T-Mobile to launch Simple Choice Data-Only plans on March 30, leak shows


While a lot of people still make cellular voice calls, many others rely on VoIP options — like Skype — or just use text-based chat to keep in touch with others. Those folks typically have to buy some amount of voice minutes with their cell plan, but it looks like T-Mobile may soon give them another option.

T-Mobile is planning to launch Simple Choice Data-Only rate plans on March 30, according to an image shared with TmoNews. The plans will only be available for GSM devices and are not eligible for the $10 Automatic Mobile Internet Discount. The image also shows that BlackBerry devices will need to be BB10 or a Priv in order to use the Simple Choice Data-Only plan.

Customers that are interested in a data-only plan will have several options available to them:

  • 2GB for $20 per month
  • 6GB for $35
  • 10GB for $50
  • 14GB for $65
  • 18GB for $80
  • 22GB for $95

In addition to your monthly data allotment, each of these data-only plans will include unlimited texting.

There is a T-Mobile prepaid plan that offers 5GB of high-speed data, unlimited text, and just 100 minutes of talk for $30 that’s appealing to folks that want as few voice minutes as possible, but these Simple Choice Data-Only plans could supplant it as the go-to choice for data-centric T-Mo customers. So long as you’re comfortable with having zero voice minutes, these plans offer many different bucket sizes so that you can get enough high-speed data to meet your needs.

Thanks, anonymous!

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  • Steve

    I could see these used with a phone for only a music or video device with Binge On and Music Freedom driving all of this.

    • Fabian Cortez

      That 6 GB plan for $35 is enticing, especially when one considers the features you listed above.

      • Steve

        Yes, coupled with a solution like Hangouts Dialer or Google Voice and this could really work. Does the $30 prepaid include all of the UNcarrier moves? I really don’t know.

        • BruiserB

          Yea, wondering if this includes free international 2G roaming. If so, this could be great!

        • matt

          prepaid does not include binge on or data stash. you must pass a credit check and be a post paid subscriber to get those features. prepaid does include music freedom.. i know prepaid ipad has canada and mexico for data,

  • For the value…

    For the value, I think the T-Mobile prepaid plan that offers 5GB of high-speed data, unlimited text and 100 minutes of talk for $30 is a better deal…unless you have a tablet PC (data/text) only…

    • saimin

      I agree, for people who can live with the 5GB limit. If you regularly burn 10GB/month, then the existing 5GB plan doesn’t work for you.

  • sosarozay300

    so its only $20 a month for 2gb data??

  • Tom

    What happens if you go over your data allotment? Does it switch to slower speeds or your data stops or you get charge overage fees?

    • Willie D

      Basically its the same as the MBB (Mobile Broadband) plan but on a phone instead of a tablet, wearable, or hotspot. It should be unlimited throttled data after the high speed portion is utilized fully.

  • Fabian

    Great, I don’t have to buy hotspot devices. I can just use any phone as hotspot. I love T-Mobile.

    • Fabian Cortez

      VN, your obsession with me is unhealthy.

  • Willie D

    I can add a line to my account WITH Unlimited Voice/international calling and the above features with 2GB of Data for $10 – so for me the deal is to have voice, at half the cost.

  • BruiserB

    So if no minutes are “included” does that mean that voice calls can still happen on a pay per minute basis? The phone will still have a number, since it includes unlimited texting. What happens if someone calls that number? Do they just get a message saying it doesn’t work, or does it go through as a voice call but you have to pay something like $0.10 a minute for voice calls?

    • Willie D

      It works like how MBB plans (Mobile Broadband) work – it blocks voice at the account line so when people call, it simply says that the number does not accept calls. You in turn might be able to only call 911, 112 and 611.

    • Mike

      You would have to have an account with google voice, textplus, freedom pop or other provider that assigns a voip telephone number. It would ring on your phone but through the voip providers app.

      • BruiserB

        I understood that as it is basically how I currently manage on the T-mobile $30 prepaid 5GB/unlimited text/100 minute plan now. I was just wondering what happened if someone for some reason called your “unlimited texting” number. I wouldn’t want to be billed for voice minutes. I’d rather have the voice feature turned off completely and it sounds like it would be per Willie D’s response below. For now I’d probably just stick with my prepaid plan that has the 100 minutes. But if it turns out that there are some advantages to having this new plan (domestic roaming when no T-mobile coverage, international roaming, etc) then I might consider it.

