Sunday 3G surprise!


Well well City of Brotherly love residents, congratulations you are next in line for 3G love. Details are limited and we’re hoping Philidelphia readers can offer a little more insight but it appears that you have been selected as next in line for 3G love. T-mobile, you devil you, surprising your Philidelphia customers like that, how thoughtful! By a quick count that makes 7 cities now live with 3G coverage though my math could be wrong, forgive me I’m boiling over with excitement for tonight’s Entourage premiere.

Tmojoe, valiant Tmonews roving reporter has been spot checking Philly and has this to say: “South philly including stadium and airport areas, west philly, center city, north philly around Temple University and most of delaware county. Stay tuned for more 3G coverage…we will be checking Chester and Montgomery counties, but we need to work out some fuel expense reimbursement details with darkjedi or a boatload of karma. This is Tmonews beat reporter TMOJOE signing off”

Forums via hofo.