T-Mobile creates Wireless Customer Bill of Rights, wants you to urge other carriers to adopt it

Three years after T-Mobile’s first Un-carrier move, John Legere and Co. want to get some of their 10 Un-carrier moves adopted by the other US operators.

T-Mobile today introduced the Wireless Customer Bill of Rights, a list of features that T-Mo thinks every wireless customer deserves. They include no service contracts, no overages, the ability to upgrade when you want, and the ability to keep the data that you pay for.


To urge the other carriers to adopt this Wireless Customer Bill of Rights, T-Mobile and John Legere are urging everyone to tweet at the the other carriers and tell them to follow in T-Mo’s footsteps. And while you’re at it, Legere wants you to use the #TweetJohn hashtag to attach his special emoji and get his face into their feeds.

T-Mo isn’t stopping at releasing its wireless Bill of Rights, though, as it’s promised to take things a step further if the #TweetJohn emoji is used more than 500,000 times by March 31. If that milestone is hit, T-Mo says that it write every one of those tweets outside of AT&T and Verizon stores in high-traffic areas across the US. And it’ll do so in magenta chalk, of course.

This whole Wireless Customer Bill of Rights is a bit reminiscent of T-Mobile’s #AbolishOverages campaign. Not only does it aimed at highlighting T-Mobile features and getting the attention of the other major US wireless carriers, but it also includes a sort of stretch goal that’ll see T-Mobile doing something special if it gets enough traction with consumers. With #AbolishOverages, T-Mo took to the sky and wrote a message with a plane above other carriers’ headquarters, and now T-Mobile is promising to bring consumers’ digital tweets into the physical world in front of AT&T and Verizon’s stores.

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  • Stone Cold

    Awesome idea

  • gadget_hero

    The big carriers (AT&T/Verizon) have to see the writing on the wall, it’s a shame they are being difficult out of spite, I’m in a Nashville suburb and I can tell you Verizon performance has gone to crap, so leaning back on the “best coverage” is a losing battle.

  • Steve

    – No Service Contracts, is good for me. But same people prefer the old style subsidy system, so it depends.
    – No overages, in exchange of what, 128kbps? I think that depends on each carrier, if an overage has a reasonble price, lets say $5 for 1GB, then that would be even better than 128kbps.
    – Love your phone; good, but how about love your future unlocked phone that was not forced by T-Mobile to disable B12? I think the FCC should be the one deciding what to disable and what not based on guidelines.
    – Keep what you have paid for, I like that, if you like it too go demand MetroPCS, Simply Prepaid and GoSmart to have Data Stash. You have already paid for, it’s your right.
    – Stream without fear, great, but why stop with music and videos why not the whole traffic without fear. Unlimited. I know that’s impossible unless there was speed options.
    – Roam with out fear; that depends on the deals with other carriers, but I think there should be an FCC guideline that allows for reasonable priced, basic, voice and text roaming.

    The others are BS.

    • taxandspend

      Roam with out fear

      As long as you’re not roaming onto a cruise ship.

      • Daniel Marchand

        Well ya… the cruise line want’s a cut to, nothing T-Mobile can do about that one :o Airplane mode till you get to port!!

        • MVSGeek

          Verizon offers cruise ship roaming for 25 cents per megabyte. That’s boatloads better than TMO’s $15 per megabyte.

      • Sectime

        or go over 50 or 100 meg

    • AS118

      I agree with you on your points. Some people like the 2 year service contracts with phone discounts, and I really dislike how T-mobile’s made manufacturers disable band 12 in almost every worthwhile unlocked phone out there.

      I got a G4 cheap on T-mobile now that the G5 is out, but I would’ve liked to be able to get an Alcatel Idol 3 or 4 or a Huawei Honor without being unable to use band 12 and XLTE.

      Same thing with the Sony Xperia Z5 most likely. We don’t have “phone freedom” so I feel like T-mobile has a ways to go.

    • Bradley Karas

      -Its the same bag…you either pay the phone off or pay the subsidy then the termination fee…I’d prefer to pay off the phone and use it at any carrier over a Verizon, Sprint or US Cell phone (CDMA) that is useless once paid off.
      -Truly unlimited is still being offered but TMO is making it more lucrative to take an LTE data cap. But you still can get unlimited…so no dice.
      -They disabled it purely for VoLTE purposes…and you can enable on your own thru short codes thru Android but there hasn’t been a phone in over a year that hasn’t gone thru the VoLTE cert. Read up on that
      -MetroPCS is a prepaid cell operation…and its about half the price of postpaid service so it if I were Metro and you called me demanding that i would laugh at you.
      -Again truly unlimited is still being offered…swing and a miss
      -You can use in Canada and US without charges…I tried AT&T in Mexico two years ago…two calls and couple of texts were $20. Roaming for AT&T out of network you don’t even want to tackle that cost. So yeah I fear the ROAM

      Bad take sir!!! BAD!!!