        • derk p

          sometimes im in the middle of nowhere and drop to edge, nice to know i can still use those 100 minutes if needed…. ive used 20 real minutes in the past 3 weeks

  • Moe

    So here’s an idea that would bypass paying for just data through TMO. Use wifi for free at home and office. I’m doing it on an older iphone. Works well and can even watch Netflix at what ever speed they pump out. If I’m on the road and need to make a call I go to almost any restaurant and use their wifi. Kinda old fashion but in the old days we all stopped to use a pay phone when needed. Google fi and republic wireless have plans that are about 20$ that add voice and text and optional data buckets. Project fi and republic uses TMO network or sprint as the network provide. Not perfect but which network is. love living with no cell bill.

    • Andrew

      yeah that sounds awful but I’m glad it works for you

    • Rod

      Basically defeats the point of having a cell phone.

      • Mark

        I think he’s essentially decided that there is no point to having a cell phone, or at least a smart phone

    • Aaron Peromsik

      Right there with you, except that I do pay US Mobile $4.70/month for 100MB data on TMO, for use when I don’t happen to be near wifi.

      • riverhorse

        I get 50 or 100 for $3 monthly on Tmo.
        I’m too far from wifi for extended periods, so most my apps don’t really work..smartphone has turned into a dumb phone.

      • Adam

        I thought T mobile gave you 200MB per month free on your mobile device for free – like your ipad? so why would pay for data when Tmobile is already giving away 200MB for free? did i miss something?

        • riverhorse

          I think that’s only for tablets.

  • Aaron Peromsik

    I’m glad to see them doing this, but would love to see lower-priced tiers for people who don’t need 2GB.

    • riverhorse

      $5 @500 mb would be real tempting… the data portion would be real useless, however, the unlimited texts & supposedly unlimited calling thru voip would make it worthwhile… esp. for multiple lines.

      • Aaron Peromsik

        There was a Red Pocket GSMT plan like that. It shut down one week after I signed up.

        • riverhorse

          There’s always Ringplus, but I wanna avoid CDMA & sprint.

    • Dylan Wentworth

      If you have a tablet You can get 200mb for $0 a month and add a gig data pass for ten bux but that’s only for tablets

  • 21stNow

    Finally, an Un-carrier move that I like. Are there family plans for this? Forgive me if I overlooked it in the article.

  • Swiftb

    so will these plans have binge on?

    • TechHog

      Anything 6GB and above.

      • laurnzo

        Actually anything 3GB, you only don’t get data stash. I just changed my plan from 3GB to 10GB and I had that then

        • TechHog

          I know, but I mean out of these plans specifically.

    • matt

      as long as its 6gb AND not prepaid.

    • Dylan Wentworth

      I doubt it. There will be qualifying plans and I doubt these qualify

    • saimin

      Doesn’t the existing 5GB for $30/month plan come with binge on? I bet binge on would come with all of the above plans.

  • jonzey231

    It says they’re only available for blackberry devices on the bottom-right hand side of the document.


    • derk p

      to me that means you cant bring an old ass curve or bold lol im sure my nexus 5x qualifies since it says “gsm device” and not bb device

    • 21stNow

      It isn’t saying that the plan is only for BlackBerry devices. The plan will only work on BlackBerry devices that don’t require BIS.

      • jonzey231

        Ahhhh very, very good observation.

  • DStudio

    This 2GB plan coupled with the new iPhone SE could supplant many of the (already slim) use-cases for the iPod touch.

  • Prode

    These plans suck ass. $95 for 22gb of data. You have to be a dumbass to get that one. $95 amonth on a voice one gets you unl T&T and unlimited data. So unless they revamp the voice plans the $95 is bad.

