LG G5 now available for pre-order from T-Mobile


As expected, the LG G5 is now available for pre-order.

T-Mobile is taking pre-orders for the LG G5 in both silver and gold. Pricing is set at $0 down, 23 payments of $26.25, and 1 payment of $26.24, or a full retail price of $629.99. If you’d prefer to go the JUMP! On Demand route, you’ll make 18 payments of $26.50 per month.

T-Mobile doesn’t have the G5 listed on its “Shipping dates for new devices” page, so it’s unclear exactly when orders will start going out. The G5 is officially hitting stores on April 1, so if you’d prefer to get your shiny new G5 right after paying for it, you can go that route.

If you pick up the LG G5 from T-Mobile before April 17, you’ll get a free extra battery for your new phone and a battery charging cradle to juice it up. And if you buy the G5 before April 5, you’ll also get a free LG 360 Cam, a small device with two wide-angle 13-megapixel cameras that you can use to take 360-degree photos and capture 2K video.

So, have any of you pre-ordered a G5 this morning?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • besweeet

    The worst part is that the LG G5 is listed at the very bottom of their cell phones page, right between the flip phone and the SIM card kit. I know it’s not released yet, but wouldn’t you want to be promoting an upcoming flagship?


      I saw that last night. It was the last phone on the Android OS list.

    • laurnzo

      I guess t-mobile doesn’t consider LG as a flagship smartphone based on their sales history. Just saying!

    • George Salcedo

      T-Mobile loves Samsung and gets paid tons of money to promote their phones first. Samsung is a decent handset maker but personally LG is on the rise.

      • MattPortland

        All the carriers push Samsung and Apple over LG and HTC.

  • iCrap

    where’s the urbane 2 lte tmobile!?

    • gmo8492

      At&t has it as an exclusive, which is bs.

      • Allen Alberto Enriquez

        I am in the market for that thanks for that I been on the hunt for 1 year for this! Yes it bs!

      • Apolinar Zaragoza

        Verizon also had it.

  • Joe

    Pretty sure the S7 took a lot of steam out from this pre-order. If LG was smart they would have bumped this up to early March to compete with Samsung. I’m sure the LG fans had no problem waiting. What I’m trying to say is the people who just wanted a new phone pretty much saw the S7 first and saw the free gifts they were giving out and went with that instead.

    • Jose Lugo

      Agreed. plus the modules are an extra expense but cool non the less.

  • jroblopes

    No weather resistance at all. Lost a G4 with a splash of water on my back pocket. All mobile phones should have some basic weather protection.

    • Manny

      I don’t know what happened in your case, but I use my G4 all day outside in the rain and snow. No problems. I’ve spilled drinks on it countless times. Even used it in the shower, without water going into it directly but water has splashed onto it. (Important Emergency Phone Call)

      I wonder if it splashed on it a large amount to soak it, or maybe int he right spot? Any details?

      • jroblopes

        I think you’re correct. In my case, I think what happened was water got in directly through the input jack port. I got splashed by a wave from behind me. I checked and my phone didn’t appear to be wet at all. Recently returned from LG as non-repairable due to water via email. The problem printed out in the return shipping was physical damage. It was acting strange for a while so I decided to send it into LG. I won’t be getting the LG G5, that’s a disaster waiting to happen with dust and moisture in the dock port.

  • Mike

    Is the 360 camera given out in stores if I upgrade to it from Jump on Demand or do I have to upgrade by phone or online for the camera and extra battery?

    • Alex Wagner

      You can upgrade online or in stores, but to get the gifts, you have to submit a request online and wait for them to be mailed to you.

  • mreveryphone

    This is definitely backup phone worthy.

    • kev2684

      It’s sad that a flagship phone has to be worthy to be even considered as a backup phone LMAO. Bring on the LG V10 successor. Truly a wonderful phone. Please scale down your UI LG we’re not blind

      • mreveryphone

        Yep, it is sad but true. I had the V10 and returned that too. I can’t get with LCD and LG’s UI… Hopefully they fix these two in the next iterations.

  • enigmaco

    Want to test it out before I buy it, can’t wait to sell my S6.

  • Benben

    Nexus 6 199$ on Amazon and no need to take a mortgage for a cellphone

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      LMAO that’s so true a mortgage you made my day!

