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T-Mobile creates Wireless Customer Bill of Rights, wants you to urge other carriers to adopt it

Three years after T-Mobile’s first Un-carrier move, John Legere and Co. want to get some of their 10 Un-carrier moves adopted by the other US operators.

T-Mobile today introduced the Wireless Customer Bill of Rights, a list of features that T-Mo thinks every wireless customer deserves. They include no service contracts, no overages, the ability to upgrade when you want, and the ability to keep the data that you pay for.

To urge the other carriers to adopt this Wireless Customer Bill of Rights, T-Mobile and John Legere are urging everyone to tweet at the the other carriers and tell them to follow in T-Mo’s footsteps. And while you’re at it, Legere wants you to use the #TweetJohn hashtag to attach his special emoji and get his face into their feeds.

T-Mo isn’t stopping at releasing its wireless Bill of Rights, though, as it’s promised to take things a step further if the #TweetJohn emoji is used more than 500,000 times by March 31. If that milestone is hit, T-Mo says that it write every one of those tweets outside of AT&T and Verizon stores in high-traffic areas across the US. And it’ll do so in magenta chalk, of course.

This whole Wireless Customer Bill of Rights is a bit reminiscent of T-Mobile’s #AbolishOverages campaign. Not only does it aimed at highlighting T-Mobile features and getting the attention of the other major US wireless carriers, but it also includes a sort of stretch goal that’ll see T-Mobile doing something special if it gets enough traction with consumers. With #AbolishOverages, T-Mo took to the sky and wrote a message with a plane above other carriers’ headquarters, and now T-Mobile is promising to bring consumers’ digital tweets into the physical world in front of AT&T and Verizon’s stores.

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