3G launch announcements expected this week…


That’s right Boston, we heard late last month that today was going to be a special day for you.  No, you won’t be winning another World Series this year, its the Cubs turn, something even better: 3G 3G 3G! That’s right you’re scheduled for launch today, and we haven’t seen anything that points to a delay. So now you have the green monster, the big dig and 3G…Before anyone asks, yes the wording was a “New England” launch but all the tips we have, specify Boston so we’re working to clarify exactly what “New England” means.

On the other side of the Country, we have Phoenix, good ole Phoenix (Hi Grandma!) scheduled for a Friday, September 12th launch. Phoenix residents, not only do you reside in the largest State Capital but you now enjoy all the little pleasures that is 3G love. With higher surfing speeds and improved call quality the rest of us are definitely jealous.

Update: Word is coming in that Boston has been pushed back to Thursday…are you guys getting a constant connection in Boston?? Let us know…

  • cubs

    I’m with you there, this is the cubs year..
    when is chicago getting sime 3G love??

  • Steven I

    I second this is the cubs year. I would like some 3G love in chi town.

  • Leaders of the Free World

    so would Boston mean that the Lowell area is included? because I’ve been waiting for this 3G launch forever! i need more details!!!

  • rob

    i would guess boston means inside 495 like att.

  • Rayz all the way! But seriouly 3G better launch in my part of Texas soon cus I’m getting really pissed it hasn’t happend!

  • Paul

    Yes! Boston you’re my Home! With 3G now in Beantown I don’t have to worry about not being eligible for the pre-sale (Whew, that was close) Additionally the TMO rep I spoke to Friday said “Hypothetically” if they were to start a pre-sale, or even regular sale, I would be eligible for BIG discounts with my 10 + years with TMO coupled with the fact that I’ve been out of contract for over 8 months. What a great day. The RedSox are closing in on first, and now this. It almost makes up for the depressing news of Tom Brady being out for the season. Almost.

  • milo17

    cubs will get some 3g love when they win the world series. So prolly never

  • jellybelly

    i can confirm this that it was indeed launched today in boston … no speed test but we got notified today that it is indeed launched!

  • TomCruise

    man, this long wait for chicago is not good. 3g was to have launched here in july. right after nyc and before all the other cities, what happened??? ;-(

  • mndave

    cubs will get some 3g love when they win the world series. So prolly never

    So true. As a consolation prize though, Wrigleyville is still the world’s largest bar.

    And before you nag on this Minnesota boy for his hating on the Cubs, I was born and raised in Chicagoland.

  • JimDog

    Anyone know when Denver will get 3G?

  • drunkmoose

    cool. does anyone know when is 3G coming to Washington DC area?

  • StillTMO

    Since Washington DC is the seat of the Government, I think we’ll be the last to get 3G. Remember, everything happens last here and anyways, most adults in the government and business that I know in the DC metro area use Verizon & ATT. Its a shame that TMobile is barely there with 3G when companies like Verizon are on their way to plan market trials of 4G LTE by 2010. I have been with TMO for almost 5 yrs and almost about to jump. Their forte used to be No 1 customer service. They even lost that spot to Verizon.

  • silk7

    I just jumped on my desk at work yelling” beantown goto rock now”
    Than my boss walk in. looked at me and asked “whats going on here.
    I told him and now we’re both on my desk dancing !!!
    I have a great job !!!

  • RockTripod

    Just to let you know, here in Millbury MA (that’s about 40 miles west of Boston) and our Sony Ericssons are connected to 3G!! Bring on the Android already!

  • J-Hop2o6

    So what’s the complete list of markets so far??

  • JDavis

    So, I have an unlocked iphone and my internet has been down all day, could this be because of the 3g upgrade???!?!? I cant wait for the android to come out so i can give this damn thing to my girl

  • marc

    The Cubs year, LOL. The red sox will repeat.

  • marc

    AND YEAH TO 3G!!!!!!

  • edwin


  • Rob

    well 3G is kinda useless if you dont have a 3G phone, right? or is 3G-Voice universal regardless of device?

  • silk7

    @ rob
    this is true but with the G1 coming out and the presale next week. All things are good.

  • Armo

    even tho i dont have a 3G device its good to know that we have 3G!

  • John

    Still waiting for word that Detroit is going 3G. Anyone know when??????

  • tmobile2lyfe

    I’m with John. Come on motor city.

  • T1 Connect

    has anyone thought this the presale is going to go on until October 5th hopefully tmo rolls out all markets that will have 3g before the presale ends so most people can get it as for those who don’t live in a 3g market meet in times square i know a great violin player who can hum something up real nice.

  • silk7

    so when it goes on presale what do i do to make sure i get one. is there a list of some sort. what channels are they hosting from. please help me, im on my 8th defective tmobiile wing and i need a new phone baaadd.. please email me

  • John

    Well actually I don’t live in Detroit..I’m about 50 miles south..but its still in my coverage area..so come on Motor City

  • Gary

    According to speedtests done on other sites, Boston did not get 3g today

  • David

    @Gary, I already updated the post, I got tipped off as soon as T-mobile posted that they pushed it back to Thursday…

  • Lance Romance

    i can’t wait til next week, and if Chicago doesn’t get 3g in the next 7 days imma cry

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    I’m in Detroit and i can see tmobile’s 3g network but i cant register it to my phone. I have a nokia 6263.

  • Rob2

    Any word yet if the 3G Boston release will include New England (I live in Hartford)? The post says that they’re waiting for more info…

  • christina

    yay! if theres 3g in millbury… there should be some in worcester… can anyone confirm?

  • RockTripod

    Don’t know why you’re not getting 3G in Boston, here in Millbury, we’re still connected. Sony Ericsson shows 2 T-Mobile networks, 2G and 3G. Guess which one its connected to!

  • danny

    can anybody confirm this will be working too in billerica?

  • How’s it hanging, what is it about?!?