T-Mobile shares projected coverage map for end of 2017


When T-Mobile announced its Q4 2016 earnings earlier this week, it also dropped some info on the current status of its network and its future coverage plans. That includes sharing a projected coverage map for 2017.

The new T-Mobile projected coverage map shows what T-Mo expects its network to look like as of December 31, 2017. Compared to the coverage map as of December 31, 2016, T-Mo is planning to greatly expand its LTE footprint in 2017.

Some of the states that are projected to get quite a bit more T-Mobile LTE coverage are Montana, Iowa, Oregon, and West Virginia. There are several other states that are projected to get more 4G LTE coverage, too.


I’ve also included T-Mobile’s coverage map as of December 31, 2016 so that you can compare it with T-Mobile’s projected coverage map as of December 31, 2017.

T-Mobile reiterated its plans to continue expanding its LTE network in its Q4 2016 earnings announcement, saying that its 4G LTE network currently reaches 314 million people and that that number should grow to 320 million by the end of 2017. Still, it’s exciting to see T-Mobile’s 2017 LTE expansion plans depicted on a map and compared to the existing LTE footprint. Now we just have to wait and see if T-Mo can follow through on its projection.

Source: T-Mobile (PDF)

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  • Kirk Sharrar

    Why does T-Mobile hate the Oregon coast?

    • Edward Ward

      I guess they figure I-5 is good enough. It would be nice to see that coastal coverage expanded, though.

    • Maybe because of the Twilight series.

      • bkat11

        Haha so true

  • mreveryphone

    Had to work in Central and Northern Wisconsin for a couple of years… Thank God for off-line maps…

    • TJ Ninneman

      Yeah, Verizon and ATT are pretty much the only choices. USCC just has a protection network up there so even the upcoming roaming agreement wont help.

      • Joeleo

        Is Tmobile for sure entering a roaming agreement with US Cellular, and if so is it going to be a network sharing agreement so it would be considered non-roaming? If that is the case, that would be huge in other US Cellular areas!

  • Acdc1a

    Somehow I doubt this will silence the whiners.

    • Joe

      Its a good thing when people complain about service. That is the only way that things will get better. If every body would say that they are quite happy with the service but never complain than nothing would get done.

  • Steven

    Come on Alabama Gulf Coast!! please

  • pda96

    Whatever happened to the 700MHz deployment for San Diego and Las Vegas? TMO promised EOY 2016. No go?

    • Walt

      Im in san diego and there is band 12 here. They just need to deploy it on 32nd street and Coronado island. Service sucks on base

  • Acdc1a

    This packet also provides a very important metric that I’ve not seen included in a presentation in a very long time, cost of services. Using round numbers, it costs T-Mobile $7 per line to service customers. This throws water on the argument that T-Mobile can’t be successful being the value carrier.

    • Jon

      Which is why their share price has continued to rise as ‘Uncarrier’ has been going on. That might change if VZW and ATT follow suit in a price war though. If that happens, costs will either increase in advertising, or revenue will drop from price reductions.

  • Matt

    This is excellent news! I’m sure the new map will have Verizon running scared.

    • JG

      Haha! I love the sarcasm. :-)

      • Matt

        No sarcasm. I’m a happy customer.

        • JG

          Oh. I apologize then.

  • steadymobb

    Hopefully. My service usually sucks.

    • T Redd

      Same here. In areas on the map shows i supposed to have excellent lte doesn’t. Alot of deadzones. The map kinda exaggerates

  • Jimmylee Gutierrez

    What happened to 700 LTE in Albuquerque?

  • Pokley

    Their reported coverage map from 2016 is even wrong. How am I supposed to trust the new one? JL is more than happy to retweet gushing fan tweets but when he’s called out on 2016’s fake map, he’s nowhere to be found. Hey TMo, your map is STILL wrong.

