What are you hoping for tomorrow?


So tomorrow marks the beginning of the CTIA, one of the biggest events of the year for wireless. According to the CTIA website, our CEO is scheduled to speak somewhere between 9:30am and 11:00am, assume pacific standard time as the event is held out of San Francisco. While we won’t be live blogging tomorrow, you can rest assured that I will be here compiling all the information you want, good, bad or ugly and have it posted up for your reading pleasure immediately…That’s right, we’ll have it up pronto or we’ll level Toronto, and who can tell me what movie that line is from??

So sound off in the comments, what are you wishing for tomorrow from the Dotson keynote? Android announcements? 3G launch announcements? Video calling? All of the above?

Me, I’m hoping he comes up on stage and announces free lifetime service for anyone who runs a T-mobile blog. Hey, a guy can dream…

  • Juan

    I just hope it’s sexy.

  • Lil B

    I hope it aint about myfaves 2.0 or flexpay 2.0 or @home 3.0 or a Motorola RAZR 6000.0 or nothing like that!

  • Chris

    HAHA thats def from Canadian Bacon…

  • Android G1 and 3g is all the 411 I need.

  • DR

    Any details about android would be great. At this point, I would even take a walkthrough of how android is going to work on Tmo. Of course details on the phone it will be on will be great, but I am trying to to get too excited in case it is a major let down.

  • Chuong

    Announce the release of the G1 with full specs, pricing (data), and “real” pix

  • Ryan

    I hope they say something big about 3G, Samsung t919 and Video calling, but I don’t think he’s going to say anything

  • illuminati

    Well it would only be appropriate to announce their 3g service along with all the phones that will fully utilize it, such as the Dream. So they would have to say something about it, if not then it would come as a shocker to me, this would be the best time to say something, revealing specs with pictures and announcing that whole pre-sale thing would seal the deal.

    Thats all i care about :-) lol and yes that line is from Canadian Bacon

  • j.j

    I just hope that he says something intresting like about the g1 and about 3G and that hopefully we will be getting some good phones from now on not the crappy samsung phones we always get and. Maybe even get some good lg phones. cause t-mobile is known to have crappy phones I have t-mobile and I love it and the only problems it’s the phone Selection it has. So yeah hopefully he says something good tommorow. Or else if things don’t get better by the end of the year if we still keep getting those crappy nokias and samsungs I’m afraid I’m gunnA have to switch to verizon.

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    Massive 3g launch nation wide tomorrow. Annoucment to start selling high end lg phones, g1 launching Thursday, mobile tv, video calling, app store, and music store!!!

  • T1 Connect

    @tmoble2lyfe i want what you want plus app store and a software that can shut down a jobsphone when it gets close

  • Shadowman

    Its probably about an exclusive deal with Google like att and apple. Hopefully this will open up more stuff like google video, video calling and I would love to see a music store like Napster or Rhapsody!!!!

  • DR

    @ T1, from what I hear, AT&T already is experimenting with the JobsPhone lockdown. Sounds like a lot of people are having issues. I would be happy to have a program that would transmitt a blue screen of death to any JobsPhone within a 1000 mile radius. Then have the Laughing Skull from Independance Day show up and have it restart with Adroid installed.

  • Ryan

    @Tmobile2lyfe i wish you comment will come true. I want true Video calling ” 2 way video ” not at&t’s bull shit service. T-mobile could kill the other providers by doing this and releasing promo for it.

  • T1 Connect

    @dr everyone i know with a jobsphone 0g (by that i mean a-t and craps 3g) has problems i could be standing next to someone with a att nokia and a jobsphone and the jobsphone wont have any signal and the other phone does that phone is a piece of crap they might aswell revert back to the old one. right now crapple is at a lets rock event announcing some new problems so lets wait and see ill let ya know

  • TomCruise

    some new nokias, sony ericssons, htcs, the g1, top of the line samsungs like u600. that would be nice.

