Watch T-Mobile’s @AskDes unbox the LG G5 while taking a ride in a rally car

After unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S7 underwater, T-Mobile and @AskDes have decided to give the LG G5 an epic unboxing treatment, too.

A new video just posted by T-Mobile shows “Probably The World’s Fastest Unboxing” of the new LG G5. And when they say fastest, they don’t just mean the speed at which Des is digging through the G5’s packaging and its contents. While he’s unboxing LG’s new phone, Des is also taking a ride in a Subaru WRX STI that’s being driven on a dirt track. Nice car, DirtFish!

The unboxing itself seems to go pretty well considering that Des is flying around a dirt course at high speeds. You can check out the entire unboxing for yourself up above.

As a reminder, T-Mo announced its launch and pricing details for the G5 earlier today. Pricing will be set at $0 down, 23 payments of $26.25, and 1 payment of $26.24, which works out to a full retail price of $629.99. Pre-orders start on March 29, and the G5 will hit stores on April 1. When it comes to color options, you’ll have your choice of gold or silver. Also of note is that customers that buy before April 17 will get a free extra battery and a battery charging cradle, and anyone that buys before April 5 will get a free LG 360 Cam, too.

So now that the LG G5 has undergone an extreme unboxing, we have to wonder: Where will Des go for his next big unboxing?

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  • SylintKnight

    Unboxing in space?

    • Jose Lugo

      Note 6!!! Will it float in space ;P

  • Marto Manov

    very cool unboxing idea, cheers to T-Mobile!

  • Cesar Israel Bustos

    Does this looks right? Pre-orders start on March 29, and the G5 will hit stores on March 1. Added bonus to people who pre-order ability to go back into time and brag about it.

    • Alex Wagner

      Thanks, Cesar. Fixed the error.

  • Sully

    Genuinely hope this is better than the Galaxy S7. I’ve officially divorced Samsung. I might go for iPhone (I don’t want to).

    • aglee89

      Me to I will never have a samsung device again, I want them to bring back the sony phones, the lg are good as well the Girlfriend loves them (had the g3, and v10)

      • guest

        Sony is focusing on unlocked phone and selling them thru Amazon, Best Buy and some other places.

  • Me

    Why would you pre-order on March 29th when you can get it in store on April 1st?

    • Allen Alberto Enriquez

      I wonder if the store will have its companion’s.