New T-Mobile TVision remote spotted in FCC with Google Assistant button


We’ve heard in recent months that T-Mobile is working on a refresh of its TVision TV service, and now it looks like the remote for a new TVision set-top box may have leaked.

Photos posted to the FCC website show a new TVision remote with dedicated buttons for YouTube, Netflix, and the Google Assistant. As noted by the folks at 9to5Google, this Google Assistant button along with the “Back” and “Home” buttons on its left and right sides of the Assistant button suggest that the new TVision set-top box could run Android TV.

Besides those dedicated buttons, this new TVision remote has a whole lot of other buttons to help you control the set-top box. There are Guide, DVR, and TVision buttons near the top that are magenta-colored, a d-pad for navigation along with volume and channel controls, and a number pad near the bottom with closed caption and settings buttons.


The FCC filing also confirms that this new TVision hardware is made by SEI Robotics, a company that’s made several other Android TV devices in the past. There’s a page of the user manual for the remote, too, which you can see below.

T-Mobile hasn’t done much with TVision ever since it launched the service in April 2019, but a couple of months ago reports claimed that T-Mo was “retooling and redeveloping” the TVision platform. We also heard in May that the TVision refresh was “tech-ready for launch”, which is seemingly supported by the fact that this updated remote passed through the FCC earlier this year, but that T-Mo was delaying the launch until later this summer due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s still unclear exactly when this refreshed version of TVision will actually launch, but with the news that a new set-top box powered by Android TV may be part of it, we’re even more interested in seeing what T-Mobile is cooking up.


Via: 9to5Google
Source: FCC

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