T-Mobile teases new Un-carrier move coming soon


It looks like T-Mobile has a new Un-carrier move coming soon.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert teased a new Un-carrier announcement today, posting a tweet that reads “You feeling like this industry needs another #Uncarrier kick? Me too…”.

The tweet also includes a video that names T-Mo’s previous Un-carrier moves. At the end of the video, a phone is ringing and it says “…Stay tuned”. The time on the phone is 7:16, suggesting that the announcement could happen this Thursday, July 16.

There haven’t been any rumblings about what T-Mobile’s next Un-carrier move might be. T-Mo’s most recent Un-carrier move was the launch of its Connecting Heroes initiative in May, which was part of the New T-Mobile Un-carrier 1.0 announcement.

Do you have any guesses about what T-Mobile might be planning for its next Un-carrier announcement?


UPDATE: T-Mobile has confirmed to TmoNews that the Un-carrier event will be streamed this Thursday, July 16, at 8:30 am ET/11:30 am ET. The stream will be hosted by Anthony Anderson, who worked with T-Mo on a Super Bowl commercial earlier this year, and T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert will “unveil how the supercharged Un-carrier will continue to change wireless for good.”



Source: Mike Sievert (Twitter)

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  • Tony Wu

    Still waiting 5G Home Internet…
    Or update new wireless router, wifi-6 router…

    • themask128

      Bridge mode. WiFi 6 is barely out. It will take a while to become mainstream

      • Yonatan Ben Magen

        WiFi 6 eventhough my Note10+ supports it – not worth paying bleeding edge prices to be a beta tester.

        Only a handful of phones and devices support it 802.11ax think more routers than devices.
        Seems like so many devices selling are still 2.4ghz over 5ghz wifi components.

        Been waiting on T-Mo 5G HSI so I can ditch Xspeninty – but not sure that it will be competitive – 300mbps blast (HSI only and own modem) $74 with taxes.1 year contract with 1.2TB data cap at 550Gb for the month already since WFH. Now no datacap is only +$25 datacap is still a crappy BS fee (unless your hosting a server and using TBs per month of bandwidth (hard with throttled UL speeds)

    • Jesse

      Seriously, been waiting impatiently for this

      • marque2

        I signed up for their “waiting list” months ago. I have 5g at my home now but it is slower than the 4g service.

  • Francisco Peña

    Probably a 3 month subscription to the Anthony Anderson comedic collection on Quibi.

    • Matt Macaluso

      I laughed hard! The only thing worse than Anthony Anderson is Quibi.

      • Francisco Peña

        I wonder how many people actually watch that service.

        • JR

          I watched the new Reno 911! episodes there. No regrets.

        • Willie D

          You also watched the only good show, the most well known show and the best show revival ever. Other than that Quibi is dead and already failing.

  • riverhorse

    Free activation and monthly service for all looted phones.

    • Francisco Peña

      That’s only on Boost

    • marque2

      TMobile really is pushing the wokeness, aren’t they.

      • jerrymarcus

        You mean that GARBAGE!

        • marque2

          Yes TMobile is pushing that garbage. They always have a banner on their web supporting the latest woke outrage.

      • Reagan1

        Yep, precisely why this 15 yr customer will never recommend them again.

  • wjrandon

    Free T-Mobile branded Handkerchief to the first 1000 subscribers that text “lame” to 101010.

    • Francisco Peña

      rainbow colored

      • And for every one they send out, they’ll donate $30 to BLM

  • Willie D

    Unless they are adding International Calling or taxes and fees inclusive of Simple Choice plans, then I honestly don’t care. I haven’t cared since Uncarrier 7, when they did WiFi Routers and Boosters. That was the last great one.

    • nutmac

      T-Mobile should offer a migration path for customers on a legacy plan, while retaining some of the promos (e.g., free lines, insider hookup).

      For instance, if you signed up to Simple Choice with $100 for 4 lines (originally 2.5GB), then subsequently added 4 free voice lines, you should be allowed to migrate to Magenta with 4 paid and 4 free voice lines while paying the price of 4 voice lines ($160).

      In return for paying $60 more, customers get all the perks like (1) unlimited data, (2) 3GB LTE Hotspot data, (3) taxes and fees included, (4) Netflix or Quibi on Us, (5) unlimited talk and text, 5GB in Canada and Mexico, and (6) 1 hour data on Gogo flight.

