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3G launch announcements expected this week…

That’s right Boston, we heard late last month that today was going to be a special day for you.  No, you won’t be winning another World Series this year, its the Cubs turn, something even better: 3G 3G 3G! That’s right you’re scheduled for launch today, and we haven’t seen anything that points to a delay. So now you have the green monster, the big dig and 3G…Before anyone asks, yes the … [read full article]

What are you hoping for tomorrow?

So tomorrow marks the beginning of the CTIA, one of the biggest events of the year for wireless. According to the CTIA website, our CEO is scheduled to speak somewhere between 9:30am and 11:00am, assume pacific standard time as the event is held out of San Francisco. While we won’t be live blogging tomorrow, you can rest assured that I will be here compiling all the information you want, good, bad or … [read full article]

Inching closer…

CTIA is just days away and we all eagerly await Robert Dotsons keynote and any and all goodies he might announce in his speech. Until then here is yet one more confirmation of Android coming closer and closer to launch. An anonymous tipster emailed a screenshot of SKU codes and well I think you guys will read exactly we already knew, three colors: Black, Brown and White. I … [read full article]

Sunday 3G surprise!

Well well City of Brotherly love residents, congratulations you are next in line for 3G love. Details are limited and we’re hoping Philidelphia readers can offer a little more insight but it appears that you have been selected as next in line for 3G love. T-mobile, you devil you, surprising your Philidelphia customers like that, how thoughtful! By a quick count that makes 7 cities now live with 3G coverage though my math … [read full article]

TMoNews Forum Weekly Wrap Up #4

Well hello to all our readers, welcome to this weeks edition of the TMoNews Forum Weekly Wrap Up!  There is quite a bit to cover this week, as our forums have been growing by leaps and bounds these last few weeks and activity is starting to reach all time highs!  So once again, I am here to try and sort through some of the more interesting tidbits that have surfaced in the last week and … [read full article]

Oh messaging fans…

So my email inbox had a little goodie this morning, a brand new Samsung phone, the T459 aka “the Holic.” Previously mentioned here, think Sprint Rumor, but with myfaves and definitely not with Sprint. Slated for a November release this phone is sure to please the kids over the holidays and even you grown ups who just plain love texting without all the “flair” blackberries, sidekicks or Android will provide. Expected to … [read full article]

Welcome back Sony Ericsson…you were missed!

So today, OFFICIALLY counts as the return of Sony Ericsson to the T-mobile line up. Covered here this is the latest phone in the beginning of what is a hopeful 3G onslaught of devices before the end of the year. Recapping: 2.0 megapixel camera myfaves compatible Telenav navigation 1700/2100 mhz 3G band and Tri-band 850/1800/1900 mhz Some other stuff most phones have like a calculator and an address book! Oh and it … [read full article]

Suncom loves T-mobile!

Attention Carolina residents, may I present to you, officially: T-mobile. That’s right, the big Magenta is all but a few short days away from entering you life permanently. That means myfaves, Android, Sidekicks, lions and tigers and bears oh my! Really, it means that you are now under the umbrella of an award winning customer service team and all that that entails. Unofficially since yesterday you have been under the T-mobile blanket, … [read full article]

Android myth busting…or not?

There have been no less than half a dozen threads popping up in the forums these past few days as to the identity of the “real” Android device. Some believe it to be real and just wish for its release, regardless of looks. Some however, say “something” so much grander is coming, of course providing no details as to what makes something “grander.” See here for that discussion. Now, I’m not one who enjoys blind … [read full article]