John Legere gets his own unique Twitter emoji


John Legere is big on Twitter, using it to call out the other carriers, make announcements, and more. And now his heavy Twitter use is being rewarded.

Twitter has given John Legere his own emoji, complete with a magenta t-shirt. You can activate the emoji for yourself by using the hashtag #TweetJohn before March 31. Legere himself plans to use it all week “to make the competition squirm.”

Legere isn’t the only wireless CEO on Twitter, but he is more active and has a larger following on the service than any of the other US carrier chief executives. And it’s notable that his Twitter use has gotten him his own emoji, as he’s only the second person to get a unique Twitter emoji, with the other being Pope Francis.

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  • Frankwhitess

    That’s pretty cool… He deserves it… Thanks to that dude I save $70 a month… Thank you john and thank you sprint, Verizon & At&t for having really horrible plans to push t mobile to come out with really awesome plans!

  • Bradley Karas

    Was paying the same amount for 3GB of data, limited minutes and unlimited texts with AT&T as I am for unlimited everything, a S7 edge, a tablet, a waterproof speaker and T-mobile is only a few months away from covering all of FL in LTE. Winning!

  • Fabian

    I love T-Mobile but who follows a CEO on Twitter. And why?

    • Maybe…

      LOL, LOL..I was thinking the same, maybe, for the promo announcements and/or deals.

    • Phone Guy

      Of course. He is groundbreaking. Its fun to read some of his industry changing tweets. You don’t need to read his stuff every day. I only catch things a few times a month. But its interesting. Why would you follow anyone using that train of thought? Twitter is used to follow people who have interesting things to learn.

      • Fabian Cortez

        Don’t pay attention to VN above who has decided to troll me.

  • vinnyjr

    I follow John Legere on Twitter. He has a lot of great ideas and isn’t afraid to talk about them. IMO if not for John Legere & T-Mobile the wireless industry would be stuck in the dark ages. Thank You T-Mobile, Thank You John Legere.

  • I love it. Can’t you just imagine Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure yelling at his team? “I want to be a social media CEO too! Get ME an emoji! And followers!”

  • g2a5b0e

    You know you’re a big deal when…