      And ditto for customers on ONE and other older plans, as well as Sprint.

      • Francisco Peña

        um no.

        I had the 2/10GB/$100. They offered me 2/6GB/$70 (when free streaming happened) so I jumped.

        Got a free line. so now 3 lines with tax was $83/mo which includes 6 GB hotspot. Then I got unlimited free. Then I got another line free. So 4 lines, about $85-86/mo with unlimited data, 6GB LTE hotspot AND HD streaming. I don’t care about Netflix. I can pay for it myself, and still be under $100.

        So if you want, they should offer to move folks to a Magenta IF they want, but otherwise, I don’t want to move from my plan at all. I’m sure there are plenty of folks with even better plans that mine that won’t leave.

        • nutmac

          Some folks obviously should stay with their old plan, especially limited time plans such as your’s.

          But most customers are on more conventional plans, but often with some promos like free voice lines and insider hookup. If T-Mobile can let customers retain some of these promos, customers can decide whether paying more is worth it or not themselves.

        • JLaw

          Not too shabby. I was in the 2/6/70 plan also. My wife and I were the original lines. Added my bro. for 17.50 and a wearable line for 7.50.
          Took advantage of 2 free lines a couple yrs back, and the last free line promo.
          If I wasn’t paying for the v60 BOGO, half price s10 (wife), free se* and 12.50 tablet, I’d be pretty well off. Close 110 after taxes a month.
          5 lines moved to unlimited and 6gb hs.
          15% corporate discount thru employer.
          *=100 was bill credit, pay 4 a month

        • Francisco Peña


      • Willie D

        SO…basically me just migrating myself to a Magenta plan. That’s what you described.

      • Mike

        I’d actually hope they go with unlimited hotspot.

    • Sayahh

      I forgot the exact details, but wasn’t there a limited time promo that for $5 you’d get international calls added to every line on the account or something? Or was that per line? Maybe 2015, 2016 or 2017?

  • Jeffrey

    muh TV service. I guess that dieded.

  • Bklynman

    They are going bring back guitar hero!!! I miss it the 1st time around!!! Who else is waiting for this?

  • Sayahh

    So is it 830 ET or 1130 ET??

    • On the announcement graphic, it says 8:30 PT which is 11:30 ET.

      I know, I was initially confused by that too

      • Sayahh

        That’s what I assumed. I’m just pointing out the typo:

        “UPDATE: T-Mobile has confirmed to TmoNews that the
        Un-carrier event will be streamed this Thursday, July 16, at 8:30 am
        ET/11:30 am ET.”

  • JG

    I would like to see a new data plan (for tablets and watches).

    I would like to have a cellular plan, for the few times I travel or the internet goes out or whatever. But I don’t travel enough to warrant a $20 monthly add-on. The last time I traveled was a weekend trip almost 2 years ago, and with covid I don’t anticipate getting to go anywhere soon.

    I would like to see TMo offer an On Demand service. Let me purchase a 24-hour unlimited data package for say $5. When I get to the bus station, I can open the TMo app and buy a data pass and be able to stream Netflix or whatever as I ride across the country. Otherwise, it just draws data from WiFi only.

    Icing on the cake would be if they could revive and merge the 200Mb On Us plan into this. Especially if it could be used with wearables.

    Given how infrequently I would need cellular data (I almost always have my phone on me when I’m out and about) and how little data I use through the watch (notification mirroring and some IMing) I would probably have no problem stretching 200Mb out over a month.

    • Willie D

      What you want is basically prepaid data. They have this.

      • JG

        Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately it looks like I’ll have more than enough time to do some research on the topic… Doubt I’ll be going anywhere until summer 2021 at the earliest…

        Also, would need to find an LTE(/5G) tablet before I need to worry about having an LTE(/5G) plan to go along with it. I still have my Nexus 9 I was getting the 200Mb/month free on. But it is a bit past its End of Life. I’d much rather prefer something a little more modern, that’s still getting patched for exploits.

  • JR

    Cheap and fast home internet. Before Starlink comes and then things will get interesting.

    • InTheMuff

      Cant wait for starlink to shake up the industry

  • Mike

    My guess is either a relaunch of TV service, or they may stop treating hot spot as separate data, so basically unlimited on phone and hot spot.

  • JG

    Not sure if it would qualify as an Un-Carrier move… But I wonder if they will officially retire the Sprint brand and make everyone a New T-Mobile customer. It’s mid-summer when they said it would happen.