    • matt

      AT&T and verizon regularly dictate to cellular phone and cellular hotspot manufacturers what bands to include. because of apple’s exclusive agreement with quallcom, they are the only company that seems to be allowed to include 20 or more LTE bands. i wish i had a personal hotspot with 20 bands , instead of buying one from verizon and wondering if it will work on t-mobile. i wanted to buy the ac791 hotspot but verizon basically ordered netgear to only include 4 channels, because they didn’t want their customers to pay too much money

      the best way you can fight the carriers disabling bands is to buy an iPhone. the worst thing any cellular company can do to an iPhone is not allow facetime over cellular or not allow the apple sim. i heard some carriers are selling ipad pro 9.7 cellular with its embedded sim disabled. i would like to know more about that. that ipad has a separate sim tray as well

      whats the point of having an “open platform” like android if the phone company controls everything you do? i had an s6 edge for 30 days. i was not allowed to disable netflix from using my data plan. what a crock. and i was just mad about the 21 permissions I MUST AGREE TO to instal an app. i didn’t know they force more stuff on you.

      i’d like the FCC to go after Sony and AT&T. i bought one of those cellular vitas. i heard they removed Maps, Facebook and now Skype. but are they going to remove the AT&T unlock? no. they still want AT&T to be the exclusive carrier of the Playstation Vita. even if its still a failure.

    • Daniel Marchand

      In regards to no overages – what I like about T-Mobile is you have the CHOICE (a lot of people don’t know this though)… if you run out of high speed you can buy a 1 time data pass if you want to do the equivalent of paying overages OR you can adjust how many GB in your plan.

      With Verizon and AT&T you can’t elect to be throttled to save $$, they will just hit you with an overage for that 2MB you went over your allotment in the billing period.

      • tony

        i got hit by verizon$300 just in overages on data before i switched to t mobile. almost each month

        • Sectime

          That takes a lot of stupid, not to be harsh:) ignoring text warnings, not adjusting data bucket to start of cycle, just wow.

  • NardVa

    If the 500,000 is reached, I’m guessing T-Mobile will put up a big bill boards in front of certain storesstores with the tweets written out in pink.

  • Barnassey

    How about they add No mandatory binding arbitration to that list?

    • Adelino

      That should be Number ONE!

  • AussieB

    Why not add Google Fi’s policy of refunding you for unused data

    Just another marketing move – nothing wrong with that – but the worst thing for Tmobile is for others to adopt their policies so they no longer stand out as different

    • matt

      I’m burning up to 22 gigs a month not being charged for on binge on. if i switch to google fi’s version of t-mobile , am i charged $220?

    • Gaius_Baltar4

      Google Fi is a horrible deal for people who use a lot of data.

  • Philip

    All of this but … the unlimited data is going away!

    • Gaius_Baltar4

      No it isn’t

      • FILA

        It will

        • Dylan Aarhus

          No it isn’t customers still use unlimited especially me

    • John Wentworth

      just hold on to your unlimited plan, it will be grandfathered for years.
      Verizon still hasn’t gotten rid of all of it’s unlimited users.
      I plan on holding onto my 2 for $100 plan as long as possible.

    • MisterSuperGod

      They’re “pivoting away”. (Yeah, fancy speak for get it before it’s gone.)

  • rex2745

    If only gym memberships were no haggle i swear to many ppl get ripped off from gym memberships

    • Adam

      When I was overcharged for a gym membership, I called my credit card company to complain. Once the charge on the customer service reps screen showed gym, they said that was all the information they needed to issue a charge back.

  • Adam

    How does “roam without fear” work? They used to have block charged international roaming. Now, the only option is block international roaming. So, if I understand roam without fear, you are support to look the county you are in up to see if it is included or not. If not, you have to log into your account and turn off international roaming? Then turn roaming back on when you cross the boarder into an included country. Isn’t that what computers were invented for?

  • eanfoso

    Just saying, but the very first one has been adopted by all carriers

  • steveb944

    I vaguely remember the last PR stunt which required signatures or some kind of petition and they did some sky plane trick. Waste of resources really.

  • DetroitTechnoFan

    Couple things I’d add:
    Easy unlock for any phone that’s 100% paid off. You make your last payment on a device or buy it outright and you get the unlock code no questions asked.

    This goes without saying… unlimited high speed data. Sometimes I use a little data, sometimes I use a ton. I don’t want to think about quantity.

    “Do I have data service?”
    End of story.