T-Mobile plans to pivot away from unlimited data, says CFO Braxton Carter


T-Mobile has touted its unlimited high-speed data plan in the past, and it’s currently running a promo that’ll give you four lines of unlimited data for $150 per month. According to CFO Braxton Carter, though, T-Mo is pivoting away from unlimited data.

Speaking at a recent investor conference, Carter said that T-Mobile is sticking to its strategy of moving away from unlimited data. “We have and continue to have a strategy of pivoting away from unlimited, and again I’ll point to the $25 price increase, two times over the last two years.” T-Mobile increased the price of an unlimited high-speed data plan by $10 in early 2014, then bumped it again by $15 at the end of 2015.

Carter also touched a bit on the unlimited data plan promo that I mentioned earlier. “In regards to our unlimited promotion, it is a promotion, it’s very short time. We pivoted away from using unlimited as our primary promotion mechanism in the prior year and part of what we did with Binge On again was another substantial increase in the price of unlimited.”

During the interview, Carter explains why T-Mo launched an unlimited data promo and how it relates to Binge On. He explains that with Binge On, unlimited customers don’t really use more data, but that there is a “not insignificant increase” in data usage from those with a bucket of high-speed data. He goes on to say that “it’s less costly, ultimately, when you’re looking at network-adjusted economics, which we certainly do, to have that type of promotion into the marketplace.”

Of course, T-Mobile still offers an unlimited high-speed data plan right now, and folks with older plans are still being grandfathered. If T-Mo is indeed pivoting away from unlimited data, though, we could see another price increase on new plans or a similar action in the future.

Via: DSLReports
Source: T-Mobile Investor

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  • Verizonthunder

    Yikes, not good for any potential new customers.

    • oh yea

      Verizon and AT&T have been doing that for years. It’s never stopped anyone dumb enough to sign with them, so T-Mobile will be fine.

      • J.J.

        I agree they will be fine but if you left vz/att for T-Mobile because of unlimited or price knowing coverage may suffer a bit, if the unlimited disappears or price gets much closer to vz I’m sure many will go back

        • Acdc1a

          With BingeOn and music freedom there just isn’t a need for unlimited for most users…key word being most.

        • Drewski

          Hey for those that have Unlimited 4GLTE Data plan that wants to view video in high definition quality thats when Bing On would have to be turned off, due to those customers being on a truly unlimited 4GLTE Data plan for that matter. Hooray to that right there sweethearts.

  • Rob Jones

    Not anbig fan u u bc

  • I’m not surprised, since Binge On and Music Freedom make it pointless for most people to have an unlimited data plan. When I told my brother yesterday that YouTube no longer counts against his data, he was ecstatic, since that’s most of his data. I still have T-Mobile’s original $70 unlimited plan from 2013, so I’ll be sticking to that as long as I can. I usually use between 5 and 10 GB of data, but that’s with Binge On turned off. Plus, it’s nice to know I won’t get throttled, since I don’t go anywhere near the 25 GB point. The extra bonus of having unlimited LTE data in Canada and Mexico is also nice, if I ever go there on vacation.

    • calvin35

      I watch a lot of YouTube videos and most of them are watched at either 1080p or 1440p on my Note 5. If you’re satisfied watching videos at 480p then I guess you’re right, but on the Note 5 480p looks terrible when compared to 1080p or 1440p.

      • Enrique Escobar

        agreed, it really makes a huge difference, although i’m pretty sure most people will be ok with 480p

        • Acdc1a

          I agree with the 2nd half of your statement. Most users don’t even know the difference.

      • J.J.

        Agreed pointless is a huge over statement. 480 is pointless on my 2k screen. No thx

    • Don’t forget the 13Gb of tethered data! Saved me this month!

  • besweeet

    I wonder how many subs would pivot away from T-Mobile…

    • J.J.

      I’m not sure but for me with occasional third class coverage when traveling sometimes and occasional issues indoors (where i live there is no band 12 and it looks like it may never come due to licensing) at some point if unlimited continues its fast price hikes and or is eliminated for my grandfathered plan i would seriously look around. I loath the other carriers price and policies but if the price gap to features continues to close, binge on is not enough to make me stay (10yr+ customer who has hung with tmo forever)

      • Sucks you live in a bad coverage area. I love T-Mo but if they disn’t have coverage where I live I’d probably get Cricket.

        • You’re funny. Where is Crickets data plan better? Oh, and you are throttled to 7mbps!

        • Why funny? I didn’t say Cricket is “better”, I said IF I lived in an area where I couldn’t get could Tmo coverage I’d probably go with Cricket. Yes, I know they throttle, but it’s not really noticeable.

        • J.J.

          95% it’s great it’s just those few times it’s embarrassing when everyone else has service and I’m stuck.

        • Just think of the other 95% of the time when they’re out of data. ;)

        • J.J.


  • VN

    They can do unlimited at 1.5 Mbps throttle and end Binge Off.


    $50 for 2GB of full-speed and Unlimited Mode at 1.5Mbps.

    • Willie D

      If ” unlimited” data on throttle was offered at a usable speed, say 500-600kbps, it wouldn’t be so hard to give up unlimited data, but when you’re using a smartphone, 60kbps (which is real world speed, not the 128kbps they claim) is too slow to actually call it “unlimited” as its define limited in the speed rather than the amount of potential data you could use. In this case, limited by unusable speeds.

      • VN

        Full-speed unlimited is unsustainable and, like you said unlimited at 128kbps is very limited by speed, they shouldn’t even call it unlimited out of shame or even fake shame.

        I say unlimited at 1.5 Mbps so it can replace the horrible Binge Con, and people can continue watching their 480p videos and their music streams.

        • moss

          Data is data no matter how fast it is. You can’t deny that logic.

        • VN

          Of course I can’t deny your logic.

          But water is water too, and some can say a service is unlimited even if it only drips a drop every couple of seconds.

        • Fabian Cortez

          He’ll deny the logic because of his agenda here.

  • eanfoso

    This is no surprise since binge on now makes pretty much any plan unlimited. I can see t mobile luring customers in to the tired plans with binge on and consequently ending unlimited data, then at some point they’ll start reducing the number of providers for binge on, mark my words.

    • Ahmad El-Ibrahim

      I don’t think T-Mobile will go with the route of reducing the number of providers with it already being opened. If they do I’m sure everyone will complain and the FCC will step in again.

      • Adrayven

        You hit the nail on the head.. They are walking the line with the FCC and net neutrality with BingeOn right now. If they started picking and choosing who was ‘fast lane’.. you can bet the FCC and customers would be all over them.

        Right now, T-Mobile allows anyone to join.. They’d have to kill BingeOn completely or keep it.. don’t see them getting away with ‘favorites’..

        • Ahmad El-Ibrahim

          Yup, I agree. I say it is too early to kill BingeOn, so once they gain traction after taking out unlimited plans and I say about some odd years they would kill it, making some kind of excuses. If I’m wrong and they do keep it somehow, good for them.

        • They will use the 5G network as leverage.

      • Mike

        BingeOn can be turned on/off that’s what saving tmobile from the FCC currently

        • Nothing is in all reality.

      • The FCC took my mails extremely seriously and I was told I’d get a mailing but TMobile called me from their Office of the President.

        • Ahmad El-Ibrahim

          That’s great the FCC have the people’s backs.

        • Not really. They have their own agenda. But they work for everyone to regulate.

    • That’s just silly. What would be the point? Carriers aren’t determined to cut people off from all data.

  • Mikey

    Does this mean the new unlimited promotion will be taken away from customers who choose to keep it? I don’t plan to give up the plan, just wondering if T-Mobile is going to take it away from me down the road.

    • Enrique Escobar

      you’re guaranteed to keep the same price for a period of 24 months, after that T-Mo might hit you with a price increase but they will most likely never apply that and as far as taking your unlimited data away, i just don’t see that happening.

      • Romdude

        Plus by then, they might relaunch another plan that is similar in price.

    • Mike

      I have the 2 unlimited lines for $100 and I was told by a rep and manager that I can keep it forever if your account stays in good standing

      • jonathan3579

        I have the same plan and if they ever try to take that plan away, I most likely will leave T-Mobile after almost 10 years.

    • gmo8492

      No, you’re grandfathered in as long as your account remains active.

      • That’s not true. Grandfathering isn’t even really a legal term. They can change it anytime.