    • JG

      As much as I enjoy being a TMo customer (when I’m not cleaning up billing messes), I have to concur on this. There may be some happy connected customers, but try my metropolitan area out, and they will experience the dead zones sprinkled all over here. Nobody at TMo believes me when I tell them about the spotty coverage in my neighborhood, at my daughter’s school, at my wife’s work location, etc. But the coverage is “good enough” for us to hang in there, hoping one day it will get better.

      • Locust Gee

        Where do you live?
        Cause my area – not sure is even a Top 50 town & the map is pretty much correct. Even down to the once spotty area I live in.

        • JG

          Phoenix, AZ

        • decisivemoment

          T-Mobile have been deploying 700MHz (LTE Band 12) in that market. But if you don’t have a phone that supports Band 12, it won’t do you any good and you’d be stuck on Band 2 or Band 4 channels that don’t reach as far from the tower or as deeply into buildings because they run at a higher frequency. In Apple at least only the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have Band 12.

        • Nick

          The iPhone 6s, 6s+, and SE also have Band 12

        • JG

          I have iPhone 6s+. It has Band 12. I know the 700MHz push and the limitations with the buildings. It’s good that T-Mobile went to auction this past year. The fact remains, we have multiple locations in this area that are dead zones. I was on the phone with T-Mobile just the other night, and while driving down the road, the call dropped. They called me back, fortunately. It is the same areas, every time.
          I’m not an isolated event either. Many folks, various phones, reporting the same spotty coverage. T-Mobile has improved, but once they think they have coverage in an area, it appears they leave it alone. You’d have to be in my neighborhood to witness the phenomena. We live in a major subdivision, master plan community. Inside my home is dead zone, no service. Outside my home, barely service. Next street over (200 yards) LTE 3 bars. Go down about 1/4 mile from my house in same community, all dead, no service, forget living there and enjoying T-Mobile. Go literally 300 yards west of it, strong LTE signal.

          It just happens. Those who don’t live in these areas nor travel will not see it. Those who do know very well what I’m expressing.

          I appreciate your pointing out the band dependencies, because I do agree they make all the difference.

        • Shaun Michalak

          It is not just up there.. Here, if you are on interstate 90, decent service.. Get off at the exit, and drive just about 500 – 600 feet, and you can barely get a signal. I go down that road, to where my friend works, which is actually about 1500 feet from 90, and most of the time, I can not get any kind of signal. If I do, I am very lucky.. in that area, they state “fair”.. I think they need to relabel “fair” down to “lucky”. I am lucky to get something outside, and inside.. Forget it.. My opinion, when checking the map, close in until you can see “verified” boxes.. If there is no solid set of boxes in a line, and around the area, then figure spotty service..

  • Jon

    Looks like St Louis is the only top-30 market without 700mhz still. US Cellular still sitting on that?

    Network info is great tho. VoLTE usage from 39% to 67% YoY is a huge jump. Makes refarming AWS HSPA an easier decision no doubt.
    Crazy to believe that the company that “couldn’t compete” when ATT was trying to buy them up is now leading the industry with massive rollouts of 4×4 MIMO, C.A. and 15x15AWS LTE.

    • decisivemoment

      Not just USCC, but yes–while it’s great for USCC customers and Sprint roamers, it’s not so hot for everyone else. An even bigger problem there is Dish Network which really is sitting on a Band 66 license that they’re not even attempting to build out. At least USCC is doing something good with their spectrum.

  • Jon

    Also looks like TMO is expecting a slowdown in customer ads, with branded postpaids expected around 3mil for the full year. I have a feeling Q1/2 are going to see the first quarters in a few years where subscriber ads will be below 1mil.

    • Acdc1a

      Exact same guidance they gave for 2016.

  • T-Mob User

    False advertisement. I should hire me attorney in Florida and start a class action lawsuit!

    • user311

      A projection is not an ad.

    • Phone Guy

      It would be a lot easier to move to another carrier and stay off this sight. Your problem and our problem would be solved. Simple. Go to Verizon. They have much lower prices now.

