OpenSignal compares US carriers’ LTE by region, T-Mobile finishes first or second each


After releasing its State of Mobile Networks: USA report last week, OpenSignal today shared a follow-up report that shows how the four major US carriers stack up in the different regions of the USA.

Looking at the map above, you can see that the regional results are similar to the nationwide report from last week. According to OpenSignal, Verizon has the best 4G LTE availability in all five regions of the USA. The 4G LTE speed rankings are split, though, with Verizon and T-Mobile each winning two regions and then finishing in a statistical tie in the fifth.


Drilling down into the results by region, we can see that while Verizon did finish first in 4G LTE availability in all regions, T-Mobile came in second in all of them. And in the Northeast and West regions, T-Mobile was right on Verizon’s heels.


T-Mobile wasn’t too far off from Verizon in the 4G LTE speed rankings in which it finished second, either. Also worth noting is that in three regions — the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast — T-Mo averaged speeds of more than 18Mbps.

To check out OpenSignal’s latest report for yourself, hit the link below.

Source: OpenSignal

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  • Chrgjtrn5

    Damn TMO ahead of At&t…damn!…but good.

  • Acdc1a

    Poor Sprint…

  • Jess

    Aww…Poor Sprint… ROFLMAO

    • Tony Chen

      NO WONDER SPRINT IS SOOO freaking cheap they suuuuck!!!!!!!! LOL

  • Spanky

    So does this mean that T-Mobile surpassed AT&T in terms of coverage?

    • Acdc1a

      Availability is not the same as coverage. AT&T still has a larger LTE network…

      • Locust Gee

        True. But the original OS report say their methodology for determining coverage – availability (stickiness) vs. subs or sq. miles – is a more telling metric.

      • Spanky

        I’ve been on AT&T for nearly 5 years and would gladly switch to T-Mobile, if the coverage footprint was the same. I’ve been to a few places about 30-40 miles outside of NYC where I had LTE coverage on AT&T, whereas a friend of mine who has T-Mobile had no service. I’m not trolling, by the way. I’m genuinely curious about T-Mobile, but don’t really trust their coverage yet.

        • metalspy8

          Good example of a liar..
          a;say something positive about what you have.
          b;say something negative about tmobile which your so called “friend” has.
          c;say your not trolling.
          DUDE STFU no one wants to hear your LIES. PANZY

        • Spanky

          Looks like I triggered a fanboy!

    • Walt

      Att is at 317m LTE and 325m overall

    • CC

      yes if you use a newer phone with band 12 like Iphone 7

  • Philip

    Love T-mobile!

  • kev2684


    How did T-Mobile beat AT&T in availability? let’s not kid ourselves here.

    • Walt

      I know, right?

    • CC

      easy ATT sucks

    • Locust Gee

      I know the pretty graphs & lots of big number metrics scare you.
      Data doesn’t lie but people do.

    • Omar Cardenas

      Here in los angeles tmobile left att behind in everything lte speed and coverage . att was great a while back in this area . now tmobile works better . was in griffith observatory last week . att was edge while tmobile and verizon were Lte. and thats not the only time i seen that . Some parts of riverside,victorville,escondido, and santa rosa . Att has hspa. And shockingly tmobile just like verizon has Lte already. Tmobile apparently has been expanding their coverage here like verizon . unlike att. Im just really surprised in all the places my moms verizon phone has lte so do i on tmobile . while my sister in att had hspa .

    • John Smith

      ATT sucks in Los Angeles. The second biggest Metropolitan city in the U.S.

  • Jonathan

    That’s why Verizon is king!

    • Matt

      Kings can and do get dethroned. Verizon is no longer very compelling.

      • Rick

        TMO is discount network is for cheap people. Nothing more.

        • John Smith

          Me and my Beneteau Oceanis 45 sailboat will disagree with you.