    • Willie D

      Thats not really a pain-point or an uncarrier move, and has already been planned and announced.

      • Shaun Michalak

        Well, so was some of their other uncarrier announcements..

        • Willie D

          Yeah, I know… thats my point. Almost all their crappy uncarrier moves lately are already well known. By press releases months prior

        • Dummy Up Meathead

          “crappy uncarrier moves…” Does T-Mobile owe you some sort of present? You seem pretty upset.

        • Willie D

          No but in terms of marketing vs reality, their moves lately have been crap.

        • Shaun Michalak

          and very disappointing too.. lol

  • marque2

    Sorry you missed that. For two weeks end of June/early July they were giving free line for just the cost of a Sim card, no strings.

    • Juan Carlos

      brother i don’t need more lines which i would like good deal for old customers other than adding more lines ☝️

  • Em iVideo

    Maybe it has to do with the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich deal.

    • Francisco Peña

      is that today? oh snap. didn’t scroll down enough.

      • dcmanryan

        It’s MIA.

  • Alex Pilaia

    Is there a link to the stream??

    • Francisco Peña

      maybe Tmo’s page, or their facebook page, or other of their SM accounts.

  • Alex Pilaia

    Would love to see a new and improved Jump_On_Demand style promo, now that all phones will be hitting the 5G mark. Maybe $15/mo, any phone in the lineup. If your account is in good standing, keep paying $15/mo for any phone for as long as you want it. When it slows down, or you dont like it anymore, trade up and start your new phone for the same $15/mo.

    • Francisco Peña

      I’d get a new phone then.

  • Willie D

    BREAKING NEWS: T-Mobile to remove customer pain-point by ending hype for “Un-Carrier” moves! T-Mobile will no longer hype up its uncarrier program after customers complain that the hype exceeded many of the announcements as of recent. In order to stop disappointing customers and to remove a pain point, we will no longer advertise any uncarrier moves and will adjust our marketing to be more truthful and faithful to our customers. You can activate this great Un-Carrier feature by adding a line on Magenta for existing customers, or for new customers you must start with 2 lines to get the 3rd free. Log into MyT-Mobile, under Account Preferences you can opt-out of Un-carrier hype by activating the option “No Hype”, on each line. This must be done daily, on demand and is not automatic.
    Thanks for choosing TMo

    • purenupe1

      I logged in just to thumbs up your comment.

      • Willie D

        hahahahaha. Well thank you!!

  • Manbearpig

    Its the chicken sandwich that was supposed to be today. I’m super cereal guys!!

    • InTheMuff

      Dude are you truly upset you didnt get the sandwich

      • Manbearpig

        My kids were more upset then me lol

  • Shaun Michalak

    I am not expecting too much from it.. It will probably be something like the last “uncarrier” move, which was something that was advertised way back before the merger.. The access for the emergency responders.. They left the hanging feeling for the drama, only to say we are not implementing what we already advertised.. What a letdown.. I am expecting the same here too.

  • I’m just ready for the Galaxy Note

  • Android_God

    Maybe expanding TV service or maybe they’re partnering with YouTube TV for a discount?
    Free TMobile buttplugs?

    • Willie D

      Ill take the buttplug

    • SneakyPete

      I want a butt plug too.

  • Mike

    Maybe they will bring back John Legere as CEO?
    Actually it may have something to do with saying hello to people, like offering free world wide calling, without charging per minute or having the 15.00 overseas call plan.

    • Willie D

      This is what I hope for.

    • Alex Pilaia

      Good point. maybe SAY HELLO to Sprint Customers? Will special deals for those on SPRINT, to convince them not to jump ship?

    • InTheMuff

      Does any other carrier give out the international perks that tmo does?
      I dont believe so.

  • RealShit

    I can’t wait to see how trash this bullshit uncarrier move is gonna be. Why even make this big announcement anymore?

  • the martian ambassador

    Uncarrier moves ain’t what they used to be. Now they just seem to be micro-targeting various social groups for deals. This next offer will probably reward antifa terrorists who deliver a beheaded statue to their local T-Mobile store.

    • Phil


  • Alex Pilaia

    Link to livestream??? The one int he graphic above does not work

  • Nobody Special

    SCAM SHEILD is the uncarrier announcement !!,,,

    THe free phone line they gave away last week would of been a better uncarrier announcement.