    • Locust Gee

      I doubt you have enough resources to do anything.

      • Troll slayer^


    • Andrew Singleton

      You can’t if you’re a customer. You signed away that right.

    • decisivemoment

      False? At least in areas of Minnesota I’m familiar with, they’re already live with coverage that isn’t even shown for end-of-year 2017 on that map.

    • Shaun Michalak

      You know how dumb that sounds.. Start a class action against TMobile?? really?? If you did that, you would have to do the same to AT&T, and Verizon too, since they all do the same thing.. I can’t say much about Sprint since they mostly jump off of others towers since they have so little of coverage themselves..

  • jay

    Is that gonna be full bar 4g lte or light weak 4G LTE signal? That would be my question.

    • Ross Stuart

      Realistically some rural areas will get light LTE signal to start with while suburbs get full bar. This will improve when T-Mobile grabs the 600mhz spectrum from the auction and fleshes out Band 12.

  • Joe

    Not much help for the mid sized cities of Central Wa St

  • BadBatz

    Oh boy… A lot of the December 31 map in CO, NM and AZ is wishful thinking.
    Take US 285 from Santa Fe NM up to Colorado as an example (US 285 is a major federal highway, BTW.) Starting 20 miles north of Espanola there’s no consistent coverage to speak of. Yeah, GSM/2G pops in Aqua Caliente and there are a few miles with 4G and even LTE but pretty much be prepared for a 150 mile hole driving there. Verizon? Nice coverage all the way. Same in NE Colorado: pretty much it is roaming on Viaero all the way into Nebraska. There have been improvements in Colorado, say in Durango, but the coverage is still spotty. I know, it is quite hilly up there, but I’ve been to Switzerland…
    AZ is a giant T-Mobile black hole outside of major cities.
    Seems like the coverage map is painted with a very wide brush :-)

    • JLP474

      With small being deployed like crazy, its very possible.

  • hurdski

    Can we zoom in and look at this at a local level? from this altitude it looks like consumer fraud

    • Will

      Best way to do that is https://www.t-mobile.com/coverage-map.html or OpenSignal’s maps where there’s customer tracked data.

      • Spooz Biscuits

        That allows you to zoom in on current coverage. Is there any way to zoom in on that projected coverage map?

      • Spooz Biscuits

        I think he was referring to the Projected Coverage Map, not the map from last December. How come there is no way to zoom in on projected coverage?

  • lomsha

    No love for the west huh.

  • Philip

    WOW! Is this for real?

  • Tr0lley

    God for u but this isnt vzwnews

    • Tr0lley


  • Kbo89

    T-Mobile has already started expanding their network in Southeastern West Virginia along I-64 in both Dawson, and Clintonville which is now 7 miles east from where i am currently living. noticed it on the map a week ago plus they own the 700 MHz A Block in that part of the state (Counties of Greenbrier, Pocahontas, and Pendleton). its good to know that you will have another carrier besides AT&T, Sprint, and USCC. at least they have plans to match Sprint’s coverage but maybe as good as AT&T’s Coverage. before long i can switch from AT&T who i’ve had since December 2013.

  • Alex Zapata

    Uh huh. I love TMO and I’ve been a customer for quite some time now but I feel like they might be overpromising.

    • donnybee

      What would give you that impression? Their track record is to under-promise and over-deliver, so if anything their expansion will beat the estimate.

      • Alex Zapata

        My personal experience in western Illinois. There are entire areas where TMO claims to have service, and indeed I show LTE service on my device, and yet can’t move any data whatsoever (even light things such as WhatsApp will struggle). There are also areas like Franklin Grove where I get no reception at all but TMO claims that I’m supposed to be covered with great signal strength. I realize they’re not the only one, but at least in this area it seems to be mostly for show.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I just looked up Franklin Grove, IL, and according to Tmobile, Franklin Grove is considered “fair” for coverage, not great.. Fair, to them is, well… its coverage.. or in other words, don’t go in the house or you will probably loose it.. It is the lowest rating outside of no coverage.. I was up in north chicago a few months back, and had the same problem with data as you. I had full bars, or just one bar from full, but could not get any data to stream. I even made sure I was on a Tmobile tower.. I could call and talk with no problem, just could not get any data. All I was trying to do was load up gas buddy, which uses almost no data too. I even tried rebooting my phone.. Still no data.. I went a few miles down the street, connected to a different tower, and got data no problem.. Ironically, I think that was the only time I ever ran into that.

