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T-Mobile’s External Antenna Accessory for New Gateway Devices are Now Available

Just a few months ago, the FCC listing of two new T-Mobile Home Internet gateway devices were spotted.  The first device, the Arcadyan gateway, was released in August. The Sercomm device was then released in October. At the time of purchase, however, the external antenna accessory was not available with either device. T-Mobile promised they would be available at a later date. The good news is, you don’t have to wait that long for this accessory to … [read full article]

Netgear unveils new Orbi, in talks with T-Mobile

It’s possible that T-Mobile could be offering a new Home Internet gateway device soon. As revealed by The T-Mo Report, Netgear is currently in talks with T-Mobile about their new Orbi line expansion. And as Netgear’s Senior Product Line Manager, Max Wu, shared, T-Mobile is open and listening, “but they aren’t moving fast enough.” This comes after Netgear unveiled its new Orbi line that will feature an “industry … [read full article]

Report: Is this the new T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway?

As more and more homes start getting internet, T-Mobile has done its part to make this transition possible. One way they are doing so is by introducing the T-Mobile Home Internet Gateway. And today, we’re looking at what could be the new device.  The T-Mo Report originally shared the photo of the possible device after it was sent to a few stores. And as they reported, it’s … [read full article]