Sunday 3G surprise!


Well well City of Brotherly love residents, congratulations you are next in line for 3G love. Details are limited and we’re hoping Philidelphia readers can offer a little more insight but it appears that you have been selected as next in line for 3G love. T-mobile, you devil you, surprising your Philidelphia customers like that, how thoughtful! By a quick count that makes 7 cities now live with 3G coverage though my math could be wrong, forgive me I’m boiling over with excitement for tonight’s Entourage premiere.

Tmojoe, valiant Tmonews roving reporter has been spot checking Philly and has this to say: “South philly including stadium and airport areas, west philly, center city, north philly around Temple University and most of delaware county. Stay tuned for more 3G coverage…we will be checking Chester and Montgomery counties, but we need to work out some fuel expense reimbursement details with darkjedi or a boatload of karma. This is Tmonews beat reporter TMOJOE signing off”

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  • center rep

    eagles su$% and im first

  • T1 Connect


  • Jeff C

    When is Miami going live? Seems like that would be a pretty important market.

  • Sheesh. And I moved away from Philly a few months ago. Orlando, Florida any time soon? Please? :-)

  • Brian

    wow wow wow wow . yes yes yes i live in NJ so im like half an hour from philly so i hop that means im good to

  • mingkee

    I caught the thread posted by hofo member “cmc0”
    what a surprise!
    I may be in Philly in November, and see

  • Jessica

    Has Atlanta angered Tmobile some how?

  • Brian

    jessica dont get your panties in a bunch . lol J/K . they should get is soon . Atlanta is a big place . ;o)

  • GM

    Ummm…. Isn’t that NYC? That’s the Empire State Building

  • aaron

    anyone think the camden/rutgers area will get tmobile 3G coverage from philly? its literally just a bridge length away…

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    Come on DETROIT. Congrats Philly peeps.

  • David

    GM, not according to google images…but who knows, it was the fireworks I really liked.

  • Lil B

    Hey, does anyone know if Birmingham is coming up soon???

  • mingkee
  • Brian

    @ aaron . i live near there . and i hope we do . i think we live close enough i hope .

  • Benrod1

    Can’t wait for 3G to come to San Diego!! :)

    And Entourage is AWSOME

  • Armo

    when is Phoenix, AZ getting 3G? it was on the list when it first came out but i havent heard anything since? anyone know anything?

  • thatsnotphilly

    yeah that is a picture of nyc from the nj side of the hudson, philly does not have the empire state building nor the chrysler building.

  • J-Hop2o6

    *Seattle still waits*

  • David

    Ok well, google images has lost a little bit of my faith…I hope this picture suits you Philly residents better!

  • dude

    I am in Philly with a BB Pearl. How can I tell if there is 3G here other than calling Tmo

  • PhillyReppa

    lol….looking out my window that looks like a picture of Love Park here in Philly. i mean just looking at the sculpture here from my window, but what do i know. but yea, i believe we have 3G because everyone i know with t-mo was having issue with lines crossing and calls dropping. I knew something was up.

  • Siam Luu

    Haha, they have the same um… thing in Thailand in a mall! I was just thinking, “Wow, they flew to Thailand just to take that picture?”

  • SheShe

    Me 2 Benrod!! el cajon better be included

  • lena

    i havent heard anything from tmobile for the new phone, r they supposed to send something out informing us for this “pre-sale?” how is anybody supposed to know about their “pre-sale” of a new “phone”? and yes i am from philly and been with tmobile for 7 years, including voicestream days.

  • lena

    and to GM, that IS NOT the empire state building..thats the famous love park in downtown of philly.


  • SheShe

    well my guess is that they would start advertising if not on the day of the presale or a few days before

  • edgarock

    what are the other 6 cities with 3g speed?