  • T1 Connect

    i emailed htc last week and told them to show us a pic og the real g1 they hit me back sayin some sh— saying its not up to them its up to the carrier sayin thier not allowed blah blah blah i would say bad things about them but they are good guys and they deserve thier props

  • FFej

    Upcoming data devices other than HTC products, nokia n series,bold etc…

  • iceryder

    Dude no video calling yet we don’t have enough towers up to support that but it would be cool, and the G1 would be great to at least tell people when they can get it cause I am tired of telling people not to use their upgrade yet cause we got a super phone about to come out and I don’t know when

  • Defiantbeast

    It would be great if something was said about the 3g network. All the other service providers smeared their advertising feces all over the place when they provided 3g. I would like at least a Catherine Zeta Jones ad or something. Also some info on android and the dream. A phone line up for the rest of the year or next 6 m0nths would be nice. Tmobile needs to start advertising what it has to offer besides fav5 and their minute plans. People are pulled in by feature phone come on tmobile

  • Di

    I will actually be surprised, and disappointed, if T-Mobile doesn’t give you anything to thank you for all that you do for them. The PR they get from tmonews is priceless; a lifetime free service for you is the least they can offer you.

  • SheShe

    I just want more concrete info on the g1

  • SheShe

    Lol @ T1 at least u got a reply I forgot u sent them an email :-)

  • E71, G1, Touch Pro, sgh-i900 [ or variant thereof ]

  • drunkmoose

    90% G1 solid info
    5% 3G (please bring 3G to DC soon)
    2% Touch Pro (and other data devices)
    Remaining 3% on G1 goodies they forgot to mention above

  • here.david

    Family plans, current unlimited data/texting plans grandfathered in…???…we can dream…not a play on word…dream google phone……

  • Solrac924

    right, was in Canadian Bacon by actor Alan Alda (Hawkeye Pierce)
    He may not mention Android per se, but i’m sure he’ll mention a “partnership” with Google. i’m Chuong, i hope they show the G1 in pictures.
    i expect for him to mention the recent Flex Pay service, & it’s obvious he’ll mention the “national” availability of 3G. He may mention the free Samsung phones (that they’re trying to clear) but i doubt he’ll mention video calling.
    As for hoping, i’m wishing for the pre-sale to be available to all, everywhere. It is, however, understandable that it won’t be, since people would be bad-mouthing 3G when it’s really just edge. =/

  • mojo fett

    I think he will start out with the merger of Suncom and the addition of there customers into the base. Then he’ll talk about the 3g rollout and how the industry is changing into more of a data communications vs voice communication. Then to, show where T-mobile is leading in this new world, he’ll talk about the g1. Just a guess.

  • T1 Connect

    that was a major burn she she major it even hurts but thier still cool.

  • Android and g3 are the top…. video calling? the reason I can someone is so I don’t have to see there ugly mugg.

  • Pecoy

    i would want…

    Official G1/Dream…pictures and Specs..
    Data and text and minutes plans..

    pricing of everything..and the release date.

  • John

    The few things I would like to see are 3G of course, GPS,full specs and pictures and prices like a few have said. Oh and perhaps being able to have video recording ( too much to ask I”m sure). Free lifetime service would be a bonus. :)

  • Armo

    i dont really care about the G1/Dream that much….i mean if the pics we already saw r real, forget it.

    but i really want more news on the T919. or maybe another “fagPhone killer”. haha

  • escentz

    i wanna hear that t-mo will be getting the touch pro.. -crosses fingers-

  • rommel

    nokia n-series!!! -high end cybershot phone?-no more goddamn htcs and samsungs!!!.

  • Obe1

    All I want video calling and mobile t.v so when shopping with wife and i really want to watch something other then that nothing

  • mojo fett

    What time is Robert Dotson going on?

  • nothing new yet ??? hope he talking bout something good for us . we need more good news .

  • greg

    just saw a modaco post on htc touch hd, looks frakin awesome. tmobile or not, android or not, this is my phone. looks good and has great specs. finally an htc device with headphone jack, strong proc and memory.

    would be fantastic if this were the same phone for android.