    • matt

      dude, sorry for the spam, but i signed up for net talk connect. their current offer is $100 for 5 months of t-mobile. then 40 to 45 or something a month afterwards. you get data stash, 10 gigs , music freedom unlimited minutes and canada mexico and binge on. and tethering. as long as net talk connect doesnt go out of business, I’m happy. they even ported me from the tmo 100 minute plan i was on, so i didn’t have to store my number somewhere and come back. you have to buy the sim for 10 bucks.

      • Prode

        sounds like a great deal hope it works out for u.

    • Dylan Wentworth

      Good point although the $20 & $35 plans could save money. You can make a lot of voip calls with that data allowance

      • Prode

        but do you have to pay for the VOIP number at all. don’t you have to pay a google voice number per min

        • BruiserB

          Google Voice is totally free for US calls. They have super low rates for international calls.

        • Prode

          wow, I have used google voice for voicemail before, but I did not know voice calls in the USA are free. NICE!!

        • Ordeith

          There’s a privacy sacrificing reason for that.

        • Privacy…

          Please explain and elaborate in greater details…

        • Dylan Wentworth

          I have been using Google voice for years and using my ipad as a phone with Google voice for about a year and have never paid a dime. I think the per minute fees are for international which I don’t do. The numbers are free too and I have been able to nab some good numbers. All of that is subject to change of course. Nothing lasts forever.

    • laurnzo

      This plan wasn’t made for you. Don’t try supplementing your home internet with your wireless. What is not good for the goose can be good for the gender. We are not entitled to everything sir’

  • Andy

    Will these plans allow for unlimited tethering at 4g speed as well? The current $30 plan with 5gb data plus 100 minutes only allow for a certain amount of tethering.

    • cloud strife

      T-mo doesn’t offer unlimited tethered data. I think it’s like saying that their service was never meant to be a replacement for wired internet service like AT&T and Comcast. Might be to prevent data hogs that uses data for torrenting, online gaming, and downloading stuff in the net by abusing the service 24/7 if there’s a plan for that. That would hurt their service for other customers in the area.

  • moonoverparma

    What about using Google hangouts?

    • Dylan Wentworth

      As long as Google wants to keep offering thst service, you could use it over one of these plans and save a few bucks a month. I do it now on an GSM ipad. It works as good as having another phone.

      • Ordeith

        My privacy is worth more to me than a few bucks a month. It’s disturbing how willing people are to sell themselves out to Google, and how little they are willing to take in return.

        • Dylan Wentworth

          You have a valid point.
          If you’re not paying for it then you’re the product.

  • SoloX

    I’ll stick with my 2 line unlimited plan for $100.

    • FILA

      same here, great deal

  • ohyes

    We all know it’s hard to make EVERYONE happy, but it’s nice to see TMO trying!

  • Yunier Cabrera

    wait where is the unlimited data plan wtf is this shit only 22 gb for $95 I go in back to metropcs unlimited data for only $60 bye t mobile

  • NardVa

    If you use Google Hangouts to make your voice calls, these plans are not bad.

    • Acdc1a

      But how much data do those calls use? I don’t know, I’m asking. I use about 2,000 minutes monthly between personal and business use.

      • NardVa

        Not sure. I was wondering the same thing.

      • laurnzo

        Once again, this is not an alternative for voice plans. Now to answer your question. If you are not heavily using streaming apps and not many attachments in your work email. You should be fine since the average email takes about 80kb and a min voip call is about 35kb.

        • Erick Wright

          I definitely wouldn’t use Hangouts for anything business related it works about 80% of the time just like T-Mobile data about 80% of the time depending on your location

        • Ordeith

          and there’s the whole privacy violating nature of Google to consider.

      • Fabian

        Switching to data-only will be a bad investment. Unreliable.

  • Ok but it means you keep your number for texts but if someone wants to call you on that number, what happens? :-)

    • Fabian

      Good question. They should give at least 100 minutes like the $30 plan for emergencies and when one has no data signal. That would justify it not having the $10 discount.

    • saimin

      They charge 10 cents/minute for voice call overages on other plans. I bet the same would apply in this case.

    • M H

      The caller would get a message saying the caller you have reached doesn’t take incoming phone calls

    • laurnzo

      That’s what the phone lines are for. This is not for everyone and mind you, this plan is not to encourage people to switch from their normal plans to data only plan. This is for people that have other means of making calls and want data only. Ex.. Deaf people are paying for a voice plan when they can’t even use it and we have millions of people in that situation in this country.

