T-Mobile Galaxy S7 and S7 edge receiving Android 7.0 Nougat, update hitting beta testers first


Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge owners, your serving of Nougat is ready.

Samsung and T-Mobile have completed the Android 7.0 Nougat update for T-Mo’s Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Several T-Mobile customers started receiving the Nougat update on their phones this evening, complete with the February 1, 2017 security patches.


It appears as though the update is only hitting Samsung beta testers at first. The TmoNews readers who pinged me about the update were in the beta program, as were users on Reddit and xda-developers. Additionally, one Reddit user received the following message from Samsung’s Galaxy Beta Program Team with the update:


So while this does sound like this is the full, final release of Android 7.0 for T-Mobile’s Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, it seems that beta testers are getting it first as a way of Samsung to say “Thanks” for participating in the beta program.

There’s no word yet on when this Android 7.0 update will hit all T-Mobile Galaxy S7 and S7 edge owners. Now that the official release is making its way to beta testers, though, hopefully it won’t be long before everyone can taste the Nougat-y goodness.

Thanks, Luis, Doug, and Alex!

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  • Rob

    Samsung behind as usual. I’ve had it on my HTC 10 for months now, first the US unlocked version and then T-Mobile released it shortly after.

    That said, Nougat is not ready for prime time yet. Every device that has gotten it so far has various issues. HTC had to stop the European roll out twice because of issues, one of which wiped out the phone’s IMEI rendering mobile data unusable and just about everyone complains about battery life on Nougat, not just on the HTC 10 but the Pixels and Nexuses too.

    • gmo8492

      My OnePlus 3T runs Nougat like a champ. Before that I owned the LG V20 which ran Nougat out of the box which was very stable and fluid. Sold the V20 to purchase my 3T and I usually get 7hrs 30min of screen on time on a full battery. The problems seem to stem from the lack of optimization and bloated skins.

    • samsung freud

      That’s interesting news, I’ve installed Nougat on my ZTE Axon 7 and it’s working great.

    • definitely-not-spam

      Nougat increased my battery life several times over on my S7, so I feel sad if anyone is not experiencing this on their phones as well :(

  • Nougat

    Downloading now on my T-Mobile S7 running 6.0. I’m not a beta tester and OTA file size is 1545MB. Finally!!

    • Croq

      I was not a beta tester either. My S7 Edge update pings at 1563 MB.

  • Shawn G.

    I also received the update, and I never beta tested. Although, I downloaded the beta app and attempted to be part of the testing.

  • T Redd

    Is this update safe to install?

    • definitely-not-spam

      Yes. it’s the best thing to happen to your phone in the last year.

      • T Redd

        Damn performance skyrocketed. Now i have more interal memory. The only thing missing is the secure folder. Hopefully that comes eventually.

  • awt

    i wasn’t a beta tester either and I’m downloading it now OTA. comes in at a file size of
    1563 MB

  • mreveryphone

    Checked for update and it’s currently downloading… I have two S7 Edges, one was on the beta and one was not… Both are getting it…

  • The Truth Commission

    Not a beta tester, but woke up to the download on my GS7 this morning….1563 MB

  • Noremacam

    Oh huh. I was expecting 7.1

    • bkat11

      I think they will skip that for 7.1.2 if they do another update soon

    • I was expecting 10.1

    • definitely-not-spam

      Samsung confirmed a few months ago that the official release was going to be 7.0

      Whoever spread the 7.1 rumor around was incorrect and misinterpreted communications with Samsung, and then news sites ran with the misinformation without fact checking.

      • Penn Adam

        Fake News is real.

        • definitely-not-spam

          Alternative facts are alternatively false.

  • Chris Fulco

    Downloading 1563 MB… Such a good morning now

  • thatphonefreak

    Just got S7 Tuesday so was not part of the beta. Installed update this morning. After reboot hung on t-mobile screen for almost 4 minutes, but all good after that.

    • Shawn G.

      Same thing happened to me.

    • definitely-not-spam

      this started happening during the beta too as well during the installation.

      I think it’s because the initial startup after the software update is just starting and setting up a few processes and it just hangs on the splash screen until it completely boots.

      Completely normal, but the first time it happened to me it gave my heart a lil jump as well.

  • bkat11

    Looks like everybody gets the love! Good my gf was starting to dislike touchwiz

  • JB45

    Running now on my S7 edge that wasn’t beta. Looks just like the Note 7 that we all had to give up

  • Brian M.

    The update is live for non-beta users too.

    • MurF-A-Zoid

      Just got mine today.

  • Karl Cieslak

    I just went to check update on the phone manually just now and it is pushing a 1563mb file update. I am guessing the product is live as I am not a beta tester.

    • definitely-not-spam


  • MurF-A-Zoid

    Android 7.0 Nougat update is live for non-beta users too for T-mobile in Fresno CA SG7 edge. Time to upgrade babe. Anyone have problems so far after the upgrade on there SG7 Edge?

    • definitely-not-spam

      only problems I’m having is with the S-View Case with my flat S7.

      The case software built-in doesn’t seem to have been polished with the nougat update, so I’m occiasionally getting system UI closing dialogues and UI errors with the top bar of info on the lockscreen

      • MurF-A-Zoid


        • definitely-not-spam

          I think a phantom fix may have been pushed because now of the three issues I was having with the case, only one persists, and it’s very minor.

