T-Mobile drops LG G5 launch and pricing details, early buyers get gifts


One month after confirming its plans to offer the LG G5, T-Mobile has shared its launch and pricing plans for LG’s next flagship, as well as an offer for early buyers.

The LG G5 will be available for pre-order starting March 29 ahead of it’s launch on April 1. Pricing will be set at $0 down, 23 payments of $26.25, and 1 payment of $26.24. That works out to a full retail price of $629.99.

One other detail that’s worth mentioning is what colors LG G5 buyers will get to choose from. While pre-orders won’t be going live until later this month, T-Mobile’s LG G5 product page is already live, and it shows the silver and gold models.

Customers that buy the LG G5 before April 17 will be treated to a free LG Battery Bundle, which includes an extra battery for the G5 and a charging cradle for it, a combo that’s worth $80. And if you pull the trigger on a G5 before April 5, you’ll also get the LG 360 Cam, a $200 value. The LG 360 Cam is a small device with two wide-angle 13-megapixel cameras that can capture 360-degree images. It’s also got support for 2K video capture, 5.1 channel audio recording, 4GB of storage a microSD slot, and a 1200mAh battery.


Source: T-Mobile

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  • NICE! I’m IN!

  • Robert

    Totally on board, but I wonder if the average consumer will be overly enticed by the Sammy BOGO for this to matter.

    • B_Eng

      Apparently the Samsung BOBO promo ended yesterday

      • Laststop311

        yea that buy one buy one promo such a good deal they let u buy 2!

  • tranceformer978

    Going to miss this by a month, next Jump is not available until May 5th.

    • Acdc1a

      It’s an LG. It will be $399.99 when you’re ready to go.

      • AS118

        I don’t know about that (although I can see that you’re probably using a little bit of hyperbole), but if he’s really waiting until May, it’s probably going to be more like $550 to $600.

        Although I will agree that LG phones lose value very fast. This time around I waited until the G5 was coming out to get the G4. $350 new.

  • TodayWeLieQuestionMark

    lol 650? C’mon 6P, drop a few more dollars so daddy can get a good phone without going broke!

    Project Fi here i come! Time to save a ton of money and get timely updates.

    • Walt

      Project fi? Lol what a joke. It’s only good if you are a very light data user. $10 per gb its too much. Go with Metro pcs for unlimited everything = $60. use your smart phone the way it was intended for….The internet!!!

      • TodayWeLieQuestionMark

        I trust my math over yours and my non throttled speed.

        But it’s the internet, I know you have to push your opinion on me ;)

        • Walt

          Not pushing anything. Just stating facts. You’re on the t-mobile network with metro and would be getting the same speeds as you would be with fi. And correct me if i’m wrong but does fi not charge $10 per gig? I use over 20GB a month so fi is a no go for me. The only benifit of fi is you get to use two networks instead of one and the sprint network in nothing to brag about. Plus arent you only limited to like 3 phones on fi? Like i said before fi = a joke

        • TodayWeLieQuestionMark

          It’s a joke to you.

          Using Wi-Fi all over and not relying on overpriced things has turned my friend’s bills into roughly 45$ a month.

          Take care.

        • TodayWeLieQuestionMark

          Yeah 10 per gig, but it’s charged by the MB. 1.5 gigs = 15 bucks at the end of the month. I average about 10 gigs a month, but that’s b/c i never care if i’m on wifi or not. With a built-in VPN for privacy and trusted WIFI spots all over, i’m not really that worried about it and when I’ve tried to limit my 4g usage, i easily went down to a gig or a little over. I’m paying 115$ a month right now. I’m ok with paying 50$ and watching out for a good WiFi spot when i’m not commuting etc.

          Haven’t heard about phone limits…but why do I need 3 phones or more? Average person needs 1 phone, in case you were wondering.

          T-Mobile is already really really good. Having sprint as a fallback is very very good to somebody who worries about the holes and gaps in networks. Still not seeing your joke.

          Like i said, not a joke, you just think you’re better than me ;) lots of people find it very liberating. Keep trolling tho, we appreciate you.

  • Scott

    Hummmm Extra battery bundle. Sounds like the V10, in that the battery is too small and you can’t get a decent amount of time, before you have to switch.

    • MastarPete

      That’s all manufacturers though, realistic battery sizes should be double what they’ve been offering but no, thin uni-body is in and battery capacity be damned. Really it seems like last year’s snapdragon was simply a power hog.

      At least you have the option to change the battery on the G5 and V10 without sending it to the manufacturer (HTC).
      As for the V10, ZeroLemon finally released their extended battery to get triple the capacity. I don’t see the G5 getting an extended battery option without some slick engineering to tie into G5’s new battery + module design.

      • Scott

        I agree totally. I’d jump on the ZeroLemon battery if it could support NFC. I use Android Pay consistently and that’s the killer for me…

        • MastarPete

          yeah I was very disappointed when they said no NFC but I think you could probably get an NFC sticker and tape the contact end to the phone. if you don’t have to fall back to the stock battery too often then it should stay in place once you get it seated right.

  • Chuck E Cheese

    S7 launch was clearly a better deal:
    1) 1 YR Netflix
    2) Gear VR Bundle
    3) BOGO if adding 2nd line.

    Not to mention all around better phone:
    1) water proof
    2) larger batteries
    3) better UIX

    And if you buy LG G5 how are you going to carry around all those extra friends: camera grip, DAP etc?

    LG should be including a man purse oops a mean a satchel to carry the G5 & Friends

    • Ceez

      Clearly the friends accessories aren’t things you necessarily need on every day adventures. The fact that it connects directly to the phone makes it that much more portable so when you do need it you don’t need to bring anything extra.