      “Because we were born we should have everything and anything.” SMH

    • JBrowne1012

      Get a virtual number

      • Well if you want to switch from Simple Choice to this new plan and port out your number to keep it, you will pay ETFs, only access SMS and lose your number. Kind of weird, no?

  • FILA

    This is a good idea and I always wondered why carriers, especially T-Mobile never offered a data only plan. I think the prices need tweaked, it may not be worth it at certain levels, but its a great start and one more option

    • Reed

      I don’t like the jump from 2GB to 6GB to 10GB, what if I want something in between. They should tweak it like this: $20 2.5GB / $30 5GB / $40 7.5GB / $50 10GB. And after that, 5GB for each $15.

  • Swiftb

    Just wondering since Binge on has came out my data usage had dropped like crazy, went from using 10gb down to about 3gb. With this plan im thinking about doing the $35 for 6gb and using google voice.

  • IceGreenT

    if these plans come with data roaming and other simple choice benefits, I would actually consider switching from the $30 prepaid plan. How much would they charge per minute?

    • Prode

      My guess is they would just not allow you to make any voice calls. This would stop the risk from overages from getting a call.

  • Benbeb

    They should offer unlimited data for tablets for a reasonable price

    • Prode

      I agree, but they never will. Tablets are more then likely to use my data then your phone, so t-mo will lose more money this way. I do not understand why they don’t do it for a promo or something. I have a feeling it would boost tablet sells during the promo.

    • fflip8

      I agree because you can pay $95 for your phone to get unlimited talk text and 4g lte data AND 14gb of HOTSPOT DATA, meanwhile, tablets are $95 for 22GB.
      Should be $95 for unlimited on the phone and the tablet/data only device.
      Even if you use more data on the tablet, you’re not using the voice network.

  • Bryant

    VoLTE works over data, right? Or, do they consider it voice-only and no data is used?

    • enkay1

      T-Mobile considers VoLTE voice use plan-wise. However, in the technical sense, it is data because LTE is an all-IP technology.

    • fflip8

      if you’re using skype or some other voip service it will work. No calling is included so you have to use a 3rd party service. It uses data, but it’s minimal. You’d use 1GB for every 2000-3000 minutes used.

  • Angelica Pickles

    This plan sounds ridiculous. I pay $30 a month and get unlimited talk, text, and 10gb high speed data plus unlimited data after. And with binge, music streaming and video streaming don’t even count against my data. Plus with data stash, any unused high speed data gets rolled over for up to a year. Free talk, text, and data to and from US, Canada, and Mexico. Free text and data use in a shit ton of other countries… all for $30 a month with T-Mobile.

  • mallard1967

    Now. If only T-Mobile would only bring service to my area in freedom ny 14065 i would subscribe and help bring a lot of my friends who are at&t customers and Verizon customers over to T-Mobile from my area and arcade ny 14009 area close by

  • Jay J. Blanco

    The new tablet plans a great.

    • Prode

      these are not tablet plans, they are for phones. These are the plans that are already there for tablets right now since you are not able to use a tablet line sim card in a phone. Also tablet lines that have a voice line on the same account get a $10 discount per month. These plans do not get that same discount.

      • Jay J. Blanco

        I know thanks.

  • 005Android

    Guys i think this will tie into Numbersync feature. Interestingly they are releasing this on Wednesday which Google update day so may be Google Voice might be part of this!

    • Ordeith

      Why would people want Google wiretapping, recording, transcribing, and indexing all of their conversations? I sure don’t.

    • iCrap

      what is happening with google on wednesday?

  • J Cav the Great

    Does VoIP take up alot of data?

    • Marlon Fernan


    • fflip8

      Nope, usually you only need like 40kbps down and up to do a VoIP call. It may not be high quality, but it’ll work fine.

      It would take nearly 50 hours of VoIP calling to amount to 1GB.

    • Greg Lee

      No it doesn’t but you still need a good connection and all VoIP apps are not equal.