        • gmo8492

          They rarely do, Verizon tried to kick off it’s unlimited data plan. The FCC stopped them from doing that, the only thing they could do is charge more for the plan. Most likely T-Mobile will raise the price and not change the terms. T-Mobile has said that these plans are grandfathered.

        • I had a grandfathered but newer plans were actually less expensive comparatively.

        • So, I dropped my 20 dollar for unlimited for a better value unlimited. To be honest we are paying the same price but upgraded to lines that were 1GB to unlimited. So, I would say that if you see a better deal and review the terms and conditions it can usually be better. :D And with Tmobile you can generally change back to an older plan even if it doesn’t exist as long as it existed on your lines before. They keep all that information stored and you can look at it.

  • Whatever

    Nobody really needs unlimited anyway. It’s one of those nice to have things. Something to brag about. TMO is still light years away from those crooks at Verizon and AT&T!

    • J.J.

      No one really needs a smart phone with that logic, but i do use close to 15gb a month on my plan which would cost a fortune on any carrier including T-Mobile if i lose it.

    • VN

      I do, so I don’t have to check data balances.

      But I understand that some people abuse it by bypassing the tethering limit and not respecting the “unlimited on your phone” clause.

      But I also understand that some people need larger amounts of data allowances.

      That’s why there should be 15 and 20GB of full-speed data plans, and maybe even more.

    • lomsha

      You don’t need it, doesn’t apply to every customer.

    • Brad C

      For those of us on the road for work, Unlimited is a necessity. I still have my grandfathered unlimited data and unlimited hotspot from Verizon (yes my plan allows paid unlimited hotspot), usually I use less than 10GB of data, but when i’m back at the parent’s place in Ohio, i’ve used about 100GB in a month since they cannot get internet at home other than Dial-Up. Luckily the VZW tower by their house has practically no data users on it as it gets around 50Mbps on 700MHz

      • gmo8492

        Awesome, man I wish I could have scored an unlimited hotspot back when they offered them.

    • jonathan3579

      Who are you to claim what others need or don’t need? Sit down.

  • Willie D

    If you’re on an original $20 Unlimited Simple Choice plan, and have added any optional add-ons, you will lose those when you change plans. So ultimately, if you want unlimited for promo today, you got to let go of something and that’s pretty much all those awesome legacy things like Jump 1.0, Family Stateside International Calling, $10 Add-A-Line, etc.

  • Joe

    Been getting by with 2 GB of data. I use WiFi mostly so mobile data isn’t a priority for me. Especially since Binge On and the free music streaming is available. Most of my data before both of those promos went into effect was iheartradio when traveling. Since they did free music streaming, I barely use 500 megs a month.

    • SurvivingSunnyvale

      Same here. Shocked if I go over 500MB in a month.

      • Jack

        Ha I use 60gb monthly, viewing lots of YouTube and Netflix my record was 105gb (I have no WiFi for that same reason it’s unlimited)

        • And this is why people like you need to go. Pay for WiFi, the basic plan is $15!

        • carlos serrano

          I don’t agree with you when i pay for unlimited data I am entitled to unlimited data, are you paying for unlimited data?

    • You don’t get Binge On with 2GB plan. You may think you do, but you don’t. Music Freedom, yes.

      • SirStephenH

        Not entirely true. You get half of BingeOn. Your video speeds will be throttled to 1.5Mbps but it will still count against your data cap.

  • Tx Redneck

    Boy, I’m sad to see this. It’s the reason I came to tmo and it’ll be the reason I leave. The coverage disparity isn’t worth staying once you take away the peace of mind that there’s never any overages.

    • floppyhands

      Tmobile doesnt charge overages on per gb plans.

      • Tx Redneck

        Reread what I said because that isn’t anywhere in what I typed, I said it’s WHY I came to tmo and mark my words, they will begin to charge overages when they 86 the limited “unlimited” plan.

        • Mike

          Tmobile is not gonna start overage charges once unlimited is gone . If your grandfathered you’ll get to keep it as long as your line is good standing.

        • That’s nonsense and you are lying. Stop.

        • maximus1901

          T-Mobile Unleashes Two New Industry-Rocking Moves With ‘The Un-contract’ and ‘Carrier Freedom

          You may be able to keep it but your price may go up.

        • Derrick Ford

          Nope…like everyone has said. When you are grandfathered…the price is too!!!

        • maximus1901

          TMO is not legally obligated to give you price forever.

          Grandfathering is a courtesy not an obligation.

        • Derrick Ford

          Nope…Price and Term are in Writing with my plan…don’t know about yours. I have a business account.

        • Yup they can change it by just QoS(quality of service) or a service charge. You have the right to decline the new terms. You do not have a right to keep the old terms.

        • Derrick Ford

          Nope…that is something they have never done…IN THEIR EXISTENCE

        • Yes they have. 50 GB prioritized versus the ever changing around 21-25GB for QoS. It is in the fine print.

        • Derrick Ford

          Not on my plan…sorry

        • If you have truly unlimited than you do have QoS in the print. If you do not have truly Unlimited than it doesn’t matter.

        • Derrick Ford

          QoS (Quality of Service) used with specific data packets has nothing to do with whether it’s unlimited or not. Trust me I know…I am the CEO of an IT Outsourcing Company. I use it for my companies own VOIP that way my Voip calls are not effected if I decide to stream 20 HD videos…and my fiber connection is not capped, by the way. Do you actually know what QoS is my friend?

        • soft caps fall under Quality of Service. Once the soft cap is reach deprioritization kicks in.

        • Derrick Ford

          I am sorry…but you are terribly wrong. You are replying to a certified IT professional. I suggest you get some certs. QoS is not and does not effect the Total Packet Count…thus, is not a cap.

        • QoS can mean a lot of things.

        • It’s not just packet count. It can be speed and other things to make sure that the data is able to be transmitted fully. With regard to QoS just on a modem it’s mostly how the various technologies interact so there isn’t data that is transmitted at the same time causing loss.

        • VN

          I don’t think so. They’ll just continue the128kbps scheme and call it unlimited.

        • Fabian Cortez

          128 kbps data is still unlimited data. What people are currently paying for is unlimited high speed data.

          Understand the difference; it’s not hard.

        • Mike

          Naw that was AT&T

        • supergear

          you will be grandfathered in if they kill unlimited. So there is no reason to panic at the moment.

        • Kyle Thompson

          the problem is, there is usually an end to these companies and the grandfathering-in clauses. Or they’ll make it too painful to keep your old unlimited plan (by something like “starting ##/##/####, ‘no new devices can use old unlimited plans”, etc, so after a while you’ll give up a 4 year old phone and your old plan).

          hopefully the Uncarrier won’t follow this blueprint other companies have done in the past. if there’s any company i’d say has the best shot to avoid screwing their customers over, TMO is it. but it is possible.

          basically expanding their network and customer volume, we all knew this day would come where unlimited data had to end. that being said, i think (hope?) they’ll forever (or a long time) let us keep it that have it as the ones who came onboard when the future was not so bright and stuck it out.

        • maximus1901

          No. that’s not how reality works.
          T-Mobile Unleashes Two New Industry-Rocking Moves With ‘The Un-contract’ and ‘Carrier Freedom
          UNL price guaranteed for two years. Then it may increase.

        • Bklynman

          Since there in no real advantage from buying a phone from Tmobile,
          unless you can’t afford to lay out $25.00-$35.00 amonth for a phone,but now midrange to lower range phone as good as hign ended phone from just few years ago. The Zmax, Lg Stlyo,HTC 626,etc. Since most people paid with a credit card,you can always buy
          hign ended phone on ebay,swappa,or google use cell phones stores,whole bunch will show up,get a credit card with $500-$700,on it just use it to buy a phone,there you have eip.

        • I couldn’t get my lines grandfathered because now they make you have every line exactly the same if you want to upgrade a line on a plan.

        • maximus1901

          your price will NOT be grandfathered.
          T-Mobile Unleashes Two New Industry-Rocking Moves With ‘The Un-contract’ and ‘Carrier Freedom

        • SirStephenH

          Plans prior to that announcement are grandfathered in price as well.

        • You are correct. It will not be grandfathered. They can make any changes to any plans at will now. You have little to no choice in the matter. And they are becoming excessively impossible to talk to because they talk to you like you are a little kid and want to buy candy from a bully.

