Inching closer…


CTIA is just days away and we all eagerly await Robert Dotsons keynote and any and all goodies he might announce in his speech. Until then here is yet one more confirmation of Android coming closer and closer to launch. An anonymous tipster emailed a screenshot of SKU codes and well I think you guys will read exactly we already knew, three colors: Black, Brown and White. I don’t know what a usual time frame is for those numbers to be loaded and a phones release is but its so close, so very very close. Enjoy!

On a secondary note, we’d like to point out that while we see this phone labeled as the G1, the FCC docs were labeled “dream.” So the conspiracy continues again, grassy knoll perhaps? We’ve talked about this before and I know the wait is killing us all and we’re discussing anything and everything to bide the time but its worth pointing out yet again that we may be in for a two device surprise.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!