        • Alex Zapata

          I’m a little more forgiving of Franklin Grove because it’s a bit further out there, but their “fair” coverage equates to about 80% dead zone in a real world subscriber experience. My beef is more that a city like Aurora, which is definitely one of the most populous in IL has mediocre, but usable service (there’s a strong signal on pretty much every square in of Aurora these days) but once you go East of the river the service becomes all but worthless. Data might move with a human sacrifice, calls and texts won’t go out and rarely come in most of the time unless you turn IMS off. I could understand this near Pontiac, but not in a major city.

        • Shaun Michalak

          It does not surprise me. With the exception of in the city, out in the country, it is usually, one tower, and everyone leases space off of it, so I doubt that the service is much better going to other companies. Here, it is not much better. In Erie, PA the service is pretty good.. But, once you go south of interstate 90.. It depends on the road. I took I think it was route 8, going toward Wattsburg, which is a lot of farm land area, and I would say that about 50% of the time, I had no service, and constantly dropped calls due to lack of service.. But the map, says that there is constant “fair” coverage.. Like I said in another comment.. I think they should change the word “fair” to “lucky”

  • Troll

  • Timmy

    They’re missing coverage in Wisconsin and the UP

    • fuzzmanmatt

      I mean, nobody lives there, so it’s probably not a priority. The moose don’t need 4G, but Newberry does.

      • Shaun Michalak

        Hey, those are not moose’s.. Didn’t you learn anything.. Wisconsin is known for their “cheese”… So it is cows.. But, hey, you never know.. Maybe the the cows want to keep in touch.. I’ll bet it is a MOOOOOving experience for them..

  • eanfoso

    That’s one ambitious goal for Montana, if they actually deliver as they promise, I’ll be happy to bring people in

    • Neil Haldar

      Towers are working just outside of Bozeman on a now-and-again basis — someplace near Four Corners. I’ve seen spots of service in Missoula, Billings, and down near Ennis. I’m pretty excited :)

      • Francisco

        We have an store in Missoula

  • donnybee

    And yet, T-Mobile still outgrows Verizon each quarter.. Seems people are growing tired of the dinosaur network and want something newer.

    • Shaun Michalak

      I do not think it is just because of a dinosaur network.. I think it comes down more to price. Just look at them. I just looked them up. Verizon, 1 line, unlimited plan.. $80 month plus taxes and fees (which can add over $5 more).. Tmobile.. 1 line.. $70 and that includes taxes and fees.. If you want 2 lines, 140+ verizon, but only 100 Tmobile.. Verizons total price for 1 to 2 lines is 20 to 50% more then Tmobile.. Thats what, something like 700 – 800 dollars less per year with Tmobile for 2 lines.. With those kinds of discounts, why wouldn’t people switch..

  • decisivemoment

    They’re already going live with 4G coverage in parts of northern Minnesota where there’s no Verizon signal at all.

  • Boris Govnic

    I drive From Washington DC to Northwest Indiana and up going through VA, MD, WV, PA, OH, and then Indiana, coverage through Ohio sucks, how do i know this, 13 hour drive listening to Talk Radio and trying to get on the line and get my voice heard on the radio. Guess what happens, the handoffs sucks, and the calls always drop, Ohio have the most dropped calls driving through that state police ticketing state, coverage drops out of LTE and when it is searching for another tmobile tower, the calls drop again, cannot get consistent drop call free handoffs, miss 2G for voice calls because at least that was stable. I65 through indiana sucks, especially by the windmills north of lafayette and the cow dung farms further up north. But still stick with tmobile because once im at Point A & B, it works. Cow Country, Gods Country and Trumps Country not so much.