        • donnybee

          “The coverage disparity isn’t worth staying once you take away the peace of mind that there’s never any overages.”

          You stated they plan to “take away the peace of mind that there’s never any overages.” T-Mobile charges no overages now and have made no mention of charging overages in the future. They can easily continue to offer “unlimited data” and just move you to the 2G tier after your high speed allotment is up, as they do now.

  • David

    While people may complain about this, I think it’s a good move for Tmobile. Personally I use about 2GB data, which includes quite a lot of texting, messaging, voip calling, video chatting, emailing & gps navigation etc….I have 2.5GB plan by the way, after which speed is reduced. Even at reduced speed, most things I do I can still do, except for browsing graphic intense website or watch youtube. But since Youtube is now included in BingeOn, eliminating unlimited would only help reduce congestion on the network created by those unlimited users, which is a small percentage of customer and will generally speaking be good for majority of the other tmobile customers.

    • Bonedatt

      So this is how I understand BingeOn… Once turned on, video is optimized and it doesn’t count towards your high-speed(but only if you have at least 3GB high-speed data allotment). If you don’t have at least 3GB of high speed, video is still optimized but it counts towards your high speed usage. Difference here is that it will supposedly take longer to exhaust your high speed data allotment if turned on than by leaving BingeOn off. So if you think that you can watch YouTube videos and it won’t count, you better have atleast 3GB high speed to enjoy that perk.

  • To maintain the Bottom Line

    I think Tmobile is rolling back unlimited data options to maintain the bottom line …due to increase subscriber and/or promos. It mirrors the ATT strategies…of shifting away from unlimited data plans.

  • Chris Siegell

    The quality of T-Mobile’s tower antenna technology is inferior. Don’t even try to raise prices and elimate unlimited, the people are smarter than that. There would be very little selling point for T-Mobile, since users could purchase similar costing service with better coverage and decide for themselves if they want to view videos at 480p or not.

    • vinnyjr

      You are wrong, T-Mobile being the last Carrier to roll out LTE, they were lucky enough to use the latest & greatest equipment. T-Mobile has the newest LTE equipment, compared to Verizon, Sprint or AT&T who’s equipment is 2 cycles behind T-Mobile. T-Mobile is very data strong, if speeds have slowed down its probably due to updating the towers in your area.

      • VN

        Thank you T-Mobile, thank you John Legere.

        • Fabian Cortez

          Nice troll move but yes, he “forgot” to add that to the end of his post.

          Of course you’d know that because your name is an attempt to mimic/mock him ever since you started using it.

        • VN

          Your like a genius or something.

        • Fabian Cortez


        • VN

          So, you were saying vinnyjr forgot to thank T-Mobile and John Legere… as if he’s supposed to do that in every post he makes. I say that’s more damaging than what I said.

          You’re a mean dude. ;)

        • Fabian Cortez

          And you’re vinny’s troll. ;)

        • VN

          Last: word.

        • Fabian Cortez

          We know who you are. :)

      • maximus1901

        “T-Mobile’s median download speed decreased from 6.8 Mbps to 4.4 Mbps, and T-Mobile’s median upload speed decreased from 8.7 Mbps to 5.1 Mbps.”
        Denver, Rootmetrics.

        Furthermore, I’ll give you my person experience:
        anaheim, CA 0 down, 8 up on iphone 5S while driving.

        The fact that I got 8up means SIGNAL wasn’t an issue so don’t go there.
        The fact that 5S doesn’t have band 12 is irrelevant because anaheim is 20x20mhz and band 12 is 5x5MHz . . . so don’t go there.
        I regularly get 40-60mbps in metro detroit on 5S ie the SAME 5S.

        TMO is absolutely overloaded in MANY areas.
        Ask people about downtown chicago and tmo “WIDEBAND” 15×15 mhz

        Meanwhile TMO seems to have unlimited money for NYC and 140mbps speeds.

      • Anon

        Tmobile doubled its LTE coverage in 2015. How? Because it had the worst LTE coverage to begin with. And it was last to convert to LTE. Fact…..
        So yes, they have the newest LTE equipment, because they bought it dead last.
        That’s like saying it would have been better to build the Golden Gate bridge in the 1980’s , cause that way it would be “newer”

        • VN

          Lol. Yeah, he was like blaming the other carriers for being first.

  • Philip

    That is correct. I have 4 lines and only my 2 phones use lots of data. My wife and my aunty phone, they dont know how to be internet savvy. I been showing them ways to use more data, but they just are not interested. It evens out. I wish unlimited data goes on for some that like it.

  • Dylan Wentworth

    I think the point carter was making (without reading the entire interview) was that it makes sense to offer promos for unlimited rather than an everyday plan for it. The psychology behind unlimited plans builds loyalty and unlimited users mostly don’t use that much more data anyway but making the offers limited time gets people locked to a plan they won’t want to lose. It really takes some effort to use more than 10gb in my findings. You have to stream video for hours. Its all psychological.

    One more thing. I have noticed download speeds at the same site have slowed around 35% in the past couple of weeks.

  • TaylorW86

    T-Mobile has been optimizing their network to suit people who use their data for video and audio streaming, but heavy data users who download and torrent large files, and otherwise use their mobile data as a substitute for hardline internet, are a drag on the network. This “pivot” isn’t going to affect the customer who watches Netflix on the way home from work, it’s going to affect the guy who’s torrenting bootleg movies and cracked pc games all day every day.

  • Sushimane

    There’s two ways to think about this with all the uncarrier movements music freedom, data stash, binge on, no annual contract, no borders etc no reason to have unlimited data but the people that has unlimited data they have a carefree life not worrying if they gonna use all their data in a month or so use all the data they want. I’m lucky enough to be grandfathered under a old plan select choice. Hurray to being grandfathered

  • Bradley Karas

    I don’t download illegal movies, I don’t stream a ton I just use a lot of data for various reasons about 20 GB per month max. As long as I can still do jump on demand without losing my unlimited plan I could care less. But that’s how AT&T and Verizon moved peeps away from unlimited so if TMO does that they are no better than “dumb and dumber”

    • chtrref4

      I think what they mean is we’ll keep unlimited for our binged on at 480p, because we can control our bandwidth given the amount of channels that sign up and safe on bandwidth.

    • maximus1901

      they ARE no better. they simply have lower marketshare and have more to gain by giving away stuff than they have to lose.

      people are so clueless: companies do what they do to make money. that’s it. tmo is the uncarrier because it NEEDED to be, not because it wanted to be.

      • Bradley Karas

        No shit

    • gmo8492

      T-Mobile has completely separated the device away from your plan, they would have to basically rewrite their rules in order to tie your phone to your plan like dumb and dumber do.

  • Fabian Cortez

    There’s nothing really new here. They mentioned guaranteeing unlimited for 2 years at some point.

    T-Mobile essentially solved the unlimited data conundrum by zero-rating music and video. As it’s clear that that’s what most people engage in. Anything else (Facebook, web browsing, etc.) is handled by the data you pay for.

    • VN

      Wow. Your verry inteligent.

      • Fabian Cortez


        But keep trolling.

        • NinoBr0wn

          *you’re and *intelligent too

    • SirStephenH

      The pricing on unlimited is guaranteed for two years but the plan can be kept forever. This also only applies to plans entered into after that announcement. Previous plans are grandfathered in on price as well.

      • Fabian Cortez

        That’s right but the language was rather vague and ambiguous. This would be similar to Verizon and AT&T raising the price of unlimited by $20 and $5 respectively.

        • gmo8492

          True, but it took At&t and Verizon nearly 5 years since they stopped offering unlimited to jack up the price. Verizon was going to completely take away unlimited data from grandfathered users last year until the FCC wrote a letter warning Verizon not to, so they back off. At this point the only they could do is raise their rates.

      • AussieB

        There’s nothing guaranteeing grandfathered plans or pricing. Its a courtesy that a company can always take away since you’re not in a contract

        • Bonedatt

          So, is it like an executive order that can be removed by the next president (like Ted Cruz promising to undo all of Obama’s executive orders)? I ask this because John Legere was the one who (on behalf of T-Mobile US) guaranteed the grandfathered plans and pricing.

  • I hardly go over 10GB but I opted for unlimited because it’s just peace of mind. I remember the days of stressing out whether or not I hit my paltry limits when I was with the other carriers. With everything else in the world to stress about, stupid data overages should not be one of them.

