T-Mobile Posts myTouch By LG Cyber Monday Sale On T-Mobile.com

For a limited time, also known as Cyber Monday T-Mobile is offering both models of their brand new myTouch by LG lineup for free after a $200 instant discount and $79.99 web-only discount. Of course these deals require the activation of a new line of service or the addition of a family plan on a Classic or Even More rate plan. Perfect for the kiddies who want their very first smartphones this holiday season.

The myTouch has a 3.8? touchscreen with a virtual keyboard powered by swype while the myTouch Q is equipped with a 3.5? touchscreen with a  slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Both phones are designed with ease-of-use in mind and will each come in two separate color schemes. The myTouch will be offered in both black and white while the myTouch Q will be available in gray or violet. Both devices are powered by Android 2.3 and a 1GHz Qualcomm processor along with 5 megapixel cameras and 720p HD video recording.


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  • Anonymous

    no value plan love

    • Please the Value Planners had “deals” on Magenta Saturday and Black Friday.

      • Guest

        You are joking, right? I went to TMobile on Black Friday and none of the phones offered were of any use to me. I need a phone with a physical keyboard, which makes the myTouch Q ideal, but it wasn’t on the specials. Now these specials are good only for new activations, which I don’t need, either. Had the Q been available at the same price as the “regular” myTouch, I’d have snagged one at $229, but not $279.

        • Orangejuice

          It’s increasingly clear to me why some folks buy other people’s unlocked “second hand smartphones” and totally skip the t-mob’s “phone torture”. 

          Once I can get on a good series of Windows phones (maybe from Nokia) which will get O/S upgrades directly from Microsoft I will BE DONE with buying “contract driven” phones from carriers. 


        • Rush8220

          I absolutely agree in all the years I been buying phones off the Craigslist just recently I did get an upgrade just this year an ended up giving it to my wife an went back to the hd 2 I will probability stay with the hd 2 until it doesn’t work or they stop developing on it.

        • SmartGuest

          “I went to TMobile on Black Friday and none of the phones offered were of any use to me.” That does not mean there was no sale. It just means you didnt see value in what was offered.

        • Anonymous

          No, it pretty much means the phones sucked. I think I’m backed by the dozens of people that weren’t in the store not buying them, too. 

  • The MyTouch….really?

  • Silva


  • Nexusftw

    Galaxy Nexus

  • Havoktek

    PASS *Ditto*

  • Dirtydingyding

    Cyber monday off contract price ?

  • TyRetr0

    Last year it was a G2 now these two wacky phones… I have a value plan but am gonna take my phone and service back since I’m under my 30 days and get a Walmart phone since they give you a $100 gift card