Ice Cream Sandwich Running On A T-Mobile G1, Kind Of

It’s clunky, it’s slow and you would not want to use it in real life but the fact that the talented folks at XDA-Developers have an Ice Cream Sandwich port up and running on a three year old T-Mobile G1 shows a lot of promise. It’s performance is powered by an archaically sounding 528MHz single-core processor, however this shows that other old-school Android smartphones might also get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich in the future.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth don’t work and neither does screen rotation but the real news here is the promise, rather than the actual application itself.

The video says it all.


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  • None

    OMG, the background music is priceless…and my kids are looking out the window for the ice cream man.

  • Jay

    *Waits for impending G2 ICS discussion*

    • Anonymous

      Also waiting.

  • zyzzbrah

    The G1 has a 528MHZ old tech processor and has only 192MB of RAM. Of course it’s going to run laggy on ICS. Just look at the original iPhone and 3G with IOS4/5 ports…laggy as hell.

  • noname

    loved that phone. they may think that nobody had fell in love with Android, guess what?? I did when I first got my G1. I would never give up on android because it was meant for the people and not so much for the money. and it worked, now more than 50% of  the smartphones in the world run on Android and it deserves that. 

    • Foxeh

      I admit, I have yet to find another phone that I liked as much as the G1. Android these days, while nothing like this video above, still seems to find ways to chug on even the mightiest of machines, at least every now and again. Their phones also seem to have the shortest lifecycle out of anything as well, but I’ve yet to find another system that’s actually… well… better.

      Believe me, I looked.

  • Sotacmatt

    My son is still using mine with CM7. I told him that he wouldn’t get ICS.

  • Enoel69

    I am pretty sure the N1 will run ICS just fine…or at least a slimmed down version of ICS. So Google pls get to N1 is hungry for some Ice Cream Sandwich

    • Anonymous

      Oh it’ll work alright. It’s just the fat hogs at Samsung had something to do about this. I think Samsung wants to be the only maker of Nexus Phones, and they paid Google to quit supporting the N1 and to close all ties with HTC or any other android phone maker.

      • Anonymous

        wow paranoid much?

      • Matthew Lawless

        To bad Google owns an Android phone maker. Motorola.

  • Tkreimark91

    I’ve recently upgraded to a MT4GS but I still have my original G1 and it will always have a special place in my tech heart. The G1 is where it all started, it will always be an awesome phone.

  • None

    nice the G1 is not going away as developers we love the G1 the good old times

  • Jlg

    The HD2 has had ICS for over a week and everything is working except hardware acceleration and the camera.

  • Anonymous

    Just wait. It’ll be quicker within a week

  • Lee

    Google needs to step in and make a nexus that requires the best of all of the OEMs. Also, as a special added bonus, integrate the phone as a part of a home techno-environment.

  • Rick

    OK, I gotta do this.  To both G1s.

    • Anonymous

      And not have WiFi?????

  • This makes me hope the MT4G will get some ICS love. I’m still rocking and loving this phone. I decided not to switch to Windows Phone 7. Love it or hate it, I still think the HTC Titan is DAMN awesome though. So if anyone gets Android and ICS running on the Titan like it is on the HD2, you will be my new best friend.

  • Exeggutor35

    what is this tune

  • Carudyy,wanderson

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    • Anonymous

      Apple has been the #1 tech company for the past 15 years with the highest number of lawsuits against them. Should we tell that to all its stock owners, so they can start worrying about it? Should we warn Apple about it before they open another store? Should we tell them that everything they sell is in some form of litigation?

      Wake me when its over… zzzzz

  • XD

    sad thing is….id still prefer that G1 over my Cliq xt , lol