        • metalspy8


      • Stephen Davis

        Anyone with T-Mobile is with them because they can’t afford Verizon or they live in a big city where if you couldn’t get service in a big city than you better shut down your business. Verizon’s unlimited plan kicks ass. 10GB off teathering than dropped down to 3G speeds. 3G speeds still stream Netflix. AT&T is the U.K. And Verizon is The US of America, and T-Mobile is well Germany LOL for this history comparison. AT&T used to reign all over the world with the purchase of Cingular. T-Mobile tried to take on all the country’s but got defeated due to many reasons. Verizon came out on top and will stay #1, at&t will stay number 2. T-Mobiles only option left is to merge with Sprint.

  • CC

    I have both Verizon for work and Tmobile personal – I have a IPhone 7 for both- granted i do not travel much to rural areas and do not visit most low populated states like Montana – Dakotas and others like – so for me most part if not all cities and suburbs I see little to no difference anymore – but the savings are huge with T-mobile not to mention if you trave to Europe like I do regularly its a no brainer T-mobile all the way.

    • Christopher_McG

      Notice all the ppl with complaints or no large improvements have iPhones.

      • John Smith

        And they still have their iPhones because…. you know.. iPhones don’t explode.

  • kgraham182

    Looks like Verizon is better than T-Mobile considering they have twice as much customers. Good job John and friends

    • John Smith

      McDonald’s has 100x the customers as Alain Ducasse. Does that make the food at McDonald’s better?

      • Bklynman

        In some people eyes sadly yes. LoL.

  • john

    13 yrs with TMO and have iphone 7 plus. Indoor and in building coverage is still very poor . Everything else has been great!

    • Christopher_McG

      Get rid of that iPhoney. It’s not a good phone.

      • Stephen Davis

        Lol. The iPhone is far better than any android device. Funny you say iphoney when Samsung ripped off Apple’s design.

    • Ozgur Sen

      The iPhone 7 from T-Mobile and AT&T come with the intel Modem. They get the worst reception and speeds. I bought 2 IPhone 7 Plus’s and returned both back to T-Mobile and then got the Unlocked Qualcomm one.

      • Melissa Cardenas

        i dont know but i had a s7 edge from tmobile and got an iphone 7 plus . and in the same places i got very bad reception on the s7 edge i get the same bad reception with the iphone. were i had good signal with the edge i also get good signal with the iphone. a perfect example is the Gym i go to . i live in los angeles and go to the LA fitness in montebello with the edge i got absolutely no Lte and 1 little bar of hspa and horrible data speed couldnt even stream music very frustrating running on the threadmill and cant listen to music . With the iphone is exactly the same no Lte at all inside the gym and one dot of hspa and data doesnt work at all cant stream anything at all again very frustrating trying to work out without music . u would think it would work since both phones support band 12 lte and its supposedly available here in LA.. once i walk out the gym bam 3 dots of Lte and everything works . And not only the gym there are many other places my other phone had bad signal like walmart were the iphone also craps out. so its not the phones its tmobile signal in this area thats bad.

        • TechnoRealz

          I get GREAT reception indoors now in my work building sitting in the same space vs. 2 years ago when it was unusable: Now 15.5Mbps vs. Then 0.565Mps

          I live in the 45th ranked MSA & get great indoor signal everywhere.

          No band 12 either.

        • Melissa Cardenas

          nice and here in LA i really tought band 12 would help. But inside many buildings i drop down to Hspa and data dont work only calls . Lte is GREAT outside. Inside no lte not even band 12 . Hspa sometimes works for data but usually not . Only calls .

  • poorwalt

    Where’s Walt?

    • Walt

      You called? Tmobile’s network isnt better than Att’s. Why does Att have double the customers then?

      • TechnoRealz

        Branding not service.

      • Jay Holm

        Double? Your suggesting AT&T has 140m customers?

  • jim worrall

    I’m glad T-Mobile is investing in their network. Their current coverage map is grossly overstated. ATT and Verizon each have more than one million square miles more coverage than T-Mobile. A study that claims T-Mobile’s coverage surpasses ATT and nearly equals Verizon is faulty.

    • TechnoRealz

      It’s only faulty if you only read the headlines.
      The report clearly stated their methodology is based on actual usage & connected time not # of cell towers or subscriber count.

      • Stephen Davis

        I just switched back to Verizon. There maps are very faulty.