  • Mike

    I believe tmobile might keep unlimited around but tmobile will end up raising the price on it again by another $25+ monthly so that ppl will go with other plans instead.

  • Mike

    I use my phone for my business mostly and games.
    My games only use around 2GB/m so that is no big deal. I think the unlimited music and video streaming is great but I don’t use them. However, I run servers and need to download and upload files on the go with my phone. This uses at least 10GB a month. I am in need of the unlimited plans and I hope they don’t get rid of them. I am on one and hope it stays

    • SirStephenH

      All plans will be grandfathered as always. They may Jack up the price after two years on the newer grandfathered plans or remove the option for new customers but they have promised repeatedly that once you’re on a plan you can keep it as long as you’re a customer.

  • elthesensai

    Exactly why I got into an argument with John Legere on Twitter. I saw this coming. When this does happen that will be the time I jump back to at&t and their super service.

    • Felicia’s friend

      Bye Felicia!

      • elthesensai

        Did you mean to say bye, Felicia? Very confused with your statement.

        • Bonedatt

          Yep! They sure did, and the 3 people who upvoted him/her understood the joke. ☺

        • elthesensai

          Maybe you can explain the joke to me. It’s completely lost on me.

    • Phone Guy

      By the time you jump, T-Mobile will be pretty close in size. By the time you jump, at&t will be outrageously priced. By the time you jump, at&t’s customer service and billing errors will have gotten worse than they already are. By the time you jump, they will still be charging for overages. Enjoy all those new benefits. :)

      • elthesensai

        Why are you making excuses for a company? You enjoy getting ripped off by companies?

  • Unlimited data is not really needed anyway. At this point, everything we do is not included in our data. So why keep pushing for unlimited? They have taken care of us in a lot of ways, and shaped the industry how it should be. EVERYONE else laughed, but they ended up changing to following T-Mobile. So no unlimited data, so what. People who start saying, I’M LEAVING IF THEY DO THIS…are just complaining about nothing. People today want everything FREE, as though it is DUE to them for staying with a company for a long amount of years. Well spoiler alert, it’s not. Leave it you want to leave, they won’t miss you.

    • VN

      Don’t project yourself to others.

      There are people who use a lot of data, others want to watch hi-def videos, others hotspot a lot, others use it as primary home ISP.

      As long as they’re not bypassing the tethering limit all kind of uses are okay with me.

      • maximus1901

        those who use it as primary ISP should be punched . . . repeatedly . . . in the face.

        • VN

          Depending on how they use it, if they use it for emailing, browsing and light video watching and Binging On, and like I said they don’t bypass the tethering limit, then no punching needed.

        • Drewski

          Wow your comment offends me there buddy. Very offensive and harsh in the situation you’re speaking about right there buddy. Not everybody can afford wifi or internet at home there Bro. You better watch yourself next there buddy. Think before you talk next time around.

        • NinoBr0wn

          Very offensive and harsh. You better watch yourself there buddy. Lmao relax

        • ummduh

          These are the people that generally ruin it for everybody else.

        • Brian the populist.


        • Phone Guy

          They are greedy.

      • You guys are silly. All you know is attack lol. I have a grandfathered unlimited plan, silly. It’s simply my opinion, respect it. You don’t have to agreed, but silly insults like yours are pointless.

    • Speaking…

      Right, I hope you are speaking for yourself…on behalf of yourself and to yourself. Simply said, it is nice to have options to consider, whether it is, unlimited data, different wireless carriers, or a choice of ice cream….

    • Drewski

      Hey I must say this, I agree with you to an extent. But for those that have grandfathered Truly Unlimited High Speed Data at 4G LTE Data speed plan or a Truly Unlimited High Speed Dats at 4G LTE speed Promo plan thats needing to go as they please with the whole wanting to watch movies at HD quality, is when the whole Truly Unlimited High Speed LTE Data plan is needed. Plus It is better for grandfathered/Promo planned people to not have to worry about having binge on activated right on their account(due to the video quality slowing down on them, showing good quality of video verses titanium quality of video watching). You see where I’m going with this here Sweetie? Anyways, I too am glad that they are deciding to go this route also. At least T-Mobile-MetroPCS have way better choices/options for us customers to make use of, verses sucky behind AT&T/Verizon Wireless/Sprint Corporation/Cricket Wireless/Boost Mobile would have did. Thank you T-Mobile-MetroPCS.

      • I’m one of those people on a grandfathered plan lol, so I understand. Needless to say, I won’t be changing my plan.

      • iCrap

        grandfathered doesn’t mean guaranteed. even verizon killed their grandfathered data plans. tmobile isn’t under any sort of obligation to honor your grandfathered plan.

        • Phone Guy

          You are so right. People don’t get this. T-Mobile will tweak one aspect of it or something else. Or they will add an important feature that they won’t get.

  • SpaceGho5t

    I am lucky to have the $70 Unlimited plan with 5GB hotspot. BingeOn has made my plan a bit better with letting me toggle it on while streaming netflix on my sons tablet on long car rides without hitting the alotted 5GB. In my opinion they have already made the unlimited data way to expensive at $95 a month. The only way to really consider it is now is through these promotion plans. I really hope they keep the grandfathered plans. I would be pretty pissed off if they decided to hike my price or move me off of unlimited. I average roughly 10 GB a month but its nice to have when traveling. Been with Tmobile for 8 years now.

    • patt

      I have the Select Choice 3 lines same amount of hotspot as you. 120$. I know I could have went with 150$/4 lines. But have no one to join as 4th line. 2 Lines would be 90$ and 3rd is 30$ so 120$.

    • SirStephenH

      I’d check your plan again because you should have 7GB hotspot. All the plans were raised from 5GB to 7GB a year or two ago.

      I’d also stick with your plan if I were you. The newer plans with the “two year price guarantee” sound nice but what they don’t tell you is that the plans before that are completely grandfathered (plan, price, everything).

      • SpaceGho5t

        Double checked to make sure i wasnt crazy and i do indeed have only 5GB of hotspot. It use to be 3GB and they upgraded it to 5GB. I believe you may be confused with the $80 unlimited plan that was initially launched with 5GB and than upgraded to 7GB. If what you are saying is true about being completely grandfathered in i am very relieved. Do you have a source or link to confirm this?

        • Jason Crumbley

          I’m in the same boat as you. I’m also on the original JUMP plan.

      • I have 13Gb hotspot. I thought that was standard?

      • Jason Crumbley

        The $30 unlimited LTE got 7GB of tethering. The $20 Unlimited LTE stayed at 5GB of tethering.

  • supergear

    we should all panic and switch to AT&T/Sprint/VZW

    • SpaceGho5t


    • Rob Sauceda

      Lol that was funny

    • VN

      I bet you watch videos at 480p because of the 1.5Mbps throttle at the Fastest Nationwide 4G LTE T-Mobile Network.

      • supergear

        nope i pay for unlimited and have bingeoff

        • VN


          Now I don’t know if your first comment is more or less funny or even more or less sad, if applicable.

        • SpaceGho5t

          Its called sarcasm. lol

        • VN

          I know that aspect.

        • supergear

          i was being sarcastic. Since people seem to panic over news like this.

        • VN

          But do care about Unlimited’s fate? or you accept whatever comes your way?

          I need the details before I LOL. :)

        • supergear

          don’t care if you LOL

        • VN

          I was being a bit sarcastic too. But again an unlimited user making fan of this news was interesting. I bet many though you were one of those who hate unlimited user.

        • marque2

          What if he wants to ROFLOL? Would you care then?

        • VN

          I think he did it to make fun of people who complain about anything and, not to make us laugh. So, we’re not supposed to LOL.

    • Sprint? Never. I just find them so offensive, they’re like the Donald Trump of carriers they pander to the very lowest common denominator.

      • Philz

        ha Sprints more like the Hillary of carries , Full of lies & false promises providing no positive outcome.

  • Link from Zelda

    As long as binge and the unlimited radio stay around, we good T-Mobile.

  • SirStephenH

    Glad we got in before this two year price guarantee BS…

    • maximus1901

      Are you on a contract still?
      Then you’re not IN anything. TMO is free to raise your price.
      Even the 2 year uncontract is not a legally binding contract.

      • Bklynman

        All depends where he lives,what the consumer law is in his state. Some state the cl,is very weak,NYS,is very strong.

