Inching closer…


CTIA is just days away and we all eagerly await Robert Dotsons keynote and any and all goodies he might announce in his speech. Until then here is yet one more confirmation of Android coming closer and closer to launch. An anonymous tipster emailed a screenshot of SKU codes and well I think you guys will read exactly we already knew, three colors: Black, Brown and White. I don’t know what a usual time frame is for those numbers to be loaded and a phones release is but its so close, so very very close. Enjoy!

On a secondary note, we’d like to point out that while we see this phone labeled as the G1, the FCC docs were labeled “dream.” So the conspiracy continues again, grassy knoll perhaps? We’ve talked about this before and I know the wait is killing us all and we’re discussing anything and everything to bide the time but its worth pointing out yet again that we may be in for a two device surprise.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • Joe

    This is great, but what’s with the “HTC KIT SDA VSW?”

    Makes me think it might be shopped…but then why would anyone do that…

  • Ashandri

    The SDA refers to a model no longer carried, a silver candy bar WM Standard device.

  • Jeff C

    I think the speculation is really running rampant here.

    The MDA has numerous names:

    T-Mobile: MDA
    T-Mobile Europe: MDA Vario
    HTC: Wizard
    HTC Internal name: WIZA200

    So is it not possible that the G1 is TMobile’s and that “Dream” and “DREA100”

  • Jeff C

    …are HTC’s codenames?

    Sorry, submitted before it was finished. Bad morning.

  • David

    Normally I would agree with you, but there has so been so much speculation and over thinking on behalf of all this Android stuff that almost anything is possible these days.

  • T1 Connect

    i had a sda running wm5 tmo took it back and gave me a dash but holy crap i see my new phone is progressing nicely bring it on tmo and lets get gangsta wid it.

  • T1 Connect

    @david im assuming there is no more speculation about the looks of the device because its so close to release and no new photos have surfaced.

  • SheShe

    @T1 the looks will always be speculated until tmobile actually comes out with an ad, but im fine with it now so it can only get better

  • T1 Connect

    she she we got ten days to go should they give us something new to ride with by now. i need something to take my mind off the zune updates coming tomorrow.

  • Benrod1

    I am going to always call It the Gphone for google phone I just like the ring to that.

  • Pecoy

    maybe this means we will be able to get it
    right after it gets announced? (for us that can preorder it)

    maybe just maybe.

  • DR

    @T1 I am hoping that since there has only been one source of photos, that means we are going to be surprised. At least I hope so. My fear is some 75 year old VP is sitting up in his office twirling his mustache and saying how innovative and good looking this phone is.

  • T1 Connect

    yo i was just reading an article and i find it hard to believe that tmo had the best customer service in the country and now only one carrier made the list (you know who it is) and tmobile didn’t. i mean seriously from number 1 to nothing theres got to something wrong with that. makes me question jd power and associates’ rating system.

  • berrybum420

    I agree T1, in my opinion tmobile always had the best customer service and always will. Jd power’s rating system was re configured and completely sucks now, its way off…. Verizons the worst customer service, like they always have been, followed by att then sprint… Even u.s. cellular has better customer service(and reception) than vzw

  • SheShe

    i think we will start seeing more stuff a couple of days befor the presale

  • Alex

    I do not really understand the secrecy behind all of this. The only people who even know about 3G are people who care to lookin tech blogs, which I am thinking are not the majority of the clients TMobile has. The only idea that I have that could answer that question is that Google is paying HTC and Tmobile to keep it quiet, and then the day it comes out, Google bombards their website with ads covering the world with info about the phone. Plus giving them crap loads of cash as well. Ideas?

  • Daniel

    Will there be a way to watch/hear Robert Dotsons keynote online???

  • SheShe

    well do still have over a month before the phone comes out i think they would start advertising a day or 2 before the presale or even on the day of the presale since its till october 5th

  • T1 Connect

    that might be more people than you think with the jobsphone saying its 3g all the bandwagoners who dont know anything about 3g or even edge is getting into. i heard verizon refer to thier network as 3g. and i believe you on that shutting up thing cause she she posted a link with htc’s ceo and he was hesitant to say anything like if he does google’s gonna have him probed..

  • Solrac924

    are any of the CTIA keynotes gonna be televised?

  • T1 Connect

    probably on youtube

  • T1 Connect

    @she she the presale says there selling the phone on the 17th and to be shipped on the first of oct. but what are the odds of us getting the actual device before the first. cause in that case im paying for it before i get it

  • voodoovixen

    Am I the only one who will be completely useless at work on Wednesday? I better get stuff done early, or stay late on Tuesday. It will be all about CTIA baby!

  • DR

    @vixen I am with you on that. I am going to be checking here every 5 minutes. Anything else is blocked at my work. Can’t connect to any “streaming/social” websites. Please keep us in the loop guys!!!

  • Vision77

    The G1 comes in black….Thats all I had to hear.

  • voodoovixen

    That sucks DR

    If the design is spruced up like I think it will be, I just may get the white. I plan on making the theme song from the JEM cartoon my main ringtone! And when I’m in trouble, I’ll take out my phone and say “Synergy, I need your help!” The white is good for that lol.

  • T1 Connect

    @vixen and dr. remember when we first saw the g1 it was around some european phones with no signal. well engadget is saying that they are coming out with thier own. i think what we saw was their version not ours. if you wanna take a look:

  • Starch

    Here’s a look at the UPC code:

  • voodoovixen

    Its all fishy. Apparently those pics were found on a Chinese forum somewhere so who knows where they came from. I don’t trust it. And since it is coming out in the UK, i definitely think it has to look better. They have their choice of nice phones. They would pour tea all over something like that. Curious this UK information pops up all of a sudden though.