  • Philip

    This doesnt seems to make any sense. I got 16GB of hotspot now and unlimited data on my phone and unlimited voice too. Why do you want to do this data only?

    • I agree…

      I agree, maybe, I am missing something in the details about this offer and/or promotion.

  • joemail

    this is a sad deal and tmobile is becoming like the rest of the carriers. how is this a deal??
    Their prices constantly change and become more confusing.

    How about this T-mobile?

    2GB for $10 per month

    4GB for $20

    6GB for $30

    10GB for $50

    14GB for $65

    18GB for $80

    22GB for $95

    • Android_God

      Dang! They REALLY should have consulted with you first!

    • fflip8

      Yeah the pricing doesn’t make any sense. You can just get a phone with unlimited data for $95 a month, and still get 14GB of hotspot data, as well as unlimited talk and text…..
      Might as well stop calling yourselves the uncarrier, because you just sold less for more.

  • alex

    nothing beats $10 5gb tablet plan..

    • The Waz

      where do you get that? does that include bingeon?

      • Anthony S Jennings

        It’s available on select tablets, including the newer iPads. It does not include BingeOn, but it does include Music Freedom. Data is available in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Other countries is doubtful. The data is capped at 5gb but you can buy multiple packs and stack them.

        • Benbeb

          Its includes bingeon

        • Anthony S Jennings

          They do compress the video data but it is not zero rated.

        • scruff317

          Have been using my tablet with 5gb for $10 for several months now. Can tell you for a fact that Binge on is inculded, the amount of streaming that I have done with it, would of ran out of data in days. Does not include data stash.

        • Powsniffer0110

          How do I get this plan? Please and thank you

        • Powsniffer0110

          Where can I find this plan?!

        • Anthony S Jennings

          On an iPad, you go into Cellular Data settings then either sign up for a T-Mobile account, or manage your current T-Mobile account. When choosing a plan, this one is located under daily plans, not monthly plans. Under daily plans will be an option for 150 days. Choose that one.

  • Tmoblows

    Good luck with Tmobile Data plan its worthless. The speed is slower than the old 1XRTT from sprint.


    • moonoverparma


    • fflip8

      1xrtt on sprint was 0.08mbps down and 0.08mbps up.
      You should be getting 100mbps though, unless you’re on a congested tower, or you have a shitty phone.

  • Seems like putting multiple devices on a family plan would be way cheaper? I don’t see where this makes sense.

    • Fabian

      With the two lines family plan 2GB each you’d pay $80, with this plan $70.
      6GB each family plan $110, with this plan $100.
      I guess it depends on your needs. But promos are better.

    • Fabian

      After the second line adding an extra line from the regular plans is cheaper.

  • Android_God

    TMO News really does need more ads!

    • Tmo- Ads

      LOL, LOL…it is good to have a sense of humor or better yet, Ad Block.

      • fflip8

        I think he’s referring to TV ads.

    • Jake Fitzpatrick

      I always see an ad for Cricket, which is funny .. Doesn’t ATT own them?

      • fflip8

        Yup. I see MORE cricket ads than AT&T! Literally every couple hours, “Cricket Wireless! Something to smile about!” I mean I smile about it, but I don’t need 10 ads per day to keep me smiling.

  • The Waz

    Tmobile needs to have more attractive tablet plans!

  • scruffy

    Back in 2008/2009 T-Mobile used to offer $35/mo unlimited data only plans. It was the best thing ever. Wish they would’ve brought that back instead of this.

    • The Waz

      I agree! lets take it to twitter so john hears us

    • Ordeith

      I loved that plan. These plans seems expensive for what they are. I mean the data buckets look the same as Cricket for the price, but Cricket has unlimited talk and text as well as the better ATT network.
      I guess the T-Mobile party couldn’t last forever.

      • blake whitlow

        why didnt u just stay with the $35/mo unlimited data only plans. u said u loved it so why did u change your plan. theres some people still on the 20.00 Unlimited Data.

        25.00 Select Choice unlimited Talk & Text and that was on a plan 2 years ago.

    • VRSmiffSteen

      I have it and it is FABULOUS !!!! But, the grief I lived thru to get here was MISERABLE !!!!