      • VN

        There’s no service contract but there’s a promise of two years for unlimited plans and a tradition of grandfathering.

  • Mike Thaler

    When they use term “unlimited” are they just referring to hi-speed amount? Will all plans have a limited amount of hi-speed and then will have unlimited slow speed?

    • gmo8492

      I think I remember several times that John Legere mentioned that T-Mobile will never charge for overages, they will slow you down once your high speed data is up. They refer to the unlimited data plan and not the others.

    • VN

      Yes they are talking about the full-speed unlimited not the 128kbps unlimited.

  • jj201367

    Will we have new family plans or better ones?

  • Matt

    I hope MetroPCS customers will be grandfathered. I don’t want to lose my $60 Unlimited 4G LTE. It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. LOL. I regularly use between 10 and 15 gigs.

    • Sean

      You should be fine as long as you keep paying the bill. Source: I work for corporate MetroPCS and see people with grandfathered plans come in all the time.

      • Matt

        Excellent! Thank you.

  • Manny

    I can’t speak for everyone, but I used to pay the higher price for unlimited. When I swapped to the 10GB for each line, I noticed not only an increase in usage, but I stopped paying so much attention to data anyway. I think with Music not counting towards my data limit, which is a huge portion of data, and now video on my phone. Which is mainly youtube videos, I’m using even less than the 8-9GB I was using. So I may even consider dropping.

    My story is not a generalization for anyone, but I could see their standpoint to be different from the other companies. Create a scenario where you don’t need to offer unlimited because everyone has what they need. It’ll make other companies unlimited plans look stupid.

  • Anon

    Thank you Tmobile, for stopping this stupid “uncarrier” stuff, and becoming the 3rd carrier like the others. Both AT&T and Verizon don’t want to have unlimited data either.
    Thank you John Legere

    • jeffy

      its not even official yet, but cry babies like you are already BEtching

      • Plus, if you have unlimited already, you’ll most likely get to keep it as is.

  • atlvideoguy

    I like unlimited data just for the ease of mind. I run my own entertainment business and I like knowing that I can use my data whenever I need it. I hardly use the hotspot feature but I’m glad to know its there if I need to downloads some new songs on the fly. View an agreement or contract while on the go. If T-Mobile was to cancel my unlimited data plan of which I’ve only used 8gb this month, I would take my unlocked iPhone that’s cdma compatible to Verizon Wireless. The only thing keeping me with T-Mobile is the unlimited data, North American Plan, 14GB hotspot & 5GB iPad data plan for $10.

    • dtam

      my guess is they won’t get rid of grandfathered plans. Even att and verizon allow you to keep your grandfathered unlimited plans. I think that tmo’s plans right now is to just make the cost of unlimited for new customers higher so they will opt for the tiered plans w/ freebies like binge on and music unlimited

      • Phone Guy

        VZ is raising the price of all the older plans. Just in the news yesterday. But not until you finish paying off your phone, then the $25 subsidy vanishes and your line fee goes back up to $40 per month. VZ customers will be pissed. One way to force them off.

  • MisterSuperGod

    i loves me my $70 unlimited but if T-Mo were to pull the plug on us grandfathered users, well, i guess i’d have to find a new service plan that suits my needs.

    i’d get over it… i wouldn’t be happy about it, but i’d get over it.

    • VN

      Would you like 15 and 20GB plans?

      And/or unlimited at 1.5Mbps?

      • MisterSuperGod

        Damn fine question.
        While i love the peace of mind that comes with not having to worry about running out of high speed data, i also love my speedy downloads.

        If i had to choose…
        Probably the 1.5Mbps unlimited.
        Even though i average less than 20GB/month, there are times when i’ve hit that mark or have gone beyond.

    • Cupcake

      And I love my $24.99 unlimited grandfathered plan that I have had since they introduced data back in early 2000’s!! I would absolutely pass out if they did away with the grandfathered plans.

  • Fuuuuuuuuu

    I use roughly 30GB/month. I like the option of unlimited data. And no, I don’t use BingeOn 480p.

    • MadJoe

      Well, that’s wonderful. Maybe you should keep your T-Mo unlimited plan that will be grandfathered just like every other promotion they offer is. This will only affect new customers, not existing.

      • Jay Holm


  • VN

    Binge On is a deceptive tool to: remove Unlimited full-speed data plans; to be the new selling point of T-Mobile and to rise the prices. Proof that it’s not “free”,

    It’s replacing Unlimited full-speed data with false-unlimited throttled video of some services.

    It’s also like dividing data users to conquer their goals.

    I wouldn’t care much about it anyway if it wasn’t also a threat to internet freedom.

    This is from the article:

    “… We pivoted away from using unlimited as our primary promotion mechanism in the prior year and part of what we did with Binge On again was another substantial increase in the price of unlimited.”

  • AussieB

    This was always the plan. They did what they did at the time because they were in desperate straights. They’re a for profit company, not your friend

    • maximus1901

      but but but he wears his hair long now! surely that means something!

    • YABD

      And they have all the customers in 2 years phone payment(2 years contract) and to go to another carrier you have to pay more than 350 dollars. Tmobile didn’t eliminated the contracs they just changed the name.

      • guest

        There’re no service contracts. I’m not under a contract.

        • Android_God

          How many networks will your T-Mobile phone work on?

        • gadget_hero

          well if it is a iPhone 6/+ (at&t, verizon, t-mobile) and if its a iPhone 6S/+ (at&t, verizon, t-mobile, & sprint).

        • steveb944

          My Nexus 6 works on all the major US networks, your point?

        • Phone Guy


        • No long term contracts. A month is a contract.

      • Don’t buy a phone you can’t afford to pay off. T-Mobile offeres financing OPTIONS, you don’t have to take them, and you’re not penalized if you decide to pay it off early. It’s win/win.

        • Unsecured loans are a money scheme. They don’t care if they sell a phone to someone who can’t afford it.

        • That’s sort of a broader issue outside the scope of this forum, but I’d say unsecured loans are no more or less a “scheme” than any other kind of loan, and if managed properly can be beneficial. In any case it’s certainly a T-Mobile specific issue.

          What is important is that T-Mobile has made an effort to give customers more choices than anyone and changed the industry in doing so. Gotta respect that.

      • Phone Guy

        You were just paying for your phone in higher monthly fees, anyway. These companies aren’t in the business of giving out free $600 phones.

    • They can be both, I think that’s the whole point of “Uncarrier” in that they can be pro-consumer AND profitable.

  • Keys Man 70

    Thanks. Time to start shopping.

  • Brad Hager

    If tmo gets rid of unlimited I will leave them.

    • MadJoe

      Who else offers unlimited data? And don’t say Sprint since we both know that isn’t an option for anyone who doesn’t hate themselves.

      • thepanttherlady

        AT&T offers unlimited data if you have Directv.

        • Jaramie Black

          I took advantage of this. Way better coverage and it works for me.

        • MadJoe

          I honestly didn’t know that. Thankfully I have FiOS available where I live, though, because after the crap DirecTV put my mother through with lying and over charging, I think the only way I’d subscribe to that is if the only alternative was Comcast.

        • Phone Guy

          Capped at 22GB.

        • Actrip

          It’s not capped, stop spreading fud. It’s throttled at 22 gb IF the network is congested in your area.

        • thepanttherlady

          Link that states it?

        • Actrip

          I now work for AT&T, which by the way pays better and gives more benefits than T-Mobile.

        • thepanttherlady

          Nevermind, found it for you:


          “Data Restrictions: After 22GB of data usage on a line in a bill cycle, AT&T may slow the data on that line during periods of network congestion for the remainder of that bill cycle. Tethering and mobile hotspot use prohibited.”

      • ianken

        I’ll flip that around, if tmo drops it why stay?

        I’ve been a TMO customer for a long time. John Legere has done a decent job pulling them out of the suck zone. But his ignorant or dishonest (pick one) spin on the binge on service showed a glimpse of the future: serve you shit, tell you it’s thin mints.

        Dumping unlimited data is no surprise.

        • Phone Guy

          Binge on is awesome. I dumped unlimited, and I never go over 5 gigs anymore. Can’t even get close to my 10GB plan. Love his ignorant and dishonest Binge On. Go John Go!