  • T1 Connect

    word right. all we need now is tmo to unclog thier yap and spill the soup so we can bliss it up.

  • DR

    @T1 I saw that too. I am almost starting think that this is all some huge viral advertising campaign and they are really going to release android on an old Motorola Startec flip phone.

  • T1 Connect

    yo if they released android on a startac ill cop one the startac was a nice phone but this phone better be some headbanger boogie make the jobsphone die in burning hell jumpoff

  • check this out android & google chrome coming together . that would be so HOT !!! heres the link

  • Click on my name it will take you do the page sorry

  • T1 Connect

    sorry brian but this isnt new

  • Fbarkon

    G1 is also a transformer… any relativity?

  • Alex

    yeah the law of relativity. I think you meant..

    “G1 is also a transformer.. coincidence?”

  • yep

    that sku code works in the pos of tmo—no price tho!

  • Fbarkon

    I mean Transformer as in Shia La Beouf, Bubblebee old school Transformers? Can you find a connection? I never watched the show. I want to know if there could be an inside connection for the concept of this open source phone. Is Apple Megatron? Are all the other phone companies Decepticons.

  • T1 Connect

    no connection the g stands for google and the 1 is the 1st android phone i think its coincidence but i know what you mean

  • ACE
  • Nesse

    it should be tmog1…thats the, but i just refer to it as the google phone. Tmobile is being real secretive about the phone. its eating all of us up

  • Fbarkon

    T1 I’m not an idiot, lol! I just am thinking a little outside of the box.

  • StillTMO

    I have a question for all you here. Has anyone ever used a HTC phone before? If yes, which one and how does that compare in terms of quality with BlackBerry or Nokia AND I DONT mean style alone but Voice quality as well.

  • DR

    @StillTMO a good place to get reviews for a lot of phones that have been out is They have almost all the HTC phones on there with reviews from users. For the most part, I have only seen minimal complaints about the most recent phones. Let’s face it, you can rely on all the negative ID-10-t card holders out there that can’t read directions and find a solution to their problem before posting a negative review.

  • T1 Connect

    @Fbarkon sorry man i know youre not an iddiot i didn’t think you knew about the old transformers some people never even saw it. just had to make sure.

  • Rob

    I saw video of a black Dream on youtube yesterday, its over 3 min long, it was going throught all the features of the phone… i cant give the title right, i have no access to youtube at work

  • T1 Connect

    if you saw a black g1 its a demo

  • I really liked the purple, the green and the dark blue HTC G1 renders over at Android-Freak.
    Even though they are not the best 3D renders, I like the colors!
    Brown seems such a wierd color for a phone…

  • Ok! I have been with T-Mobile since before it was T-Mobile. (VoiceStream) It is the only cell phone carrier that I have ever had. My Razor died after 3 years and I now have my husband’s Razor, which sucks. I am trying to hold out for the T-Mobile/Google phone that promises to compete with the I Phone. Employees at T-Mobile know nothing but try to keep me from jumping ship by teliing me just a little longer… I have no contract right now and could change carriers but feel a sense of loyalty. When is this freaking phone coming out. I am ready to throw this Razor into tne Ocean!

  • Keeley

    I travel for a living, and my bigest complaint with the blackberry is that it doesn’t update when you change time zones. Anyone know if the dream contains this “standard” feature? Can’t believe blackberry snoozed on this!!!

  • T-Idol

    @Ms MoFo… “I’ve been with T-Mobile since before it was T-Mobile”. Me too :) It was Powertel first (regional, Southeast), then became VoiceStream (East Coast), then T-Mobile (national). I’ve been VERY happy with their customer service and the competitive “per minute” cost. T-Mobile has followed others little behind with certain services, but they will have great phones soon :)

  • SL
  • TomCruise

    the local tmo-rep told me he has seen pictures of g1/dream on internal tmobile site. its like iphone with buttons at the bottom (matches these pix we are seeing).

    he had no information about release-date/presale but also said they usually get to know a week before the actual release.

    so hang on!
    (this conversation occured on sep 5)

  • I guess that I can get a cheaper phone from T–Mobile which will once again put me under contract and just hope that they come out with this I-Phone type smart phone. This Razor that was my husbands is horrible. Constantly cuts out, poor reception, etc. So maybe just any phone that works until we see something. I was told that it would absolutely be available in 08. Hopefully, this is true. I amtrying to hang in there.

  • Ermac

    ok as for everybody go to to see what it looks like Go to and type in htc dream to see what it will come with. and I honestly believe, since two of the co-founders of android worked with t dash previously, is the reason it (dream) will roam t dash first. as for you mofo, t dash is comin out with a slew of phones including bb’s first flip, the kickstart. as for the person with the review tip, htc has been around as long as moto and nokia been around, they are the leaders in making the best smartphones, all kinds of mobile os’s want a piece of em including windows, android, and symbian. honestly im waiting for windows mobile 7. although im getting the dream.

  • The first ever Android phone (G1) will be announced by T-Mobile on 11th September 2008, somewhat between 9:30AM and 11:00AM. Just a few hours to wait.

  • kdee


    What site are you talkg about? “” i don’t think that’s a real site………

  • Sam

    The HTC Dream will be given away for practically nothing. Google is going to push it with loads of cash to get a good piece of market share – they will then make money with the App Store.