    • Tim

      What route in Ohio? The turnpike 80?

    • Yawni Highsler

      How do I know that you are a troll and full of shizz, I live in Ohio and am on the road all over the state and have no problems. Outside of Columbus where I live I get 100 down in the sticks.

      • Boris Govnic

        You don’t drive cross country from the east of Ohio into Indianapolis like i do. What point what I have in trolling on this article? You are just bored and have nothing else to do.

    • Shaun Michalak

      I kind of agree. I was driving through a bit of Ohio today.. State routes, but not main highways, and I found that I dropped service quite a few times on my way home. I went from right around Niles or warren ohio, and went straight down the routes to Greenville PA.. I kept a decent signal the rest of the way home, once I got in PA, but dropped signal quite a few times the little I was in Ohio.. If you go through the allegheny national forest, on route 6 in PA, for about 10 or 15 miles, just west of Kane PA, there is NO service for that span of road either.. Ironically, Tmobile has that there is coverage for the whole thing though.. I think it is “partner” coverage through. Interstate 68, from a little east of Morgantown, VW, all the way over to Cumberland, Mayland.. Service is spotty across 68 right there too. It is not just Tmobile, it is even a problem with AT&T. To be fair, when I went across 68 about a month ago, I noticed multiple towers, they were putting up new cell receivers/antenna on many a few of the towers, so hopefully it was Tmobile bringing service to that area. I do have to give Tmobile some credit though. Compared to a few years ago, their service coverage has greatly improved.

      • Boris Govnic

        Glad my comment from 2 months ago was remembered. I listen to Sirius talk radio to kill those 13 hours, and right when I am about to get my turn to join the conversation the call drops. I am on hold for like 30 minutes and then boom the handoff fails. I was considering looking into a verizon hotspot for when i drive and use my wifi calling to connect to that, i just dont know if they have such limited use hotspot though not worth it to get a monthly one. Those mountains do you in I one percent agree. My route goes from DC near Pittsburgh through columbus, dayton, indianapolis back up towards gary.

        • Shaun Michalak

          I can not say it is much better with verizon.. I know people who have verizon. My sister lives down in Kane, PA, and down there, right now, there is only AT@T towers, and Verizon.. My sister is the “verizon is the greatest” type of person, so that is what she sticks with.. But, there has been so many times that we have talked to her, and suddenly the line will disconnect. We are on a landline, and her, cell.. So I know it is her end. According to their new map, on what they “should” have up by the end of the year, it looks like they will have service all through Kane by the end of the year, which will be nice for me, because I will not have to jump off of AT&T towers when I go down to visit her.. What will make it even better is if they get service like they say.. If so, Tmobile will actually be better then Verizon in that area. Here is to hoping..

  • patstar5

    To bad I travel in those white spaces in South Texas.

  • Shaun Michalak

    I would half agree. If you go by their full coverage map, and have a contract type of plan, and you go by full coverage, then you would be right.. It will probably take Tmobile one more year to match Verizon in “total” coverage area. But, if you look at “prepaid” and take out the roaming area, I would say coverage area is probably going to be about even. Click on prepaid on that map, and take a look at all the “dark red” area that shows up, which is all roaming for prepaid customers.. If you go to “push to talk”, all those dark red areas disappear, which leads me to believe that all those areas are all “partner” areas, not verizon towers.. I can say that they should match AT&T by the end of the year though. and if Tmobile does even half of what they plan on doing this year, next year, they will have matched Verizon, if not surpassed them..

  • Cole Hintermeister

    The whole city I live in has great coverage except for my specific street, and if it wasn’t for that I’d be on T-Mobile no questions asked.

  • iPhoneTrash2017

    T-Mobile is king for speed, second only to Verizon because Verizon puts towers in areas where nobody is.