    • Phone Guy

      Where will you go Brad?
      Sprint is so slow, its almost useless (in most places).
      Verizon won’t offer you unlimited anymore.
      at&t won’t give it to you w/out crappy Direct TV, and its throttled over 22GB.
      So where will you go?

  • jamez243

    If they do this, I’ll just go to Project Fi. Would be cheaper anwyays.

    • tomsliwowski

      Exactly, the only thing keeping me on Tmobile is the unlimited data.

      • Phone Guy

        Not free Canada?
        Not free Mexico?
        Not free roaming worldwide?
        Not some of the highest rated customer service?
        Not free video and music that doesn’t hit your bucket?
        Not contract freedom?
        Not all the other stuff too?
        Not overage free service. VZ and old blue screw you in overages.

        • tomsliwowski

          The roaming is basically identical to what Tmobile offers.

          Canada and Mexico are included (albeit in 2G but whatever).

          Customer service is nice an all but I’ve only ever used it to check a billing issue and verify I wasn’t part of the data leak.

          Binge on for video is crap and actually screwed up my ability to stream videos so it got turned off immediately. I don’t use any of the supported music streaming services so it means nothing to me.

          There is no contract with Fi so you have no point in there.

          The rest of your points mean nothing since you mention some mystery “other stuff” which IMO means you have nothing to actually compare it to.

          As for overage free, if they remove unlimited data, guess what, you now will have the same overage BS as Verizon and AT&T.

    • Phone Guy

      Fi is outrageously expensive if you use more than a few gigs.

      • jamez243

        You are right. But I could (if I had to) manage my music (download) over wifi and wifi for offline play. And manage usage everywhere I go. I don’t worry about it cause I don’t have to now. But it could be done. Literally could get out at $30 a month. Shit even using 3GB of data I get out for $50 a month. (Cheaper than Tmobile) and I hardly go over 3GB ever. Just saying it’s an option, and a cheaper one.

  • Andy S

    I think T-Mobile is a bit overconfident as to the quality of their service. Where I live (Rocky Mts.) T-Mobile has grossly exaggerated their coverage area on the map…here in town they’ve deployed band 2 and 12 LTE but with a lot of holes. The band 12 doesn’t reach near as far as they say (like…wayyyy less than they say…miles less…maybe they expect subscribers to have a car signal booster?) and the upload speeds are so bad with the low-ish signal (often less than -110dBm) as to render VoIP and even their own VoLTE highly unstable with lots of dropped outgoing voice data packets. Phones still go to roaming in places like grocery stores and Wal-Marts and stuff…and even my second floor condo near the ski area base doesn’t allow for a reliable LTE connection even with a band 12 device.

    I noticed the exact same thing when I was in Northern Michigan recently…grossly exaggerated T-Mo coverage claims with lots of roaming to fill in the holes.

    Verizon on the other hand has outstanding band 13, 4, and 2 LTE service here and their coverage map is spot on in how huge the coverage area is…and $45/mo. for 3GBs of data is a pretty good prepaid deal they’re offering.

    AT&T is pretty good too though Big Red reigns supreme to be sure.

    So anyway, I applaud TMo’s modernization efforts and all but they have a long way to go if they expect to be able to compete with AT&T and especially Verizon on a level playing field…I think the leadership team should tread lightly in getting rid of some of the perks which make up for the deficiencies in service quality.

    • YABD

      Excellent review. That’s what I have been trying to say to tmo customers, but they are blind about volte, binge, unlimited data and hd call. Tmobile is only works in the open outdoor of downtown. That’s why I don’t use tmo anymore.

      • Then why are you participating in a T-Mobile forum? I mean, it’s a free country, but why the interest in a product you don’t use?

        • Jaramie Black

          Why can’t someone give their honest review? The truth hurts…T-mobile has a ways to go here in North Carolina. They have come a long way but it amazes me when T-Mobile fan boys complain when someone says anything negative. It happens, no network is perfect.

        • Spanky

          According to the T-Mobile cheerleaders, this is a T-Mobile fan site and you are not allowed to post anything other than unconditional praise for T-Mobile. If anything can even remotely be construed as criticism, you will be branded a troll.

        • Jaramie Black

          I’m not a troll by any means. I am giving my honest review. Service is inconsistent. You get what you pay for.

        • Or you bought a hammer when really needed a screw driver?

          If you use a carrier that’s not good in your area, is that the carriers fault or your fault?

          T-Mobile works GREAT for me but if it didn’t I wouldn’t complain I’d just switch carriers… probably Cricket.

          I really don’t understand the point of complaining. It’s not gonna change anything.

        • Jimmy James

          Cricket will not pay off the $600 I owe on my phone. You sign a contract that your phone must be paid in full before you leave. I live in a pink area on their map, in a suburban house, in a city of 130,000 people, and can only get band 12 without a cell booster.

        • Got it. Well you probably shouldn’t have bought a phone you couldn’t afford. And you had 15 days to figure out the coverage was inadequate where you could have returned it and owed nothing. You have to take some responsibility, what more could they have done?

        • Phone Guy

          Now days you can leave T-mobile, they will unlock your phone, and keep financing it for you. Or if you don’t want to do that, why not sell your phone on E-bay or Craigslist, pay it off (mostly) and then go finance a phone at Cricket. They finance too.

        • Spanky

          I’m in full agreement with you. That’s why I was pointing out that there are a lot of cheerleaders on this site, in whose eyes T-Mobile can do no wrong, only the other carriers can.

        • Jay Holm

          The word “troll” is used just as loosely now a days as the word “racist” is, I don’t take words that are used so loosely seriously.

        • I don’t complain when something is negative. In fact, I’m the first to complain! I am just amused at why people participate in discussions they say they have no interest in. I don’t own a Subaru, so I don’t participate in Subaru forums. But hey free country right? ;)

        • Jaramie Black

          I am always interested. I wish t mobile the best to drive competition even more.

      • Thatjerk

        Sounds like you live in a sh*tty area. My advice move.

    • And this related to the article how exactly?

      • Andy S

        Since T-Mo still has sub-par coverage (at least with respect to coverage area in sq. miles…and I really am skeptical as to their statistics with respect to covered persons – a lot of the claimed coverage area doesn’t seem to actually pan out near where I live) they need to attract customers with other perks, such as cheap-ish unlimited data plans. Mr. Braxton’s comments seem to indicate that he’s confident this is no longer necessary, or at least less so than in the past.

        I think his and the other executives’ comments both here and on earnings calls and the like show a sort of delusion on the part of the leadership team at T-Mo as to their competitiveness coverage-wise. They’re still highly dependent on roaming operators, and Music Freedom, Binge-On, and so on just don’t have a lot of use in these areas which I honestly believe is a majority of their service area (and let’s not forget the domestic roaming data cap that comes with these areas). Finally, a lot of the new Extended Range LTE is “fair” in strength, which in my experience often falls to roaming as well in actuality, unless one is well-situated on higher terrain and outside.

        I like T-Mobile well enough, and I keep a prepaid SIM active on their service as I’m really interested in what they’re doing. But they need to be careful in tailoring their offerings (and also with their rhetoric, in my opinion…I’m looking at you John Legere) as they still have a long way to go in matching the competition with respect to coverage…the unlimited data offering is an important thing to keep going as much as possible so as to create additional incentive to attract and retain customers in light of the deficiencies in coverage area.

        • Highly dependent on roaming? Have a source for that? I’d bet the vast majority of T-Mo customer have never roamed (I haven’t). You’re making the mistake of thinking YOUR use case is everyone’s. For the 50 people in your area not getting great service there are millions who are covered as well (or better) than AT&T and Verizon. Covering every nook and cranny of the country would be nice but coverage is largely at parity and not a deciding factor for the majority of the population.

        • Mikey

          I live in UT (SLC) and roam all the time, I find Andy’s comments very practical. According to their coverage map I live in a bright pink LTE zone. I would say t-mo coverage around here is about 20% of what they claim

        • Except the article is about a “pivot from unlimited data” and his comments have nothing to do with that?

        • Medion

          Most of us understood the parallel. Don’t assume that just because you can’t understand what he’s talking about, that the rest of us can’t. Like his coverage, your lack of understanding is limited to you and a small sample.

        • I understand what he’s talking about it just had nothing to do with the article. But hey free country right? Talk about whatever you want. ;)

        • Medion

          Because you can’t grasp that what he said was relevant to the article is further proof that you didn’t understand it.