  • Technically, you can already get this from Tmo. They sell data-only plans as an option for the hearing disabled. I’ve had data-only service for a couple years now. It’s great to have if you have a Google Voice number and use Hangouts.

    • Fabian

      You can replace your $65 6GB plan with the $35 6GB plan and save $30, and with Binge On and Music Unlimited it becomes a fabulous deal.

  • Aldo Castro

    Would a line on Simple Choice with EIP be able to switch without having the EIP be paid in full, like it currently is to switch to a pre-paid account?

  • Kris404

    This could be perfect if Apple launches an LTE-enabled iPod with Apple Music.

    • MHPhan

      It’s called an iPhone

  • Mark

    These plans are for people that are legally deaf or hard of hearing only. Only those people will qualify.

    • Powsniffer0110


  • Philz

    Wow glad I got in over 2 years ago.
    20.00 Unlimited Data.
    25.00 Select Choice unlimited Talk & Text.

    • Benben

      U r not the only one

  • VRSmiffSteen

    What a COMPLETE bucket of CRAP !!!!! I DO NOT WANT OR WILL NEVER USE A BLACKBERRY!!! It’s JUNK !!! Legere, WHAT are U doing ??

    Open this up to ALL your product offerings and then it may be interesting, but this??? NOPE….

    • LordNova

      what are you complaining about? you don’t have to have a blackberry to get the data only option… perhaps you need to reread the article?

  • Wireless Industry…

    Great promotion and/or options, as always, T-mobile continues to be leader in the wireless industry…

  • Techngro

    According to the WSJ, this is a plan that was made originally for deaf people, but any customer is able to get it, but it is only available in-store, not online. I’m going to check it out and report back.


    EDIT: I called up T-Mobile and was able to easily switch to the $35 6GB plan from my current $30 5Gb plan. They did need me to have a SIM card already (which luckily I did because they wanted to charge me $20 for one over the phone). But it was very easy to do.

    • mingkee

      You can buy SIM kit for $5 from Best Buy.

  • A-maze

    I have simple mobile and I pay $55.00 with 10gb with unlimited talk and text. SIMPLE Mobile is a T-Mobile MVNO re-seller. How is this beneficial to me to go all data? If it was $50.00 for 18GB or 20gb then it would be a deal.

    • Current plan/data option.

      Okay, simply said, just keep your current plan/data option…

    • Steve

      If call reliability is not a priority for you, it’s a good deal. You can use something like Google Voice and help Google and Facebook enslave the world, what do we care!

  • mingkee

    It’s kinda dumb that $10 discount isn’t applied on these plans.

    • Powsniffer0110

      What is this $10 discount? I don’t understand

  • Frank

    First time poster, long time reader. Hopefully I can revive this post :) I like tmobile. I have been using them for years through MVNAS like Simple Mobile and directly from tmobile. For me cost is very important. In all of the praise for tmobile people forget that their lowest price plan is $50 a month plus fees and taxes. I know there are great family plans, but I do not have anyone that can join me on one of those plans. For over 2 years I have been on a Simple Starter plan (now discontinued, I believe) for $40 plus fees and taxes. I have lived with a data component of 512 MB that is capped. This means that my data ends at 512 MB! At home I use hi-speed unlimited Internet over cable.
    Today I switched to the 2 GB for $20 data only plan plus fees and taxes as described in this article. I still have the same phone number. I tested the line and calls do not reach me. They reach a message. I can receive and send texts. I believe this will be a better plan for me at half my previous billing rate because I use Google Voice for calls or other voip services. Switching plans over the phone with customer service was a hassle. They couldn’t find the plan. The code for the plan is NADOP2. This data only plan is a Simple Choice plan. My previous plan was a Simple Starter plan. Additional benefits to me with this data only plan include unlimited slower speed data after the 2 GB of hi-speed LTE. Another benefit is that I will now get to use my data when I am in Canada or Mexico. As an extra bit of info, my wife buys coverage from another tmobile MVNA for only $15 a month!! Thanks for reading.

  • Spencer Walker

    Cricket wireless 35 bucks 2.5gb of data and uses att