  • Brian Richards

    It downloaded to my phone. 1500 MB.

    I just read that it prevents you from setting up adoptable storage so that’s a problem. I guess adoptable storage that is already set up will stay setup, but that if you reset the phone (which you’re kind of supposed to do for a new OS install) that adoptable storage will no longer work. That’s a pretty big problem.

    • definitely-not-spam

      You might want to back everything up just in case. I’m not sure if it will keep adoptable if you have it set up already from Marshmallow

      • Brian Richards

        It’s supposed to keep it if it’s already setup. At least previous releases of Nougat for S7/Edge have kept the existing settings. The problem comes if you need to change SD cards or reset the phone. The commands to setup the adoptable partition are accepted by the phone, but have no actual effect.

        Of course, until somoene tries both things on oour customized for T-Mobile version of the rom, who knows. I’m just going to pass on the update. I’ve never had good luck moving Samsung phones to new OS’s anyway. There’s always problems. I can’t think of anyhting in Nougat that’s compelling enough to make me mess with my phone that’s working just fine right now.

        • definitely-not-spam

          I can respect that. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • Brian Richards

    How do I make the nag notification to install it go away. I don’t want it.

  • Jeff

    Beta my a$$! I’m not on it and it’s downloading!

    • definitely-not-spam

      Good on T-mobile for releasing it to everyone!

    • Reagan1

      Agreed. I’m not a beta tester either and mine is downloading right now. About 1550MB, but not sure I really want to install yet. Never good to be the guinea pig.

  • netplayground

    Heads up. You’ll want to go through and check your settings after the update. The update package will change some of your personalized adjustments to the phone’s configuration.

    In my experience WiFi calling disrupts more calls than it successfully connects or seamlessly handles. I had it OFF before the update. It was back ON afterwards. Also, the Allow apps to “use WIFI even when you have it turned off’ setting was back ON when it was previously OFF.

    There are others that I have just now changed but can’t be 100 percent sure I had them in the opposite configuration before the update so I won’t list them here. Just know you should not assume that the personalized settings you had before the update remain the same afterwards.

    • Huto Huti

      I had wifi calling off and my wifi calling calling setting was “Cellular Network Preffered”
      after upgrade wifi calling was on and changed setting “WI-FI preffered”

  • MurF-A-Zoid

    Found 1 problem in the contacts app you don’t see the star to add anyone to your favorite list anymore. help if you find it..

  • jmt

    I use Nova Launcher. Am i going to notice any difference, since I don’t use the stock launcher? Just curious.

    • definitely-not-spam

      Yes. Settings menu updated, notification shade, direct reply in notification cards, theme store now separates wallpapers, themes, and icons to be applied individually, a bump in performance and smoothness, and for a lot of people, a much better battery performance as well.

      Your mileage may vary slightly, but I personally feel like the update is wonderfully done.

      • TheTruth

        Just did the update. i also have nova launcher, what else have you notice since you’ve had it for 15days? my messages is all white, not sure why. any fix for this?

  • Huto Huti

    Samsung Pay Does not work, I lost data ( Gift card stored in samsung Pay), When calling samsung Pay they said Tmobile push updates sooner, Samsung is planning to provide update on samsung pay by early March. You can not downgrade back to old version. So if you using Samsung Pay having or have your gift card stored in Samsung pay make sure to take Physical back

    • Reagan1

      Interesting, as my stored gift cards moved over just fine after the upgrade.

      • Huto Huti

        I can not believe it when i called SAmsung Pay tech support they saying pay is not compatible with android 7 version they are working on itand will be releasing update at beginning of March. Are you sure your SPAY working after upgrade?

        • Reagan1

          Good, point. I’ve only tried to use SPAY once after the update and it did not work, so you could be right. I did not lose any data or gift cards, so just assumed everything else would work. I’ll have to try again and see what happens.

        • Fernando N.

          Are you guys using the Samsung Pay v2.6 ???

          I’ve been holding off going to Nougat because of SPay !

  • Huto Huti

    it says update improve battery life but I have seen my worst is worst after update to OS7.

  • T Redd

    I hope so.. That app was legit.

    • definitely-not-spam

      it’s released unofficially. only download it if you’re on official nougat. see my comment above for a link to the APK

      • T Redd

        I tried it.. Its laggy

  • Phil

    Just updated. Just a heads up, my contacts took a little bit to transfer over so don’t get scared if you don’t see names right away.

  • Kokodude

    Updated my s7 Edge and it’s now completely broken.
    The app icons are so large some of them end up off-page.
    Also, Samsung pay is gone but I get popups that it crashed (along with a bunch of other apps) every time I unlock the home screen.
    My battery keeps draining like I was using the CPU at 100% at all times.
    My phone is basically bricked.
    Thanks T-Mobile for bricking my $800 phone!

  • Head_em_out

    Haven’t had much time to play with my phone but did notice that my message history no longer looks the same, and main setting is now hard to read.

  • Vlad

    After official update, s7 edge randomly restarts? Is it possible to fix? Already tried master reset…

  • Roald Van Antwerpen

    The upgrade has been great so far. Much better battery life, faster performance too.
    One issue, seems to have a hard time switching to WiFi calling… I’ve rest Cache etc.
    no change… however after a reboot it works great for the rest of the day… till I return to
    work the next day, then I have to reboot again. I hope there’s a fix soon.