      Example: You go to Disneyland – need a larger battery, camera grip, extra storage etc. Perfect place to use this without having to carry anything extra.

      I do agree with you the S7 launch was a better deal but I must say I would much rather have the camera than a VR.

    • cloud strife

      Better phone is pretty subjective. Although I admit S7 looks better.

      Waterproof at the expense of sealed battery. Some choose a removable one so that it can still be used as a back up phone in the future or hand it down to someone who just needs a phone. Battery deteriorates in 2-3 years.

      Larger batteries but if battery is removable then most likely someone will sell extended batteries that 2x or 3x more than the default.

      For better UI, it’s subjective too. Some hate it while others are fine with it. I prefer Sony’s because it’s not too fancy but not as bland as stock.

      • Jeremy Turnley

        The answer to battery degradation is leasing. You don’t get to keep the phone, but at best in the end you sell it for next to nothing after 2 years anyway. Leasing keeps you on a new device once (or more) times per year, at the same monthly cost as a device payment plan.

        It’s not for everyone (some buy their devices outright, some prefer to own them), but it’s a legit response to worrying about non-replaceable batteries wearing out.

        • Jesus Christhole

          what carriers have leasing?

        • Jeremy Turnley

          At this point I think only T-mobile has it (Jump On Demand).

      • Jesus Christhole

        I agree, if s7 edge had removable battery AND water resistant, it would be the dream phone I’d keep for 5 years, but battery degrades after 2… it doesn’t matter if you switch phones every 2 years but phones have become so good that you can keep one for well over 2 years.

    • Loco Mole

      You forgot instant, no wait $30 for using Samsung Pay on S7.

      • NGAGE

        Also free wireless charging pad

    • Joe

      LG G5 has Quick Charge 3.0 and USB-C going for it. Plus the removable battery. Thats about it

      • QC 3.0 is the same speed as Adaptive Fast Charging from Samsung. Also, I can fast charge Wirelessly, LG still cant even do trickle charging wireless.

        This will fail just like the G4 and the V10.

  • kev2684

    T-Mobile is just killing it this year when it comes to pre-order bonus gifts!

  • riverhorse

    Gonna troll here:
    But firstly,… almost worth getting… It’s got everything one could ask for… almost.
    So the battery is underwhelming, but it’s removable and you get two.

    Two things kill this purchase:
    small screen and small storage… the former ideally should be over 6”, the latter should be minimum 64gb, ideal 128.
    I would pay whatever premium.

    I don’t understand why Samsung and LG both downsized their flagships… I will be passing both over.
    When I upgrade I will get a bargain tier… yes it will not have everything, but at least I don’t pay flagship price for something that doesn’t have everything either.

    • Chris

      Because people want smaller sized screens as do I. I am good within the 5.2 – 5.5 but nothing larger than that. If you check a lot of the forums people complain about large phones

    • Jeremy Turnley

      You can troll better than that, come on! :P

      The sizing is due to customer feedback, and market segmentation. For Samsung, it’s because they have two release windows, large phones in Q3, and smaller phones in Q1. There is a significant number of customers (especially those who want to move away from the iPhone) who just plain can’t imagine going from and iPhone 5-sized device to a 6″ one. Having owned a Nexus 6, I can tell you, it’s a big adjustment, even coming from a 5-5.2″ device, and the benefits of such a large screen are often not going to outweigh the downsides of dealing with it for a lot of people. It’s the little things that get to you, like car cradles not fitting, jacket pockets not being deep enough, etc.

      In my opinion the sweet spot is the GS7 Edge’s 5.5″ screen with super-narrow bezels. I’ve had the GS6, Nexus 6, LG G3, Nexus 5, and many more, and for me, with large-ish hands, the GS7 Edge both feels the best, and has a screen that falls into the “big enough” category. My next favorite was the G3, which had a similar profile (I actually would have kept it, but it had the infamous cracks showing up around the ports that LG refused to acknowledge were happening). I’ll be tempted by the Note 6 I am sure, but I think I have finally found a form factor I can live with.

    • badassn

      I was going to respond, but then I remembered “Gonna troll here” lol.

  • Ryan Neely

    Kind’ve wish we had the other colors.

  • guest

    The G5 looks a bit like the robot EVE of the movie WALL-E. Doesn’t it?

  • Drew

    I was at the T-Mobile store today adding a line and the LG rep was there so naturally I berated him with a ton of questions as he slipped out the Titanium colored G5 and handed it to me. The phone is beautiful… You will not be disappointed. I took out my G3 to compare the size and the G5 was a few cm taller (about the size of the G4) so it’s not a tiny device.

    The ‘always-on’ feature was dim but dim enough to see and not as bright as Samsung’s which I’m ok with. Screen was crisp and for those that care, I asked him if they will be locking the bootloader and after texting someone to confirm, they will not be mimicking Samsung in locking the bootloader. And for good measure I paid off my G3 so I will be getting this for sure. Free battery and charging dock along with a 360 cam is far too much to turn down…

    • no2apple

      But but it’s an LG though.. The screen is always crappy

      • Drew

        What are you talking about? On which device?LG was the first real smartphone with qHD display. I prefer IPS to AMOLED. Not to mention LG’S 4K OLED (of which I’m an owner of) TV’S which are considered the best in the industry.

  • shawn

    will tmobile and sony ever come to agreement?

    • VN

      Sony is not interested in dealing with the carriers, they are going to mainly sell unlocked phones thru Amazon, Best Buy and similar stores.

      • shawn

        ok thanks

  • Mike

    I am on jump on demand. Could I get the 360 camera if I upgrade to it?

    • Jesus Christhole