        • Troll much? ;)

        • Medion

          I’m sure that’s what you’re hoping for, because the alternative is that I’m right, which means that you’re not as intelligent as you think you are.

        • Lucky we have you to remind us. ;)

        • Mikey

          The point is that a lot of people like myself stay with T-mobile for the cheap price and perks you get with the service. If they take away the perks (like unlimited data) and start raising prices why would I stick around?

        • I don’t know, where else would you go? I’m sure sure they’ll continue to lead with or without “unlimited” data… ultimately good network management and getting the abusers off makes it faster for all of us.

        • Jay Holm

          Those of us with the rate plan already will be grandfathered in.

        • imutau

          Err? I live in Utah also and get LTE where I work (South Jordan) and at home (Lehi, Utah County) I can a test that there are a ton of dead spots out here but for my purposes it is well worth the money. ($30 Walmart Plan Pre-Paid 100 min., unlimited text, unlimited data w/ 5gb at 4G.)

        • Andy S

          The $30 Wal-Mart plan is awesome when paired with SIP calling through Google Voice/Simon Telephonics and Hangouts SMS – I definitely agree that it’s an amazing value…hopefully they’ll never get rid of it! I wish it had just a few megabytes of roaming data though…But I can understand why it doesn’t, given the price.

        • How does one know they’re roaming and who’s network do you roam to?

        • Andrew Sturgell

          The phone will show a “R” instead of 3G, 4G, etc. Or sometimes it just shows an ‘R’ somewhere in the status bar. Or, if you’re on an iPhone it’ll say the carrier you’re actually using where it normally says ‘T-Mobile’ in the upper left.

          In Michigan I roamed on AT&T and here in CO it’s either Union Telephone or Cell One as far as I’ve seen. Viaero in Nebraska…i-Wireless in Iowa…there are lots of them.

        • So these obviously aren’t big population areas. You have to remember most users are in large metropolitan areas where that doesn’t happen. I’ve been with Tmo ten years and the only time I think I’ve roamed in taking an Amtrak train through rural Oregon…

        • DSA4K

          You literally did the exact same thing you’re accusing him of…just because YOU have never roamed, you’re assuming that “a vast majority of T-Mo customers have never roamed”…yet you are outnumbered 3 to 1 in this subset of these comments.

        • Simple logic really, T-Mobile has traditionaly been an urban carrier. The majorty of their customers live in cities where we don’t even know what roaming is. While I’m not citing a source, does anyone disagree?

  • gameovertime1

    I’m not surprised by the “pivot away” from unlimited data. Review the list of Binge-On and Music Freedom, then compare how much data used outside of those services. I’m Overpaying for Unlimited when comparing to T-Mobile itself, despite the fact that T-Mo is the only remaining unlimited player.

  • Ron Burgundy

    Tmobile has the best network and customer service of all 4 carriers! (I have tried them all).

    • Verizon

      NO! Verizon does

      • mmendel46

        Verizon has the network that reaches the most areas. That doesn’t make it the “best”.

        • Especially if I don’t want to GO to those areas anyway.

        • Phone Guy

          Verizon probably offers free service on the moon as well. I wonder how many people will every take advantage of the great remote coverage (like ND and WY etc.) If VZ covers Jupiter, Saturn, or the Badlands in South Dakota, I will never go to those places ever.

      • MisterSuperGod

        Well, that was almost a sentence. :p

        Verizon won’t work (well) in my house unless i stand in certain spots.
        T-Mo works no matter where i am in my house.

        Moral of the story?
        Verizon’s signal isn’t powerful enough to get through multiple layers of lead paint. :)

    • Tmoblows

      Drinking the koolaid much? I can tell you for a fact Verizon is the best network, and I am a customer of T-mobile, T-mobile is a joke if it wasn’t for the hassle of moving my 10 lines over I would have jumped ship a long time ago

      • Phone Guy

        Verizon just announced today they are raising everyone’s plans on the last plan tier (not the newest) so all of the discounts ($25 per month per line subsidy) are gone forever. They aren’t that wonderful either.

    • Spanky

      T-Mobile has the smallest network of all 4 carriers. I’d rather have a broader coverage area than faster data speeds in certain regions.

      • Smaller than Sprint? I believe Sprnt has the smallest native network.

      • Phone Guy

        Buy a VZ prepaid device for those few times you have to go “off network”

        • Spanky

          I’d rather have steady, reliable service at all times.

  • Alex Zapata

    Good thing I’ll be grandfathered!

    • Phone Guy

      Not when 5G comes in. You will be grandfathered on 4g. And the 4g is signal, not a guaranteed speed. So it may become overcrowded with only 5G being the really good signal, and you will have unlimited 4g on a slowing signal. Maybe not so good in the future.

  • Joemail

    In 5 years or less T-mobile will go from probably the most loved carries to one of the most hated carriers. Just the nature of the business. CEOs, CFOs, and other Execs need to turn high profits for high salary justifications and to throw some investors a bone here and there. Look at Verizon and ATT for example. US mobile markets will be overrun by this greed machine and innovation will likely be stalled in this market because of this.

    There is competition on the horizon however, it will be less optimal but nonetheless and option…WIFI…as public use gets expanded to commuter vehicles and ISPs offering this for the cord cutters and the rest.

    • Didn’t happen that way to Apple. Or Disney. As long as they hire smart people and continue to put the customer and great product first I think they’ll be fine.

      • Frettfreak

        Cause getting rid of unlimited LTE is definitely putting customers first huh? Looks like they are already heading in the opposite direction.

        • Well I think it’s an inevitable step. Unlimited of anything finite like wireless is problematic. With that said, I’m sure they’ll do whatever is technically possible that makes business sense. Frankly, by making video and music free they’re essentially still doing unlimited while getting rid or abusers. So yes, I think it’s a good idea and ultimately in the interest of most users. It’s just people that abuse that would be affected.

        • Phone Guy

          Its not all about Unlimited data. You can’t see the forest through the trees. They could lower rate plans to $1 per month, give 20 Gigs each for that $1 rate plan, and cure cancer and the water shortage in California, but because they are heading towards getting rid of unlimited LTE, you probably won’t ever be happy. There are so many other things they are doing that is making the service better by the day.

        • Frettfreak

          I am glad you know me so well. They are doing great things but this is hypocritical at a minimum. The whole uncarrier move was started with unlimited now they are going to do away with it. Bait and switch comes to kind but really just bad leadership. They r taking the cornerstone they built their new revitalized brand with and throwing it away. But when they cure cancer and get me water in CA they can do what they want

      • Jay Holm

        Not true….both Apple and Disney have overly inflated prices for their products.

        • Isn’t that a GOOD thing for a business if people love them and are willing to pay more?

      • Jimmy James

        Have you ever been in a Disney store? The prices are astronomical. They take advantage of parents who want to make their kids happy with objects. Apple charges outrageous prices for their accessories and cases and computers and laptops and memory, etc. So many people are clueless with technology and want to be like their BFF, so they need to have identical phones. This is a major reason Apple succeeded, not because they are good to customers.

        • DSA4K

          In all fairness, have you ever been into an Apple Store? I’ve never dealt with a company that cares more about their customers or their experience than Apple. Have a phone that isn’t working properly? Stop by any brick and mortar store and you walk out with your problem resolved or have your phone replaced for absolutely nothing (assuming you’re within warranty and haven’t physically broken it)

          I’m not an Apple Fanboy at all, but you can’t deny that or compare that experience to any other phone manufacturer on the planet…I personally use a Nexus 6P and if I hadn’t purchased it from Google (which in itself is a whole new headache in terms of chatting and getting them to send a replacement after putting a hold on a CC, etc) I would need to contact Huawei directly, which according to most threads on the internet is a nightmare.

          So yes, you are paying more for the experience, granted…and for some, it’s completely worth it to not have to dredge into a T-Mobile/Whatever carrier store and talk to a sales person who couldn’t care less about your broken phone with issues, as they are sales people and don’t get paid to deal with your issues…in those instances, it is 100% more convenient for their customer base and ecosystem to pay more and get their issues handled by people who care.

          Again, not a fanboy, but it’s hard to deny what Apple does for their customers in terms of getting them into a working device and on their way more than any other company.

        • Apple continues to be one of the most loved companies with the most loyal customers. It’s important to remember not all customes are price sensitive. Many people don’t mind paying what you call “outrageous” prices as long as they’re getting what they want. As long as their customers are happy they’ll continue to succeed.

