning a carrier). I’m not saying I like the idea but A0) it is and American owned company, (even if they buy everything from China), and B) if they put an LTE tower on every Wal-Mart, they would have the best coverage in the nation!

  • Anonymous

    Merger? This would not be a “merger” people. This is a takeover. Big difference. I hope the deal does not go through and that T-Mobile survives intact, and is not sold of part by part to the highest bidder.

  • Tmorep

    i’m a customer care rep for t-mobile and all i can say is the focus is on SELL! SELL! SELL! more than offering quality customer service…..have been told by multiple supervisors and managers to be nice,offer a sales pitch and if customer’s not interested get’em off your phone as quickly as possible….i understand tech care do not have this situation but from where i and a number of my coworkers who were able to survive the “house cleaning” its all about making money and nothing else

    • Anonymous

      Sad to say it, but you are 100% right. Culture has changed, and not for the better. Stay strong!

  • Jabombardier

    This would be a great time for vodafone to sell back its shares to Verizon and have their own Network in the US. If they can buy and invest in LTE, and make the plans simple and low cost like how t-mobile had it before, and expand coverage into states where there isn’t coverage, then it will help a great deal.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Remember, the AT&T acquisition is but one battle in a bigger war, that war being YOU against Deutsche Telekom, specifically the decisions it makes in 2012 about the fate of TMOUS (duly note that the terms of the Buy/Sell Agreement may keep Deutsche Telekom shackled in all of 2012, unless it chooses to waive payment of the breakup fee.)

    Anyway, like all wars the exhilaration and/or relief experienced after victory in battle is short-lived, especially when acknowledging the war continues and compels moving on to the next battle.

    Don’t get me wrong, a BRIEF victory dance or celebration is justified, especially since the battle over the AT&T/Deutsche Telekom deal tracked the most exciting of Star Wars confrontations, to the extent merger & acquisition battles can be viewed as thrilling (yes, I know, there’s not many people like us, those who love the smell of toner in the morning — the scent of laser printers spitting out court filings, the legal world’s artillery). Metaphors and analogies aside, just like in star and real wars, YOUR war with Deutsche Telekom is far from over.

    This is because eventually even the most ardent T-Mobile fans in here will accept that in the overall scheme of things winning against AT&T was a Pyrrhic victory, hollow because of your sustaining significant economic costs (or losses depending on your point of view), and because of the BIG question, just what are you fighting for? Comments in here and around the Net beg the question, what vestiges of TMOUS c. 2003-2008 remain and that you want DT to preserve?

    In any event, as TMOUS subscribers’ war with Deutsche Telekom continues, there is a major indicator that things are not going to go well for current customers in 2012, DT is giving signs of imminent FULL retreat back into Germany.

    So if you feel the urge to celebrate this win against AT&T, don’t be clicking your heels too long because there is really no cause for celebration.

    The smart people have moved on, instead of monthly throwing money at things over which they have no control, sitting on the sidelines HOPING central command in Germany does the right thing (it won’t, at least not from the subscriber’s point of view). Besides, hope is never a good thing. If you sit on your dead a#s hoping DT does this or that, your fate is being determined by others. It is far better to take matters into your hands and for you to decide your future.

    Bottom line: 2012 is not going to be a good year for TMOUS. Deutsche Telekom is going to sell it off in pieces or use the breakup fee to offset selling TMOUS at a fire sale price to someone you don’t want as a new owner of your account. (E.g. if Comcast bought TMOUS what you like about T-Mobile is going to vanish. You didn’t like when DT instituted AT&T practices and procedures, wait until you see what an aggressive cable broadcaster does with your beloved T-Mobile.)

    Have to rush out the door. I apologize for grammar and spelling errors.

    • Hark

      Actually you have no idea what will happen, that was just a bunch of gibberish

    • Vinny

      You are obviously trying to get T-Mobile customers to move on, must be a scum bag AT&T employee of just a kiss ass customer. I prefer to stay with T-Mobile getting my 12 MB download speeds with my unlimited data plan. AT&T is the worst carrier on the planet, most of their customers have no other choice but to stay with them. If T-Mobile decides to stay in Germany then customers can decide which carrier they want to move to. There is no need for any T-Mobile customer to worry, if AT&T does work out a deal and those sneaky pay offs pay off then and only then does the T-Mobile customer need to start looking. Maybe they will stay with AT&T. T-Mobile has always treated me very good and I will stick with the company that has been fair to me.
      Thank You T–Mobile.

      • Tbyrne

        I not only second that, I
        I third, fourth and fifth that!

      • Anonymous

        I would have to disagree, I have been reading Tmonews for awhile and actually look forward to reading Michael’s posts.  They are generally informative and a look at things from a different perspective.  While I may not always agree with the things he says he always makes sense and explains himself well which is more than I can say for most of the bickering I read on here. So just because hes saying something you don’t want to hear doesn’t mean that he is an at&t employee.  Just some one with an opinion, one which I actually agree with this time.   Why would you sign a contract with a company that used to have great values when you can tell those values are no longer the same, and they seem to be getting worse every day? I’d rather sign a contract with a company knowing their track record as opposed to following T-mobile down the rabbit hole.

      • Anonymous

        This Michael clown just likes to hear himself speak.
        In his off time he likes to stalk the posters on this forum that disagree with him he’s a sick person

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Vinny… you obviously have not read any of my posts in which I would confirm to you that I am not a “scum bag AT&T employee” “of (sic) just a kiss ass customer.” (Your words.)

        Here are some of my posts on this site, others, and even on a site that discusses DOJ cases.

        Quit being such a drama queen. I complimented one of your comments a few months ago, this comment is beneath your intellect.

        “The reason this deal came back to bite AT&T in the butt is because it is the most anti-consumer company in the U.S. …”

        11-8-11 “While you may think the DOJ is soft, AT&T knows who they are dealing with.

        GO DOJ!!!!”

        11-8-11 “… AT&T, is a company who cheats consumers any which way it can, as recently as in ATT Mobility v. Concepcion. (U.S. Supreme Court). With that case AT&T successfully assured that it can rip off customers and NEVER be held accountable for its actions…”

        09-7-11 “AT&T is so full of sheet; the DOJ knows it (that’s why the Department filed suit); the FCC knows it (that’s why the Chairman said the DOJ’s antitrust lawsuit raises serious concerns about the acquisition’s affect on competition), and people in here know it (hence all the negative comments about AT&T).

        The only one talking about spectrum exhaustion is AT&T, and that’s because it’s an AT&T fabrication. To be sure, I’ve not heard the FCC agree with AT&T that spectrum availability is an issue.

        As the DOJ said, “if AT&T has a problem with spectrum it should take its $39 billion to technologically update and expand, rather than using the money to take out a competitor.”


  • Anunn577

    Talked to tmobile rep today and he said tmobile will go apart from germany but tmobile usa will be its own independent company. Also they will get iphone next year he said next meeting they will announce it. Hope hes telling the truth.

    • He has no idea what he is talking about and we should all know better than to believe anyone who isn’t in any position to know stuff like that!

      • Anunn577

        I guess I just don’t want tmobile to go :/