Happy Thanksgiving From TmoNews!

From all of us at TmoNews to all of you at home and abroad, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving filled with friends, family and love. Stuff your faces, enjoy good company and give thanks for all that you have and all that you are.

I thank all of you for being the very best audience a technology blog could hope and wish for, you guys truly rock.

To all of our soldiers serving abroad away from family and friends, thanks.

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  • NYer

    Thank you for all your efforts in running an enjoyable site. I just hope Tmobile is still around next Thanksgiving and you continue to have something to report on. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you as well! Your articles have brought me so much joy!

  • TMoFan

    Happy Thanksgiving to the TmoNews crew and a huge thanks for keeping it going!

  • Anonymous

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Silva

    Thank you for keeping us with the latest & the greatest!

  • Schippma

    Thank you David and everyone who contributes to this blog! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Gpedraza

    The network is down in TX right now.

    • Anonymous

       Never was for me in the San Antonio area.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! God bless and be safe. Thanks Dave and staff for all that you do here

  • CJ

    Happy Thanksgiving, thanks for the great site!

  • Loconene69

    Thanks David and crew. Thanks for a the stories and premieres on T-Mobile. Thanks!!!

  • Tortionist

    Happy thanksgiving David and crew. You guys do a great job. I love your site and the great job that you do. This is the only blog site I ever watch and read, and it’s all because you guys do a great job.Thank you for everything.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  • Lee

    To David and the staff, sometimes we tend to take for granted what yall do in lieu of getting info for us. For this reason and many more, on behalf of us tmo faithful, Happy Thanksgiving, God bless, and Thank You.

  • Ahh, Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving. A classic!

    Happy Thanksgiving TmoNews!

  • LBdaMercenary

    happy thanksgiving tmonews!!!!!! ¬† i know its over….

  • Bklynman

    Happy Thanksgiving to all at Tmonews staff. Hope you had great one. Now only if you can get Tmobile,
    to give us folk under contract free phones that would be great! Take care.

  • Carudyy

    Hey David can my have a smartphone from your guys ?