  • Shawn K

    I just ordered one, standard shipping has my delivery date as April 5th. Other shipping options are available for quicker delivery.

  • Taurean Tucker

    I was going to wait til Friday so I can play with it in the store, but I’ve gotten so tired of my One M9 I said F it and pre-ordered it. Says I should get it on Friday since I chose three day shipping but who knows, may come later or sooner.

  • circa476

    I’m puzzled as to why tmo’s variant is $60 higher than Sprint’s?

  • Solus Kane

    Increase the screen size a tad , add capacitive navigation keys and then we’ll talk, till then no thanks for me

    • Neoprimal

      LG would have stolen me from Samsung with this. Truth be told, while I like the GS7 Edge a lot, I was seriously ready to move to LG because I really wanted a phone with IR.

      [OFF TANGENT RANT] I know…I know….you’re asking “who cares about useless IR?!!!” Well, I do. I find it incredibly useful. You see, I have a 20 month old who just loves remotes and now and again, he hides them in his “places”. This is a pretty frustrating affair. The purpose of a remote is to give us convenience. Putting it out of reach of the couch is a no no. Putting it in reach of the couch means he can get it. And IR blaster means I don’t need a stinking remote! I just use my phone, on ANY IR enabled device. I’ve even used it at work to control our Apple TV when we lose that remote occasionally. The point is, it is big time useful for me, enough to choose a different phone. [RANT OVER].

      The one thing keeping me with Samsung (I had the Note 4 previously) was the idea that I could buy the Gear VR and would be getting a 5.7″ screen (I wanted 5.7 or 6.0 – there was a rumor that there’d be a GS7 Pro with 5.7 but it didn’t materialize) and Micro SD again. Anyway, when I found out the G5 would have VR as well, that crossed off one Samsung bonus. If the G5 had kept its 5.5″ form factor or gone bigger, I may have gone with LG this year. I’ve never owned one and was ready to give it a chance, especially since it has IR, and is getting a VR headset as well.

      What will be will be I guess. Ended up getting the Samsung and the TMobile deal got me the Gear VR and a year of Netlix for free. I will probably just buy a Wifi to IR thing for my home entertainment system. Depending on smartphones to come with IR blasters isn’t a good idea nowadays.

  • Manny

    I’d like the phone sooner rather than later. Any details on shipping timeline? Why preorder it online when I can pick it up at the store? From what I am reading, it doesn’t look like it’d be selling out

  • Allen Alberto Enriquez

    I am going in stores I want to have a feel for it’s companions.

  • Vanessa

    went from LG G4 to the S7 edge and after having owned LG phones for the past 3 years, I am happy I switched. Bluetooth connection was awful in all 3 phones I had, G2, G3 and G4. I loved the G2 but bluetooth connectivity was awful. So went to G3 and faced the same issue as well with G4. G5 unveil was a disappointment to me to be honest.I keep looking for the back buttons on my new phone other than that I am happy.

    • Drew

      So, you’ve had a phone that hasn’t been released yet long enough to not like it? Amazing…

      • MattPortland

        She never said she had the G5.

        • thepanttherlady

          This was the original comment:

          went from LG G5 to the S7 edge and after having owned LG phones for teh past 3 years, I am happy I switched. Bluetooth connection was awful in all 3 phones I had, G2, G3 and G4. I loved the G2 but it bluetooth connectivity was awful. So went to G3 and faced the same issue as wlel with G4. G5 was a disappointment to me to be honest.
          5:46 a.m., Wednesday March 30 |

        • MattPortland

          Diqus needs an “edited” tag.

    • Stone Cold

      They still have Bluetooth connectivity issues on thier devices. I have a v10 and thier tones Bluetooth headset and always dropping connection between the two

  • Steve

    $650 for a LG phone??? Im pretty sure you are not going to get $325 if you resold this one year later when a LG G6 comes out…These smart phones are becoming waaaaaay overpriced these days.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      People pay close to 1000 for iPhones……..so?

      • Steve

        And we call those folks broke idiots.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Indeed but doesn’t negate my comment

  • Clevenger23

    My lg g5 has been delivered and just got it activated. Can’t believe it came in before April 1st