    • Jay Holm

      Bigger companies are always less consumer oriented, always….in T-Mobile’s case it’s just a matter of when do they reach that point of bigger.

    • I’ve been with T-Mobile for years and they are already starting to treat me like shit.

  • GersonT1000

    I’ve been expecting this and that’s why I’m sticking with my unlimited LTE plan. I believe that the BingeOn features might be a way to get people to think they don’t need unlimited LTE and to phase it out eventually. But then who knows if they’ll keep the BingeOn feature. If they remove it (or are forced to remove it due to some net neutrality reasons), then everyone is stuck with not enough LTE speed data and will have to pay for the higher tiers which I’m sure will be much more expensive by then. Good thing I’m grandfathered on the $20 plan.

    • I think the softcap sort of makes unlimited pointless anyway. We’ll see.

      • Phone Guy

        So agree.

        • Soft cap does nothing but in noncongested areas. And you can drop from LTE to 4G if you are in congested area and you’ll get better speeds because it only deprioritizes the congestion.

        • Bonedatt

          Exactly ☝. (didn’t see your response before typing mine ☺)

      • The soft cap doesn’t do anything unless you use a ridiculous amount of data.

        • Except the softcap INCLUDES BingeOn. So on the one hand they’re saying “watch all the Netflix and YouTube you want it doesn’t count!” except it DOES count.

        • Just change from LTE to 3G. The soft cap only is when there is demand on certain frequencies.

        • Do you have a source for that? While what you’re saying is consistent with my own experiences I’m not sure if it is a technical issue or a loophole.

        • It’s not a loophole. It just means LTE bands are congested but not other bands. It can mean slightly higher speeds if LTE is throttled but it doesn’t mean you’ll get fast speeds.

        • Really? Seems like there are a lot of devices that don’t even have LTE. I wonder if they have the ability to throttle on HSPA+?

        • They can throttle any frequency.

        • I’m not so sure. I mean while it’s if course technically possible, they almost make it sound like it’s a network limitation. If not, then why NOT throttle all bands? If switching to HSPA defeats the throttle wouldn’t everyone just do that and make HSPA just as congested? Or why not have the phone automatically drop to HSPA if LTE is congested?

        • Because they are radio waves and radio waves have a maximum possible bandwidth. The radio waves are a premium. Even your home network WiFi must wait for traffic and resend data. I live in a campus area and WiFi traffic can be so congested that I lose my internet for a second or two now and again. The idea is exactly the same. By lowering the individual pipe lines from each person a certain people it allows less congestion hypothetically.

      • Bonedatt

        Isn’t the soft cap applicable if you’re on a congested tower? If you’re not on a congested tower, I doubt you’ll see a drop in speed.

        • Right but who defines “congested”? How do we check? We are at their mercy. When you buy a gallon of gas there’s an agency that tests to make sure you’re getting a gallon. With data it’s still the Wild West.

  • Frettfreak

    Awesome way to be #uncarrier a$$holes

  • Jay Holm

    So those of us with unlimited will be grandfathered…I wonder if there will be a threat to losing the plan when upgrading a device in the future?

    • Jimmy James

      Most likely people will lose it. T-Mobile offers things like Jump! On Demand to new customers only, unless you pay off your phone in full first. We are stuck with the plain old Jump! where we can only upgrade after we have $300 left to pay on the phone, or we pay the difference. They aren’t too concerned with grandfathers.

      • Phone Guy

        Jump is better. Jump is a purchase. Jump on Demand is a lease. The super old Jump (Jump 1) was even better as you didn’t have to pay off half of the phone. There is no similarity between Jump 2 which you refer to (a purchase) and Jump 3, a lease, where you don’t get to own your phone.

        • Bonedatt

          With Jump! On Demand you can upgrade three times in a year and still have the option of purchasing the leased phone at the end of the lease. So technically, it’s a better option than Jump!

    • james

      T-Mobile doesn’t force anybody to change their plans even when you upgrade. once you are grandfathered you keep that plan until you decide to change it.

      • Phone Guy

        With one exception. I wanted the buy one get on S7 promo which meant you had to add a line to get it. But you can’t add a line to an expired or grandfathered plan, so to get the promo, I had to change plans which was fun. Hanging on to old plans won’t always be easy if you plan to enjoy some of the new features or deals.

    • Phone Guy

      Problem with old plans is you don’t get any of the new bells an whistles. Some of the super old plans don’t get the discounted world wide travel, some don’t get North America plan (which you can add on as an extra at the moment) etc. But the old plans slowly slide away from all of the new features. The new Binge On plans hopefully will cover a good chunk of people. I just dumped my unlimited for the 10GB with Binge and I’m only using half of the data. Will be interesting to see.

    • They don’t allow you to upgrade individual lines on a plan. So any family plan with an additional line must be done a certain way and they take away everything.

      • Jay Holm

        This is the most hoshposh comment I’ve ever seen!!! I just got the S7 on an individual line, so yes ai did upgrade, no my rate plan wasn’t messed with! Wow, just wow!

        • Devices are different. TMobile doesn’t sell devices with a line rate plan. It’s separate.

        • Also if you are on an individual plan you can upgrade to 4 unlimited lines for 150 dollars. Which is only like 50 dollars more than a single unlimited line.

        • They do take away everything and it is all replaced. Nothing is left after. You don’t get to keep anything specifically. Yes, you can upgrade your line but it will never be the same.

  • gr8gatzby

    As a former RF engineer with the magenta warrior, I can speak to the advancements to coverage and speed of the last 4 years of Legere’s reign. I get 4G LTE where my VZW counterparts get 3G, in the boonies. In the Charlotte metro area TMO is faster by 20%-50% than VZW, and with fewer holes in LTE coverage. VZW still reigns supreme in the absolute most removed of human outposts, and probably always will. I use a Karma hotspot(data that never expires and no monthly fee yay!) to call out on wifi in the rare moments that I’m out of TMO coverage(once a year perhaps?), or when working within the faraday cage of a data center. Hopefully we old timers get grandfathered for life on the unlimited data front, I like paying $70/mo for my 20/gb-ish per month.

    • Tmoblows

      Tmobile fast thats a joke! I live in a major metropolitan area.

      Here is my speedtest


      • gr8gatzby

        Yeah it’s fast. What does the coverage map dictate for the location for which you are testing? I’d give you a live speedtest as I write this, but zero signal in data centers. So here’s the last one I performed in Charlotte from February. http://i65.tinypic.com/a1d01.jpg

      • John

        Wow that does suck. I’d bail for sure if that’s what my speeds were like. Who’d a thunk in CA even. Here’s mine in the middle of flyover country.

      • Phone Guy

        That’s your speed-test, not everyone else’s. Maybe you need a new phone.

    • There is no cap on Unlimited. You are talking at the end about QoS or maybe how much you personally use. But I would expect that from a former smooth talker.

  • Kit Pogi

    I’ll believe it when John announces it. Until then, chill people.

  • Drewski

    Sorry but T-Mobile is not moving away from Truly Unlimited Data. I just had a talk with the CFO on twitter 30 minutes ago. The whole article on here was misquoted along with the other sites misquoting such thing happening for T-Mobile in the near future there. So this whole article here is false. Just thought I’d let you guys know that part there.

    • Drewski

      The CFO of T-Mobile was specifically talking about the whole Unlimited Data promo deal and not the Regular Truly Unlimited 4G LTE Data plans.

  • mallard1967

    If only t-mobile would extend coverage to freedom ny 14065 and arcade ny 14009 they could add lots of new customers gladly willing to dump greedy Verizon and at&t in a heart beat

  • JG

    I’d like of like to see T-Mobile release an app similar to Project Fi’s WiFi Assistant that can automatically connect a T-Mobile phone (or other device) to any available WiFi network (and maybe provide a T-Mobile based VPN to protect the data), especially if they do get rid of the Unlimited data option. They could consider it UnCarrier 7.1 WiFi Unleashed Amped.

    After switching to Fi, I’m using like half the data I use to on Verizon without altering any of my usage patterns. If you exclude Binge On and Music Freedom data as well… It could possibly allow a lot of people to step down to a smaller data tier and save some more money. And with more people off the network there would be lowered congestion possibly allowing those who opt to remain on network to get better signal.