T-Mobile reveals Super Bowl LIV commercial, will give away 5G phones during the big game

T-Mobile today confirmed that it’s got a commercial in this year’s Super Bowl, but that’s not the only news that it’s got to share regarding the big game.

The minute-long ad is named “Mama Tests 5G” and it features actor Anthony Anderson and his real mother Doris as she takes T-Mobile’s 5G network for a spin. She’s shown using her Galaxy Note 10+ 5G on the T-Mobile low-band 5G network in a variety of places, including the park, the aquarium, the parking garage, and the club.

If you’d like to see the ad during the Super Bowl, T-Mobile says that the spot will air during the fourth quarter.

To celebrate its Super Bowl ad and its nationwide 5G network, T-Mobile will be giving away five Galaxy Note 10+ 5G smartphones every five minutes throughout the entire game. Everyone can enter, even non-T-Mobile customers.

You can enter the contest every quarter by tweeting #5GThatWorks and #Contest on Twitter.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • marque2

    Hopefully the ad won’t tell us how we are a bunch of jerky racists again.

  • Mike Thaler

    Since I don’t do twitter – can’t enter drawing!

  • Eric A

    If you win, you’ll have to add a line.

    • Francisco Peña

      so true.

  • Ryan Loftus

    Twitter is for kids! I dont personally know one adult with a Twitter account

    • Justice

      Yeah, all you boomers are over on Facebook posting cat pictures and bragging about how your great-grandkids moved their bowels today. Your statement is moronic at best.

      • Ryan Loftus

        Ohhhh does a poor little Millennial need a safe space to go cry in hahaha

      • Francisco Peña

        Please remember, without a boomer (which is actually a stupid phrase/flame created by idiots), there would not be any millennials.

        Think on that peewee.

        • marque2

          Well I would only give two Pinocchio’s (or AOCs if you prefer) for that one. As an an example – my two millennial kids had no boomers involved. (My parents were pre boom)

        • Francisco Peña

          their parents?

        • marque2

          My parents are both before WWII ended and I am gen X my kids are millennials. No boomers in the family tree. So no, you don’t need a boomer in the family to generate millenials.

    • dcmanryan

      Be like me. I have no Twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram. I could not careless what people are doing besides my immediate family.

    • Red

      Is this the part where we’re supposed to care?

  • mikeZo6

    11.2M for commercial in Super Bowl XIV to promote Slow 5G save money put into network

  • John Doe

    That promotion was a mess, the link did not work and they were sending out fake winner pics with their phones already…made no sense just like T-Mobile’s current 5G

    • Red

      Not fake winner pics, just the same actor over and over. Think he was representative of the contest vice supposed to be a winner.

    • Red

      Yeah, it was a *major* failure, servers bonked FAST.

  • riverhorse

    Very underwhelmed by all SB ads this year.

  • draws

    I won